In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 66.1 – The Pregnancy Pill is Released

For the Ruoya civilization, there is nothing more important than children.

Because there was a woman who did not find out about her pregnancy in time and eventually accidentally miscarried, later, all Ruoya people would wear personal terminals on their wrist with a function to detect embryos.

In Ruoya, pregnant women wouldn’t meet other people easily, so Crohn’s personal terminal has only been activated a few times. All of the times were during special visits to pregnant women, but now…

When he saw Yang Ye’s wife before, his personal terminal had already been activated but now it was activated again!

Yang Ye knew for a long time that his wife was pregnant. Coupled with the fact that the energy intensity of the embryo was only of a normal human, Crohn didn’t care much about it. But now there wasn’t only a person pregnant, but the energy of those two embryos wasn’t low!

“Pregnant and still attending such an occasion, they really can’t take care of themselves!” Crohn looked at the terminal in his hand in disbelief. He was both surprised and jealous. Human beings are really too fertile!

The translator translated Crohn’s words and everyone’s eyes fell on Yang Ye and his wife, followed by some puzzlement.

Isn’t Yang Ye’s wife only pregnant with one? She had also met Crohn a long time ago. so Crohn had no reason to only say it now.

There were also twins… Nowadays, ordinary people use a little bit of gonadotropin so it was not difficult to conceive seven or eight at a time. They would also often undergo surgery to reduce their fetuses when they are pregnant, but very few ability users could conceive twins, let alone attend this banquet. They were all S- and A-class ability users and their families.

In Human Federation history, although there have been cases in which people with advanced abilities conceived twins, only a couple have been born smoothly. This happens when both parents have water ability and both children have a relatively mild water ability.

But this time, it wasn’t Ren Sheng who was pregnant again, right?

The eyes of the crowd fell on Ren Sheng, but Crohn had already located the target and walked quickly and finally stood in front of Gerd, who wanted to squeeze out of the crowd and leave.

The people who were standing around Gerd were pushed out by a slightly overbearing alien energy that cleared everyone around Gerd. Leaving only Gerd standing in the open, yet not hurting Gerd at all.

“Pregnant women shouldn’t be squeezed.” Crohn looked eagerly at Gerd. “Two children, a little weak but very healthy, you’re really great! Uh, you’re female? What’s your name? Humans are just like Ruoya people and only women can give birth, right?”

Gerd’s face became black.

He had made up his mind to ask Ren Sheng about his pregnancy and leave Capital Star but he encountered such a thing.

Finding that there were countless people looking at him, all with shock and doubt on their faces, Gerd calmed down after the initial panic.

“Hello, Mr. Crohn. My name is Gerd, I think you are wrong.” Gerd reached out his hand to Crohn looking very elegant.

“Impossible, my personal terminal can’t be wrong. Gerd, you’re an S-class ability user? Male?“ Crohn looked at Gerd in surprise. He had read the information of several S-class ability users in the Human Federation, including this Gerd in front of him.

This person was obviously a male so how come he was pregnant? With twins? Could it be that he has a special physique? Or maybe an artificial womb? But that thing was not effective for ability users.

Crohn looked at Gerd with an even more eager expression.

“That’s right, I’m male, there’s no way I can get pregnant.” Gerd said.

“Yes, Mr. Crohn, you must have been mistaken?” Fang Chengjun also stood out, his heart felt like  a stormy sea, but he didn’t dare to show anything on his face.

This man from the higher civilization wanted to see the children before, but now he was so enthusiastic about Gerd’s pregnancy that he doesn’t know what he’s up to… He mustn’t let anyone hurt Gerd.

Crohn approached Gerd, looking at Fang Chengjun with disdain and then said, “I am not mistaken. There are indeed two embryos. You should have been pregnant for a month. One has metal ability and another has ice ability. It’s  incredible that two children with different abilities can live in the same mother!”

The fetus has abilities so this means the mother’s body was attacked with a mass of foreign energy, which created a situation where fetus rejection was very easy. The fetus also asked his mother for additional energy.

If the energy in both the mother and the fetus was weak, the conflict between the two sides would not be too strong and the baby could be born. But if both the fetus and the mother were too strong it can go wrong for both sides.

The unconscious struggle between the two would either damage the mother or cause miscarriage of the fetus, but now, someone was pregnant with two children with two different abilities!

Crohn was amazed, but the people of the Human Federation looked at Gerd in shock.

Gerd was really pregnant? He has a metal ability so it was normal to have children with the same ability as him, but the ice ability… Everyone’s eyes looked toward Fang Chengjun at the same time.

Wasn’t it said that Gerd and Fang Chengjun have a bad relationship and momentum of fire and water? Did the two of them have children together? So although they were at odds on the surface, they have been secretly with each other all this time?


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