In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 112 – Exchange Missions

Everyone who could use the spiritual power of the Human Federation were now all in Ruoya. The rest were not able to use spiritual power to learn the Ruoya language quickly, so they definitely needed an interpreter. Of course, there was also another reason for Nia to translate for the Human Federation mission.

Nia has always wanted to make a comeback after returning to health and this was definitely a great opportunity. Chapman’s face would certainly look great when he saw that his ex-wife has regained her health and is probably pregnant. Of course, the premise of all this was that the Human Federation’s mission could safely arrive in Joyal.

“The Human Federation mission?” Elder Teng looked at Zhao Lingyu in surprise. “How are they going to come over? The road…” The Human Federation and the Ruoya Empire were far apart. What if something happened to the Human Federation’s mission on the way over?

“If my speculation is correct, Chapman should want to make a move.” Zhao Lingyu said. He did a lot of things lately, but the one who did the most was still the Emperor.

The Emperor seemed to be very gentle, but had pushed Chapman to the breaking point. It was time for Chapman to make his move.

“Then can it be refused? If the people of the mission are in danger…” Elder Teng frowned.

“Cannot, Emperor Will will not be willing.” Zhao Lingyu said. The fact that Chapman told him directly meant that the Emperor had already agreed. As expected, just then Zhao Lingyu received a communication from the Emperor.

His Majesty the Emperorwas full of smiles on the other side of the contact terminal. Smiling and talking a lot about the Human Federation, he mentioned sending someone forward to protect the Human Federation mission.

“I wonder what kind of people His Majesty will send?” Zhao Lingyu asked.

“Crohn and Keith.” Emperor Will smiled. “If Marshal Zhao is not at ease, he can also go along.”

Thank you, Your Majesty. When the time comes, I have one more thing to trouble Your Majesty with.” Zhao Lingyu suddenly said  while looking at Emperor Will on the other side of the contact terminal.

“As long as I can be of help.” Emperor Will smiled.

“I’m relieved that Your Majesty said that.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Ending the communication, Zhao Lingyu breathed a sigh of relief and then looked at Elder Teng. “Where is Ren Sheng? What has he done today?”

“He has been in his room.” Elder Teng said, then hastily picked up \ Second Baby with a bulging stomach and placed him in Zhao Lingyu’s arms. “Well… Since you’re back, I’ll leave the children to you. I have things to do!” He flew away, but after a few steps slowed down again, with a dignified expression.

‘The Human Federation and the Ruoya Empire, I wonder how the final ending will be…’

When Elder Teng left, Zhao Lingyu looked down at the children around him. Then he suddenly bent down, placed the eldest child on his back, then picked up the other three children, and walked towards the room. When the door opened, Zhao Lingyu saw Ren Sheng sitting on the bed. Seeing them his face flashed a little embarrassed… “You’re back.”

“Back. You’re back too?” Zhao Lingyu asked.

“What? I also came back? I… I have been here!” Ren Sheng said.

“Is that so?” Zhao Lingyu smiled.

“Well, I also went along… how did you recognize me?” Ren Sheng asked in confusion. How on earth did Zhao Lingyu recognize him?

“I could feel your presence… Ren, you can become smaller?” Zhao Lingyu asked. He saw Ren Sheng’s spirit form, but he had never seen him become smaller.

“Of course I can! But I can’t become extra long like Little Green.” Ren Sheng said, directly turning into a small ginseng. The tiny ginseng dragged its roots around the bed and every now and then it shook its head of leaves, looking very cute.

Zhao Lingyu had wanted to touch the two leaves for a long time, so now he finally reached out to touch the moving leaves. After turning into a ginseng, Ren Sheng always felt more sensitive. So when Zhao Lingyu tried to touch him, he subconsciously rolled up his leaves, trying to avoid him.

But the next second, he was caught by a small hand, which grabbed him and put him in its mouth. Then it stuck out it’s tongue and licked him, leaving him with saliva all over his body.

“Second Baby!” Zhao Lingyu picked up his son and said in a stern voice. Ren Sheng also hurriedly turned into his human form. It definitely did not feel very pleasant to be molested by his own son.

“Daddy smells good!” Second Baby salivated as he looked at Ren Sheng. ‘I’ll just lick and lick, not bite!”


Zhao Lingyu directly threw the little ones out. This was his wife! Only he could lick him!

While Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng were making out, the Ruoya Empire was once again bustling with activity. The Nourishing Potion and Pregnancy Pill were already rumored for a long time online. Zhao Lingyu’s sudden appearance at this time made everyone unable to not help but pay attention.

The people from the Human Federation were really in the Ruoya Empire and Zhao Lingyu… according to the skeleton analysis, he was clearly known as the ‘Prince of child delivery’ previously.

The general public in the Ruoya Empire was very excited. They were all poking around, hoping to see Zhao Lingyu. The people who were given the Pregnancy Pills before were posting messages on the internet, thanking Zhao Lingyu.

The Human Federation once again became popular and more and more people began to learn about the Human Federation and Zhao Lingyu through the Internet. It was at this time that the news was released that the Ruoya Empire and the Human Federation would send diplomatic missions to each other as an exchange.

This news made countless people rejoice. If the Ruoya Empire and the Human Federation established diplomatic relations, wouldn’t Ruoya be able to get many, many Pregnancy Pills? Or even change the status quo of Ruoya?

“Pregnancy Pills are said to be very precious. I don’t dare to think about it now, but with so many children in the Human Federation, I should be able to raise a few, right? Aren’t Human Federation supernatural abilities fused from our genes? I can totally get a child with my abilities…” A male star who was quite famous in Ruoya said this in an interview.

The actor spoke it as a joke, but for many people in the Ruoya Empire who do not have children, a new world was opened. That’s right! If Ruoya and the Human Federation had equal diplomatic relations, they could raise a child from the Human Federation!

Even if there is no blood relationship, it was alright as long as it was a child! They don’t even mind if the child has weak supernatural abilities. According to the current research, the lower the supernatural abilities were or having no supernatural abilities, the more children you could have. They have money and leisure, they don’t mind at all bringing up children and then helping with grandchildren!

For a time, the Ruoya people were most concerned about the Human Federation orphanages.

Although on the developed planets of the Human Federation orphans did not exist, there were still many poor planets that had orphans. Before, the orphans would rely on government funding to grow up, but recently… suddenly a large number of strange people expressed their interest in these orphans.

The Sequoia Star was a very beautiful planet that was located on the edge of the Human Federation. Many people who lived on it were relatives of the soldiers of the Human Federation. At first, these people came here with their relatives that were soldiers, but because Sequoia Star was rich in resources and had a suitable climate, they gradually settled down.

The planet was far away from Capital Star and their technology was not developed, but it had a large population. More importantly, because there were many soldiers and adventurers living on the planet, the abnormally high mortality rate resulted in many orphans.

When the Zerg Queen wreaked havoc in the Human Federation a year ago, tens of thousands of Sequoia Star families lost loved ones and hundreds of orphans were added. The Human Federation treated orphans of soldiers well and they would even give them a large pension even in adulthood, but they still needed to live in orphanages when they were young.

With the development of science and technology, ordinary people could only rely entirely on machines to raise their children. Therefore, few people would adopt. Sequoia orphanages often have volunteers visit the children, but only one or two children would be adopted each year. This number was negligible compared with the nearly 2,000 orphans in the Sequoia Orphanage.

But recently, there have been some changes in this situation. The director of the Sequoia Orphanage suddenly received a lot of communications.

The Sequoia Orphanage has a special home page on the virtual network, and the dean puts photos and videos on it every day. At first, the communications she received asked her to increase the number of videos and photos she uploaded every day. At first she thought she had encountered perverts, but she didn’t expect those perverts… no the people who contacted her even donated money to her.

Gradually, she found that the people meant no harm and really liked children. She was glad that so many people knew about the orphanage and planned to build an amusement park with the donated money. Unexpectedly, the people began to ask her about the specific process of adoption and then even more and more people asked…

This was enough, they not only wanted to adopt the young children, but were even interested in teenagers. When did the world change? Why do so many people in the Human Federation want to adopt? The director of the Sequoia Orphanage was unsure.

The first time a middle-aged man took some orders from the Human Federation online and got paid, he donated all the money to the orphanage and then went through the various photos of the orphanage again.

He actually had a child, but his children have been adults for two hundred years, so he wanted to adopt another one. Many people in the Ruoya Empire have fallen in love with going over the wall to the Human Federation network. The Human Federation cartoons and some child-themed programs were very popular in Ruoya.

At this time, the injury to Nia’s body was removed and the time to send the delegation had also come…


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