In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 40. 2 – Refining The Face Nourishing Pill

“Master, you said you still have several kinds of seeds?” Elder Teng watched Ren Sheng’s movements expectantly.

“Of course.” Ren Sheng nodded. The medicinal herbs needed to refine the Face Nourishing Pill included six other plants besides the Earth Star. These plant seeds were all thrown into the cultivation tank by him. Along with his input of cultivation energy, they began to grow slowly 

“Six kinds of plants I’ve never seen before…”  Elder Teng watched this scene in surprise. He wanted to reach out and touch one of the plants with light blue spikes.

“Don’t touch it yet. Let me tell you about these plants.” Ren Sheng pulled Elder Teng quickly. The leaves of the plants that Elder Teng wanted to touch just now were necessary materials for refining the Face Nourishing Pill.  But the thorns on them were a poison that was nothing for people in the cultivation world and could be cured with little effort, but he was afraid it could affect Elder Teng seriously. 

Ren Sheng briefly explained the plants and then said, “That’s all I know.”  Zhao Lingyu told him to not tell everything so he stopped at some point.

“I’ll pay attention!” Elder Teng answered and immediately took various instruments and walked towards those plants.

In the past, in the cultivation world, to know the effect of plants you could only rely on experimentation, but here it was different. You could rely on instruments to test… Ren Sheng was very curious about these instruments because it was also interesting. He followed Elder Teng to see the test results and immediately asked questions when he did not understand something. 

Elder Teng had no reservations to Ren Sheng and explained in detail.

In the  First Legion, Elder Teng and Ren Sheng were busy teaching, learning, and researching these plants one by one, while in the second legion some people became furious.  

The head of the Yang family was not young and the leader of the second legion was now Yang Ye. Just now, he saw some news on the military network that made him angry.

Elder Teng had joined the First Legion.

There was a reason why Elder Teng had disappeared for several years before. A few years ago, he went to an unfamiliar planet to explore, but as a result he was unlucky and met a meteor shower that smashed his spaceship. If he was not strong enough, there was no way he would be able to travel through the universe with his strength. He could only stay on that planet, while sending help signals and guarding the wreckage of the ship.

It was the Second Legion who found him and brought him out, and at the time, Yang Ye wanted to recruit him more than once.

However, Elder Teng didn’t accept his invitation and even ran away with his nemesis.

Yang Ye’s heart was full of hatred, but even so, the First Legion’s station was as tight as an iron barrel, so he had no way to get any news from inside.

“Let’s check Zhao Lingyu’s current strength and the current situation of the First Legion. We can only see the daily entry and exit of personnel. Even the news of Elder Teng joining the First Legion was something I found on the military network. What exactly is the use of me keeping your intelligence department?” Throwing the cup in his hand, Yang Ye was furious.

The cup smashed on the wall before falling to the floor and rolled several times before finally stopping. By this time, the sound of the needle falling onto the floor could be heard in the room.

Finally it was a middle-aged man beside Yang Ye who spoke up. “Commander, Zhao Lingyu is very careful now, it’s really hard to get any information about him. But if you just want to know his strength, we can try something else.”

“Try something else?  Who can we find to try?”

“Commander, have you forgotten Corbien?” The middle-aged man whispered.

“Right, Corbien..” Yang Ye’s eyes flashed before it finally revealed a smile.

Seeing this, the middle-aged man sighed with relief and added, “Commander, the ability user college of Capital Star is about to begin.” Now that there are a lot of new ability users, their genetic data have also been entered into the federal system, do you want to check the match rate? Maybe there are people among them who can give birth to heirs for the commander of the Legion. ” 

Yang Ye was more than 100 years old, but he still had no children. Whether it was the rest of the Yang family or himself, they were all very anxious.

“Let’s go and have a look at it right away.” Yang Ye stood up and said, “It’s been forty-eight years since the last birth of an S-level ability in the Human Federation. I must work harder!”

The lineage of the five great families were basically all S-level ability users. However, no S-level ability users were born in the last 48 years, which means that no children were born in the five great families for a full forty-eight years.

 And the last S-ranked ability user to be born happens to be Zhao Lingyu.

Ren Sheng didn’t know about other people’s calculations outside and at this time, he was fiddling with an electric crucible.

This electrified pot could adjust the temperature as soon as it was turned on and the maximum temperature could even reach the temperature needed for entry-level pill refining, making Ren Sheng amazed after he saw it. 

If there was something like this in the cultivation world, there would be no need to think about the fire all day when making pills, just set the temperature that the alchemy furnace needed for each pill… The more Ren Sheng thought about it, the more excited he felt, but after a while, he became very disappointed – those jade slips filled with the knowledge of alchemy didn’t mention how high the temperature should be. there would only be descriptions like raising the temperature or lowering the temperature occasionally, which was way too sloppy and not specific!

“Master, I found a substance in this plant that can regenerate cells, I think this plant should be able to produce a special wound medicine!” Elder Teng stared at those plants for half a day and suddenly said excitedly.

This thing still have such an effect? Ren Sheng looked at Elder Teng with some surprise and encouraged him, “Go for it! I believe you will be able to make a very special medicine.”

“I can definitely do it!” Elder Teng also came to life.

Elder Teng went to study the plants. Thinking that he was not afraid of electric crucibles, Ren Sheng was planning to try and refine the Face Nourishing Pill. 

The Face Nourishing Pill was a common pill for almost all women in the cultivation world, with a simple preparation method. As long as he had the materials, it wouldn’t take him much time to try to refine it with an electric crucible.

Ren Sheng cultivated an Earth Star in a sealed glass jar and then took different parts from the plants before finally putting them all into the crucible. He then set the time randomly according to his memory and waited for the pill to be completed.

Ren Sheng didn’t know whether the pill was successful or not. When he opened the crucible, there was only a layer of powder left in it, instead of the pill which his master had made before.

Maybe it was because he used mortal fire and did not add spiritual power? Ren Sheng took a little of the powder and found that most of the ingredients inside were still there, finally revealing a smile.

If he doesn’t make pills, he just won’t refine pills. There was no problem to form it into a pill by himself… 

Ren Sheng finally made some pills by melting sugar and flour, and of course, he didn’t forget to add a little of the powder from the electric crucible. 

With a thin layer of powder, Ren Sheng finally made more than a dozen pills.

“What is this?” After studying the plant, Mr. Teng, who was thinking about the wound medicine, saw a plate of pills in Ren Sheng’s hand and asked curiously.

“I just made these pills randomly. They aren’t poisonous so you can try them.”  Ren Sheng put the plate in front of Elder Teng with a smile. 

It’s useless for him to eat it himself. They could only be absorbed as nutrition anyway. He also didn’t know if it would be useful to eat them. 

Elder Teng used one of them for testing and when he saw the data above he said softly: “This should be the wound medicine, right? It seems to work well. I’ll try it.” 

  The pill tasted sweet. Elder Teng ate one and did not feel anything at all.  After thinking about it, he made two cuts on his hand and ate a few more while crushing one and sprinkling it on one of the wounds.

Both of his wounds began to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye. Of course, the one sprinkled with medicinal powder healed a little faster.

“This medicine is effective, especially when it can be taken orally. If you take a little before you go to war, you may be able to save your life.” Elder Teng said excitedly.

This is clearly a beauty pill and not wound medicine… didn’t you see that your scars turned almost transparent? 


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