In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 92 – Naming And Banquet

The person who reacted the most to the Empress’ happy news was definitely Prince Chapman, who had become the invisible Crown Prince in the Ruoya Empire. The Imperial Star was big and the place where prince Chapman lived covered a very large area. It wasn’t inferior to the imperial palace and was decorated in a very gorgeous manner.

Of course, it wasn’t earned by Prince Chapman on his own. The imperial family was getting smaller and smaller, so the only remaining royal family member could inherit a large number of heritages without doing anything, such as the palace, which once was the residence of another royal family.

The magnificent palace once looked like a celestial heavenly palace, but now was full of debris. The exquisite floor tiles which laid on the ground were actually carved out of a very hard slate and if placed in the Human Federation, even an S class ability user might not be able to destroy them. But in the Ruoya Empire, prince Chapman was an eight-level ability user, so not to mention some floor tiles, destroying the whole palace wasn’t a big deal. He even had the ability to destroy the whole planet; the ability of the Ruoya royal family was space blade.

Finally venting enough, Chapman waved his hand and a man suddenly appeared in front of him. “Have you found out about the man who has been fighting against us recently?” Chapman asked. Since Crohn returned, a lot of his business had been ruined. It has Crohn and one other person’s mark all over it.

“Replying to your highness. No. That person is close to Duke Crohn, so many clues were covered by Duke Crohn’s people.” The man said.

“What about those few people from the Human Federation?” Chapman asked again.

“Your Highness, these few people from the Human Federation are all well hidden and should have forged their identities…” The man lowered his head. “But that person who destroyed several of our strongholds is most likely Zhao Lingyu.”

“Zhao Lingyu’s strength has grown so quickly? The Human Federation…” Prince Chapman frowned. He rarely regretted something in his life, but now he regretted something he had done before. 

When Crohn sent back the message that the Human Federation had magical drugs that could make people pregnant, his first reaction was to send someone to capture and bring that person back. He knew very well that if he could make the Ruoya Empire people increase their fertility rate, then he would certainly become the hero of the Ruoya Empire, but what he didn’t expect was that the people he sent would fail.

Even if they failed, those people obviously turned to the emperor and even made the empress, who should have already lost her fertility, pregnant. The man in front of him was still standing quietly. Chapman thought for a moment before saying, “Keep looking for them!”

“Yes, your Highness.” The man said and soon disappeared.

Chapman looked at the invitation sent to his personal terminal puzzled. Tomorrow, he would go and see what the emperor would do!

“Chapman, I am about to die from anger!” Just then, a woman in a gorgeous dress walked over gracefully. It was none other than Prince Consort Adela. Chapman’s gloomy expression became gentle, “What’s wrong?”

“The Empress! I thought that she was dying because she didn’t see anyone before. but she became pregnant! She is so old, but she could still get pregnant! But, even I don’t have children!” Adela was very dissatisfied.

“Adela, we are still young.” Chapman laughed.

“This is also true… and the baby in the empress’ belly may not be conceived!” After being comforted by her husband, Adela immediately stopped being angry. Chapman, however, frowned. This woman was his best genetic match, but she really was a little too stupid. She couldn’t compare to the previous one at all… unfortunately that woman wasn’t able to give birth to a child anymore.

The emperor and empress invited a lot of people to the palace, but what Zhao Lingyu talked with Ren Sheng about were names of their children. Ren Sheng gave birth to four children and since then, Zhao Lingyu thought of names. He also naturally tried hard to make all four names have some correlation.

“Pen, ink, paper, inkstone? Loyal, filial, benevolent and righteous?” Ren Sheng looked at the words, but didn’t like them. “There are many more left.” Zhao Lingyu circled Ren Sheng from behind and kissed his cheek.

“Let’s use this one.” Turning to four words, Ren Sheng’s eyes lit up. “Wind, clouds, thunder and lightning? It is indeed good.” Zhao Lingyu said approvingly, not daring to say that these four words were found randomly by him.

“The wind is indefinite, the clouds are impermanent, and thunder and lightning break all things. These are all divine abilities that heaven likes very much.” Ren Sheng said. How strong was the wind and rain? Also, if you wanted to become an immortal, you must be struck by lightning.

“How about two children with your surname and two children with my surname, Mufeng, Muyun, Mulei, and Mudiao?” Zhao Lingyu asked again.

“Not good.” Ren Sheng shook his head. “When I was first named, my master directly saved me trouble and directly called me ‘ginseng.’ In fact, I’m not even surnamed Ren, so there’s no need for the children to take my surname.” Ren Sheng said. He knows that humans care about the family name, but he is the opposite. For plants, surnames were meaningless.

“Then all of them will be surnamed Zhao.” Zhao Lingyu said. He couldn’t wait for the number of people with the Zhao surname to grow. Zhao Mufeng, Zhao Muyun, Zhao Mulei, Zhao Mudian, then became the names of the four children. After making the final decision, Zhao Lingyu kissed Ren Sheng. “Ren, a moment is worth a thousand gold …”

“What’s good about a thousand gold? It can’t be eaten, so refined soil is better.” Ren Sheng said. The price of gold was actually very cheap. In their current home, many decorative items were made of gold.

Zhao Lingyu, who spent a lot of effort studying ancient Chinese to learn this phrase, became speechless.

When Ren Sheng got up early the next morning, Zhao Lingyu was no longer there. The formation around him was removed and soon the four children came to Ren Sheng. As he grew a lot of roots, Second, Third, and Fourth Baby immediately cheered and climbed up. Only Big Baby was still watching. Although he felt some envy he didn’t move.

Ren Sheng knew that the child felt that he was old enough to stay still, so he simply held him in his arms and then found some children’s books in his PDA to show him. As for himself, he checked the recent news.

Originally, the online mecha contest attracted the most attention, but as soon as the matter of the Emperor and Empress came out, fewer and fewer people cared about it. Now basically everyone online was studying how the empress got pregnant.

This situation made some people who wanted to become famous in the online mecha competition a little unhappy, but it was a good thing for Ren Sheng. It was a pity that even if the Empress’ pregnancy had attracted so much attention after he went offline, he still found his mailbox filled with all kinds of private messages.

Ren Sheng used intelligent filtering and in the end, only messages from people who had communicated with him were left in the mailbox. The first one was written by a girl who had trained with him before.

“Greenton, you’re really good! You’re my idol! I have become very fond of you!” The little girl was obviously a little excited, but Ren Sheng was very happy to hear such a straightforward remark and replied to her words with, “Thank you.”

Next there was a message from the blue fatty, who was obviously also very excited. After sending a lot of congratulatory words with an exclamation point at the end, he said that he had been promoted because of the great success of the online mecha competition. Blue Fatty sent a congratulatory letter and some of the staff under Blue Fatty also congratulated him. Ren Sheng who scrolled down suddenly saw a message from McCarthy.

Before, when Big Baby mentioned Dounia, Ren Sheng felt both grateful and sour in his heart, but now seeing the message from him, he also clicked on it with a slight hesitation. McCarthy didn’t say anything about Big Baby in the message and only congratulated Ren Sheng for getting the championship. After him, Dounia also sent him a message.

Ren Sheng looked at it for a while and then patted Big Baby’s shoulder. “Big Baby, in a few days, Daddy will take you to see McCarthy and Dounia. But, you have to remember that we can’t tell them a lot of things about us, okay?” Big Baby was still young and didn’t know many things, so of course he had to explain it to him clearly first.

“Why?” Big Baby asked in bewilderment.

“Did you forget that someone was trying to capture us? We are still in danger and if they know too much about us, they will also be in danger.” If there was no radical faction in the Ruoya Empire, Ren Sheng would be happy to help Dounia, but their current situation was too special.

“I understand.” Big Baby nodded obediently. Big Baby’s situation was different from the other three children and he was obviously able to understand more things. Knowing this, Ren Sheng explained their situation more carefully. As a result, in the end, not only Big Baby listened, but even the other three children listened.

“You are telling the children this?” Gerd came in from outside just in time to hear Ren Sheng talking about the distribution of power in the Ruoya Empire and couldn’t help asking.

“There’s no harm in letting them know a little more.” Ren Sheng said.

“That’s true.” Gerd stroked Big Baby’s head.

They have been investigating these days and basically know who was behind the initial incident, just that now, the most important thing wasn’t revenge, but finding a way of getting the Human Federation out of danger.

The next day was the day when the banquet was held in the palace. Keith basically didn’t go out before, but at this time he wore a complex robe, of the same kind as Crohn. They had decided to go to the banquet, even if it wouldn’t be just a simple one.

Keith was worried about people finding out he was pregnant, so he didn’t show up in front of people. But now that he would appear in public, he had no way to hide it. When Cohn had reported to the Ruoya Empire that Gerd was pregnant and even mentioned the Pregnancy pill, he hadn’t had time to say anything about Keith’s pregnancy, thinking that this news would definitely send shock waves through the upper echelons of the Ruoya Empire. He didn’t know what expression the people who despised the Human Federation would have, maybe they wouldn’t believe in any of this or would want to plunder it.

Crohn and Keith traveled to the Crohn Duke House through the tunnel and then arrived at the palace by aircraft. At that time it was already very late, so most of the other people had already arrived. The aircraft stopped at the door of the banquet hall, so when Crohn came from above, many people immediately greeted him and the reporters who had been waiting around hurriedly took pictures. Everyone thought that Crohn would enter the banquet hall as fast as possible, but he stood at the door of the aircraft and bent over.

Was there someone else in the aircraft? Everyone’s eyes opened wide and became curious. Although Crohn had had a lot of affairs, he had never publicly acknowledged anyone before, but now he brought someone to the party!

From the aircraft, a hand stretched out. This hand was as white as jade, but was very large. It didn’t look like a woman’s hand. When the same clothes as Crohn wore were revealed. it also didn’t look like something that a woman would wear.

Crohn actually brought a man to the palace banquet!


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