In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 108 – Wedding Banquet And Provocations

Zhao Lingyu appeared very suddenly, so many of those who came to the wedding were surprised. But Major General Jenkins was very calm. Zhao Lingyu took a look at him, but the man who was considered by many to be unworthy of Marshal Raymond had a high opinion of him.

Raymond was not a young man who was easy to cajole. This man could make Raymond wholeheartedly care about him, so just this simple fact showed that he was not simple. With a smile on his face, Jenkins intended to bring everyone in, however, just then, another aircraft stopped at the entrance of the Marshal’s house.

The black aircraft didn’t look special, but the discerning person could tell at a glance that this aircraft was specially customized. The pattern of concealment also told everyone who owned the aircraft. Prince Chapman had arrived…

Although the Ruoya Empire was a monarchy, there were many restrictions on the Emperor. Raymond, as the controller of the army, naturally did not need to please the Emperor. So previously, Raymond and Chapman not only had no friendship, they had a conflict with each other. But now Chapman was here.

Everyone thought of the recent uproar and turned to Zhao Lingyu first. Zhao Lingyu stopped and looked at the aircraft. The door of the aircraft was quickly opened and a man in a military uniform came down from it. The man was very handsome and his military uniform made him look very  energetic. Unlike the gentle Will the Great, he gave people a sense of rigidity.

After he got off the aircraft, he turned to help a very beautiful woman from the aircraft and then looked at Major General Jenkins. “Congratulations, Major General Jenkins.”

After saying that, he looked at Zhao Lingyu. “Recently, I have often heard news about the Human Federation. I did not expect to see the Marshal of the Human Federation here. It is really my honor.”

Chapman had actually thought of how to lure the hidden Zhao Lingyu to appear in front of him, but he didn’t expect that Zhao Lingyu would appear on his own initiative before he could do anything.

Even if an ant digs a pit, it still feels bad to fall even a little bit…

Whether it was the Human Federation or Zhao Lingyu, they were all ants that he could deal with at any moment. But someone was guarding them, so he reached out his hand. If the ant dared to bite him…

No one knows what Chapman thought in his heart, but at least his greeting looked like a good sign. But Zhao Lingyu just glanced at him indifferently and did not reply. He completely ignored Chapman.

The people around who were watching were all surprised, but also sympathetic to Chapman. The former crown prince will never have the same life as before.

Chapman was ignored, but his expression was still calm.

“Everyone, the wedding is about to begin, please go in.” Jenkins, who saw the rivalry in its entirety, smiled. Although Raymond made great achievements, he didn’t often return to Imperial Star, so he only had a small house built on his vast Marshal estate. Not having enough space, he finally listened to Jenkins’ advice and decided to have an open-air wedding. Of course the shield above the house was not fake and made it completely free from worrying about all kinds of unexpected weather conditions.

There were a variety of things in the garden, including various feeding spots and rest rooms in the form of forest huts or rooms used for other purposes. The houses seemed primitive, but in fact were made from special materials, which were not only safe and soundproof, but also showed the condition of the people inside.

Not only that, there were also all kinds of robots attending the wedding banquet, who went in all directions looking like young Ruoya girls. When Jenkins went in, he waved for Raymond’s butler, an old man. After he came closer to Jenkins, he said directly without asking, “The shield is not damaged, I have already checked it thoroughly several times and I haven’t found anything suspicious. But we have found a burrowing beast near the shield.”

“I’m afraid this little guy touched the protective shield. Where is the Marshal?”  Jenkins asked. The defense level of the Marshal’s mansion belonged to the SSS level in the Ruoya Empire. The people who could break through in the whole Ruoya Empire, were just a few people who have all received an invitation. So naturally none of them needed to come secretly.

“The marshal is still in the bedroom.” The butler whispered.

“I’ll go check.” Jenkins said. Raymond has always hated socializing and this time if it wasn’t for the Emperor’s insistence, he would have never organized such a grand wedding. So Raymond being in bed at this time was something he already expected.

Walking through the long corridor, Jenkins soon came to the outside of a room and opened the door.

“Why are you back?” Raymond asked.

“Those people don’t need me to receive them in person.” Jenkins smiled, leaning over and kissing the man sitting on the bench.

The Marshal who had been through many wars, pressed the back of Jenkins’ head to deepen the kiss.

“Come out with me.” Jenkins said.

“Go out to be surrounded by people?” The Marshal was obviously a little reluctant.

“Does the groom not want to go out?” Jenkins asked with a smile.

Raymond stood up, picked up the shielding next to him, then thought about it and put it back down. Then he went out with Jenkins. The two walked side by side, their hands clasped together, but when they got outside, Raymond wanted to withdraw his hand. But Jenkins suddenly held his hand tighter.

Slightly uncomfortable, Raymond turned his head sideways and quickened his pace. When Redmond dragged Jenkins next to him, Zhao Lingu, Keith, as well as Crohn were surrounded by people. Raymond’s appearance saved them.

Those who originally wanted to talk to Keith or Crohn, disappeared after Raymond appeared and greeted him, while subtly looking at his stomach. Raymond was actually pregnant! But seeing how he and Jenkins got along, it obviously looked like he was the one who was the top. They couldn’t see Jenkins dragging him around…

It was said that many men who liked the same sex did not care about the top and bottom position. Maybe the Raymond pair and the Crohn pair were just like this… While saying congratulations, everyone’s thoughts were running wild, but Raymond was obviously a little uncomfortable.

Noticing this, Jenkins leaned a little closer to him. His standing posture was standard. Obviously, he was also a very enthusiastic person in private, but he was still reserved in front of other people.

“I have something to do. Excuse me.” Raymond said a few words before leaving and nodded to Zhao Lingyu.

Marshal Raymond was on the side of the Human Federation… everyone’s thoughts swirled. Many people from the neutral faction completely changed their position. But of course, there were always people who were not willing.

“You are the marshal of the Human Federation, the strongest person there?” Just when many people wanted to go up and get acquainted with Zhao Lingyu, the plant in front of Zhao Lingyu suddenly grew and stopped these people. At the same time, a man came out from under a tree. “The Pregnancy Pills and Nourishing Potion can only be made by your people. Heh, you bribed a woman and you want us to believe it?”

There are a lot of people with plant abilities in the Ruoya Empire. Keith once asked the strongest plant ability user in Ruoya who was female, to help grow spiritual plants and even asked that person to shoot an instructional video.

This female ability user had an excellent reputation and everyone believed in what she said. But the person in front of them was her enemy. This man was not only her opponent, but also a racist who always looked down on lower civilizations. He was also Chapman’s fanatical supporter, who once submitted the decree to control lower civilizations as war cannon fodder.

He had also guided the vegetation on a planet that had not yet developed into an interstellar civilization to mutate because it had offended him… and eventually destroyed that planet. This person had also been warned more than once for his extreme behavior, but still had not repented at this time.

Zhao Lingyu naturally knew the man who claimed to be the father of alien plants. His name was Cameron. He glanced at the man in front of him and slightly hooked the corner of his mouth to give him a mocking smile.

He knew he was bound to run into some trouble this time and he had already made up his mind to show his strength. Although his supernormal abilities were not strong, he was now a demonic cultivator…

Zhao Lingyu’s dismissive smile made Cameron very angry. He was definitely not a person who liked to restrain his anger. “Zhao Lingyu, leave the Pregnancy Pill, Nourishing Potion, as well as the plants needed to refine these medicines!”

“On what grounds?” Zhao Lingyu asked.

“You don’t need to stay or maybe you don’t know if you can leave.” Cameron looked at  Zhao Lingyu disdainfully. The Human Federation ability users were nothing compared to those in the Ruoya Empire.

“Are you sure?” Zhao Lingyu asked rhetorically. The aura which surrounded him was even stronger than Cameron’s.

“You can try, if I win, you will hand over all those things.” Cameron leaped forward towards Zhao Lingyu. A person who intended to show goodwill to Zhao Lingyu in order to get the Pregnancy Pill wanted to step in at this moment, but Zhao Lingyu had already agreed directly. “No problem.”

This Zhao Lingyu was not a fool, right? Even if he was the strongest ability user in the Human Federation, he was still nothing in Ruoya! For a while, some people who intended to befriend Zhao Lingyu were once again discouraged. It was really hard to trust such a person, who couldn’t see his own ability.

“How about we just go there?” Cameron McCullen pointed to a corner not far away. The Marshal’s residence lacked people to take care of it, making the vegetation very dense, which was definitely the best battlefield for him. This was also the reason why this man came out to provoke Zhao Lingyu.

Zhao Lingyu went there first, making a plant that had quietly stretched its vine, secretly shrink back into its leaves again.


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