In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 36.1 – Accepting Elder Teng As A Disciple

Shen Qiushi noticed that there was something wrong with Ren Sheng’s mood, so after leaving the concert, Shen Qiushi asked, “Ren, what’s the matter with you? Are you unhappy?”

“That Komozi has intentions for Lingyu!” Ren Sheng said with dissatisfaction, then he looked at this communication device and said, “There are many people who have intentions for Lingyu.”

In the past, he did not think much about it when he heard someone say that they liked Zhao Lingyu, but after someone reminded him just now, he suddenly realized that these people were actually coveting Zhao Lingyu.

If only Zhao Lingyu could be hidden at home from others. No, he was afraid that it was too late to do this… everyone now knew Zhao Lingyu…

Ren Sheng’s expression kept changing and Shen Qiushi coughed awkwardly. Did she just ‘pit her son?’ Chasing stars with her daughter-in-law unexpectedly made her future daughter-in-law jealous. “Ren, if you feel unhappy, let Lingyu apologize to you when you go back.”

In fact, Ren Sheng’s jealousy was not a bad thing. She was worried about her son’s unrequited love before but now she was relieved.

“This has nothing to do with Lingyu.” Ren Sheng got entangled… some of those people who liked Zhao Lingyu, had never even seen him, so how could he let Zhao Lingyu apologize?

However, even if those people had not seen Zhao Lingyu,, what about this Komozi who would meet Zhao Lingyu tomorrow? He took the communication device and entered Komozi’s public channel, where he found that Komozi had posted a lot of news related to Zhao Lingyu on his platform. The last post was two hearts with the caption ‘Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow,’ making Ren Sheng become even more depressed.

“Then defeat those who covet Zhao Lingyu. If you are very strong, who would dare to say that you are not worthy of Zhao Lingyu? Come on, let me be your teacher.” Mr. Teng immediately said.

Ren Sheng looked at Mr. Teng silently. He thought what Mr. Teng said was very reasonable, but after that, he added ‘let me be your teacher.’ How could he change so fast? What’s more, he’s tired of listening to old Teng saying it to him all day!

Ren Sheng and Shen Qiushi quickly entered the aircraft and Mr. Teng hurriedly followed, while not forgetting to smile and continue trying to wear down Ren Sheng. Not far away in an aircraft, Fang Chengjun accompanied an old man to watch this scene quietly.

“Let’s go back.” The old man said only when the Zhao family aircraft was out of sight.

Fang Chengjun responded and flew the aircraft.

When he returned to the Zhao family, Ren Sheng still felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, and after going through the new information in the ‘The Last Moment,’ he was even more miserable.

Many people thought he was not good enough for Zhao Lingyu, not to mention that there were still people who wanted to give birth to a baby for Zhao Lingyu! It should be clear that he should be the only one to give birth to Zhao Lingyu’s babies!

“Still obsessing about Zhao Lingyu? How long are you going to be jealous for?” Mr. Teng asked.

“Jealous?” Ren Sheng was stunned and checked the meaning of the word on his communication device.

“It’s normal to be jealous. If someone else likes the person that you like, your heart will definitely not feel good, but you don’t have to feel bad. Looking at Zhao Lingyu, you can tell that he definitely likes you. The rest of the Zhao family will also not object to you, so you two can be happy.” Mr. Teng said with a smile.

“Yes! Those people who like Lingyu, don’t care that he is mine!” Ren Sheng said in high spirit.

“But if the gap between the two partners is too big, there will always be some problems. Zhao Lingyu is a hero of humanity, a Marshal, but what about you? You’re just a teenager without any fame. In the beginning when people thought he might die they might have felt that you and him were just right for each other, and even liked you, but now that he is better and will get stronger, so more and more people will feel that you are not good enough for him in the future.”

Ren Sheng was a bit stunned. Indeed, there were already more and more people who felt he was not worthy of Zhao Lingyu.

“Moreover, you also can’t…” Mr. Teng wanted to say that he couldn’t have children, but after thinking about it for a moment he did not say it. “What I said before is not a lie. If you are strong enough to surpass the others, then others will only bless you and Zhao Lingyu, and there will be no other words said.”

Ren Sheng quietly, had to admit that old Teng was right, strength was power.

“I’ll tell you the truth too, in another ten or twenty years, I’m afraid I’m going to die. Before I die, I hope to take an apprentice and teach him all the knowledge I learned. There is also Little Green. Little Green has been with me for many years and it’s like my own child, so I hope that after my death there will be someone who can take care of him. If you become my disciple, there are only advantages and no disadvantages.”

Mr. Teng said a lot. In the past, Ren Sheng would not have listened to him so much, but now after listening to him carefully and realized the sincerity of old Teng…

But… “I’ve already had a master, so I can’t accept others. Besides, you are too weak.” If Ren Sheng was still injured, he might be afraid of old Teng, but now his injuries have already healed.

He knew almost all of Elder Teng’s tricks but Mr. Teng certainly did not know his.

Mr. Teng looked like a knowledgeable grandfather, but when he heard Ren Sheng say he was too weak, he immediately jumped up. “What do you mean I’m too weak? I am the most powerful plant ability user in the whole Human Federation and even among all ability users in the whole Human Federation, my combat power would be in top ten for sure!”

“Look.” Ren Sheng took out a seed and then began to use his spiritual power to promote germination. Not long after, he was surrounded by a plant. He then pointed towards a plant in the garden and it also suddenly began to grow rapidly and wrapped around old Teng.

Ren Sheng used the same method that old Teng showed before. As a result, Mr. Teng was confused and tried relying on Little Green to fight back. But Little Green lost control and did not come ro Ren Sheng’s side as before, rather, it began to lengthen its body to create the words ‘Zhao Lingyu.’

Little Green did not like Zhao Lingyu who often intimidated him. Mr. Teng was sure about it, so it should be Ren Sheng who controlled Little Green just now.

“I have no way to seize control of Little Green like you just did. Your power is stronger than mine.” Mr Teng said. He never thought that he would lose to Ren Sheng.

“I can do more than that,” Ren Sheng said. He also knew some other attack methods, but in this world there was no spiritual power, so his attack power would certainly not be as good as before.

However, if the person he was fighting was not Old Teng but another ability user on the same level as old Teng, he would never have won so easily – he was the king of the hundred herbs. Plants naturally listened to him because of his spiritual power, so all plant ability users were useless in front of him.

Mr. Teng’s eyes widened and his face was full of disbelief. When he learned that Zhao Lingyu had killed the Zerg queen, he felt that he was fearsome, but now there was another one – Ren Sheng.

Although they only compared their ability in the courtyard, just judging from the fact that Ren Sheng could control every plant in the courtyard, Ren Sheng had completely crushed him.

This guy was so strong that it was no wonder he did not want him to become his master. No wonder Little Green likes him!

“You are definitely worthy of Zhao Lingyu now and can beat those enemies to the ground.” Old Teng’s expression was complicated. It was said that for Zhao Lingyu to recover, he needed the help of a powerful plant ability user! Before Ren Sheng always pestered Zhao Lingyu… Zhao Lingyu didn’t resist because he was unable to resist, right?

“Is it? But Lingyu told me not to fight with others. I also don’t like fighting with others so how can I let others know that I am strong?” Ren Sheng asked again, he had fought once in his life, and then jumped into the time rift before the fight was over.


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  1. sadiewoods9

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    2. nanairohana

      Probably because Old Teng is plant based ability. So he had absolute advantage over that because he can seize control over the weapon which is, plant. If he fight SS metal ability or ice ability that can crush or freeze his plant fighters, he might be in a losing ground. Though lower grade like maybe C, he can still win it.

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