In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 80 – Training Room Battle

Ren Sheng had always been well protected by Zhao Lingyu, so he has never encountered such a thing.

What the other party said and did to him was insulting! Just why would the other person come to him? Ren Sheng was on alert for a while.

Was it possible that the people of the Ruoya Empire wanted to test him? But if they really wanted to test him, they didn’t need to use such means. As a matter of fact, he had just explained his identity as a “tree man” not long ago. Even if it was something special, what could they find out in a virtual network?

“The Royal Academy… are you another so-called nobleman who can’t do anything?” The man said. “You can’t even pilot a mecha. The Royal Academy is really accepting everything!”

Royal Academy? Ren Sheng froze faintly, only to remember that his current identity seemed to be an audit student of the Royal Academy. 

Although he was a student of the Royal Academy, he never went to this school, so was this an unfortunate disaster?

But no matter what kind of enmity this person has with the Royal Academy, Ren Sheng loathes the other side. If he has the ability, should he go to other people to make trouble? What kind of person picks on a person who just started learning to pilot mecha?

What’s more, he was just an audit student and not a regular student! According to the information he had seen before, audit students do not need to undergo formal tests as long as they have special contributions! It was only natural that he didn’t know much about mecha!

“This training room belongs to Central Academy, you know?” The man’s foot that stepped on Ren Sheng didn’t let go.

Ren Sheng grew five or six roots and immersed all his spiritual power in the console. In this network, the combination of a level 8 ability, spiritual power, and amazing hand speed could achieve 100% control of the mecha.

He grabbed the other person’s feet and turned it over. After Ren Sheng overturned the man, he pounced on him. At the same time he used all kinds of attacks, smashing the person under him with his fist.

Controlling mecha was very difficult, so of course he couldn’t do every action correctly, but his ‘hand’ speed was very fast, so he could correct his wrong operation in time. Even if it will occasionally cause the movement to not be very smooth, the overall impact wasn’t too big. The sound of steel clashing immediately resounded in the room.

In the face of this situation, the person beaten by him couldn’t give up. The man was very, very familiar with the mecha and immediately launched an attack, but he had already lost the opportunity and he couldn’t move as fast as Ren Sheng. So when Ren Sheng was able to punch him a few times, he could only punch Ren Sheng once.

As for other weapons… in this kind of training room, mecha wasn’t able to use weapons.

Fang Chengjun and Elder Teng also got a simulation pad, but unlike Ren Sheng, they had talked with each other before coming in. After entering, they immediately found each other.

Elder Teng used to look down on Fang Chengjun, but these days he got along with Fang Chengjun much better and even gave him some guidance. But he was still more worried about Ren Sheng.

Ren Sheng has been in a bad mood since his child was lost, so he couldn’t help being worried about him. Zhao Lingyu also asked him to take care of him a little, so after meeting Fang Chengjun he proposed that they find Ren Sheng.

We should go to him. He doesn’t understand a lot of things, so if he becomes careless, he may be discovered. Zhao Lingyu also asked me to take care of him a little.” Fang Chengjun agreed. He was in contact with Ren Sheng before, so he knew his situation more or less.

Ren Sheng was simple and easy to understand, which was a good thing. In the past they also got along comfortably, but now when they are in another person’s territory, they should be more careful.

“Then we’ll go and find him.” Elder Teng said. Both he and Fang Chengjun’s spiritual power was not strong, so it was difficult for them to learn how to pilot the mecha, so there was no reason to rush.

The two soon arrived at the square and searched in the basic training rooms.

There were many training rooms, but the two of them looked from room to room without wearing mecha and couldn’t find any beginners at all, no one greeted them either. Instead, they found that the door of a certain training room was wide open and many people outside were watching the hustle inside.

“What’s going on?” Elder Teng, who had learned the Ruoya language pretty much through certain auxiliary equipment, asked curiously.

“There are two people fighting in the training room. The fight is… amazing.” Perhaps for the convenience of watching the hustle, the onlookers here didn’t wear the mechas, so when they heard Elder Teng’s question, one of them turned his head and answered.

Elder Teng was a little surprised and at the same time he saw the two mechas not too far away, which were more than ten meters high.

These two mechas were standard mecha, but even if the style was exactly the same, the identity icons printed on the chest weren’t the same. The two mecha were rolling on the ground in ‘hand-to-hand combat,’ with punching, neck choking, and face slapping. Even though Elder Teng has seen a lot, he has only seen this type of fight a few times.

The last time he saw it was on a remote planet of the Human Federation, when a woman on the planet caught her husband fooling around with another woman. The woman went up to her husband and wrestled with him in the exact same position as the one in front of him.

By the way, because her nails were sharp enough, she also scratched her husband’s face, achieving the ultimate victory.

Elder Teng thought that such a fighting style applied only to those ordinary people who didn’t care about image or supernatural abilities. But he didn’t expect to see it in such a place.

Mecha can also fight like this? The Ruoya people were really thick-skinned!

“The owner of that mecha that’s been taking a beating is Eugene, right? Isn’t that kid crazy all the time? He also claims to be the number one person under the age of fifty, but I didn’t expect him to be beaten up like this…”

“I wonder which senior can make his mecha make so many difficult moves to beat Eugene like this. He’s trying to make Eugene lose face, right?”

“I don’t think it’s a senior, don’t you see the Royal Academy logo on his chest? If he is a student of the Royal Academy, he should be less than 50 years old.”

“When it comes to the logo, haven’t you seen it clearly? That’s the logo of the audit students. Everyone knows that there is no age limit for audit students, so they are all basically a little older.”




The people around talked one after another. Elder Teng and Fang Chengjun were also a little curious, so Fang Chengjun pulled the person to the side and asked about Eugene.

Fang Chengjun was very good at talking, so in just a few words he got closer to that person, who spoke about Eugene. “You’re new here, right? I can’t believe you don’t even know Eugene. Eugene is only thirty-nine this year and is considered a civilian genius. When he was a child, he was told that he had the potential to become a high-level ability user. Later his ability also improved quickly. At the age of 25 he was already a level 6 ability user. The Royal College is the best school in Ruoya and he could naturally enroll, but as a result no one knows why he decided to go to Central Collage. Because of this, he always finds trouble with students of Royal College, but this time from what I see he really kicked the wrong person.”

“So that’s how it is, you really know a lot.” Fang Chengjun complimented.

The man opposite Fang Chengjun laughed. “Not at all? I don’t know much about it, but it’s strange. Although Eugene used to be annoying, the younger ones couldn’t beat him and the older ones didn’t want to bother with him, so until now no one really had a big fight with him. To be beaten like this, I don’t know who he offended.”

“Maybe he got into trouble with the wrong person.” Fang Chengjun said as he looked at the field.

The winning mecha with the Royal College logo, suddenly jumped up at this time and viciously slammed down aiming his feet at the neck of Eugene’s mecha.

The humanoid mech’s neck was thin and had been broken by him before. Now that it was kicked by him it  immediately broke, and the head of the mecha also flew out.

In reality, the head of the mecha would hide some weapons, but even without it, you could still fight… let alone in the virtual network.

But Eugene stopped fighting and not only did he stop, he also put his mecha away when Ren Sheng started attacking again.

Being pinned down like this and even having his head knocked off was a great shame for Eugene.

The man who spoke about Eugene just now was mostly right about him, but not completely. For example, the reason why Eugene did not enter the Royal Academy was because he had injured a nobleman of his age.

Was being an aristocrat more honorable than being a commoner? Since then, Eugene has always targeted the people of the Royal Academy, but because he would always avoid the really strong ones, it didn’t go wrong until today.

This person was obviously a master, but he even pretended to be a newcomer in their training room. He also tried to humiliate him with such a fighting style. Eugene decided that everything that was happening in front of him was a conspiracy.

Since it was a conspiracy, of course he had to fight back…

A winning smile appeared on Eugene’s face as he already put his mecha away. At the same time, Ren Sheng’s attack had already landed on him.

“It’s too underhanded!” Someone couldn’t help but say. Now everything in the virtual network was becoming more and more real. In order to avoid people from committing crimes in the virtual network, the central computer refreshed the pain system thousands of years ago. The Ruoya Empire also issued laws about the virtual network.

For example, in the network, except for the special arenas you were not allowed to hurt or kill people at will.

The two mechas fought in the training room, which could be considered a sparring match. Even if one side took the other’s mecha apart, no one would care. But if someone piloting the mecha in the training room seriously injured a person who was not wearing a mecha, it would be a violation of the law.

Eugene put away his mecha when his opponent’s attack was about to fall, surely allowing someone to injure him so that he could convict the other person.

It was not only an injury, Eugene’s body was cut off at his waist. But fortunately, on the internet the scene was not too bloody and Eugene recovered quickly.

“I don’t even wear mecha anymore, but you continue to attack!” Eugene looked at Ren Sheng angrily, but his eyes hid self-satisfaction.

In fact, the fight that Ren Sheng just had, was mainly for the purpose of venting his own pain these days. Now that he had finished venting, he became much more sober and felt that there was something wrong with the situation just now.

Sure enough, in the next second two network police officers appeared in front of Ren Sheng. “Hello, your violent behavior caused the death of a virtual character on the Internet. You will be fined and will need to accept hard labor, please show your identity documents.”

“How do I give my ID?” Ren Sheng asked.

“Please step out of the mecha and extend your left hand.” The network police officer looked at Ren Sheng in surprise. Then he accessed the monitoring in the training room and said, “Don’t worry, given that this was an accident in combat, you won’t need to be treated by a psychiatrist, eh?”

Ren Sheng expressionlessly put away the mecha and extended his hand. Hearing the network police officer’s incomprehensible, light ‘eh’ he asked, “What is it?”

“You look very young.” The network police officer said and then connected to the personal terminal on Ren Sheng’s left hand. After that, his expression became even more strange.

This time, not only Ren Sheng, but also the people around who watched were puzzled.

“You don’t need to be punished.” The network police officer suddenly said.

“Why?” Eugene shouted in discontent. “Can he ignore the law because he is a noble?”

“No, it has nothing to do with his status.” The network police officer shook his head and looked at Eugene with a slight look of contempt on his face. After all, they were in the interstellar era now, so even the Emperor’s rights were not too big and nobility were just honorary titles. If he really bent the law because the other party was just a nobleman, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to continue doing this job! This person can’t beat the other by himself, but there was still no need to guess like this!

“Then why is that?” Eugene looked at the network police officer in dissatisfaction.

“He is still underage.” The network police officer said. In the Ruoya Empire, you become an adult at the age of 24, but the young man in front of him was less than nineteen years old.


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