DOASCC – Chapter 21.2 – Young and Beautiful Wolf Dog.

Their studio’s virtual idol intelligence level was very close to that of the real person!

She did not know how Xie Ran did it and only knew that no one would believe her even if she said so. Others would only think that she was boasting and trying to sell Meng Feixuan at a better price.

Guan Shunan said: “In order to ensure the authenticity of the competition, we decided to randomly select people from the audience to compete online with Xie Ran and Meng Feixuan. Since no one can win against Meng Feixuan and Xiao Ran, we will give all participants one thousand dollars in cash as an encouragement …… If you want to sign up for the contest, type 1 in the comment section.”

After Guan Shunan finished speaking, the comment section did not show 1 but a row of : […]


[Awesome, even before the game began they had already announced that no one can beat Meng Feixuan and Xie Ran….]

[ The actual black screen is so real and straightforward, giving a thousand for nothing, love it, I want to participate! I want to enter!! 111]


Guan Shunan felt aggrieved but what could she do? She just read it according to the manuscript.

At first, some people thought that Xie Ran Studio was joking, but unexpectedly, after Guan Shunan finished, Xie Ran really randomly selected a registered account and entered the fighting the landlord page. At the same time, the room page of fighting the landlord was split between him and Meng Feixuan. The audience could not only enlarge the page to watch but also switch the perspective to different players.

In the live camera, a virtual screen with a strong sense of technology also emerged in front of Meng Feixuan representing the page of the account he controls.

Guan Shunan solemnly announced, “The 1st Mark Cup fighting the landlord tournament begins now.”

Audience: [???????]

So it was true that the fighting the landlord tournament would be broadcasted live? Wait, who was then controlling the account of Meng Feixuan? It can’t really be him, right?

Everyone was in a trance but before they could make any sense of it they heard Xie Ran say in a light voice: “Next.”

When everyone looked back, they realized that the first game had already ended and the contestant had lost badly.

After looking at the time, it was less than two minutes.

Comment section: [???????]

Wasn’t this speed too fast?

Next, they saw what it means to be really fast. In the live camera, Meng Feixuan and Xie Ran were playing their cards almost without pause.

If at first there was any doubt that Meng Feixuan’s account was being manipulated,it was basically dispelled at this point. Meng Feixuan’s speed was too fast for humans to do. Xie Ran was also fast but he would stop occasionally to think for a few seconds. But Meng Feixuan always made his move in seconds.

Of course, humans could also do it in seconds but they could not do it with the same accuracy as Meng Feixuan.

There was also some suspicion that an external plug-in was used, but immediately someone copied and pasted the description of the situation at the Seeking Technology’s Fighting the Landlord Competition.

The winner of the Fighting the Landlord tournament of Seeking Technology was also the person who played his cards in this way. But Seeking Technology had clearly stated that the opponent was not using any external plug-in.

If that person was really Meng Feixuan…

Everyone: pupil tremor!!!

As Guan Shunan announced at the beginning, accounts after accounts joined the room and exited after losing.

No one could beat Meng Feixuan, Xie Ran could create some trouble for Meng Feixuan but his processing speed was too fast and no one can beat a quantum-level computer. Therefore, in terms of quick decisions, no one was better than Meng Feixuan.

That was all right. While  playing cards, Meng Feixuan enthusiastically imitated the sound effects of the characters in the game of fighting the landlords.

So the audience saw the delicate and bright young man playing his cards fast while talking in a strange way: “Hurry up, I’m tired of waiting for the flowers.”

“Are you GG or MM?”

“Don’t make a noise (four voices) don’t make a noise (four voices), play the game at ease.”

That was not all, from time to time he would also deliberately ridicule: “Your card playing is also good.”

Comment section: [………………]

His fans couldn’t stand it at first and wrote comments like crazy: [Baby, please shut up!!!! ].

[ Meng Feixuan did you you remember that you are an idol?!!!].

[Speak normally,  don’t use that strange tone! ! !]

[Xie Ran, stop him! My baby just made his debut, we can’t have this kind of black material already! ]

[Who designed this dialogue for Meng Feixuan? I want to burn him!]

No one knew whether Xie Ran saw the pleading of the fans or also could not stand Meng Feixuan’s voice attack anymore but he finally raised his eyes and glanced at Meng Feixuan: “Do not learn these strange words.”

Meng Feixuan who originally ignored the netizens no matter how they commented, shut up in a second and nodded obediently to Xie Ran: “Yes, sir.”

The audience finally got peace in the ears, but at the same time, the comment section exploded again, this time it was Xuan x Ren CP fans that finally couldn’t restrain the excitement in their bodies and spoke one after another:

[I got it! I got it! ]

[Ahhhh, did you see Meng Feixuan’s eyes when he looked at Xie Ran? Xuan x Ren szd! ! 1]

[Really, and have you noticed? Meng Feixuan is basically crushing the contestants, only Xie Ran can keep up with his speed. Even their thinking can synchronize, so delicious, so good! ].

【???? The cp fans are toxic, real people and paper people have synchronized thinking? You guys are really good at finding angles!]

[If you ask me, their appearance is the best match! ]




Fang Huiwang also opened the live broadcast of Xie Ran and Meng Feixuan. The more he looked, the uglier his face became. In the live broadcast, Xie Ran had a leisurely attitude and only looked at the mobile phone screen to play the card silently, without saying a word.

But Fang Huiwang thought aimlessly of that night in the Old West city when Kuang Youfang asked him to get back together with Xie Ran. After getting back to their room he even asked the question regardless.

But Xie Ran’s answer was: “Can’t afford it.”

“Big you.”

Xie Ran did not pay attention to him from beginning to end, and only observed the game of fighting the landlord by himself.

At this time in the live broadcast, Xie Ran and Meng Feixuan cooperated with each other in a tacit way. Fang Huiwang could not control himself as he had an absurd fantasy – in the Old West City, Xie Ran should not be playing against Meng Feixuan, right?

If Meng Feixuan could appear in the Sky Garden to sing for Xie Ran, why couldn’t he possibly accompany Xie Ran in playing a fighting the landlord game?

But, so what, Meng Feixuan was just a dummy. No matter how realistic he was, how could a machine be compared to a real person?

Fang Huiwang was trying to convince himself, trying to calm himself down.

At this time, Meng Feixuan suddenly looked at the camera, smiled and said: “Thank you for the rocket send by ‘XuanxRen world first match’.”

Fang Huiwang subconsciously looked up and found that the ID called ‘XuanxRen world first match’ not only sent a rocket but also bought the most exaggerated font effects, so that the entire pop-up screen could see her statement: [Young and beautiful wolf dogs are not comparable to those who are old and senile!” ]

Fang Huiwang:?!!!!

Old and senile? Who? About who is this mockery?!


The author has something to say:


Fang Huiwang: Old and senile? Who? About who is this mockery?!

Mark: Fool, of course, it’s satirizing you.



Edited by: Nio

Proofread: Rubhyl


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