In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 37.2 – Ginseng Learning Piloting

He should not have brought Ren Sheng to see this star just because of a moment of weakness!

Looking at Ren Sheng and Komozi looking at each other and smiling, Zhao Lingyu’s momentum could not help becoming stronger and stronger.

Komozi did not have the ability to face such aura and only felt his body become colder and colder. He felt very uncomfortable, but he was completely unaware of the reason. At last he became bewildered. Ren Sheng who could feel Zhao Lingyu’s dislike of Komozi was in a very good mood at that moment.

“Dream Star suffered a lot of losses at the beginning and is in need of reconstruction. There should also be a lot of things to deal with so I will send you back tomorrow.” Zhao Lingyu looked at Komozi with a serious face.

Komozi’s smile stiffened. He still had several tour concerts to keep him so busy on nearby planets so he had no time to return to Dream Star! Also what does Dream Star needing to be rebuilt have to do with him? He was just a star…

However, why does he feel that if he doesn’t agree, something will happen?

“Lingyu, didn’t you say that there was a battleship simulation pilot system here? Let’s go take a look, okay?” Ren Sheng felt a little sympathy for Komozi so he helped him out.

“Good.” Zhao Lingyu nodded. Before when he was telling the story, Ren Sheng was very interested in the piloting of battleships and always wanted to try it. Homever, letting a novice practice on a real battleship was impossible, so the simulation system here could let him have a try.

Of course, the more important thing was to finally leave this star behind.

“We’re going to fight?” Ren Sheng added, leaping to his feet.

“Good.” Zhao Lingyu certainly had no reason to disagree.

Watching Zhao Lingyu hug Ren Sheng and leave again, Komozi’s eyes fell on someone who fit his own aesthetic and still had a certain status. “I must return to Dream Star tomorrow?”

“You don’t have to go back to Dream Star, but I suggest you leave Capital Star.” Wu Shuai patted Komozi on the shoulder with a little sympathy. Based on the situation just now… this guy was viewed by the Marshal as his love rival, right?

His Marshal even learned how to be jealous!

After wanting to pursue his male god, he was forced to watch the male god show love to others, not to say leaving immediately… Komozi was suddenly a little sad. However, the time was just not convenient, when with a light sound the plastic chair Zhao Lingyu had just sat on actually broke.

You go quickly. The Marshal has been very restrained.” Thinking of the more than four thousand tons that the Marshal smashed up yesterday, Wu Shuai felt even more sympathetic.

After being sent away, Wu Shuai, who had planned to continue watching the Marshal’s love history, took out his computer and asked, “Where did the Marshal go?”

“The Marshal went to the battleship simulation co*kpit! Now everyone is waiting to see the Marshal practice!”

Was his Marshal planning to show his might in front of the little one? Stroking his chin, Wu Shuai quickly logged on to his account and planned to watch. Other members of the First Legion also went online.

The Marshal’s piloting of the battleship was unmatched. He could make many difficult maneuvers and was one of the First Legion’s three S class pilots, so they had to go have a look!

The console of the battleship simulation was exactly the same as the real one. The helmet could be connected to the Starnet and with one click of the button in front of you, you could fight against others on the platform network with 99% realism.

Zhao Lingyu explained the functions of each button to Ren Sheng and then said, I’ll open a double fight mode with you. You just follow me. We will practice first.”

Ren Sheng couldn’t wait to put on the helmet.

Seeing this, Zhao Lingyu locked the door of this two-player combat room and also put on his helmet.

At this time, all the people of the First Legion who were available were ready to go.

Sutton, a major of the First Legion had taken a day off. After getting the news, he immediately got into the First Regiment’s starnet with several close friends, then they stared together at the various channels.

The channels were silent and he waited for a while before he saw someone appear in one of the channels. After opening the channel in a hurry, he couldn’t help cursing. “Shit, which rookie is this? The Marshal entered the battle room and he didn’t even wait to see it, instead of practicing by himself?”

“There is such a rookie in our legion?” Another soldier who was with Sutton was also shocked. At this slow speed, this movement of shaking left and right, was it really one of them piloting a battleship? Did he not play war games since childhood?

“Look at the number, it’s a newcomer. No, we haven’t recruited soldiers recently… Marshal?!” Sutton looked at the number displayed below in shock. Right next to that new recruit’s number just now, another number actually appeared, and that number belonged to their Marshal.

“Sutton, there is indeed a newcomer at the barracks today. Have you forgotten the man brought by the Marshal?”

“So do you want to watch the Marshal teach the newcomer today?” Sutton was a little depressed. He wanted to see the Marshal’s heroic figure killing zerg, but he did not want to watch the Marshal showing his love!

The Kay was tiny and looked weak. What kind of battle could he show them? He will probably just pilot the small aircraft on autopilot.

“Sutton, look!” The person with him suddenly said.

“Look at what? Could it be that the Marshal is doing difficult maneuvers?” Sutton looked over and his expression suddenly changed.

The Marshal had been flying very smoothly and there was nothing to see, but what was surprising was that the battleship beside him, which could hardly fly just now, suddenly began to fly better and better and could even firmly follow the battleship piloted by Zhao Lingyu.

After the two battleships flew for a while, Zhao Lingyu drove faster and faster and began to weave through the meteorites. The difficulty had reached the entry level, but the warship behind was not thrown away.

After the entry level, Zhao Lingyu showed a few f-class battleship piloting moves and the battleship following him still followed exactly what was shown.

Then it was E-class, D-class, C-class, B-class…

In the entire First Legion, there were only a few hundred people who had an A-class battleship piloting license and after showing the B-class moves, Zhao Lingyu started to do A-class moves…

“This is A-class, that rookie… No, there is no way that this guy will be able to do them, right?” Sutton muttered. Just now his warship had some difficulty in doing B-class maneuvers.

“He’s at most B-class now.” The man beside Sutton, who had an A-class pilot’s license and rich experience, said without hesitation at this time.

He was right, the battleship that followed Zhao Lingyu did fail in doing the A-class maneuvers. The battleship started to do the action, before it stopped and couldn’t move after only completing half of it. He tried several times but he repeatedly made mistakes.

“There are too many buttons to press in this action…” Ren Sheng said with a frown. Zhao Lingyu has shown it to him several times but he still wasn’t able…

“You’ve done a good job. If you practice more, you’ll certainly have no problem with this maneuver.” Zhao Lingyu said, admitting that he had just been struck.

Ren Sheng was able to do this on his first day… much better than him!

“If I practice more, I will become more familiar with it.” Ren Sheng nodded. In fact, there was a reason why he could do this – he kept watching Zhao Lingyu and when it was his turn to do it he just copied Zhao Lingyu movements. If they really had a mock battle, he would definitely keep making mistakes.

Of course, if he was given time to practice more, he could definitely become an excellent pilot!

“Battleship piloting needs more practice. If you practice more, your hand speed will be faster. When you train your hand speed, these complicated movements will be easily done.” Zhao Lingyu said again.

“Hand speed?” Ren Sheng looked at his hands in deep thought.

“Ren your hand speed is already very fast.” Zhao Lingyu said. His voice just fell when he suddenly saw roots growing from Ren Sheng’s hands and then above each button was a root that was ready to go.


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