In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 111 – Little Grass Begs To Be Fed

The wedding was held in the open, so it was very annoying to someone like Adela. She was all dressed up and wore exquisite shoes as if she was attending a fabulous ball, but everyone else felt very carefree.

Although the ball was held in the garden, the garden was still specially decorated. There was also a variety of food that even some rich people could not normally eat. Of course, there were also a lot of programs. Some of the most famous stars of Ruoya came to the wedding.. They played many sports and even provided some new mecha weapons for people to play with.

Keith was the first one to sit down at the table after the wedding and then he began to eat all kinds of food that was good for abilities. There was no one present who didn’t like food that was good for the abilities. But most people held themselves back and just tasted it, unlike Keith, who sat at the table and ate one portion after another without any expression.

Crohn, who was worried that Keith would search his account and see what happened in the past, followed after him. He was originally cautious, but seeing Keith act this way, he found that his worry seemed to be completely superfluous, and he was also hungry…

Sitting next to Keith, Crohn also began to eat and he ate even faster than Keith did.

 “Crohn, haven’t you already eaten enough?” One of Crohn’s friends teased.

“No way. It’s for two now.” Crohn said frankly.

His best friend was hit with a big blow… he had no children yet!

After a long moment of reflection, he asked again, “Crohn, how can I have a child? Your sister-in-law says she’s going to divorce me if I don’t give her a child soon.”

“It’s not that simple to have a child. After all this time, you should understand, right?” Crohn said.

“Helping the Human Federation?” The man asked.

“Yes, as long as you are willing to sign the contract.” Crohn said. Ruoya people always obeyed contracts, so no one would violate it after signing the contract.

The person who spoke to Crohn was silent for a moment before he nodded quickly. “I will sign the contract, I will sign the contract.”

When Zhao Lingyu came over, Crohn had already settled two ‘deals.’ When he saw Zhao Lingyu, he immediately greeted him, “Lingyu, this way!”

Zhao Lingyu sat in the empty seat next to him and slowly ate a plate of barbecue with a faint fragrance. He ate while chatting with the people around him.

Holding a root and sticking out two leaves beside him, Ren Sheng looked at the barbecue with greed and finally could not help but stick out a root to poke Zhao Lingyu’s foot.

For the sake of safety, Ren Sheng did not dare to use spiritual energy and naturally had no way to communicate with Zhao Lingyu, so he could only poke him. At this moment, Zhao Lingyu felt a little helpless. But at the same time, he somehow understood Ren Sheng’s meaning. Ren Sheng should want to eat, right?

To say that he and Second Baby were most alike was absolutely not the slightest bit false! Only, now he was being watched by so many people, so how could he feed the plant?

“Zhao Lingyu, Ruoya is a place where the law is important. Don’t think that you can get away with killing someone without getting sued.” Just as Zhao Lingyu was expanding his relationships and wondering how he was going to feed a certain plant that was crying out for food, a young man suddenly said.

“Murder?” Zhao Lingyu asked rhetorically, not even moving. Nowadays, in Ruoya, there were few people who would want to see him sentenced, but presumably there would also be a lot of people willing to help him.

“McCullen died by your hands!” The young man immediately said.

“Didn’t he commit suicide?” The person who was talking to Zhao Lingyu immediately asked.

The young man turned red and was about to argue, when he suddenly felt something sticking into the bottom of his feet. Although he also had a supernatural ability, he couldn’t help but cry out in surprise. Then the table next to him suddenly collapsed, with all kinds of baked goods, drinks, cakes, and ice cream all smashing towards him.

For an ability user, it would not be difficult to dodge, but this person felt as if there was a wall around him. All the food hit the man and the table tumbled to the floor.

The corners of Zhao Lingyu’s mouth twitched slightly. He could guarantee that the food on the floor would soon be much less than it originally was.

“Who backstabbed me? Is this how you guys help someone from an alien galaxy bully one of your own?” The wretched youth asked with indignation.

The people around him were silent, secretly guessing who the person who did it was, and many of them were regretful that they were late in taking action.

One of the people who stopped the young man and didn’t let him avoid the food ‘attack,’ felt a bit proud. Although he was not the first to take action, his reaction was still quick! He didn’t know who the man who shot before him was, it was so fast.

Under the overturned table, Ren Sheng, who shot first, pulled a few things he wanted to eat into the mud, and gave priority to his roots. After doing so, he could not help but be a little depressed. It was impossible to taste the taste when absorbing it with his roots.

After that young man, no one came to disturb Zhao Lingyu anymore and Ren Sheng also stopped thinking about food.

The wedding finally came to a successful end and after Zhao Lingyu left with Crohn and Keith. He looked back at Raymond’s manor. The shield suddenly gave a ‘tick,’ and then there was no movement.

Raymond’s butler once again found Jenkins, “Master Jenkins, the alarm on the shield sounded once again.  It seems that the root of a tree has grown to the side of the shield, but the shield itself was not damaged. I don’t know if any of the plant ability users channeled energy to that tree…”

“I’m glad it’s all right.” Jenkins continued to see the guests off, feeling a little strange, but soon forgot about it. He now has Raymond to take care of wholeheartedly, so he really doesn’t have time to pay much attention to these things.

Zhao Lingyu breathed a sigh of relief and got on the aircraft.

When Zhao Lingyu got home,  Elder Teng was teaching the children to count, but his expression seemed very strange.

“Elder Teng, what’s wrong?” Zhao Lingyu asked in confusion.

“Oh… I wanted to teach them to count, so Second Baby proposed to use some props. I purchased ten boxes of teething cookies for children online…”

“Where are the cookies?” Ren Sheng asked curiously, there were only some empty boxes here.

“They ate all the cookies!”

When he taught them, Big Baby looked at him with disdain and quickly  said he already knew it. Second Baby counted skillfully, counting while eating cookies as fast as possible. Third Baby continued to sleep and the Fourth Baby suddenly pinned Second Baby under his body.

Second Baby cried miserably at that time, so the Elder Teng became soft-hearted. But when Fourth Baby stuffed a few biscuits into his mouth, he stopped crying again. It’s hard to bring up children these days!

No, Gerd and Fang Chengjun’s children were easy to take care of. One of them even looked very much like elder Fang when he was still a child.

When Elder Teng’s thoughts wandered, Zhao Lingyu put away the few boxes and suddenly remembered something. “When will Nia’s health get better? When she is well, let her be an interpreter for the Human Federation’s mission!


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