In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 41.1 – Ren Sheng Chocolate

“How did you make this pill?” Elder Teng asked curiously, before he saw the flour and sugar next to him.

He then thought that the pill tasted strange. Could it be that it was kneaded out of these two?

“It was just made from mixing a little of each plant together and adding some flour.” Ren Sheng also did not hide it, but stared closely at Elder Teng to see the effect of the pill.

Although he did not use his spiritual power during the “refining” because he was worried that Elder Teng would notice it, the half finished pill should also be of some use, right?

“…” Elder Teng became speechless. “You didn’t just put it all together and crushed it before checking it out, did you?”

“No, I also heated it.” Ren Sheng’s gaze moved away from Elder Teng’s face, which was almost unchanged, except for some red spots and was somewhat disappointed – Elder Teng hadn’t become younger at all!

Well, in the end, this Face Nourishing Pill was not as effective as a true Face Nourishing Pill and Elder Teng was too old so it was normal that there wasn’t much of an effect.

But was this really going to be used as a wound medicine? If a soldier’s scars turned almost invisible after being injured, would it be considered flawed?

What if these soldiers kept eating it and didn’t age collectively? What should he do?

Well, it was impossible for such a thing to happen – the amount of refined soil Zhao Lingyu provided to him every month was not enough for him to use now that he was pregnant, so how could he possibly cultivate a large number of herbs again?

“How many degrees?” Elder Teng looked at the electric crucible next to him and was speechless when he flipped through the records. “The highest temperature? That can bake the plants to ashes! How can there be any medicinal effects after that?”

It was effective! They were not ordinary plants after all! But that could not be said, so Ren Sheng just simply said, “It’s turned into ash.”

“Then you just pinched the ash and flour together, added some sugar and gave it to me to eat?” Elder Teng looked sadly at this master, what if his stomach got upset?

“Didn’t you say that this medicine works well? I think this medicine will be good like this in the future.” Ren Sheng said. Although the effect of the Face Nourishing Pill couldn’t be seen on Elder Teng’s face, its effect when healing injuries was good. When he thought about it, if you wanted to make your face beautiful, you needed to first nourish your body. So this effect was bound to exist and there was some spiritual energy in the pill.

Although there was no spiritual energy in this world, the plants themselves were spiritual plants and he used the refined soil to grow them, so they certainly must have some spiritual energy in their bodies.

Such low spiritual energy may not be valued by cultivators who had strong spiritual energy, but in this world without spiritual power, for a group of people who never cultivated… it was precious.

The attack power of the people here was no worse than that of cultivators. Many of them had strong power in their bodies, but their power did not nourish their bodies. On the contrary, some of these powers would damage their bodies. In that case, they really needed to take some spiritual medicine to make up for it.

“How can you make medicine so haphazardly? Each one of them should be carefully studied and experimented with before finally choosing the best solution.” Elder Teng was speechless. Was this master of his really reliable?

“Is that so?” Ren Sheng asked curiously.

“Of course, I’ll tell you…” Elder Teng gushed on about what he had learned over the years.

“Take your time to study, I’ll make some more of this medicine before going to Lingyu.” Ren Sheng listened for half a day in confusion. He could not understand some of the professional terms, so he immediately missed Zhao Lingyu and the warship.

“You are too wasteful!” Elder Teng watched Ren Sheng pick some leaves and petals, then throw them into the crucible, letting them turn into ashes with heartache.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely plant more in the future.” Ren Sheng took out Little Green who was soaking in nutrient solution and without hesitation, grabbed the sand-sized refined soil Little Green was grabbing with its suction cup.

No matter how small it was, it was still refined soil and a treasure. He couldn’t waste it.

Hearing Ren Sheng’s words, Elder Teng became sad again. He didn’t know what was going on. Although he could speed the growth of plants with his ability a little, the effect was very poor.

Ren Sheng went to Zhao Lingyu’s place with a packet of medicinal powder and at the same time asked the kitchen for some chocolate, intending to melt the medicinal powder into the chocolate.

“Why did you think of making chocolates?” Zhao Lingyu who just finished his business, looked at Ren Sheng in confusion.

“I made some semi-finished Face Nourishing Pills today and I plan to make them into chocolates for auntie to eat.” Ren Sheng said. Elder Teng was too old, so the Face Nourishing Pill’s effect on him was very poor. But if Shen Qiushi ate it, the effect should be very good. Maybe he could also add spiritual power to them at home to refine some authentic ones?

“That’s a good idea.” Zhao Lingyu smiled. His mother has a lot of spare time recently. Because his father was getting younger, she also tried to maintain herself. She would be very happy if Ren Sheng gave her such a thing.

“By the way, Elder Teng said that the Face Nourishing Pill is a very good medicine and he might promote it in the military after he has researched it.” Ren Sheng suddenly remembered something.

Was it really a good idea for the group of big coarse men under his command to eat beauty and skin care medicine? No, since Elder Teng said it, it must be because this medicine could indeed cure injuries. It seems that he needed to strengthen the protection level again or he might get into trouble…

Thinking of this, Zhao Lingyu suddenly frowned. “Ren, if this pill really could be refined what are you going to do?”

“Of course it will be used to save people.” Ren Sheng said without hesitation. Although it was a little strange to use a beauty pill as a wound medicine, if it could be used to save people, it is a good thing. The cartoons he watched always told him to be helpful.

“This medicine is something that has never appeared in this world. If it does, I’m worried that your presence will be noticed by others.” Zhao Lingyu was a little hesitant. What Ren Sheng showed now will make him more and more dazzling, and he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to protect him.

“What do you mean?” Ren Sheng asked curiously.

“If this kind of medicine comes out, it will be hard to hide your existence when it’s only you who can grow this plant. With Elder Teng still worshiping you as his teacher you will become widely known.”

“Is that really possible?” Ren Sheng asked excitedly.

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

“Elder Teng said that if I become very powerful, others will not think that I do not deserve you. I want to become very powerful!” Ren Sheng said. After he finished speaking, he even regretted his lack of dedication to researching this Face Nourishing Pill a little.

If he really could make the Face Nourishing Pill, others wouldn’t think that he didn’t deserve Ren Sheng, right?

Zhao Lingyu looked carefully at Ren Sheng and suddenly realized that he had thought too much and had too many concerns before.

Although Ren Sheng looked weak, he was not actually weak. He could pilot a warship and he knew a lot of things they didn’t understand.

He needs to protect Ren Sheng, but he can’t completely prevent him from blossoming just because he wants to protect him.

“I’m sure you can become very good.” Zhao Lingyu said while looking back, but he found that Ren Sheng, who had just been excited about becoming powerful, was now making a piece of chocolate with his fingers.

The root system nimbly slid on the chocolate and in no time, a small doll with a braid on its head appeared.

“Did I carve well? In the past, I used to play with clay and I could do everything so I hope my craft has not regressed.” Ren Sheng said joyfully.

With his promise of becoming very powerful, Zhao Lingyu was a bit helpless. But looking at Ren Sheng’s praise-seeking appearance, he couldn’t help laughing. Finally, he reached out and touched Ren Sheng’s head, “The carving is very good, very cute.”

“Be careful when you touch my head, the baby is inside,” Ren Sheng took Zhao Lingyu’s hand down. “Surely you also think it’s cute, this is what I looked like when I was a kid, be sure to let auntie see it later!”

Ren Sheng as a child? Zhao Lingyu looked at the little chocolate figure, and sure enough he could see how Reng Sheng looked. Just… this child only had a few leaves around his waist although the points on his chest were small, they were exposed.

Without hesitation, Zhao Lingyu took the chocolate figure and stuffed it into his mouth.

“Why did you eat it? Is it good?” Ren Sheng subconsciously asked.

“Delicious.” Zhao Lingyu’s gaze fell on Ren Sheng and added, “Mother likes animals.”

“In that case then, I’ll make animals.” Ren Sheng did not know why he suddenly felt a little uncomfortable… because he saw “himself” being eaten by Zhao Lingyu?


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