In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 37.1 – Ginseng Learning Piloting

Ren Sheng’s identity was now that of an 18-year-old plant ability user, since the identity of an ability user was much more convenient to do many things.

Ability users joining the army did not have to go through the test, like ordinary people, as long as they received approval from the military leadership. So Zhao Lingyu easily let Ren Sheng become his sidekick, then he openly took Ren Sheng to the First Legion’s garrison.

Capital Star has a huge ocean and the First Legion’s garrison was on the ocean, covering a large area of sea and many nearby islands.

Nowadays, Zhao Lingyu’s prestige in the army was unrivaled. Therefore, many people were waiting at the aircraft docking station from the early hours of the morning to meet their Marshal.

When the silver-white aircraft came from afar, all these people became quiet. They straightened their chests and sucked in their bellies to leave the best impression on Zhao Lingyu.

The aircraft finally stopped and Zhao Lingyu who was wearing a military uniform with dignified expression walked out from the aircraft.

“Good morning, Marshal!” Everyone couldn’t wait to give a military salute. Only Zhao Lingyu didn’t nod towards them like before, but instead turned around and stretched out his hands to the aircraft.

Their Lord Marshal, surprisingly, picked up another person from the aircraft… their Marshal hugged someone!

Looking at the teenager who was carried off the aircraft by Zhao Lingyu and who clung to Zhao Lingyu’s neck without letting go, everyone felt like their eyes were going to fall out – wrapping himself around the Marshal like this, was he really not afraid of being thrown off?

Those who saw this scene felt like they were struck by lightning, but Zhao Lingyu was very calm. He held Ren Sheng, who refused to go by himself with one hand and strode in as usual as if what he was doing was just a perfectly ordinary thing.

However, this was not an ordinary thing at all!

The Marshal had been in the First Legion for nearly 30 years and unless he was rescuing a soldier whose arm or leg was missing or was seriously injured, he would not touch anyone. But now he was carrying a person like he was showing off!

“Is that the Marshal’s Kay?” Only when Zhao Lingyu’s figure was out of sight, did someone ask.

“It’s that Kay… the Marshal could actually hug someone too…”

“Compared to the Marshal, that Kay is so small and cute…”

“How dare you call the Marshal’s Kay cute?”




Leaving behind countless shocked soldiers, Zhao Lingyu soon walked to the reception desk and happened to see Wu Shuai whispering to Zhao Na at the door.

“Wu Shuai, are you very idle?” Zhao Lingyu looked over.

“No, no…” Wu Shuai’s eyes turned from Zhao Lingyu to Ren Sheng and raised his voice, “The Marshal is here!”

As soon as Wu Shuai’s voice fell, a handsome man trotted out of the room and then quickly stood still. “Marshal, Komozi greets you on behalf of Dream Star.” The smile on Komozi’s face was very bright and even when he saw the extra person in Zhao Lingyu’s arms it didn’t change too much, only his gaze lingered on Ren Sheng for a little longer.

Zhao Lingyu keenly noticed this moment.

Ren Sheng looked very delicate. Today he wore a small sized military uniform which should hide him a little, but this man was still staring at Ren Sheng…

Controlling his expression, Zhao Lingyu nodded lightly, “Hello.”

“Marshal, if it wasn’t for you, Dream Star would no longer exist. I want to thank you on behalf of all the people of Dream Star,” Komozi added, his gaze falling on Ren Sheng once again.

Komozi was not an ordinary star. His father owned more than ten ore stars and was a famous mine boss of the Human Federation. However, even if he was the son of a mine boss, his childhood dream was to become a soldier.

But his family did not support his dream and even felt that he was being unreasonable. Under the obstruction of his parents, he did not become a soldier, but became an actor instead.

That still didn’t stop him from loving the army and among the various generals in the army, the one he admired most was Zhao Lingyu.

In the past, he just worshipped Zhao Lingyu, but he never expected that he would be saved by Zhao Lingyu a few months ago on Dream Star.

Before the Zerg Queen arrived, many zerg had surrounded the Dream Star. These cosmic creatures walking in the universe made it impossible for the Dream Star people to escape, so at that moment Komozi thought he would die.

As a result, just at this time, the monitoring station planted on one of Dream Star’s moons transmitted an image from the universe – the First Legion had arrived and was fighting with the Zerg.

Zhao Lingyu’s last strike shocked him deeply and inevitably made him admire Zhao Lingyu even more. Later when he learned that Zhao Lingyu was seriously injured he became very sad.

Therefore, he took the initiative to film ‘The Last Moment’ on his own, intending to play Zhao Lingyu well and let the whole Human Federation learn of Zhao Lingyu’s existence.

He had only admired Zhao Lingyu as his idol until he started filming the ‘The Last Moment.’ The shooting of this movie was supported by the First Legion, so he also saw a lot of first-hand information, making Zhao Lingyu’s situation became clearer and clearer to him.

He did not know when his feelings for Zhao Lingyu became different.  He even began to envy Wen Yue and the Kay next to Zhao Lingyu. When he saw Zhao Lingyu standing on the parade platform during the Human New Life Day celebration, he even felt his heart was about to jump out.

But there was a big difference in their status and Komozi was not an ability user so he did not dare to make anything of it until he learned from one of his noble fans that the person Zhao Lingyu was going to marry was not a Kay at all.

That Ren Sheng was as infertile as he was, so how is he still no better than some teenager?

He was indeed no match for that teenager.

Seeing Zhao Lingyu hugging Ren Sheng in his arms and talking to Ren Sheng with an involuntarily softer tone but his tone speaking to him was very businesslike to the point of not saying a word, Komozi realized that all his previous thoughts were delusions.

As an actor Komozi was very good at restraining his emotions, so even after looking at his beloved just after being heartbroken he did not show anything on his face. But in the end he was worried that his gaze might give him away, so he simply started paying more attention to Ren Sheng.

Ren Sheng has also been looking at Komozi.

After he pestered Zhao Lingyu to swear sovereignty, he wanted to see Komozi’s reaction. But the other person stayed calm and even smiled towards him like he did not like Zhao Lingyu at all.

Actually, Komozi didn’t say that he liked Zhao Lingyu. Maybe he guessed wrong, maybe also… Ren Sheng, a little embarrassed, also smiled toward the other person.

The teenager’s simple smile without any impurity froze Komozi and he suddenly found that he could not hate this love rival and involuntarily his smile became more sincere.

Zhao Lingyu felt very regretful… very, very regretful.


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