In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 114 – The Mission Is Setting Out

The mission had a luxurious lineup, headed by Crohn and Keith, followed by a pair of royal guards, each of whom was a confidant of Emperor Will. However, not many people paid attention to these people, whether they were there in person or watching live, most of them were watching Zhao Lingyu and his party.

Zhao Lingyu was now known by everyone. While those who have been on the Human Federal network also know something about Fang Chengjun and Gerd. In the past, everyone would have stared at these two men, but now they moved their line of sight. They couldn’t help it. The three people behind Zhao Lingyu were too eye-catching.

Master Fern was the most famous mecha master in the Ruoya Empire and was famous from decades ago. There weren’t many people who did not know him, not to mention Nia. Chapman was the Crown Prince of the Ruoya Empire, so his two marriages were naturally also a very popular topic and his first princess was known by everyone.

The love story between Master Fern’s daughter and Prince Chapman was witnessed by many people on Imperial Star and the wedding was seen by everyone. Later, when the two divorced, no one knew how many people shouted that they didn’t believe in love anymore.

Back then, there were many theories about Nia and Chapman’s divorce. Some said that Chapman abandoned his sick wife and some said that Nia was pregnant and quarreled with Chapman and injured her body. In short, there were all kinds of theories, but there was no doubt that Nia was in poor health. Later, Nia no longer appeared in front of others, which only confirmed this point.

But now, Nia’s face was ruddy and nobody could see anything wrong with her health… and she was holding another man’s hand.

What was once an enviable couple… one side had a new princess, while the other was holding another man’s hand. This naturally made many people sigh. 

Wait… The man Nia led was McCarthy, who was regarded as a model husband for his beloved wife a few days ago. People who watched the live broadcast on the internet quickly said the names of the three. When McCarthy’s information appeared, some people immediately became angry.

“Isn’t McCarthy the one who didn’t want to sell after getting the Nourishing Potions and gave his wife all the potions to support her body? But now he is holding someone else’s hand!”

 “When Prince Chapman and Princess Nia divorced, I said I don’t believe in love anymore. I saw McCarthy a few days ago and felt that there is still love in this world. But now McCarthy is holding someone else’s hand… I don’t believe in love anymore!”

“Nia’s body is simply fine. It was all nonsense that people said that his Royal Highness abandoned her! I told you that His Royal Highness the Prince would not abandon his wife who was very sick!”




All kinds of messages appeared on the screen. When the crowd was in a state of excitement, someone suddenly said, “McCarthy’s wife was called Dounia. Could it be that she was the same person as Nia?”

Perhaps because many people saw this message, the various messages in the message area suddenly slowed down. Soon, someone else said. “Back then, Princess Nia’s body health report, wasn’t it similar to Dounia’s report from before?”

“McCarthy is just a treasure hunter. Even if he likes Nia, Nia does not necessarily like him, unless Nia is Dounia.”

“Yes, how can Nia look at a garbage collector for no good reason? Lord Vern also agreed… unless that garbage picker is unfailingly devoted to Nia.”

“I believe in love again!”

“I believe in love again! 1 “

“I believe in love again! 2 “




“When Princess Nia was in poor health, many people said it was false. But if she was really Dounia, then her health was really poor and Prince Chapman really abandoned her.”

Before there were many people who changed their minds about Chapman, but now, those who were a little older and knew something about the past become silent again.

The internet was like this, but during the ceremony, there were many people who after seeing Nia gave Chapman a meaningful look. Chapman himself also had a complex expression. But this meaningful expression was maintained only for a short time and soon he smiled towards Nia. “Nia, long time no see.”

Nia didn’t respond and just said something in McCarthy’s ear.

“I’m relieved that you’re doing well, Nia.” Chapman added.

“I hope you are not well.” Nia smiled, pulling McCarthy and going into the spacecraft first.

Chapman stretched out his right foot, but soon put it back in. He didn’t experience any more problems during the ceremony after that. It was not until the ceremony was over and he returned to his aircraft that Chapman’s expression clouded over.

“What? Not happy anymore? Don’t you remember who wanted the divorced in the first place?” Adela sneered and stretched out her hand to look at the flowers on her fingernails.

“You’d better stay out of my business.” Chapman said coldly.

“You think I want to take care of it?” Adela glanced at Chapman and took out her special equipment and began to clean her face, although she used cosmetics that could be absorbed by the skin and also maintain it. She stood outside for a long time, so she must be covered in dust. She naturally has to wash and then re-dress.

Chapman felt even worse after he saw his wife behaving like this. For a moment Nia’s image flashed in front of his eyes… At that time, he really liked Nia. It just took a little sincerity to get everything he wanted.

The aircraft arrived at the Prince’s residence and Chapman silently went down from the aircraft and went inside. At first he was expressionless, but after a long time, he chuckled again.

He had done a good job before and he did not find any trouble with Crohn and Keith in private. He has been investigating everything about Zhao Lingyu, making it look like he wanted to target Zhao Lingyu and sabotage the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Human Federation and Ruoya. He really worried and scared Emperor Will who sent many generals to the Human Federation.

The Empress was pregnant, the Marshal was also pregnant, and the cronies around the Emperor were pregnant. Because much of those surrounding his ‘grace’ did not have combat power, wasn’t this an excellent opportunity?

Only three people including Zhao Lingyu left… then Zhao Lingyu’s partner and their children must have stayed in the empire. If he can take the power of the Ruoya Empire and then capture those people, he could naturally also take over the Human Federation.

Equal establishment of diplomatic relations was not possible, but letting the Human Federation become a subsidiary would be okay. Also, he would like to see what Nia will do in the future.

Chapman went to find someone, but in the Ruoya palace, Emperor Will and the Empress looked after the six children with the help of a robot. Since they learned that Fang Chengjun and Gerd’s children were the first ones conceived with the Pregnancy Pill, they paid more attention to these two little guys and could not help sighing. “These two children are very cute, but their abilities are a little low.”

“They are already very good. Having a strong ability is not necessarily a good thing.” The Empress laughed then turned her head to see Second Baby, Third Baby and Fourth Baby gathered around Big Baby. Big Baby held a flower pot in his hand, but the pot was planted with a plant they didn’t know.

“What kind of grass is this?” The Empress asked curiously.

“This is what father left us and we have a lot more.” Big Baby grinned and pointed to the side again.

A number of flower pots were placed next to each other and the plants inside were all exactly the same as the one Big Baby was holding.

“These must be one of the materials to be used for the Pregnancy Pill, right? Emperor Will had actually noticed those grasses that Zhao Lingyu had suddenly sent to him and was somehow curious about them.

“En, father said it’s good for your body to eat it. Do you want to eat it?” Big Baby pointed to one of them. The one he was holding in his arms was Ren Sheng, but the others were grown by Ren Sheng from ordinary ginseng seeds, so eating them would be good for the body.

“Really? Then I’ll have to try it next time.” Will laughed.

Second Baby took advantage of Big Baby’s unawareness and licked the ginseng plant that Big Baby was holding in his arms, causing Big Baby to jump up. “You licked it again!”

“I’ll lick, lick, lick… everyone together?” Second Baby’s eyes glowed as he looked at Big Baby.

After a heartbeat, Big Baby sternly shouted. “Can not lick!”

“Yes, not washed and not cooked, how can you eat it? Even if it’s washed and boiled, children can’t eat tonic.” The Empress started to discourage them.

“…” Big Baby was silent.


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