In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 107 – Turning into a Little Ginseng

“Master, will it be dangerous for Zhao Lingyu to attend the wedding reception?” Watching Zhao Lingyu go away, Mr. Teng was worried and even unconsciously weaved Little Green, which was wrapped around his arm into a wreath.

Second Baby, who was crawling next to him, saw it and rushed over and began to drill the wreath, but unfortunately he was a bit fat and got stuck at the shoulder.

This foolishness made Fourth Baby show an unforgiving expression. Big Baby, who was full of brotherly love, patted his good friend Little Green. “Little Green, you lose a little.” Little Green elongated his body so that Second Baby could pass through the middle and then stretched out to rub Big Baby’s body. The one he liked most was Ren Sheng, but it was a pity that Reng Sheng wouldn’t let him come close. Now he also spends most of his day away, so he could only rub Big Baby to get some ginseng flavor.

Second Baby went through and almost fell on his heels, but he quickly got up and turned around and rushed towards the circle made from Little Green again, rushing close and jumping up and through.

After sleeping all day, Third Baby suddenly sat up and gave a strong clap with his hands. Encouraging Second Baby back and forth to play. Third Baby took out the snacks that Ren Sheng gave him in the past, eating while watching and saw that Second Baby stopped and looked at him after getting through several times, so he did not forget to throw a few snacks to Second Baby.

Third Baby’s accuracy was not good, but Second Baby’s accuracy when catching food with his mouth was almost perfect. Every time after catching food and eating it, he would go through Little Green’s wreaths a few more times.

Little Green made a circle one meter apart and made several convenient drills for the second child.

This scene… why did it look like Third Baby was teasing the dog named Second Baby? He should be born as a ginseng, right? For a while, Ren Sheng seemed to have forgotten to answer Elder Teng and Elder Teng also became silent.

At this time Zhao Lingyu appeared as himself in front of the Ruoya people, which was more or less dangerous, but looking at these four children, they suddenly stopped worrying.

Second Baby threw chocolate with the powder from the Face Nourishing Pill, while Second Baby was drilling through the circle. Second Baby swallowed the snack with a quick ‘whoop,’ and then hit Little Green with his head and fell.

Third Baby opened his drooping eyelids and started tossing snacks again.

Ren Sheng looked at him in silence for a while and finally looked at Elder Teng, “Apprentice, they are very happy to play, you watch them, I will go back to the room.”

Ren Sheng would often cultivate alone in the room, so Elder Teng was used to it. Although he was worried about Zhao Lingyu, he nodded, unaware that as soon as he came back to his room, Ren Sheng suddenly opened the window and jumped out of the window and disappeared.

Plant spirits were close to the earth and the earth was in turn very familiar to them. It didn’t even take much spiritual energy, especially for Ren Sheng who was a 100,000 years old ginseng spirit. When he first became a spirit, every time he encountered some animals that wanted to gnaw on him, he would hide in the soil.

In the earth, he comes and goes as he pleases and moves swiftly, simply like a fish in water, but unfortunately in the cultivation world, others could also move fast. But this technique could also be used for scouting, so this skill was not very useful since in the Human Federation…

At the beginning he was injured and could not use his abilities fully. Later he was raised by Zhao Lingyu, so he didn’t go out much and naturally didn’t need to use it. Moreover, the capital of the Human Federation has a large population, there is steel and concrete everywhere, and his ability was completely useless in many places.

But it was different on Ruoya Empire’s Imperial Star. The soil here was really, really plentiful… After Ren Sheng came to this world, the number of times he fully transformed into his ginseng form was very few. Even if he did, it was as a larger body, but this time, he transformed into a small ginseng plant that was only two finger lengths long.

After entering the soil, Ren Sheng could not help but sniff the soil deeply and then stretch his roots.

This kind of feeling was very comfortable, but after being a person for a long time, he couldn’t help thinking of some other things. Such as someone walking over him or for example some Ruoya person applying organic fertilizer. Thinking too much was simply self-abuse! Taking a deep breath, Ren Sheng threw all his thoughts out of his mind.

The little ginseng, who was only two fingers tall, swung his root as he walked a few steps in the soil. When he reached the energy protection net of their house, the little ginseng bent over took out his contact terminal and used his root system to enter the password. This layer of protection network did not work for him, but he still carefully studied the composition of the energy.

The energy used by the protective net was very stable, but as long as someone touched it, it would fluctuate and cause a vibration before sounding an alarm. This kind of energy could also be absorbed.

After studying and gaining a clear understanding Ren Sheng finally picked up his speed. He rushed forward as fast as an aircraft underground, and then arrived at the Marshal’s residence which was marked on the map.

The Marshal’s residence was as large as others on Imperial Star, but probably because Raymond spent most of his time on the frontier and rarely came back, his huge fence seemed to be full of all kinds of plants and few buildings.

After encountering the marshal’s protective wall, Ren Sheng carefully rooted himself… If Marshal Raymond’s life could be written into a long hot blood cultivation novel, many people would want to be the heroine of the novel.

But in the end, surprisingly, someone became the male lead… Major General Jenkins had a bad reputation. It was said that he was an insidious and cruel person who used very poisonous schemes. But such a person still stood by Raymond’s side and Raymond also defended him everywhere, and even got pregnant for him.

There were many people that was jealous of Jenkins, but Raymond’s existence made everyone only dare to bless them. The beautiful Major General Jenkins stood at the gate of the Marshal’s house and welcomed every guest with a smile so bright which didn’t even change when he saw his love rival Lieutenant General Jones.

It is well known that Lieutenant General Jones liked Marshal Raymond. When they saw Lieutenant General Jones approaching, many people were waiting to see a show. But it was a pity that Lieutenant General Jones reacted as usual and did not look exasperated at all. After the two nodded to each other, Lieutenant General Jones quickly went inside.

Lieutenant General Jones went straight in, but most of the people stayed at the door. Although they were all here today for Marshal Raymond’s wedding reception, the person they wanted to see most was not Raymond.

Many people worshiped Raymond, but even their favorite idols were certainly not as important as their own children.

Rather than leaning in front of Raymond and then being unable to say a word with this sullen gourd for a long time, it was better to wait at the door to see if Duke Crohn, Duke Keith, or the Emperor or Empress would come.

According to the news they got, whether it was Crohn or Keith, or their Emperor, they all had Pregnancy Pills in their hands. Those who have friendship, used friendship and those who had money, used money. Many Ruoya people were rich and had a lot of money and now they were waiting to give it away.

More and more people gathered at the door and at this time, the aircraft they had been waiting for for a long time appeared in their line of sight.

When they saw  Duke Crohn’s logo on the aircraft, many people showed excitement while others looked on with jealousy at Crohn’s cousin;, who was already here. Because of his blood relationship with Crohn, this man unexpectedly got a priceless Pregnancy Pill and got the beauty… How come they didn’t have such good relatives?

The aircraft did not enter the Marshal’s house, but automatically stopped nearby under the control of the intelligent computer. After the aircraft’s door opened, Crohn walked out.

Seeing Crohn, his cousin walked over first. “Cousin, you’re here! Uh…” Soon after he said he was going to give his possessions to Crohn as a dowry, Crohn got pregnant. Keith’s actions were really fast! If his cousin found out about this, naturally others also found out about it.

Before, they wondered how Crohn took Keith, but now it seemed that maybe he was the one below. As for why Keith got pregnant first… They believe that Duke Keith definitely has the fearless spirit when it comes to scientific research. For a moment, the look on everyone’s face when looking at Crohn was a little meaningful.

“Congratulations, Duke Crohn.” Major General Jenkins walked over with a smile.

“Share the same joy.” Crohn said with a smile, then went to the aircraft and helped Keith down as carefully as before.

Keith was expressionless and did not remind Crohn of the fact that they were both pregnant.

Duke Keith and Duke Crohn were both on the same aircraft and came together for the wedding. Just when people wanted to go near and claim some friendship, both Crohn and Keith looked toward another aircraft.

The door of the aircraft was opened as a tall, dark-haired, dark-eyed man slowly walked out of it. He was extremely imposing, completely not the same as the two dukes from before.

The appearance of this man was not unfamiliar to the Ruoya people, who had recently been diving into the network of the Human Federation.

The Marshal of the Human Federation had appeared at their Marshal’s wedding, just like that without any warning.

Jenkins, who stood the closest to him, was the calmest. He looked at Zhao Lingyu and smiled just like before. “Welcome to my wedding Mr. Zhao.”

Zhao Lingyu nodded towards Jenkins and just at this time, a pleasant bell rang out, only to stop abruptly. Everyone showed a surprised expression. This bell was not unfamiliar to them. It was the standard sound that the energy protection network underneath would make after encountering a problem. Could it be that someone dared to invade the Marshal’s residence today.

Jenkins typed something into his contact terminal before looking at Zhao Lingyu. “There was a little incident at the residence, sorry for the delay. Let me take the three of you inside.”

Jenkins was very polite and the people around him also greeted him and wanted to talk to him. At this time under a tree at the Marshal’s house, there was a ‘weed’ with a long pole and a few leaves on top. This weed was small and mixed with many other surrounding weeds, so it could not be easily discovered. When the wind swayed around, you could not see the slightest difference from the others.

The robots of the Duke’s house checked and scanned the grass dozens of times, but did not find the slightest problem. Not to mention that after the robots stopped scanning, the grass pulled up its own roots and changed to a more comfortable position in the soil.


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