In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 94 – During The Banquet

Crohn doesn’t feel like he was pushed around and was just happy to take care of Keith. Like him, this man was a level eight ability user, but he was surprisingly willing to get pregnant for him; he must absolutely love him. Of course, he has to treat him well!

With this in mind, Crohn looked at Keith with a more gentle expression. The surrounding people, however, who were shocked by them calmed down. Crohn has always been iron-blooded and ruthless in battle, but now he was like this. Keith was also Ruoya Empire’s cold-blooded researcher, who was now surprisingly pregnant!

“I just got the news that you guys are out there saying you’re getting married?” One of Crohn’s best friends finally couldn’t help but ask.

“That’s right, we’re getting married.” Crohn said joyfully.

“Lord Keith!” A beautiful woman suddenly lined up in the crowd. “Excellency Keith, are you really going to marry Duke Crohn? How is this possible? This child should be the product of an experiment, right? You don’t need to marry Duke Crohn because of it.” She spoke quickly, her hand gripping her dress trembled lightly, her expression full of sadness and disbelief.

The people around her, however, could not help but nod their heads. Keith and Crohn? It was really kind of unbelievable that these two would get together.

“What experiment? This child is the fruit of our love. We may have other children in the future. Since we want to raise the child together, of course we have to get married!” Crohn looked at the women warily, love rival! This person was definitely a love rival!

Crohn, whose IQ drops every time he meets a child, exploded with a powerful aura at this moment, directly forcing the woman back a few steps before darting back to look at Keith. “You’re not affected, are you?”

“I’m fine.” Keith said. He knew that woman. She used to be his assistant before and was dismissed because she was too fond of sticking her nose in his business. So what if the child had been born by him for the purpose of experimentation? He still would pour enough love into the child and would not do anything to harm the child. He would also give the child the best of everything and since that was the case, there was no harm in marrying Crohn.

“Duke Keith, congratulations! You and Duke Crohn are simply a match made in heaven.” Another woman was very smart, so she just smiled and complimented them, before asking the question that everyone wanted to know the answer to. “Duke Keith, how exactly did you get pregnant?”

After this question came out, the whole banquet hall fell silent, but just at this time the Emperor and Empress came out together. The Emperor and the Empress never had any children, but still supported each other for hundreds of years, so their feelings were deep for each other. Before this, they always acted restrained in front of others, but now it was different. These two people simply emitted pink bubbles between them and the Emperor also carefully supported the Empress. And the Empress… Most women look terrible when they become pregnant, but the Empress was in very good condition and there was even a gentle smile on her face.

Before the arrival of the Emperor and Empress, basically everyone gathered around Keith, but soon, these people’s eyes were fixed on the Empress. It was indeed amazing that a man could get pregnant, but it was equally amazing that someone who was not so young anymore could get pregnant with twins. How in the world did the Empress and Keith conceive a child?

“I heard someone wondering about Keith being able to get pregnant?” The chubby Emperor asked with a smirk.

“Yes, your Majesty.” An old man with white hair, who appeared at glance to have almost reached the end of his life, looked at the Emperor. “Your Majesty, we are all curious.”

“In fact, we could conceive because we both ate something magical. Something like this… many people present should have heard of it.” The Empress said.

“That Pregnancy Pill of the Human Federation?” Someone couldn’t help asking.

“That’s right, it’s the Human Federation’s Pregnancy Pill. At that time, I had Crohn and Keith go to the Human Federation to get it in order to improve the Empire’s fertility rate. Unfortunately…” The Emperor sighed.

“Your Majesty?” Many people’s eyes were fixed on the Emperor.

“While I was talking to them about how to trade this item, someone in the Empire attacked the owner of it and even took one of his children. After that, that person was no longer willing to do business with us.” The Emperor said. Earlier, Zhao Lingyu approached him and made a deal with him. Zhao Lingyu would help improve the fertility situation of the Ruoya Empire in the future, while he, on the other hand, had to remove the radicals and then let the Ruoya Empire and the Human Federation coexist peacefully.

There weren’t many people who knew about the attack on the Human Federation in the Ruoya Empire, but there were also many who only heard about it vaguely later. When they first heard about it, most of them didn’t take it seriously, but they didn’t expect that such an important matter was involved. For a while, they simply hated the person who launched the attack.

“Your Majesty, the Human Federation has such a technology, but refuses to share it. We should start a war!!” Someone suddenly said. “It’s just a low-class civilization. Do we really need to let them jump on our heads?”

“The person with this technology isn’t from the Human Federation. In fact, that person belongs to an unknown race and just happened to be married to the Marshal of the Human Federation. If you attack the Human Federation, let’s see if you will be able to get it in the end.” Keith said.

“Duke Keith, you shouldn’t help them just because you got a child thanks to their power!” The man who yelled about attacking the Human Federation had an ugly expression on his face. If the person who had this kind of technology didn’t belong to the Human Federation, the effect of attacking the Human Federation would definitely not be too good.

“I have some videos here that you can take a look at.” Keith said and then pressed on his contact terminal. Soon, some images were projected in 3D.

These images were recorded by Keith and Crohn when they were still in the Human Federation. There was the image of Zhao Lingyu being very friendly to Keith and Crohn at the beginning, the image of them presenting four pregnancy pills, the image of them being attacked later, and the image of Zhao Lingyu saying that he would not provide any more pills afterwards. These videos were edited, so they weren’t long. After the images were played, they left everyone in silence. 

“Those two bastards!” Someone couldn’t help but curse. “If it wasn’t for them, we…” His status wasn’t low, so If someone didn’t interfere and the Ruoya Empire made a deal with them, he might already have a child by now!

“What do they want?” Another person asked. “They are now in the Ruoya Empire looking for their child, as for how to get them to provide the pregnancy pills… we don’t know.” Keith said, then he sat down on his previous seat.

“By the way, what they have in their hands is not only the Pregnancy Pills, but also a Nourishing Potion that can help settle the fetus.” Crohn added. Hearing these two things, the eyes of everyone present shone, but then they felt very annoyed.

The Human Federation was just a lower civilization. They could get what they want by making a random deal, but now… if someone took their child, they would never help that person again! Among those present, those who didn’t discriminate against the Human Federation now hated the two people who attacked the Human Federation and even those who discriminated against lower civilizations were angry. Although they despised lower civilizations and preferred to control their own technology, they also wanted to have children!

Those little nobles didn’t know a lot of things, but these big aristocrats basically knew it. At this time, they inevitably had a problem with Chapman. But in fact, Chapman also hated these two attackers. He originally didn’t know the specific situation at that time, but it was now released on video.

He had asked people to capture Ren Sheng and his child alive, but the two people went so far as to almost kill them. Then finally managed to snatch a child and bring it back…

“Let’s quickly order to find this child! It mustn’t be delayed any longer!” The old man who had asked the Emperor the question earlier said categorically and his words immediately drew everyone else’s agreement.

“Shouldn’t we also give some compensation to the human empire?” Another person said. “We can also sign a contract of friendship and mutual assistance, and let the Marshal of the other side come to see us.”

The radicals wanted to oppose, but unfortunately, under the temptation of having a child, there were already people who didn’t hesitate to break away from them. The temptation of a child could make them completely give up discriminating against lower civilizations and even if they were ordered to marry a person from a lower civilization, they would be willing to do so.

All kinds of discussions began immediately. Meanwhile, the news of the search for a child had been released. Only halfway through the Queen’s pregnancy banquet, a message came out from the palace to search for a newborn… that was only a few months old, throughout the Ruoya Empire.

Seeing this news, Zhao Lingyu smiled and put it aside, while Ren Sheng couldn’t help asking, “They’re looking for Big Baby?”

“Yes, they want to find Big Baby to show their goodwill.” Zhao Lingyu said. Right now, he doesn’t need to step in yet. The news of finding the child spread throughout the entire Ruoya Empire in a short time and the McCarthy couple certainly saw it, but after reading it they just tossed it aside. Although they had picked up a child before, it was a few years old and not a few months old, so this certainly has nothing to do with them.



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