In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 110 – Ruoya Wedding

The people outside the protective shield were very surprised to see this scene. The flowers seem to contain liquids, which were highly corrosive, although they corroded just a small area. Basically, Zhao Lingyu, who was surrounded by the plants, would not be affected by these flowers, but it would still hurt. It was even more puzzling when the flowers flew back to Cameron, after he had already thrown them…

The people outside thought this was McCullen’s own action and was just a little surprised. But McCullen was frightened and immediately activated his shield. He had been losing his ability and the plants under his feet were controlled by someone else!

Was Zhao Lingyu a plant ability user as well? But how could that be possible? McCullen stiffened and could only pray that his shield was good enough, but his shield suddenly broke with a bang.

With a loud bang, the place where the very wide-eyed McCullen stood suddenly exploded and he, who had been standing there just a moment ago… well, was  instantly blown to pieces. This was like a  chain reaction. The plant cocoon that trapped Zhao Lingyu also exploded, revealing that he was unscathed and only his clothes were somehow destroyed.

The blown-up plants were scattered all over the ground, while Zhao Lingyu stood in the middle. His eyes were a little surprised. It was true that he absorbed McCullen’s powers before, but even if he absorbed them, he did not integrate them and just condensed them in himself first.

He knew that McCullen was in a hurry and he definitely had other means. So he made up his mind to use McCullen’s own energy to attack him and turn favor his way. As a result McCullen actually blew up on his own and he could only use McCullen’s energy to blow up the plant that was trapping him.

What kind of thing was this? For a moment, Zhao Lingyu felt speechless.

Everyone who watched the fight was equally at a loss. McCullen, who was fierce and powerful just a moment ago, how could he be blown to pieces in the twinkling of an eye? If only Zhao Lingyu had blown him up… but he actually threw several camouflaged bombs and then killed himself.

Could it be that he found his conscience after the bomb was thrown out and then called them back?

Or he threw the bomb out and found that the bombs did not blow up and thought it was a bad idea so he took them back?

Impossible, right? How could McCullen do something that can only be done by a brain dead villain in a cartoon?!

But it was true that McCullen threw the bombs and then collected them using the plants he controlled under his feet.

After the surprise, everyone looked at the battlefield again. The tree where McCullen had previously stood had been bombed and there was a scorched pit on the ground. Although the bomb was small, its power was not small. Even the outer protective shield was affected and the area surrounding ​​Zhao Lingyu could also not be underestimated. Some of the plants around him even turned into black powder…

“Zhao Lingyu, you can’t use weapons other than your own abilities in this game. Did you hide bombs?”  Suddenly someone exclaimed, directly placing a charge on Zhao Lingyu.

Just now everyone saw McCullen use a bomb, but he was already dead, so naturally there was no way to pursue it.

“I didn’t use a bomb.” Zhao Lingyu said. He certainly has a lot of equipment in his Qiankun bag, but he really didn’t use anything just now.

“Do you have any special powers that can cause explosions?” The man who stopped to question Zhao Lingyu asked again.

Just then, sitting on the hovering platform, Raymond suddenly approached the shield, then reached out to touch the top of the shield that had long been shaking. The shield dissipated at once.

“What a defeat…” Jenkins laughed as he sat next to Raymond, then felt the energy coming out from inside the shield. With a strange expression on his face, he commented, “How is it possible…”

With the shield gone, they could feel the steady energy around Zhao Lingyu. The energy really did not belong to an ability. The energy actually belonged to McCullen. The person who pointed the finger at Zhao Lingyu for using a bomb before, suddenly lost his voice.

“McCullen should have put a lot of his powers in those plants to kill Zhao Lingyu. But why…” Why did he blow himself up, but Zhao Lingyu didn’t get hurt at all?

“Did you use some evil means?” Someone asked Zhao Lingyu again.

“What happened just now, we saw it clearly. As for the evil means…  Many of the plants that were used to attack me have hallucinogenic effects, so maybe he got hit by his own weapon.” Zhao Lingyu’s face was expressionless.

So… McCullen really killed himself? The people present could not understand it, but they also knew that Zhao Lingyu might not be easy to mess with. Even if McCullen killed himself, it was still amazing enough that Zhao Lingyu was unharmed under his attack.

“Let the robot clean up the place, the wedding is about to begin.” Raymond said , looking disapprovingly at the blackened garden and the withered plants in front of him.

“Marshal Raymond, be careful when you clean up. These plants are all poisonous.” Zhao Lingyu said. he didn’t know if McCullen was a pure plant ability user or if he had a  dual-line ability.  But the traits of these plants had changed.

“Thank you.” Raymond nodded, but Keith, who had already put on his helmet and gloves already began to collect the materials. Behind the research madman, Crohn was expressionless. McCullen had just died, but his death was no longer mentioned as the wedding officially began.

When Ruoya’s wedding march sounded, Zhao Lingyu’s eyes fell on the surrounding grass, his eyes moving slowly across a variety of plants, as if looking for something. Just now he felt some spiritual energy fluctuations and even more importantly, he felt that Ren Sheng was around. This was a very mysterious feeling, but he felt that it was true.

Under the ground, Ren Sheng hugged a tree root and viciously absorbed the surrounding nutrients. Just now he was really shocked and was lucky to escape quickly without injury!

Currently, the wedding was actually held in the half of the garden that had not yet been destroyed… could he also go and see it? Finding Zhao Lingyu’s aura, Ren Sheng secretly peeked out his two leaves, still shrunken only as big as a pinky nail.

Zhao Lingyu looked down and saw the plant at his feet, the corners of his mouth twitched and moved  to let it stay between his two feet. Ren Sheng looked up and curled his lips. “Rascal!”

After saying a few words to Zhao Lingyu, Ren Sheng settled down again. Zhao Lingyu, this guy is very smart. Now suddenly standing on top of him, he definitely found him. Although he didn’t feel that he had done anything wrong, he subconsciously felt that he needed to be more careful.

Rolling a root of the tree that helped him kill McCullen before, Ren Sheng carefully stretched out a root, then pierced Zhao Lingyu’s shoes and drew circles on Zhao Lingyu’s feet. He had previously read books that described how couples should get along. He read that many small actions could increase the intimacy of couples!

Zhao Lingyu moved, but the corners of his mouth could not help but twitch. It took him a lot of effort to make himself focus on the wedding.

Ruoya and Human Federation weddings were similar, but the things that were said were completely different. The traditional Ruoya wedding has a very elaborate set of ceremonies that lasts for three whole days. On the first day, you put on brand new clothes and take the oath. On the second and third days, the ceremonies are held in the two new couples’ homes. But because the population of Ruoya was getting smaller, fewer and fewer people would do it.

Now most newlyweds would register very briefly, then entertain relatives and friends after taking an oath. Then it would be the end. It was very similar to a Human Federation wedding.

Of course, the Ruoya Empire’s way of taking the oath and registration of the marriage was not the same as the Human Federation’s. Raymond and Jenkins connected their personal terminals, entered information and then automatically got married. All they needed was open access.

Everyone in Ruoya’s wristwatch-like personal terminal contains a person’s information. The level of access of this information to others was divided into primary access, intermediate access, advanced access, and full access. Most people were open to ordinary friends at the primary level, intermediate access was open to family and lovers. But at the wedding, many people would open advanced access for their lovers. As for full access very few people were willing to do it.

After Raymond and Jenkins finished registering, many people wanted to see what level they opened access to each other. To everyone’s surprise they completely abandoned this step and as soon as the registration was finished, Raymond turned around to leave while Jenkins didn’t even try to stop him.

Didn’t everyone say that these two were on good terms with each other? Why was Raymond acting like this? So the Marshal getting married was all about having children?

The overly brief ceremony gave everyone an inexplicable feeling… just like the inexplicable death of McCullen before.

“Raymond, are you just leaving?” The gallant Lieutenant General Jones suddenly asked.

“Is there anything else?” Raymond stood still.

“Now that you are married, you should give your partner some trust, such as opening up access to your personal terminals.” Lieutenant General Jones said. She likes Raymond, which was known by everyone, but Raymond didn’t like her. But she didn’t have any negative emotion because of it and even felt bad for Jenkins.

“It’s already open.” Raymond said. “It’s completely open.”

Jones widened her eyes in surprise and then changed her expression to admiration. “He is really the one you love! In the future I will also find someone who will open full access to me!”

Lieutenant General, how can someone who was willing to open full access be so easy to find?! Many people silently lit candles for Jones and at the same time, their view of Jenkins had completely changed.

Previously, they were still a bit unimpressed with Jenkins and even felt that they did not need to treat him with caution, but after Raymond expressed the importance he attached to Jenkins, they could no longer take him lightly.

Crohn was even very envious. “Keith, look at how they’ve completely opened up their access without even getting married!”

“Eh.” Keith glanced at Crohn and tapped a few times on his personal terminal.

“Keith has fully opened his personal terminal access to you, do you agree?”

Crohn was stunned. He just felt that he and Keith did not look like they were in love sometimes, so he made a scene, but he didn’t expect to be able to gain such a result.

With two consents, Crohn was about to talk to Keith about his own passionate inner world, but Keith did not hesitate to walk towards the nearby dining area. Full of ideas, he didn’t have a chance to speak out, Crohn felt extremely depressed. He could only look at Zhao Lingyu trying to show off his love. “Keith opened full access to me, I told you he must have had a crush on me since a long time ago! To be willing to thoroughly expose all his secrets in front of me and even let me freely control all his property, such a lover, you envy, right?”

“Ren Sheng is all mine and he has already given me full access.” Zhao Lingyu said. He was worried that Ren Sheng would encounter trouble in Ruoya, so he completely bound their personal terminals. This was to say, their access was fully opened to each other.

No matter what Ren Sheng did, he knew it. In the Human Federation, Ren Sheng still carried his spy watch all the time. Wait… Zhao Lingyu looked at his feet and felt a little stuffy. He knew nothing about this appearance of his man, who was currently messing with the soles of his feet.

Since his own heart felt stuffed, he would of course not let others feel any better. “Keith is busy doing research every day and most of those experiments will not exist on his personal terminal, so he is completely not afraid of you going through his personal messages. But you, I remember that a few days ago, your confidante was looking for you. Are you not afraid of what he would see?”

Crohn’s expression immediately changed as he ran towards Keith, but Zhao Lingyu looked down at the ‘little grass’ under his feet. The grass that Zhao Lingyu was staring at stretched out in the wind and did not look the least bit different from the surrounding grass.

“You are very strong, surprisingly.” Chapman, who had previously approached Zhao Lingyu at the entrance of the marshal’s residence to speak, once again stood in front of Zhao Lingyu. His vision was better than many people, so he knew from the battle before between Zhao Lingyu and Cameron, that Zhao Lingyu was definitely stronger than he was before.

“Thank you.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“I’m just telling the truth.” Chapman said. “In addition, there is one more thing to congratulate you on. Ruoya has decided to establish diplomatic relations with the Human Federation and I will propose that both sides send delegations to each other for exchange.”

Chapman’s face was full of smiles, but Zhao Lingyu’s heart was astonished. With the current situation, it was appropriate to send delegations to each other, but there are many things that can be tampered with. Chapman was halfway out, when the beautiful companion on his arm suddenly staggered and fell towards him.

Chapman held his wife, but his face was not good. “What’s wrong with you?”

“How should I know? This damn wedding reception is even held in the open air and I even have to worry about tripping over the grass.” Adela muttered disgruntled. Chapman wanted to throw out his wife, who had disgraced him a lot, but he could not do such an obvious thing. In the end, he could only have a cold face and help his wife get into the aircraft.

When Zhao Lingyu looked down again, the grass on the ground had already disappeared. So he paused just for a second before walking towards the next place.


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