In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 31.2 – Meeting A Rival At The Party

“I know.” Fang Rumeng nodded.

Ren Sheng followed Shen Qiushi slowly as she moved forward. He was not interested in the topics that Shen Qiushi talked about with others, so all his attention was on the beautifully decorated venue and the various food on the table.

Ever since Zhao Lingyu asked him to taste normal food, he has become more and more fond of all kinds of delicious food. The table next to him was full of food he had never seen before, which naturally made him swallow his saliva.

When Shen Qiushi noticed his appearance, she still had a lot of things to do, so she simply waved her hand towards Ellie, who had been following them, saying “Ellie, take Ren to eat something.”

Before coming to the banquet Ellie was specially instructed by Zhao Lingyu to protect Ren Sheng and not let anyone touch even a single hair on Ren Sheng’s head. At this time, when she heard Shen Qiushi’s words she would naturally not refuse and took Ren Sheng to the side.

Ellie once gave Ren Sheng Zhao Lingyu’s video, so Ren Sheng remembered her. “Thank you for giving me the video.”

“You’re welcome, I just wanted you to get to know the Marshal.” Ellie winked to Ren Sheng, “How was it? Do you think the Marshal is so great that you can’t help but admire and adore him? He’s definitely the most handsome man in the world!”

Ren Sheng nodded seriously, but as he watched Ellie praise Zhao Lingyu, he didn’t know why but he felt a little uncomfortable again.

As long as Zhao Lingyu knew it, why should others praise him?

“Marshal is very nice to you. Fire blue perfume is one of the top ten luxury items in the Human Federation so most people would only spray a little bit in their body. But you sprayed almost a bottle?” Ellie sniffed “It smells so good, I feel like I gained a lot of strength all of sudden…. Fire Blue Grass, which can enhance abilities make this perfume really worthy it’s name.”

“He only sprayed half a bottle.” Reng Sheng couldn’t help but touch his hair, the smell of other plants covering his body made him feel quite uncomfortable.

“Only sprayed half a bottle? Do you know how much this perfume costs?” Ellie was speechless. She asked if he sprayed the whole bottle as a joke ! But as a result the Marshal sprayed half a bottle!

She was sure now, the Marshal’s feeling for this child was definitely not pure!

“I don’t know.” Ren Sheng was very honest, he had no idea about money.

“Sure enough, you’re someone from nowhere.” An outstanding-looking middle-aged woman came over with a scrutinizing gaze that fell on Ren Sheng. “Don’t think that you will be at ease by taking advantage of the Zhao family’s misfortune and befriending them and then  have a good time in the future by relying on their favor.”

“It’s better than some people falling into the well and getting worried about it.” Ellie looked at the other person as she recognized her as Wen Yue’s aunt.  Wen Yue had pestered the Marshal from the beginning and ran away as soon as the Marshal got into the accident.

Although the Marshal didn’t send an invitation to the Wen family this time, she got in because she married a good husband.

“I will be fine in the future, don’t worry,” Ren Sheng said seriously and looked at something behind her again. “Will you get out of my way?”

“Yes, good dogs don’t get in the way.” Ellie gave the woman a pitying look. She wondered if the women from the Wen family even had a brain, coming to provoke them at this time.

Wen Yue’s aunt looked at Ren Sheng’s innocent face and became even angrier, “Ren Sheng, you’re good, I want to see how long you will be arrogant. Can a man who can’t give birth to children still be the mother of the Zhao family?”

“Mrs. He, Auntie Shen said she treats Ren Sheng as her own child. So what are you trying to do causing trouble for your husband here?” Fang Rumeng came over with an air of generosity.

Mrs. He turned pale, no longer daring to speak and then hurriedly walked away. Ren Sheng did not care about her. His plate was filled with all kinds of food, however Ellie looked into the eyes of Fang Rumeng.

She didn’t hate Fang Rumeng, and even had some sympathy for her when she first heard that Fang Rumeng was sent away from Capital Star because of Zhao Lingyu. However, even if she was sympathetic, she knew that Fang Rumeng’s infatuation for the Marshal would not end well.

A few days ago, when she learned that Fang Rumeng had returned to Capital Star, she even mentioned it to the Marshal, who even asked her who Fang Rumeng was.

Before Zhao Lingyu came, Fang Rumeng smilingly walked up to Ren Sheng. “Don’t think about what that person said. She thinks you will marry Marshal Zhao, so she’s jealous.”

“But I’m already married to Zhao Lingyu.” Ren Sheng stuffed a piece of fruit into his mouth, chewed and then absorbed it. Hadn’t he already married Zhao Lingyu a long time ago?

Fang Rumeng looked to talk with Ren Sheng with the intention of getting some information, but she didn’t expect that when Reng Shen would open his mouth to say such a sentence. She was almost struck by lightning at that moment. “You are already married to the Marshal?”

“Of course.” Ren Sheng said, “Zhao Lingyu is mine.”

“You… Ren Sheng, you must be mistaken. The Marshal’s current profile shows that he is unmarried and he hasn’t held a wedding so you didn’t marry him. Also if you are not a Kay you can’t have children so the Marshal can’t marry you at all.” Fang Rumeng said. When she found out from Fang Chengjun that Ren Sheng wasn’t a Kay, no one knew how happy she was! High-ranking ability users have difficulty procreating and Fang Chengjun has even said that he will marry whoever has his child, so how could the Zhao family still let Zhao Lingyu marry a man?

“Childbirth?” Ren Sheng repeated, he could have children! In the past, when he wasn’t enlightened, he “gave birth” to many ginseng around him, and after he was enlightened, he also produced many ginseng seeds. Now he was blooming so… Zhao Lingyu, wasn’t married to him?

“It means having a baby, you can’t have a baby so Zhao Lingyu can’t marry you.” Fang Rumeng did not know whether she spoke to Ren Sheng or to herself.

Ren Sheng didn’t open his mouth, but he wanted to refute that he could have children. But thinking of Zhao Lingyu’s explanation he couldn’t show any abnormality, so he could only look at Fang Rumeng indignantly.

“Ren Sheng, the Marshal is here,” Ellie said hurriedly. No one had told her before that Ren Sheng was not a Kay. So suddenly hearing Fang Rumeng’s words, she was so shocked for a moment that she forgot to stop it.

The doorway was quiet and Ren Sheng looked over to see Zhao Lingyu come in from the outside. The young man who came with Wen Yue to find trouble with his family before was full of resentment and seemed to be apologizing to Zhao Lingyu.

“Lingyu!” Ren Sheng walked over and wanted to jump into Zhao Lingyu arms, but thinking of what he just heard, he slowed down his pace… “I didn’t marry you?”

It’s been a long time since Ren Sheng has mentioned marrying him so Zhao Lingyu was stunned when he heard him say this and laughed. “When you grow up, we will get married.” He didn’t know how much longer he would need to wait though. Ren Sheng said that he could live longer by practicing the technique, so it seemed he would have to keep working hard.

When he got an affirmative answer, Ren Sheng set his heart at ease. According to what he had learned these days, the two of them could stay together after getting married so he couldn’t let Zhao Lingyu get married to someone else.

“Okay, we’ll discuss this later, I’ll take you to get something to eat.” Zhao Lingyu said again, afraid that Ren Sheng would ask another strange question.

He had never taught this child about physiology before, but now it seems to be wrong?

Zhao Lingyu coaxed Ren Sheng, but the people standing nearby were all shocked.

Is this person who spoke so nicely and kindly really Zhao Lingyu? Since when had Zhao Lingyu been so gentle with other people?

They all thought that Ren Sheng was lucky enough to stay with the Zhao family at a special time and get Shen Qiushi’s special treatment, but wasn’t that all?

Zhao Lingyu had never been close to women or men before… could it be because he had a special taste?

However, even if his taste was special, Zhao Lingyu didn’t need to promise to marry the teenager in public, could it be that there was some conspiracy?

“Although Ren Sheng looked small, he is already an adult.” Shen Qiushi smilingly put the finishing touches to her son’s conversation and was glad she wrote 18 when she registered Ren Sheng. “But he’s a bit small-boned and couldn’t grow due to his diet which worries me to death…” By the way, was her son really fine?


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