In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 109 – Battle against Cullen

The matter of Zhao Lingyu and Cameron McCullen’s mutual battle was soon told to Raymond. Today was his wedding day, and it was surprising that someone would challenge someone else at his wedding banquet. Raymond’s expression was not good and there was a slight silence before he said coldly and stiffly, “Find someone to hold up the shield!”

Since Zhao Lingyu agreed, he must have some means. He can take a look as well. The people of the Ruoya Empire all had supernatural abilities, but the power of technology could also not be underestimated. At the least, the protective cover must reach its peak. In Ruoya, the destructive power of strong ability users was really too great. If the protective shield was not strong enough, just one strong person could create a bloodbath that encompassed the entire planet.

Ruoya’s Imperial Star had a variety of shields and energy detection devices. On such a planet, even if a ninth level ability user went crazy, it could contain its destructive power in a short time and quickly gather enough power to suppress him. Although the strength of the individual was powerful, the strength of the masses and technology could not be underestimated. At the least, the central computer will make it impossible for those with antisocial tendencies to use any high-tech equipment, so criminals couldn’t even find an aircraft to escape.

Of course, most of the time, you didn’t need to be close to the enemy. In fact, most protective shields could already protect you against a seventh level ability user who didn’t have any weapons. As for the eighth and the ninth-level… in the entire Ruoya Empire, how many levels eight and nine were there in total?

The protective shield in Raymond’s hand was also a first class item in Ruoya. After it was activated, it covered half of the original ‘garden’ in the mansion and those who were originally worried about being affected were also relieved, so they didn’t hesitate to take out all kinds of equipment to watch the fun.

“Although Zhao Lingyu is powerful, he almost lost his life fighting against the injured Zerg queen. He will lose this time.”

“Do you guys think I should upload what I filmed today to the Human Federation network? Idol busting or something would be fun too.”

“Are you guys stupid? Still talking about this now! Let’s just pray that nothing happens to Zhao Lingyu. If something happens to him, where are we going to get the Pregnancy Pills?”

“If only Zhao Lingyu could win against McCullen, that guy is really annoying.”

“Even if Zhao Lingyu can’t win against McCullen, he still caused trouble at the Marshal’s wedding… I can already foresee what will happen to him.”



Many people found a suitable position outside the shield while taking and some people who enjoyed themselves even ordered the serving robots to bring them tables and chairs, while others ate delicious food. Crohn and Keith were also among them.

“Is Zhao Lingyu very strong?” Keith used a bamboo skewer to fork a small piece of thumb-sized roast meat and looked at Crohn beside him.

“Yes,” Crohn said, nodding helplessly. “I can’t even beat him.”

“Don’t fight in the future.” Keith said.

“Why? It’s my hobby!”

“It will affect the fetus.” Keith was very calm.

Crohn was speechless. Raymond, who was already walking toward them, suddenly felt stunned. Seeing this, Jenkins immediately ordered someone to get a small floating observation platform and prepared some delicious food, wanting to make the Marshal as comfortable as he could.

The floating observation platform was about ten square meters, with two comfortable sofas, a coffee table, several cabinets, and some high-tech products, which could be controlled mentally.

The observation platform suspended in the air made many people a little hot-eyed and even Crohn stood up abruptly. “Why didn’t I think of that?” Keith, you wait. I’ll get you one, too! Wait, shouldn’t you take care of me, too?”

Crohn’s eyes were full of hope, but Keith just glanced at him, expressionless.

“Keith, will the baby in your belly be born soon? Then…” Then he could enjoy the treatment of a pregnant man!

“I decided to wait until full term and try natural birth.” Keith, who had an extremely high research spirit said without hesitation. He already got all the data from the past few months, but now he had no choice but to do it himself, because he didn’t get the rest from Gerd.

Although he has not yet figured out where the natural birth child would come from, if it cannot be born it would still be a good time to perform a cesarean section. Crohn immediately tightened his chrysanthemum and said, “I will never give birth naturally!”

“Suit yourself.” Keith gave Crohn a pitiful look.

Crohn for some reason, no longer dared to think about letting Keith wait on him, but at the same time he could not help but sigh. “I should have known that, otherwise I would have not agreed to also conceive a child in the first place…”

His words just fell, when he immediately received countless envious and jealous gazes. He occupied a very good position and those who asked the robot to move a chair and sit near him were basically equal in status and strength. They also had one thing in common – a lack of children.

Wasn’t it just picking a fight to say that you don’t want to have a baby in front of a group of people who lacked children? Crohn wisely decided to keep his mouth shut.

“The battle has begun.” Keith said faintly, helping Crohn out. Zhao Lingyu agreed to battle Cameron, not only to show his strength. The Human Federation can’t be despised forever if it wanted to gain a firm foothold. Of course, more importantly, he has the confidence to win.

First of all, not to mention that these days, his strength has improved a lot thanks to cultivation, just to say that these days he learned some small tactics.

Zhao Lingyu stood on a vacant lot, looking at Cameron seemingly leisurely, but in fact he was ready to meet the challenge with full concentration.

Zhao Lingyu was very serious, so was Cameron. Although he didn’t take Zhao Lingyu seriously, he still didn’t put his guard down. Of course, he did not feel that he would lose, after all, he was a plant ability user.

According to the information he had, Zhao Lingyu has a fusion ability. While the strength of his body and defense was far beyond a normal person’s, making him very powerful in combat, thanks to his own ability he will not even let him get close to his body.

Looking at the protective shield that enveloped himself and Zhao Lingyu, Cameron smiled faintly and directly took control of the surrounding plants and allowed them to mutate…

Zhao Lingyu also knew something about Cameron, so at this time he rushed toward Cameron, but before he could come in front of him, a long long vine had already taken him away from him, while the grass around his feet tightly entangled him.

The battle had officially begun.

Ren Sheng turned into a ginseng this time to come over. On the one hand he was worried about Zhao Lingyu, while on the other hand, he wanted to understand some of the situation outside. As a result, he just arrived, when he unexpectedly ran into Zhao Lingyu fighting with someone…

Ren Sheng, who was inside the protective shield and disguised as real grass, silently began to watch and then looked around with some pity. If he had known it would happen, he would have brought Little Green with him. Otherwise, he would not even have someone of the same kind to communicate with him and could only be excited by himself.

Seeing the plant that entangled Zhao Lingyu was torn off by him, Ren Sheng clapped his hands with his leaves without a trace as the wind swept over the battlefield. Zhao Lingyu was really too handsome! Make sure to knock that bastard down!

He saw that the bad guy who was fighting with Zhao Lingyu threw out a seed and controlled it to blossom and bear fruit. After the fruit burst, it fired a lot of bullet-like seeds at Zhao Lingyu. He once more became worried about him. His leaves could not help but curl up slightly and his roots underground firmly entangled the ancient tree next to him.

The powder of the seed of that plant has an hallucinogenic effect and once you were hit it would spread. It would be bad if Zhao Lingyu got caught.

Zhao Lingyu was found to be completely unaffected and threw a few seeds back with great speed, then he happily high fived the plant next to him with his leaves. Then he hastily retracted his leaves when the unknown plant next to him suddenly became greener and greener in color and was about to overgrow him.

Of course this was nothing. What satisfied Ren Sheng the most was that when Zhao Lingyu threw all kinds of plants used by Cameron back to him, the surprised Cameron even ran a little. The fight between Zhao Lingyu and Cameron was neck to neck.

Cameron’s strength was not weak and his way of fighting was also strange. More importantly, although he does not attach importance to Zhao Lingyu, he always remembers to keep some distance between the two.

All of it made Zhao Lingyu unable to use many moves, but Zhao Lingyu’s performance was still shocking. After several rounds, his clothes might have shown some small damage, but he himself was not hurt at all. However, his movement had begun to slow down.

What is with this slowing down? This guy definitely wanted to pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger!  Feeling the change in Zhao Lingyu, Ren Sheng curled his lips.

Ren Sheng was very familiar with Zhao Lingyu and knew that Zhao Lingyu was faking it. But Cameron didn’t know it. Although many of Zhao Lingyu’s moves were amazing at the beginning, his clothes were still messed up. All of this made Cameron unable to give Zhao Lingyu too high a rating. Now that Zhao Lingyu’s movements become slower, he just thought that Zhao Lingyu was exhausted.

The people of the Human Federation were the people of the Human Federation and were not comparable to them… Cameron, noticing that the situation outside the shield, decided to finish the fight quickly, it was Raymond place after all.

Cameron controlled all the plants inside the protective shield. For a moment the roots and seeds flew together, and the leaves and branches became of the same color. At the same time these meek plants suddenly turned into hurtful demons to attack Zhao Lingyu.

Because Ren Sheng was at the edge of the shield and Cameron controlled all the plants inside, he could clearly feel Cameron’s energy. McCullen’s previous ability was similar to that of Elder Teng, but this energy now made him uncomfortable.

McCullen was a plant ability user just like Elder Teng. It was reasonable that the energy of a plant ability user, although not loved like refined soil, would not be annoying. But the energy that Cameron McCullen emitted made him feel as if his body was being stuck by needles.

Of course, because McCullen was not targeting him, the power covering to him was weak, so he could easily get rid of it, but those plants around him…

The tree that was wrapped by Ren Sheng roots trembled gently and soon the plant fibers and cells on its body changed. It was still a tree, but its feeling had changed. Moreover, it didn’t have the vitality from the  beginning as it began to rot and blacken.

Of course, this was not the only plant that gave people this feeling.  In fact, almost all of the surrounding plants were like this.

Ren Sheng originally wanted to follow the big stream and be like the surrounding plants. But suddenly, he was shocked. Taking advantage of the surroundings, he started to change and withdrew into the soil under the cover of the other plants.

All the plants attacked Zhao Lingyu at the same time. No matter how powerful Zhao Lingyu was, he couldn’t avoid all of them. But when he was surrounded by plants, the corners of his mouth revealed a smile. He was no longer just an ability user, he was a demonic cultivator.

Seeing Zhao Lingyu surrounded by plants, Cameron stood on a tall tree with a smug smile on his face. When he first fought with Zhao Lingyu, he didn’t use his own trick, but now he did. The combat effectiveness of plant ability users was not strong, but his combat effectiveness was amazing. The plants he controlled would mutate into a terrible toxin. Once that toxin invades the human body, it will start to corrode that person’s internal organs and turn that person into a living dead, controlled by him.

Of course, more specifically it was no longer a plant ability. In the Ruoya Empire, killing fellow citizens was a felony, so he basically did not use his abilities in Ruoya. He only used it on some primitive civilization that has not even developed in interstellar civilization to practice, but he still used it at this time.

Chapman asked him to try to control Zhao Lingyu. Even if the controlled Zhao Lingyu was the living dead, so what? The people outside the shield did not know about his plants, but when they saw Zhao Lingyu tightly surrounded by the crazy plants, they still felt that Zhao Lingyu had lost and were a little disappointed for a while.

“Zhao Lingyu’s body strength is amazing. His strength should not be bad, but unfortunately Cameron is not ordinary either.”

“Cameron’s battle sense is very strong. I guess it’s from years of experience outside.”

“Shouldn’t we call a halt?”




The crowd whispered… Just then, the huge green ball surrounded by plants in the middle of the shield suddenly began to wither slowly from the inside. Of course, the people outside didn’t know this and only Cameron standing at the top of the tree was surprised that his power was slowly disappearing.

That man was fusing his ability? At the thought of this, McCullen was both angry and amused at the same time. His strength was different, but Zhao Lingyu  unexpectedly wanted to integrate his strength… the more he fused the faster he would die!

McCullen had begun to try to control Zhao Lingyu, but soon found out that he could not only not control Zhao Lingyu, but also plants around him!

What on earth is going on? Cameron subconsciously wanted to release control over the plants around Zhao Lingyu, only to find that his energy could not be released as if it was glued to it. He also could not control the other plants even if he wanted to!

He had long been following Zhao Lingyu and had seen the video of Zhao Lingyu fighting the Zerg Queen, so now he felt like he was the Zerg Queen. His energy was flying along the plants he had controlled before.

In the Ruoya Empire, they also had fusion and devouring abilities, but both of these abilities have a flaw. That is, once they meet a supernatural ability stronger than their own, or a supernatural ability that was overbearing, they would hurt themselves. His ability with overbearing poison should be terrifying for Zhao Lingyu and he should be stronger than him, so what was happening?

McCullen’s expression became more and more frightened, and even the people outside noticed that something was strange.

“What happened to McCullen?” Someone asked inexplicably.

“He seems to have seen a ghost. Hasn’t that man been locked up by him?” Another person said.

Many people were very puzzled, but Cameron suddenly stretched out his right hand and touched his left wrist as his power was fading faster and faster. At the same time, some gorgeous flowers moved towards Zhao Lingyu’s place. The plant ball flew away. Of course, these were not real flowers. Inside them were small but powerful bombs.

In this competition, you can only use abilities and not other weapons. But now his abilities can’t be used! Looking at the place where Zhao Lingyu was, Cameron’s eyes showed resentment and at the same time he was ready to open the protective shield on his body at any time.

The fact that he used the bomb will certainly be found out afterwards, but as long as people think it was a flower no one would stop him! As for afterwards… If there was no death penalty, he will always have some way to escape.

Killing Zhao Lingyu was also talked about with Chapman a long time ago. The refining method of the Pregnancy Pill was in Zhao Lingyu’s partners hands. Zhao Lingyu’s death will not only make Ruoya and the Human Federation unable to cooperate, but will also lure out Zhao Lingyu’s partner…

There was no smell of plants on these flowers!

Ren Sheng immediately felt that something was strong with the flowers and became a little anxious. Although Zhao Lingyu’s body was now comparable to the shell of a tortoise that has been training for  ten thousand years, he may still get hurt, right? At this thought, Ren Sheng immediately hugged the root of the big tree next to him.

Just after McCullen threw the flowers out, the tree under his feet suddenly stretched out another branch, and then caught the flowers rolling its leaves as the ‘flowers’ flew toward Cameron.


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