In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 19 – The Marshal Can Go


It’s not surprising that Ivor and others thought so. It’s just that Ren Sheng looked so pitiful, and their Marshal’s reaction was quite different from that in the past.

As a result, before they could finish dwelling on it, something even more unexpected happened.

“You go out first. If there’s something wrong, I’ll send someone to look for you.” When Zhao Lingyu saw Ren Sheng sobbing, he felt distressed and immediately looked at his subordinates.

Ren Sheng wasn’t someone who would hide himself. After getting along these days, he was already sure that Ren Sheng was hiding secrets and this shouldn’t be discovered by others.

Was the Marshal trying to drive them away? Ivor was surprised, but Ellie was pleased.

The tall and sturdy Marshal and this little Kay next to each other just made her feel like they were well matched. It was just a pity that this Kay may not necessarily be able to give birth to the Marshal’s child.

When Shen Qiushi first declared that Ren Sheng was not a Kay, both the reporter and Wen Yue had been kicked out by Fang Chengjun. Even if Fang Chengjun and Mrs. Locke talked about it with people around them, they would not spread it around. So while many people in the upper class of the Federation already knew about it and were speculating about Ren Sheng’s identity, ordinary people were completely unaware of it. Now these people had already recognized that this Kay was their Marshal’s fiancee.

The five of them obediently went outside and when they reached the door, they turned their heads to find the crying child had gotten into their Marshal’s arms and the Marshal had even wrapped his arms around him, confirming their suspicions even more.

Zhao Na, what do you think of the Kay?” Ellie looked at Zhao Na, the most silent of the five of them.

“He… is fine.” Zhao Na raised her head slightly showing a pale and sickly face, then quietly lowered her head again.

“Zhao Na said he was fine, so he must have no malice to the Marshal. We can wish Marshal good luck.” Ellie smiled. They all believed in Zhao Na’s intuition. Before the battle against the Zerg queen, Zhao Na had a bad premonition. Unfortunately, at that time, they had to fight against time and didn’t even have time to check their weapons… Because of this, Zhao Na became ill from guilt.

Ivor nodded and looked at Wu Shuai, “Wu Shuai, let’s discuss it later, we must find out the truth. We must not let the Marshal be hurt in vain.”

“I know!” The haughty Wu Shuai restrained the prideful expression on his face. He was the strongest intelligence agent!

The conversation of these people fell word for word into the ears of Ren Sheng, who was able to spread his consciousness.

Thinking that there were other reasons for Zhao Lingyu’s injury, he became distressed again. By the way, he took off Zhao Lingyu’s clothes and put his face against his bare skin.

“Why are you crying all of a sudden today?” Zhao Lingyu gently patted the child sprawled on his body.

“Zhao Lingyu, you are really good.” Ren Sheng put his chin on Zhao Lingyu’s chest and looked at him seriously. The more he looked, the more he thought Zhao Lingyu was good-looking and the more he saw it, the more he felt that Zhao Lingyu was rare.

The person he had chosen was definitely the best in the world!

Inexplicably in a good mood again, Ren Sheng rubbed up against Zhao Lingyu’s body again and while doing so, he remembered Zhao Lingyu’s appearance in the video.

In the past, when he was with Zhao Lingyu, Ren Sheng was usually busy absorbing the refined soil. But this time after rubbing for a long time, he suddenly realized that he had forgotten to absorb it. 

Suddenly coming back to his senses, Ren Sheng no longer dared to think about Zhao Lingyu’s fighting image.

However, just by touching, he was suddenly reminded of Zhao Lingyu’s previous injuries. When he saw Zhao Lingyu for the first time, he had all kinds of wounds over his body. In the end, Ren Sheng touched the person beneath him for half a day, absorbing less of the refined soil, but not paying much attention to this.

Zhao Lingyu was also in a trance, because he suddenly had a reaction and if he hadn’t hurriedly practiced that painful technique trying to compress energy in his body, he would have made a fool of himself.

When Ren Sheng came over in the future……. He must practice well. As long as he practiced, he wouldn’t make a fool of himself and Ren Sheng would also gently touch the area where he was practicing, making him feel much more comfortable. 

In the days after that, every time Ren Sheng pestered Zhao Lingyu, he couldn’t help being in a trance and while seeing Ren Sheng pouncing on him, he would start cultivating.

Half a month passed in the blink of an eye. The old butler drank hand-washing water every day, finally getting used to it and felt full of energy. Zhao Lingyu also finally walked out of his house.

His powers showed no signs of recovering, but all the energy in his body was still there. However, after practicing that technique, there were finally no more energy riots around him. His body became extremely strong, making the energy in his body completely unable to cut his body so he no longer looked like his skin was cracked open all day.

“Lingyu!” Shen Qiushi looked at her son standing in the courtyard, surprised and pleased.

“Mother.” Zhao Lingyu nodded and took a step forward. As a result, the half of his leg that stepped forward went knee deep into the marble paved in the courtyard.

These marble tiles had been destroyed by his energy riots before, but even so, he shouldn’t be able to make a hole with just a step. Zhao Lingyu suddenly thought of his obviously more and more tough skin. Could it be that with all this tossing and turning, his original abilities were gone, but he evolved physically?

As for the possibility that this was physical power or a defensive power… all ability users should have a power core, but Zhao Lingyu could clearly feel that he no longer had such a thing, so this should not be an ability.

There were even more doubts about Ren Sheng piling up.

Shen Qiushi had wanted to give her son a hug in excitement, but after watching her son casually walk and make a hole in the marble, she silently stopped herself.

For the sake of her old bones, she better go and hug the soft Ren Sheng. The child’s body smelled like a plant which wasn’t a very pleasant smell but it made her very comfortable.

Zhao Lingyu walked around the courtyard with shallow steps. For the sake of his own house, he didn’t dare enter the house. However, he also found that although he couldn’t control his own strength now, he could get used to it by practicing more, especially if he practiced this technique. 

Even if his abilities couldn’t be restored, he would definitely be able to fight again and would be able to protect his family.

For a while, Zhao Lingyu was full of confidence in the future and became even more grateful to Ren Sheng.

No matter what secrets Ren Sheng had, he will certainly try his best to protect him.

When Ren Sheng heard Shen Qiushi coming out of the sunroom, he saw Zhao Lingyu standing in the courtyard, walking seriously step by step.

Perhaps having heard the movement, the man raised his head and looked toward him. His originally determined eyes now showed a hint of laughter.

Ren Sheng, who originally wanted to lunge towards Zhao Lingyu, suddenly felt a little flushed for some reason. His steps also paused slightly.

After taking a deep breath, Ren Sheng patted himself on the cheeks. Um… it must be because of jealousy – how long would it take him to grow to be as tall as Zhao Lingyu?

Thinking like this, Ren Sheng’s heart no longer hesitated. He rushed forward and even jumped up, hooking both of his hands around Zhao Lingyu’s neck, making his whole person hang off him.

He happily opened his fingers to have a big meal, but suddenly his face changed… he couldn’t absorb any energy from Zhao Lingyu!


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