In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 117 – During The Decisive Battle

The space blades around Chapman became more and more numerous, tearing his feet and even the surrounding buildings apart. At this point, even Emperor Will had no way to get close. Chapman was a level eight powerhouse and thanks to the drug, his ability had reached the ninth level.

“Everyone, attack together.” Jenkins said. They could not take Chapman for the time being, but they could use their attacks to weaken the space blades around Chapman. Thanks to that, Chapman would not be able to move easily and it would also give them time to arrange rescue.

He came out this time, not only at the request of Emperor Will, but also because he had a grudge against Chapman. However, even if he wanted revenge, he would not sit by and watch something horrible happen to these children and pregnant women.

Sending his best people to the rescue, Jenkins, armed in a mecha, tried to get close to Chapman. Jenkins’ ability intensity was not high, but his mecha piloting was definitely the best in the Border Army. In order to stand out in the Border Army, he once practiced his mecha driving skills hard and persisted doing it for hundreds of years. By now, the mecha seemed to have become a part of his body.

“Elijah!” Chapman looked at Jenkins’ mecha and called out a name, narrowing his eyes slightly. Marshal Raymond spent a lot of money to help Jenkins build this mecha many years ago and it was because of this that he encouraged Master Fern to build a mecha for him. After Raymond built the mecha, he never used it in public, which made the public gradually forget about it. As a result, Jenkins became the pilot of the mecha.

There were more and more space blades around him and it was even more difficult for him to maintain the stability of the space around his body. The energy in his body also felt very painful, so Chapman inevitably felt some remorse, but also had a stronger attack power.

Once again, he took out an energy crystal from his space button and held it in his hand. Then he walked slowly to his destination. As for space movement… because the surrounding space was extremely unstable and he did not want to die right away, of course, he could not use it.

The energy gathering point had been getting closer and closer, Chapman’s face showed a little smile…

Since that woman who was arranged to be by his side made him a complete failure, he will kill Will’s woman and the children by her side.

Such an idea had flashed through Chapman’s mind, when suddenly a mecha sprang out from the dirt below. The orange mecha was very dazzling. If the sun hadn’t been obstructed by the warship, it might have even sparkled and the green on the shoulders and head of the machine armor only made the yellow elements even more dazzling.

This mecha was also no stranger to Chapman, except for the color. Master Fern had spent a long time, little by little, tailoring the mecha just for him. But now, it was changed into such a childish color and piloted by someone else!

The stable space area around Chapman was getting smaller and smaller, as more and more space blades appeared around him. Some of which gathered together and formed space cracks.

The material of the advanced mecha was extraordinary and while the small space blades could crush it, the space crack would definitely throw it into an unknown place. In the face of such changes, Jenkins did not dare to rush forward and slowed down. But that orange mecha was still rushing forward. The bright mecha jumped and moved between the glowing black space cracks, like a dancing spirit, becoming more and more dazzling.

“Who is that person?” The soldiers of the Border Army who were cleaning up Chapman’s men, looked at this scene in shock. Their Major General’s mecha piloting skills were already described as superb, but he was still scratched by those space blades from time to time and even now, they didn’t dare to get too close. But this mecha dared to dive straight in.

“It’s too strong! His movements are too powerful! Such movements, I wonder how many commands have to be input to make them…”

“This mecha is also too strong! Even space blades can’t cut it… wasn’t it said that the Major General’s mecha was the best? From what I see, this mecha is not worse at all!”

“Before, I always thought that orange was an overly peachy color, but now I actually think that this color is somewhat handsome.”




The Border Army basically all looked at the mecha. Meanwhile, all of the Ruoya Empire had been live-streaming the situation, while one of the new recruits of the Border Army was dancing around explaining it all.

See? Did you see that? Just now that move was used once in a professional mecha competition and won the gold medal! No, I spoke too slowly and in this time, this mecha made a lot of difficult moves that no one has ever done before! In the future, I must slow down this video and play it a hundred and eighty times to learn from it! If only I had been beside that driver, I would certainly be the man who would overwhelm Major General Jenkins in future.” The little soldier said with his eyes glowing. Then a man suddenly appeared behind him and slapped him on the back of the head. “Motherfucker, do you still want to overwhelm Major General Jenkins?”

“A slip of the tongue. I just want to surpass Major General Jenkins. I’m really not interested in that monster.” The little soldier wanted to cry, but had no tears.

Whether it was the little soldier or other people in Ruoya, their hearts were very heavy now, because they did not know what would happen next. Especially those who lived on Imperial Star. They were now very, very afraid. The situation was becoming more and more serious and it could implicate them at any moment. However, seeing this scene, some people still couldn’t help, but reveal a slightly distorted smile.

“I was wrong, I shouldn’t have called the Major General a demon. Let’s continue to watch the fight. No, let’s put it back to the battle scene! I’ll show you a close-up of Prince Chapman! Dang, dang, dang! You see his face… I never thought that the gentle Prince would show such an expression! Everyone, make sure you take a screenshot so you can use it as emoji later!”

The little soldier chattered on and on, making a battle that was so closely related to Ruoya’s future so hilarious that people wanted to catch him and beat him up. Well, in fact, on the virtual network, there were already many people beating up his virtual image.

However, although many people wanted to beat him up, those who had seen Chapman’s speech before, didn’t even know when they suddenly forgot the ambition that Chapman had instilled in them before or his promises. Not only that, they were very nervous and afraid now.

This man was also useful. When this day was over, they will definitely complain about this unprofessional soldier! People like him should be hosting funny shows and not going to war!

Chapman’s hideous expression was right in front of their eyes and many people pondered while subconsciously choosing to take screenshots. The atmosphere online was very odd. At this moment, Ren Sheng  was like a roaring tiger. He was not even in his human form now and as his roots flew around, he even felt some strain. Those damn spatial cracks were getting more and more numerous! Before, he still had time to dodge the space blades, but  he was no longer able to do it. 

If it was not easy for him, it was even harder for Chapman. While dodging, Ren Sheng separated out some roots and began to launch all kinds of attacks. The attacks might be swallowed by space cracks, but they could still cause some trouble to Chapman.

“He made such complicated movements, but can still attack. Even if he completely controls it with his mental strength, no one should be able to do it, right? Since when did Ruoya have such a strong man?” Raymond’s voice rang in Jenkins’ ear through the headphones.

“This mecha was originally owned by Master Fern, who now has a good relationship with Zhao Lingyu.” Jenkins said, while looking at the situation in the field with complicated eyes. He convinced the people of the Border Army to listen to him, which had nothing to do with Raymond and entirely to do with his own strength and intelligence, mainly the latter. But even so, his strength could not be underestimated. 

Unfortunately, at this moment, his mecha driving skills were compared to this person. There was no one who could do something like this in Ruoya. The Human Federation was really an amazing place.

Jenkins had already made up his mind that he would try to keep the pilot and have a good sparring session with him after this was over. But to his surprise, a slightly childish voice suddenly rang out from the field. “You bastard, I will kill you!”

The sound came from the mecha and as soon as it came out, there was a small opening in front of the cockpit and then a hand with a space button reached out. After the hand waved, a lot of strange things flew out of the space button flying towards Chapman, starting with a large khaki-colored energy ore.

Energy crystals could provide energy to people with abilities, but this energy ore would explode if the environment was unstable. With a bang, the energy ore exploded. The bombs and other electrical appliances thrown out together also added to the explosion’s power. So although the space cracks swallowed part of the energy, Chapman was affected by the ripple.

The little soldier who reported the situation called out again and again. “Look, everyone! Prince Chapman’s hair is scorched by the waves! This new trendy hairstyle is so sensational. Everyone must take a screenshot and save it! You have to take a screenshot!” Many people, with worried hearts and crying faces, once again subconsciously chose to take a screenshot.


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