In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 51.1 – Welcome to the celebration banquet

While Zhao Lingyu had quite a few follow-up matters to deal with, Ren Sheng was very free. On their journey back to Capital Star, he spent a large amount of time cultivating, so much so that the four children on his head began to grow at an alarming rate.

Of course, to say that it was an astonishing speed was only relative to how fast it grew before. In fact, they had only grown to the size of an egg when they reached near Capital Star.

But… It was the size of an egg! Ren Sheng had never seen such a large ginseng fruit before! Well, now they weren’t ginseng fruits at all. They were actually his own children. But his children looked like four red eggs now.

However, human children grew so big. Will he end up carrying four watermelons on his head? Or maybe they need to be planted? If they are to be planted, do they have to be planted inside the refined soil and golden crystals?

The small golden crystals that had been hidden in Ren Sheng’s helmet became smaller and later completely disappeared. But the large crystals that Ren Sheng had used as a bed were still intact and no change could be seen in it at all.

Getting up from the huge crystal, Ren Sheng shook his head uneasily. These guys on his head had grown a lot these days, so his head was so heavy, it had  become very uncomfortable.

He didn’t know when these kids would mature, so he could make it easier on himself… it should be soon, right? Just now, the speed at which they absorbed energy has also become smaller.

From a few days ago, Ren Sheng let the robot bring meals to his cabin, but today he was in a good mood so he contacted Elder Teng so they could go eat together at the restaurant.

“Master, what have you been doing these days?” Elder Teng asked curiously as he gracefully walked from a distance.

Ren Sheng also looked curiously at Elder Teng. A few days ago, Elder Teng ate too much Face Nourishing Pill powder so he looked much younger, but there wasn’t really a big change. But now …

Elder Teng’s hair was pitch black and there weren’t many wrinkles on his face. Now standing there in suit, he was afraid that people would believe he was a middle-aged man.

“I was in my room… how did you change so much?” Ren Sheng couldn’t help asking.

Hearing Ren Sheng’s reply, Elder Teng had a slight change in his expression. Of course, he knew Ren Sheng was in his room these days, so he purely asked because he thought that it wasn’t normal for him to not go out for several days in a row. This master of his really liked Zhao Lingyu, right? But these days, he didn’t follow Zhao Lingyu at all, so was his body unwell? For example, during his first time he was accidentally wounded so he couldn’t get out of bed or something…

Regaining his train of thought, Elder Teng decided to believe in Zhao Lingyu’s character and let go of his doubts. “I dyed my hair black, then got a nursing machine to do facial care every day and finally customized a batch of clothes…”

“When?” Ren Sheng asked curiously.

“The other day when the ship docked at the immigrant planet.” Elder Teng straightened his clothes and his eyes suddenly showed some bitterness. “Four hundred years ago, I was one of the top gentlemen of Capital Star. I had a group of people liking me, but now that they are almost all gone…”

“The human lifespan is really short.” Ren Sheng nodded with emotion. He was still worried about how to make Zhao Lingyu live longer.

“Before, I always had someone in my heart, so I didn’t want to go back to Capital Star. But now that I look back at it after so many years, I’m already dying so it’s meaningless to care about it. Elder Teng looked like he was deep in thought.

“Cultivators should be open-minded. There is no use thinking too much about some stuff so you have a good attitude.” Ren Sheng said with admiration and recalled those cultivation methods he had.

Although there was no spiritual power in this world, some simple physical skills could still be practiced. After all, Elder Teng was his apprentice. Now that he couldn’t teach his alchemy, why not teach him some physical skills? The younger Elder Teng should be able to practice, right?

Ren Sheng was thinking about it, but Elder Teng laughed cheekily. “What is cultivation? But I’m really in a good mood now. I am looking so young, but that person is about to die. If I go back in all my glory, I can make him die of jealousy! I’ll be happy then.”

“…” Ren Sheng didn’t know what to say for a moment. He noticed Elder Teng’s moment of bewilderment, so he asked suspiciously. “Do you really think so?”

Elder Teng didn’t continue to speak. Instead, Fang Chengjun came over with a smile and smiled toward Ren Sheng. “Ren Sheng, you actually dared to fight against that star pirate, how brave.” While complimenting, he naturally sat down.

“I didn’t expect him to be that strong.” Ren Sheng blinked with a little regret. If Corbien’s knife had cut him, he wouldn’t die, but he certainly would be injured.

Shouldn’t ordinary people be modest at this time? Ren Sheng was really different. Fang Chengjun immediately changed the topic, so he wouldn’t be driven away. “Ren Sheng, these days Ethan is hiding in his room all day like you. Do you want to know the reason?”

“What’s the reason?” Ren Sheng asked curiously.

“That star pirate hit him when he rushed out and injured him. Not to mention that he was incontinent…” Fang Chengjun said in a low voice. “He was wearing a protective suit so it didn’t leak out, but it’s estimated that…”

“Is that true?” Elder Teng asked curiously, “I was there at that time, but I didn’t notice at all. How did you find out?”

The corners of Fang Chengjun’s mouth twitched slightly. “When I threw the ice bomb, I suddenly found that there was water around and used it into that ice.” When the ability user uses his ability, they can use their own ability or even trigger the surrounding. At that time, he sensed water around him and planned to use it to attack after turning it into ice, but fortunately, he quickly realized it was not normal ‘water.’

No wonder Ethan was afraid to go out these days. Elder Teng pondered a little. Ethan pissed his pants and found ice near his crotch. He really wanted to see his expression then.

When he was young, he also did that, but that man was always so serious.

“He didn’t freeze, right?” Ren Sheng asked. Fang Chengjun’s ice temperature was very low. He felt it when Little Green fought with Corbien before and then kept shouting ‘cold.’

“I don’t think so…” Fang Chengjun hesitantly said. He found that something was not right and quickly turned it into water again. It shouldn’t have frozen that quickly. Cough, if the Locke family’s heir really got his… frozen by him it would be bad luck.

Ethan’s ‘thing’ was indeed not frozen. The Locke family ability could not only support a huge shield, but also protect his body. Of course, that part of him couldn’t be damaged so easily.

But he still had no face to see others. Not only that, when Corbien escaped, he broke his two ribs and even his internal organs were displaced.

After recuperating for several days, even before the spaceship docked at the immigration star, Ethan finally recovered from his injuries. Seeing that they were about to arrive at Capital Star, he raised the corners of his mouth in a sneer.

Zhao Lingyu brought civilians on the warship and openly talked about love during the army operation. He let a star pirate mix into the central warship and also concealed his own strength.There were more than a dozen charges that he saw, so when he got back he wouldn’t let Zhou Lingyu look good!

Ethan, who had already asked one of his assistants to send a message to his father, was ready to find trouble with Zhao Lingyu.

In the midst of Ethan’s resentment, the First Legion ships finally approached Capital Star.

Most of their ships were stationed on an uninhabitable planet next to Capital Star, but some of them were stationed at the First Legion’s sea stronghold.

The civilians who followed the First Legion here were quickly sent away by special personnel, while Zhao Lingyu and others had to go to the central building to report the situation of the battle.

“Ren, go home first. I’ll be back soon.” Zhao Lingyu kissed Ren Sheng’s cheek.

“Alright.” Ren Sheng nodded.

When Zhao Lingyu faced Ren Sheng his expression was soft, but when he turned back, he returned to his usual coldness. “Let’s go.”

Ethan, following behind Zhao Lingyu snorted.

Without delay, Zhao Lingyu went directly to the central building and signaled Ivor to immediately report the battle situation. “This time, after we rescued the inhabitants of planet 12534, we chased and caught up with the star pirates. After the battle, we recovered a large number of energy mines…”

After Ivor’s brief introduction, he took out a lot of information which gave credit to many people.

Hong Zhong and others, who were the first to pursue the star pirates were on it needless to say, but even Fang Chengjun and Ethan were on it!

When Ethan saw the description of his bravery in protecting the central ship with a shield he froze for a moment – how could Zhao Lingyu give him a credit?

Was Zhao Lingyu in some conspiracy? Ethan couldn’t help but want to take out the information he had collected against Zhao Lingyu. “Marshal Zhao…”

“Ethan, I didn’t expect you to be able to do so well.” The patriarch of the Locke family interrupted his eldest son with a smile. “You’ve grown up, you should follow the Marshal in the future and learn from him.”

His own father was telling him to stop targeting Zhao Lingyu? Although Ethan knew that if he didn’t tear Zhao Lingyu’s face at this time, he could earn merit for nothing and the advantages outweighed the disadvantages. He was still angry when he thought of the aggravation he had suffered.

“Yes, Mr. Locke did a good job. At that time when our main ship took on the fleet of star pirates, some people were so scared that they peed their pants. But Mr. Locke still managed to hold up the shield which was very impressive.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Last night Ren Sheng emotionally asked him if a certain part was frozen will there be no seeds. After he became speechless for some time, he realized that Ethan was timid.

Ethan originally wanted to expose Zhao Lingyu’s evil face, but when he heard Zhao Lingyu’s words, he immediately gave up his idea. If he goes against Zhao Lingyu now, not to mention the merit, he was afraid he would lose all his face!

He was an S-class ability user, but unexpectedly, unexpectedly…


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