In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 54.2 – Launch of a New Medicine

“The potion is made by Mr. Teng and Ren Sheng, and will be sold exclusively by the Zhao family.

Yang Ye stopped his footsteps again – the medicine he needed was unexpectedly in the hands of the Zhao family!

He had just offended Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng and then was suddenly told such news… Thinking of what he had done before, Yang Ye wanted to slap himself a few times.

If he had known that the Zhao family could come up with medicine to give birth to four at once he would have greeted Zhao Lingyu with a smile!

Yang Ye regretted, but Zhao Peng had already guessed from what Zhao Lingyu said and did, and pointed to the eggs Zhao Lingyu was holding and asked, “Four children? Lingyu, are these the children that Ren Sheng gave you?” His son just seemed to say that Ren Sheng gave birth to four S-class ability users? He did feel the aura of the same kind of ability from the eggs.

“Yes!” Shen Qiushi did not hesitate to grab the hyperwave device from her good sister’s arms and aim at the four eggs in Zhao Lingyu’s hand. “Look old man, these are our grandchildren!”

So there really are grandchildren! Zhao Peng’s displeasure caused by being left out in the cold had long disappeared as he started at the projection.

First an egg appeared, and then a child appeared in the egg.

The little child put his hand in his mouth and curled up, which made people feel soft at the bottom of their heart.

This was his grandson? It also seemed to be Ren Sheng? Zhao Peng looked at the projection for a while, and then looked at Ren Sheng, his gaze was filled with confusion as Ren Sheng smiled toward him.

How old is this child? His son actually let him get pregnant and give birth to a child? No, that wasn’t right. Ren Sheng gave birth to eggs, which means he isn’t human, so this child was actually an adult?

But even as an adult, his son had such a small and exquisite taste… his taste was really somewhat different. Well it was thanks to his son’s taste that he could have four grandchildren at one time, so it was a good thing.

At this time, the projection’s range continued to widen and all four children showed up. They seemed to be exactly the same, but they were doing different movements.

Seeing all four children projected, Zhao Peng, who was originally determined to shock the scene today by dressing cool and handsome, couldn’t help blushing.

Ren could not understand how excited everyone was. Wasn’t it just four children? A long time ago he would have dozens of ginseng fruit every time he bloomed. If he let all those flowers conceive, wouldn’t these people be excited to death? Ren Sheng looked around curiously and then a little more at Zhao Peng.

The current Zhao Peng looked very young and was very similar to Zhou Lingyu. Of course he wasn’t as handsome as Zhao Lingyu.

Zhao Lingyu, who was considered by Ren Sheng to be the most handsome man in the world, didn’t know what his little boyfriend was thinking. After he found out that his little boyfriend was looking at his father, Zhao Lingyu turned slightly sideways, blocking Ren Sheng’s view.

“The child moved… Lingyu why did you move?” Shen Qiushi glared at her son discontentedly.

“…” This is having a grandson and no longer wanting to have a son, right? He didn’t think that he would be able have four children without his involvement. No… they seemed to be his, but without him taking part? He didn’t do anything to Ren Sheng and he had a baby! He doesn’t even know where they came from… Zhao Lingyu was tangled, but after the struggle, he was still very pleased.

Who else in the world can have four children without doing anything like him?

“These children are still naked. Have you been projecting to show others all the time?” Zhao Peng stopped the wife who wanted to trouble his son. There might be daughters among these children so how could they show them to others so casually?

“Yes, we can’t take advantage of these people!” Shen Qiushi immediately put down the ultrasonic device, making all the people waiting to see the baby look disappointed.

Zhao Lingyu also looked at the people around him. “Gentlemen, there are a lot of things happening in the Zhao family today, so I am afraid we can’t entertain you.”

Zhao Lingyu made it clear that he was going to see off the guests. In the past, people around him would certainly retire one after another, but today, they all brazenly refused to leave. “It doesn’t matter, Marshal, we don’t need you to entertain us.”

“…” Zhao Lingyu left without hesitation and went into the Zhou family mansion while holding the eggs.

Shen Qiushi and Zhao Peng naturally, hurriedly followed after him. Elder Teng also wanted to follow, but was stopped by elder Feng. While Feng Kexin was also blocked by the cheerful Elinor.

“Kexin, the child is still…” Elinor’s voice was even a little choked up. He thought that he would never have a child in his life. He didn’t expect that God would have mercy and his child would be saved.

“But I haven’t forgiven you.” Feng Kexin said. Unless she was sure that the Wesley family wouldn’t get involved in her marriage with Elinor, she would never go back.

Elinor was anxious and was about to say something when Shen Qiushi and Zhao Peng came back. Shen Qiushi held Feng Kexin and Zhao Peng called Mr. Teng. The couple took them away very quickly.

Those nobles couldn’t or didn’t dare to stop them, so they could only send messages everywhere and wait in place. The First Legion’s people were also there, happily eating delicious food and talking when they saw that the aristocrats stopped talking.

As for the four little marshals… The Marshal’s wife was also a  member of their First Legion, so they will certainly have a chance to see them in the future!

“Ellie, do you think I should get an early childhood care certificate?” Wu Shuai looked at his companion.

Ellie clicked on the PDA. “I’ve already signed up for the emergency training course. By the way, I also signed you up. When we pass the early childhood care certificate, we will be able to help the Marshal take care of the children!”

“Your actions… How can you be so fast?” Wu Shuai was a bit melancholic. Although he likes children, he doesn’t like their diapers. Just now he was just talking about it.

At this time, Zhao Lingyu had already returned to the Zhao family’s living room while holding the eggs.

The little guys in his hands were warm and obviously connected to their own blood. The more Zhao Lingyu looked at them the more he liked them, just like before he kissed one of them.

The other three eggs immediately moved discontentedly.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help but lose his smile. He felt like he was too careless before, thinking that these eggs moved under Ren Sheng control.

The more he looked at them the more pleasing he felt they were, so Zhao Lingyu kissed them in turn.

Shen Qiushi asked the housekeeper to take Feng Kexin to rest, then as soon as she  walked in she saw this scene and felt a little relieved at the moment. Although her son had said stupid words before, he obviously liked and loved his children. No, these eggs haven’t been washed since they were born, have they?

Thinking that there was no water in the lounge where Ren gave birth, Shen Qiushi opened her mouth, but suddenly didn’t know what to say.

These eggs must have been laid from that place, right? Her son was so careless!

Zhao Lingyu didn’t know the story his mother had made up. As he held the eggs carefully, his eyes were so full of pride, and he couldn’t help looking at Ren Sheng. “Ren, how did you get pregnant with these children?”

He has been wrestling with this matter ever since he knew that the children were his.

It was clearly Ren Sheng’s flowers, so how could they bear his children?

“Lingyu, what are you asking? Of course, it was you who bullied Ren and made him pregnant!” Shen Qiushi said hurriedly.

“Lingyu didn’t bully me.” Ren Sheng immediately helped Zhao Lingyu talk. “I put your seeds in my flowers and I became pregnant.”

His own seed? Zhao Lingyu suddenly thought that when Ren Sheng was blooming, he had taken away many ‘seeds.’ So he would suddenly have four children because Ren Sheng put his seeds in the flowers?

So he became a father without even touching Ren Sheng?

Zhao Lingyu didn’t know what to say for a moment, but he couldn’t deny that he was very happy.

Four children conceived by him and Ren Sheng… He wants to give all he has to these children.

Zhao Lingyu was very happy, but Shen Qiushi was a little scared.

Ren Sheng said that he put Zhao Lingyu’s seed into his flower. What the seed was, she could guess. The flower should be the part that gave birth, right? So in fact, it was Ren Sheng who took the initiative to use her son?

Her daughter-in-law was really amazing!

She likes it!

She wondered if Ren Sheng could take the initiative several more times. She doesn’t mind having a house full of children, really!

If Shen Qiushi heard this, Zhao Peng and Elder Teng could also hear it.

Elder Teng just learned that Ren Sheng gave birth to four children, so his good impression of Zhao Lingyu suddenly disappeared. A man who let his pregnant partner go to war was not worth trusting.

But now listening to the conversation of these two people… His master was really different; he was brilliant and divine!

Looking at Zhao Lingyu’s face, he didn’t even know he had a child before, did he?

“Thank you, Ren.” Zhao Lingyu kissed Ren Sheng several times. However, he was very grateful to Ren Sheng. Now remembering that Ren Sheng cried because of a lack of energy, he felt even more distressed.

Shen Qiushi looked at her son and was more and more tangled. Her son just kissed those eggs!

Instead of paying too much attention to detail, like his wife, Zhao Peng just stared carefully at the eggs in front of him. “Are they boys or girls?” If only there was a girl in it, he always wanted a daughter but now that he couldn’t, he can do with a granddaughter.

“It’s all boys.” “Ren Sheng said without hesitation.

“Why?” Zhao Peng asked sadly.

“Because they are Lingyu’s children!” His genes were different from human beings, so those children were half humans and half spirits. Since all of their human genes come from Zhao Lingyu, their gender was naturally the same as Zhao Lingyu.


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