In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 78 – Ren Sheng Learns Mecha

“Silly?” The Big Baby looked at McCarthy in disbelief. Although he was smart, it was impossible for him to understand all of the Ruoya language in a short time.

The little child’s eyes widened in bewilderment, looking unusually cute, making McCarthy particularly tempted to pinch the cheeks of the child in his arms… which he did.

The Big Baby frowned, remembering what he had often heard these people say before. “Don’t take it, it will blossom.”

“If you can’t squeeze it, will it break?” The child spoke out of tune because he was pinched on the face, but his expression still looked serious. The others also couldn’t help reaching out.

“What are you doing?” A patrol came over and looked suspiciously at McCarthy. “How can you bully a child? Is this child really yours?”

“Of course this child is ours!” McCarthy hurriedly said, but couldn’t help being a little afraid. The child had no registered residence. If this was known by others, he would definitely be taken from them. “My ability level is very low so I was lucky to have a child.”

“Yes! This child is our treasure!” The others also said. They all understood the McCarthy family situation, so they naturally didn’t want the child to be taken away by others.

Although Big Baby wanted to go to his fathers, he knew that it was McCarthy who saved him before. This man was also very good to him. Compared to the patrolman, he certainly trusted McCarthy more, so he immediately hugged McCarthy’s neck and said, “I’m hungry, let’s eat!”

The Big Baby’s reaction was the best testimony, so the patrolman just glanced jealously at McCarthy and left.

McCarthy breathed a sigh of relief and not daring to delay in the slightest, led the group onto the aircraft while contemplating.

He doesn’t have enough money to adopt a child now and the child’s origin was also not quite right. In order to avoid the child being taken away for the time being, he must let this child be an illegal citizen!

“I want dad.” The Big Baby said again. The pronunciation of ‘dad’ in the Ruoya language and human language was similar. McCarthy also wanted him to call him that in private before.

“Is your father the one in the mecha? He died protecting you.” McCarthy looked at Big Baby sympathetically.

The Big Baby was a little confused. McCarthy gestured for a moment and even showed some pictures so that Big Baby could understand his meaning. It may be cruel to tell a child that his relative has passed away, but it can also cause trouble if the child doesn’t know anything.

“He’s not.” The Big Baby shook his head. “He grabbed me!”

What? McCarthy looked at the Big Baby in shock. That man took the child? In that case this child was not without identity and family as they thought

For a moment, he was very disappointed and even the people around him were a little confused. If the boy’s family was looking for him…

“If your father is looking for you, we will definitely send you back.” McCarthy said, taking a deep breath.

“Thanks!” The Big Baby said.

After responding, McCarthy immediately looked it up online. The loss of the child was big news. According to principle, there should be a picture of this child everywhere on the Internet, but in fact he couldn’t find anything.

What was going on? McCarthy couldn’t help frowning. Could this child not belong to the Ruoya Empire?

No way! This child was clearly an ability user!

Unable to figure it out, McCarthy simply stopped thinking about it. As the aircraft stopped, he picked up the child and called to the people behind him. “Everyone go down, I have asked your sister-in-law to prepare delicious food!”

“Oh!” All the people behind McCarthy become excited. McCarthy’s wife was an excellent cook and her food was simply delicious! It was a pity that the woman named Dounia was injured when she was young, making her ability so overbearing that she was always in poor health. McCarthy became a treasure hunter because he needed to earn more money to treat her.

McCarthy walked into the house with the baby in his arms and saw a beautiful silver-haired woman bring out a bowl of soup.

The woman was very beautiful and her face was as delicate as a doll’s. But her figure was not good. Not because she was too fat, but because she was too thin.

She was very thin and her skin was too white, making people able to even see the blood vessels under her skin. Her whole person looked very frail and unhealthy.

But even a woman like this, after seeing the child in McCarthy’s arms, her eyes suddenly brightened, making her whole person almost radiant. “Child?”

“This child will stay in our house for a while!” McCarthy put the Big Baby on the sofa and said with a smile. “You can play with him for a while, I will go to the kitchen.”

Dounia has always wanted to have a child, but even if she was in good health, it wasn’t easy to have a child. Not to mention her  poor health. She sat down next to the Big Baby and looked at him excitedly, but the Big Baby looked around with a little bewilderment.

These people meant no harm to him, but the way they looked at him was so strange! He could also not find his dad!

However, since he was missing, daddy should be looking for him, right? Thinking like this, Big Baby became a lot more comfortable.

McCarthy’s wife was a good cook, which was recognized by all the treasure hunters team, but unfortunately, half of the dishes on the table ended up being prepared by McCarthy.

Some of the cold purple wild rice was shredded, while some of it was cut as thick as a finger. The meat was cooked to a crisp and even the dessert looked like mud. McCarthy, a rough guy who seldom entered the kitchen, made it really strangely delicious!

Everyone wants to eat Dounia’s food, but Dounia puts all these dishes in front of the Big Baby. “Baby, try it and see which one you like. Tomorrow I will buy some food that children like to eat.”

Can children eat so much? This little guy was eating nutrition solutions before and only ate half a tube at a time. McCarthy’s team slowed down their eating speed. They couldn’t grab food from a child, so they planned to wait for Big Baby to finish eating before attacking those dishes.

The Big Baby tasted a bite of the meal and his pair of eyes instantly lit up. And then…

He ate all of the dishes.

“This child has such a good appetite.” Dounia’s expression was very gentle, while the others were dumbfounded.

Is this really just a child? How could he eat so much?

It was at this time that Zhao Lingyu and Crohn returned to their villa on the Imperial Star.

“Zhao Lingyu, you were very impulsive before. We had a chance to talk nicely to them before beating them up. Now everyone is saying that the duke has taken a fancy to a violent man. Isn’t that doubting my aesthetic?” Crohn became a little dissatisfied. Zhao Lingyu was not his type at all. Compared to violent, he preferred a kind of cold… no right, haven’t he always liked the well-behaved and obedient type?

Well, Keith has succeeded in changing his preferences.

“Don’t worry, I don’t like you.” Zhao Lingyu glanced at Crohn. In fact he did it for a reason.

As long as he gets into a fight, he can swallow up some of the other person’s abilities and use them to strengthen himself, although he wasn’t hiding it in front of Crohn. He knew very well that he was already level seven, after all, he had sucked dry a level seven ability user before.

Zhao Lingyu doesn’t like him? Why? Crohn wanted to jump up and ask, but Zhao Lingyu already went straight to Ren Sheng’s bedroom. Seeing this, Crohn went to see Keith.

Ren Sheng’s bedroom was also Zhao Lingyu’s bedroom, so naturally, he had permission to enter without knocking. As he opened the door, he took off his coat – the previous battle had soiled all of his clothes.

“You’re back?” Ren Sheng turned his head.

“En…” Zhao Lingyu looked at everything in front of him in silence.

The room was very large and divided into several parts. Ren Sheng was sitting at the desk, browsing information online with his helmet.

If you looked only at Ren Sheng, it looked very normal. But when you looked at their three children…

Zhao Lingyu’s three children grew a little fast. Not long after their birth, they already looked like ordinary one-year-old children. Now the roots of all three children were entangled.

Second Baby, with several roots wrapped around him, was happily swinging in the room. Third Baby was lying in a cradle made of roots, sleeping soundly while the cradle was rocking slowly. As for Fourth Baby, he sat cross-legged on the ground, ignoring the roots around him as he looked at the screen.

“Won’t your roots get tangled if you use them like this?” Zhao Lingyu touched the cradle where Third Baby was sleeping.

“Of course not!” Ren Sheng turned back and said. “Also, don’t touch it!”

“I just touched it randomly, it shouldn’t be a key part of you? Aren’t the children all touching it?” Zhao Lingyu said.

“Do you feel the same way when children touch you?” Ren Sheng glared at Zhao Lingyu.

Before Ren Sheng always seemed like he was suppressing something. He was also not as lively as he used to be. This kind of behavior really surprised Zhao Lingyu. “Did your mood get better?”

“No, but I think I need to adjust it. The book says that parents in a bad mood may also make their children feel depressed.” Ren Sheng said. He was in a bad mood because of the disappearance of the eldest baby. It was normal, but he couldn’t neglect the other three children. Of course if he behaved like this, it was also for another reason. “Zhao Lingyu, nothing happened to Big Baby, he is alive!”

“Really?” Zhao Lingyu asked.

“I found a spell in the jade slip that uses blood ties to detect the condition of loved ones and I made sure that Big Baby is fine! Originally this spell could also find people, but it’s a pity that there is no spiritual power in this world, so it doesn’t work very well. I can make sure that Big Baby isn’t far away from us, but in this world I don’t know how far away he is.”

“As long as the child is okay!” Zhao Lingyu said.

“Yes, as long as the children are okay… when they weren’t born yet, I couldn’t wait for them to be born, so I could use my roots to make a cradle for them to lie down, all four…” Ren Sheng’s mood became low again.

“There will be a chance.” Zhao Lingyu said. He has been running around recently and had already gathered some people.

“Lingyu.” Ren Sheng suddenly lifted his head.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Lingyu asked.

“My spiritual power is too soft. It’s different from that of cultivators, so many offensive spells aren’t very powerful even after I learn them. I want to learn how to operate a mecha.”


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