In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 115 – Chapman Strikes

Ren Sheng was once again ‘indecently assaulted’ by his own son, but he could not teach this bear child a lesson in front of the Emperor. But Big Baby was good and hugged him, so he finally escaped the claws of the bear child. Just wait Second Baby, when he changes back he will teach him what it was like to be held and chewed! Seriously, children’s faces were so soft, it would be so good to chew…

Ren Sheng originally intended to use his own leaves that night to educate Second Baby about what it means to respect his parents. But they were on someone else’s turf and in order to not be discovered, he had to hold back. Zhao Lingyu let him stay here, to secretly protect their children.

When he thought of his children, he looked at the six children next to him. The four children from his family were easy to take care of and ate all the time. Gerd and Fang Chengjun’s two children were particularly demanding, but because many people in Ruoya were cautious when they faced children, they received a lot of attention and were taken care of very well.

These two little guys, if they went on like this, they may forget their two dads. Fortunately, his children were all smart and they often thought of Zhao Lingyu these days. Actually… he also missed Zhao Lingyu. He and Zhao Lingyu haven’t been separated since they met, but this time they haven’t seen each other for a long time. Ren Sheng drooped a leaf dejectedly, but he had no idea that this so-called ‘long time’ was not enough for him to take a nap before.

“Big Baby, why is the plant in your arms getting less and less energetic these days?” After the Emperor personally put Gerd’s two children to sleep, he planned to cultivate a relationship with Zhao Lingyu’s children.

“He will be fine soon.” Big Baby said.

“Really? I see you haven’t even used fertilizer for these plants, do you want me to get you some nutrient solution?” The Emperor asked again. Big Baby just wanted to refuse, but he heard a voice in his head so he just nodded. “Yes.”

The Emperor smiled at this. Soon someone got a palm-sized bottle of nutrient solution and put two drops into Ren Sheng’s pot. “Well, two drops a day is just right for a plant this big. But remember to observe its condition. If this nutrient solution is not good, I will find someone to configure one specifically for it in the future.”

Just two drops! Ren Sheng didn’t even feel it. Then he saw that the bottle was put back and he felt very disappointed. He risked being discovered to ask for the nutrient solution, but he just got two drops!

“I want to eat!” Ren Sheng felt helpless when Second Baby suddenly ran over, grabbed the bottle of nutrient solution, and was about to pour it into his mouth.

Second Baby’s speed was swift, but in the end, it was no match for the Emperor who was the strongest person in the Ruoya Empire. So before the nutrient solution could be poured into his mouth, both he and the nutrient solution bottle were in the Emperor’s hands.

Emperor Will looked at the child who wanted to eat the nutrient solution and lightly sighed. “Little one, this thing can not be eaten, you know? You can’t stuff everything into your stomach.”

Second Baby looked at Emperor Will with tears in his eyes. “I’m hungry…”

Emperor Will suddenly had a feeling that he was abusing the child and was just about to hand the nutrient solution to Second Baby to eat, but fortunately quickly regained his mind and did not do such an irresponsible thing. With a wave of his hand, the nutrient solution disappeared and Emperor Will put Second Baby down and called the robot. “Make something to eat and send it here, the children are hungry.”

The robot’s indicator light flashed and immediately refused. “Your order is not accepted. This robot is installed with an intelligent assisted care system for infants and toddlers, and will never allow someone to give too much food to abuse an infant or toddler. This child food intake is already more than twice the standard.”

Who installed this ghost system? Already knowing a little bit about Second Baby’s appetite, Emperor Will immediately wanted to find another robot, but then the robot in front of him said, “Because the presence of infants and toddlers were detected, all robots have had their data automatically synchronized in accordance with the care system. If you cannot properly take care of the infants and toddlers, you will face prosecution.”

“…” Emperor Will, the Great, who had been threatened by his own robot, was speechless and Second Baby, who understood the meaning, suddenly let out a loud cry.

In this mess, there was a loud explosion outside the palace, which shrouded the whole palace. What was said to be the most powerful shield in the whole Ruoya Empire, suddenly shattered with a ‘bum.’

Emperor Will stood up and whispered… “Here it is.”

In the beginning, Chapman sent men to fight against Zhao Lingyu to kill him. Then he enthusiastically promoted the establishment of a diplomatic relationship with the Human Federation and sent many people to investigate Zhao Lingyu and the others. This made everyone think that he wanted to deal with Zhao Lingyu or simply wanted to destroy the cooperation with the Human Federation to get benefits for his own lineage. But who would have actually thought that this was just a feint?

Chapman was not as bigoted, nor did he hate Zhao Lingyu as other might think. He had much greater ambition. If he hadn’t been prepared, he might have been caught off guard this time.

The reason why they are the royal family, bsides their strength, was because they were also the creators of the Ruoya central computer. Thanks to their bloodline, they can use a token to reach the planet where the Ruoya central computer was located and communicate directly with the central computer.

The token was in Emperor Will’s hand, but if Champan snatched it… the Ruoya Emperor would be replaced. It was just that this token was not easy to take. Will was somewhat glad that he had arranged people around Chapman, because Chapman had gone too far before. Originally, he thought that the man could only admonish Chapman, but he did not expect to get a lot of information from the man which allowed him to prepare in advance.

Emperor Will stood up and immediately reached out and found the robots. “Send the children to the basement.”

The robots methodically picked up the children and gathered together at a certain position, then the floor opened and closed and they all disappeared.

Emperor Will used his own contact terminal to check the locations of the children and his wife. After confirming that they had all entered the basement, he suddenly smiled and in the next second, he appeared on the roof of the palace.

At this time, the palace was completely covered by a protective shield. This time the shield was not created by a machine, but by an ability user. The shield of an eighth level powerhouse was not easy to deal with…

“I didn’t expect you to be prepared too… you really have been watching out for me. Were you waiting for an opportunity to drive me out of Ruoya?”Chapman asked. Controlling the central computer… how big of a temptation was it? Even if you can’t use the central computer to damage Ruoya, it was not a big deal. It’s impossible for him to give up to those two newly formed embryos!

“Could I rest assured after what you have done?” Emperor Will said.

“So why do you have to be hypocritical?” Chapman added and then the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

The protective shield held up by that rank eight powerhouse had broken again. When he was chatting with the Emperor, his men moved.

“You really refuse to stop?” Emperor Will asked again.

“You know it’s impossible, so why do you ask again? Could it be to show your benevolence?” Chapman was full of sarcasm.

Emperor Will only looked at him and sighed softly.


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