In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 52.1 – Four Little Eggs

Zhao Lingyu has always been alert when sleeping, but because Ren Sheng is always pestering him, he got used to his body and smell. Because of this, after someone came near him at night with a familiar smell, Zhao Lingyu would subconsciously reach out and sweep the person into his arms.

But he didn’t do anything and continued to sleep. Ren Sheng bit him on the shoulder.

“Ren, what’s wrong?” Zhao Lingyu asked. Didn’t Ren Sheng behave very well when he was sleeping? What was wrong today?

“Lingyu, I may be about to give birth!” Ren Sheng said proudly.

Zhao Lingyu didn’t respond for a moment, but Ren Sheng began to say, “Originally they wanted a lot of spiritual energy and absorbed the energy inside that golden crystal. But tonight they all stopped absorbing it, so I think they should have matured.”

“Is that so?” Zhao Lingyu quickly reflected on Ren Sheng’s meaning. “So you don’t need to sleep on top of that golden crystal today?”

“Yes, I want to sleep with you!” Ren Sheng gave Zhao Lingyu a few kisses on his face. If it wasn’t for his children’s sake and the fear that the energy in the golden crystal would be harmful to Zhao Lingyu, he would dare to share a bed with Zhao Lingyu.

Zhao Lingyu wrapped Ren Sheng in his arms and also gave him a kiss on his forehead. “Me too.”

Ren Sheng smiled and grabbed Zhao Lingyu’s face in a fierce kiss. Many books say that having a child will affect the relationship between husband and wife, but Zhao Lingyu obviously won’t forget him even if they have children. How nice!

Zhao Lingyu was teased by Ren Sheng and suddenly found that he was unable to go back to sleep.

After cultivating for the whole night, Zhao Lingyu got up early the next day and went to the First Legion to deal with his affairs as usual.

Ren Sheng was different. He couldn’t sleep last night because he was about to have a baby, but early in the morning he inexplicably fell asleep and only woke up at noon.

Rubbing his neck, Ren Sheng sat in front of Shen Qiushi, a little embarrassed about his oversleeping. “I used to be able to stay awake. I don’t know why I slept so well this time.”

“It’s normal for children to love to sleep.” Shen Qiushi said with a smile. After Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu came back, she also heard from others that Ren Sheng smashed a person with a chair because that person was not good to Zhao Lingyu. She started to like Ren Sheng even more.

Unfortunately, this child was too young otherwise she must let her son marry him home sooner.

“Yes, children just love to sleep. Because I’m having a baby, these days I can even sleep for 20 hours a day.” Feng Kexin laughed.

She has been living with Shen Qiushi these days. With the powder Shen Qiushi prepared for her, she did not miscarry and she looked much better.

She already knew that Elinor left the Wesley family. She didn’t hate Elinor and her anger died after she learned about it. But as long as she thought that if the Wesley family knew that her child was saved they would certainly try to force them to go back, she didn’t want to live the same repressed life as before, so she did not want to see Elinor.

What’s more, the Zhao family’s pregnancy medicine must be very precious and even confidential. If she rashly leaves the Zhao family and the news leaked out, she would have paid their grace with revenge!

“Is that so?” Ren Sheng pondered. So it was because he was pregnant that he suddenly began to sleep like a human being? Ren Sheng touched his head subconsciously.

Many people will become more and more fond of children as they get older. Feng Kexin was one of them. Therefore, the more she looked at Ren Sheng the more she liked him. Seeing Ren Sheng dazedly touching his head, she couldn’t wait to get close and touch it too.

Unfortunately, she and Ren Sheng were not familiar enough. With her hands on her stomach, Feng Kexin began to hope that her child would be as cute as Ren Sheng.

After Ren Sheng ate, he was dragged by Shen Qiushi to the place where the bouquet would be held and began to prepare for the evening’s celebration banquet.

“Ren, although the banquet can be handed over to a specialized company, there are still some things we need to arrange. Not only that, you also need to know what the various places in the banquet venue are for.” Shen Qiushi slowly explained some things to Ren Sheng. “For example, these are restrooms and the restroom in the middle is specifically prepared for you and Lingyu. There is a bed there and I also put some clothes for you and Lingyu there. So if you don’t want to socialize outside anymore, you can just swipe your fingerprints and come in to rest.”

“Oh.” Ren Sheng nodded obediently.

“We should also pay attention to food and drinks. For example, many of today’s guests are soldiers, so the food can’t be prepared in small and delicate portions and more meat should be prepared.” Shen Qiushi said.

Ren Sheng continued to nod obediently.

Shen Qiushi spoke very seriously, but did not force Ren Sheng to learn everything. Ren Sheng was still young. But she will talk more about it, to let Ren Sheng slowly learn. in ten or twenty years, Ren Sheng will know it like the back of his hand.

Shen Qiushi left a lot of time for Ren Sheng, but she doesn’t know that Ren Sheng who never forgets anything, has memorized all her words.

Shen Qiushi took Ren Sheng for a tour. After finishing all she wanted to say, she suddenly winked towards Ren Sheng. “Ren, there will be a mysterious guest at this celebration banquet…”

At this time on Capital Star in the Yang family, Yang Ye was in a very good mood as he planned to follow the Yang family to the Zhao family and take Roy with them.

Yang Ye’s fiancee was the daughter of a certain small nobleman of Capital Star, but since she became pregnant, she started to live in the Yang family. Since Roy came to their house yesterday, Yang Ye made arrangements for him. So seeing him leave, she asked curiously, “General, didn’t Shen Qiushi say several times in public that Ren Sheng was not a Kay? Since this was the case, the Zhao family must already know that Ren Sheng has nothing to do with the Thorn Chamber of Commerce, so what is the use of using this Roy to go there and say that Ren Sheng was fake?”

“This Roy is very useful,” Yang Ye was full of smugness. “Didn’t he say that he was framed by someone to not reach Capital Star? Just let him make a mess of Zhao Lingyu’s celebration banquet.” What did it matter to him whether Roy succeeded or failed? He just wanted to make a joke of Zhao Lingyu.

“General, why didn’t you tell Roy that the Zhao family had already said that Ren Sheng was not a Kay? Because you still wanted him to make trouble? General, you are so smart!” The beautiful young girl was full of adoration.

Yang Ye immediately wrapped his arms around her. “Although the Zhao family said that Ren Sheng was not a Kay, if this Roy comes to them, they will still encounter a lot of troubles. Let’s go to see the fun today!”

“Since it’s such a good thing, General, why don’t you take this man yourself?” The girl asked deliberately, waiting for Yang Ye to show off.

“Although I don’t like Zhao Lingyu, I have to make friends with him on the surface.” Yang Ye gave his fiance a kiss on the cheek, “Baby, although today is the Zhao family’s celebration banquet, the main character would be you. You have an S-class ability user in your belly!”

The smile on the girl’s face being held by Yang Ye became sweeter. To become pregnant with Yang Ye’s child was the luckiest thing in her life. With this child, she finally reached the top.

The Zhao family’s celebration banquet began in the evening and the first to come were the generals of the First Legion.

After each expedition, they would come to the Zhao family to participate in the celebration banquet. They were familiar with this process for a long time. They gathered in groups of twos and threes to talk about their previous battles, while tasting all kinds of food.

Shen Qiushi specially hired some cooks to roast meat in the courtyard and they were now surrounded by big soldiers.

When Elinor came over, he saw the lively scene. But because of his bad mood, he couldn’t blend in at all and eventually could only sit in the corner and stare at everyone who came in, expecting to see Feng Kexin.

Zhao Lingyu spent more than 20 days on this expedition. His wife should have already healed after her miscarriage…

“Elinor, I didn’t expect you to come so early.” Fang Chengjun came in through the door and saw the young master of the Wesley family at a glance. He was used to dealing with him quite a lot.

This man broke up with his family for his wife’s sake. He didn’t even know whether he should admire him or call him stupid.

“I came early to wait for someone, but why did you come so early?” Elinor asked.

“Don’t you stare at the door all the time? I can’t believe you didn’t notice?” Fang Chengjun asked in surprise.

“Found what?” Elinor was a little confused.

“It was not me who came early, it was my grandfather who came early. I just come with him.” Fang Chengjun pointed to the old man who was standing not far away with a cane.

Elinor had previously focused all his attention on the women who were coming and going, and completely missed the fact that the old man from the Fang family, who had been living in seclusion for decades had appeared here. Now that Fang Chengjun pointed it out, his face looked surprised.

“My old man finally couldn’t sit still.” Fang Chengjun smiled, but didn’t say anything else.

And at this time, Zhao Lingyu walked in from outside with Ren Sheng and started greeting the guests who came. The first one they greeted was undoubtedly Mr. Fang.

“Hello, Mr. Fang.” Seeing Mr. Fang, Zhao Lingyu saluted. Although he now has the highest military rank in the entire federation, Mr. Fang was already over 500 years old and has made a lot of contributions to the Human Federation. Even his father saluted Elder Feng when he saw him, so he couldn’t afford to lose his courtesy too.

“You too.” Mr. Fang said with a smile. “The last time I saw you, you were still a baby. I didn’t expect that you would grow up in a twinkling of an eye.”

Elder Fang has been living in seclusion for decades, during which time, he and Zhao Lingyu have not met, so they have nothing to say after a few sentences. After a moment of silence, Mr. Fang suddenly asked, “Will Mr. Teng come today?”

The wrinkled face of elder Fang had an expectant expression after asking this question, so Zhao Lingyu replied, “Elder Teng will come today, but he will come a little later.”

Having received such an answer, Elder Fang stopped keeping them and quickly let Zhao Lingyu greet the others.

More and more people had come, most of them were very enthusiastic about Zhao Lingyu. After all, Zhao Lingyu was now the most talked about person in the entire Human Federation.


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