In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 48.1 – Chasing the Star Pirates

After following Zhao Lingyu back to the main ship, Ren Sheng immediately returned to his room with the special energy ore in his hand.

The four guys above him had been shaking non-stop to the point of almost making him dizzy, so in order to appease them, it was better for him to give them this item earlier.

“Really, why do you guys want this thing all of a sudden?” When Ren Sheng arrived in his cabin, he immediately revealed the ginseng fruits on his head.

Placing the stone in his hand on top of the four ginseng children, he also used his spiritual power to ensure that the stone would not press his children. Only then did the children finally quiet down. After it was quiet, Ren Sheng also faintly felt some energy overflowing from the stone, which was then absorbed by the four children.

What was going on? These little ones were actually absorbing the energy inside this stone?

Ren Sheng was surprised and quickly tested the stone with his spirit power. He only became relieved when he found that the energy inside was very calm.

It’s just that he couldn’t absorb this energy at all or even feel it at first. So how could his children absorb it?

Was it because his children were more powerful than him?

The more Ren Sheng thought about it, the more he felt that this was the case. At the same time, he also made up his mind to ask Zhao Lingyu about the specific situation and let him see what was going on with this stone.

But Zhao Lingyu was outside, so how could he go out with a stone on his head? Everyone would feel very strange when they saw it, right?

Ren Sheng looked around the room and finally found a protective helmet. He pulled out the equipment inside and stuffed the stone into it. He also noticed that the energy inside the stone began to dissipate slowly because the children couldn’t finish absorbing it so he added an array to isolate the energy and put the helmet on before leaving the room.

Ren Sheng could never forget something he wanted to remember, so he became familiar with the corridors of the main ship long ago and soon went into the main control room.

Zhao Lingyu was having a meeting inside, so as not to disturb him, Ren Sheng sat down on the ground next to the meeting room and started to slowly cultivate.

The children on his head were trying to absorb the energy of the stone, so after he began to cultivate he also tried to absorb the spiritual energy again and he absorbed quite a lot.

Fortunately, Zhao Lingyu had provided a lot of refined soil recently. Ren Sheng closed his eyes and tried to give his children a little more spiritual power.

Zhao Lingyu came out after the meeting and found his little ginseng sitting quietly against the wall by the door. He was wearing a very big protective helmet, which almost covered his eyes, making his whole face look smaller and smaller.  It made his whole person look a little pathetic.

“Ren?” Zhao Lingyu called out.

“Lingyu, are you finished with your meeting?” Ren Sheng opened his eyes joyfully and stood up, looking at Zhao Lingyu.

“It’s already finished. Why are you sitting here?” Zhao Lingyu asked.

“You said you couldn’t be disturbed when you’re in a meeting.” Ren Sheng said and then hugged Zhao Lingyu. “Now that you are finished, you can be disturbed right?”

“Of course.” Zhao Lingyu nodded and hugged Ren Sheng with a soft gaze. Maybe he could take Ren Sheng with him the next time he had a meeting? No, better not. With Ren Sheng around, he wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

“Lingyu, I have something to tell you.” Ren Sheng touched his helmet.

“Ivor, inform the other ships to rush to the nearby immigrant star. The main ship will chase the star pirates at full speed, I’ll go eat first and come back soon.” Zhao Lingyu said. Now that they were some distance away from the star pirates’ fleet, it would take a few days to catch up to them, so it didn’t matter if he left for a while.

“Yes, Marshal.” Ivor answered.

Zhao Lingyu put Ren Sheng on the bed in his cabin and ordered another meal to be delivered, before asking, “What do you have to say?”

“Lingyu, that stone I found has energy in it!” Ren Sheng said excitedly. He then pointed to the protective helmet on his head and unlocked the array.

Zhao Lingyu put his hand on it and sure enough, he also felt the energy fluctuation. “There is indeed energy inside and it’s very calm. It’s completely absorbable.” If he still had his ability, fusing this kind of energy might not even have any rejection reaction. He thought of the way Ren Sheng absorbed refined soil, but he did not expect that he could also absorb this kind of energy.

“Is that so? Then I’m relieved.” Ren Sheng set up the array on his helmet again and then placed it on his head.

This helmet could be worn on Zhao Lingyu’s head, so it was almost like burying a small ginseng under a stone. He wondered if his refined soil was also put on his head… Zhao Lingyu retracted his momentary drifting thoughts and said, “Ren, I suspect that those star pirates still have even more such unique energy ores.” Zhao Lingyu said.

After returning to the main ship just now, he immediately asked Zhao Na what she thought of the people on the main ship. As a result, Zhao Na said that there were people on the main ship who made her feel some danger and were hostile to them. Although she was not sure who that person was.

Then he asked Zhao Na if it would be dangerous to go after the star pirates.

Zhao Na’s premonition ability could only sense the general direction but it was still very accurate. At which Zhao Na replied that there would be some danger, but it wouldn’t be too dangerous.

It was impossible for the people of the Human Federation to have strong hostility towards him, which meant that there were star pirates mixed in on the ship.

Hong Zhong sent word that the star pirates had a new-style of weapons in their hands, plus a hole was dug on planet 12534 and a large chunk of energy ore was taken.

Zhao Lingyu couldn’t play with the lives of three million civilians, but he also didn’t want to give up this opportunity, so he simply made a shocking decision. He would let the other warships go to the immigrant stars, while the central main ship would chase the star pirates at full speed.

The central main ship was the First Legion’s largest warship and it had amazing combat effectiveness. With the help of the frigates and scout ships led by Hong Zhong, even if they couldn’t win against the star pirates, they would have no problem escaping. The star pirates ships were filled with energy ores which would affect their speed, but the central main ship only had 30,000 civilians on board.

This amount of people wouldn’t have the slightest effect on the speed of the main central ship, not to mention that there were still S-class ability users on board besides him, as well as Elder Teng.

S-class ability users were an existence that could fight against a warship with their own strength.

“There are still more of these stones? Can we still get it back?” Ren Sheng asked curiously. He was even a little eager to try. His children wanted something, so as their father of course he should find a way to get it for them.

“I don’t know, let’s go after them first.” A small opening appeared in the door of the cabin and food was brought in. Zhao Lingyu smiled and ate it in big bites.

Ren Sheng gulped, although he didn’t try to grab the meal Zhao Lingyu was eating, he couldn’t help but think about the refined soil.

Today was the day that Zhao Lingyu was supposed to give him the refined soil, but now he had to go after the star pirates and he was not sure If he had time to give him… If Zhao Lingyu didn’t have time to give him the refined soil he should still have time to give him a kiss, right? Zhao Lingyu said he would kiss him later…

Thinking of the kissing images seen on TV with Shen Qiushi before, Ren Sheng became more and more excited.

After Zhao Lingyu finished eating, he noticed Ren Sheng touching his mouth with his hand, looking a bit dazed.

“What are you thinking about?” Zhao Lingyu asked curiously.

“Thinking about when you’ll kiss me.” Ren Sheng said, licking his lips.

Zhao Lingyu’s eyes suddenly become very dark.

He had a psychological barrier to ‘eating’ Ren Sheng, but kissing… he has been practicing with Ren Sheng’s ‘seed’ every day so it should be okay to kiss him.

Zhao Lingyu slowly approached Ren Sheng and then found that Ren Sheng’s eyes opened wider and wider, which also clearly reflected his own appearance.

On TV at this time, shouldn’t the kissing party act very shy? Ren Sheng was so different! Zhao Lingyu felt some emotion when he suddenly was kissed by Ren Sheng.

This kiss was not enough, so Ren Sheng’s tongue went into Zhao Lingyu’s mouth…

Ren Sheng’s enthusiasm made Zhao Lingyu a little excited, but soon he found some problems.

Reng Sheng kissed him with a dry mouth… a literally dry mouth!

Zhao Lingyu suddenly thought of the previous incident when Ren Sheng asked him for saliva. At that time, Ren Sheng put his finger into his mouth, and the saliva disappeared in his mouth

“Your saliva only has a faint taste of refined soul, but it tastes sweet.” Ren Sheng released Zhao Lingyu’s mouth and licked his own. “No wonder those people on TV like kissing.”

They don’t suck up their partner’s saliva by kissing. Zhao Lingyu took a sip of the water beside him, and suddenly thought that the kiss just now seemed to be his first kiss.

He and Ren Sheng have been opposite of each other. Ren Sheng also helped him solve his desires several times with his hands, but his first kiss was only just now… Why was this development order so strange?

“Kissing is an expression of love. When kissing, you can’t drink all of the saliva.” Zhao Lingyu educated at the same time, while planning to practice again.

However, at this time, the contact device in his hand suddenly rang and after it was connected Ivor’s figure appeared at the other end of the contact device.

“What’s the matter?” Zhao Lingyu asked immediately.

“Marshal, Lord Locke is angry.” Ivor said.

If Ivor was looking for him, it was obvious that Ethan was fuming a bit. Zhao Lingyu stood up. “I will come over immediately.”

“I’ll go too.” Ren Sheng also said.

What Zhao Lingyu thought was right. Ethan was now really angry.


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