In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 49.1 – Battle Against Corbien

Ethan, tied up by Little Green, stood on a small sunken platform in front of the central main ship, trying to make his shield bigger and bigger. But he was not skilled in using his ability, so he couldn’t even care about the warship at all, resulting in chaos.

“You are terrible!” Elder Teng looked at Ethan disdainfully. Ethan’s ability was strong, but he obviously lacked exercise, he couldn’t even hold a decent shield!

Ethan had never been so humiliated in his life. On Capital Star, he was the Locke family’s heir, who was always brilliant, but now? He was tied up and forced to use his ability!

But he couldn’t not use it, the battle was on and if he didn’t use his ability at this time, he would be the first to die. He was now standing in a combat ability user position, at the head of the main ship!

This position was said to be the exclusive position of his ancestors and several other S-class ability users, who used their ability to fight on the warship. Ethan used to feel proud of this, but now he was only dissatisfied. Those people who took the lead to fight, leaving such a place, only ‘harmed the future generations!

Anxious and fearful, Ethan found that the warship under him was attacking the pirates.

As soon as his body shook, his shield instantly dissipated. “Zhao Lingyu already attacked? Why did he attack so quickly? My shield didn’t even hold up.”

At this time, Ethan felt regret for the first time. He regretted that he did not exercise his supernatural abilities properly before, but who could have thought of all of this? Although his ancestors also went to war and even preserved this vast space for the Human Federation and mankind, their family has been in politics for several generations now!

“If you can’t hold up, then you can just wait for your death.” Elder Teng said with a smirk and pointed to the star pirate warships not far away. “Look, the attack is coming.”

The star pirates’ attack came towards them and was about to hit the battleship. Ethan was so excited that he suddenly enveloped the entire warship with his ability.

The momentum of the opponent’s attack slowed down as it got closer to the warship and finally dissipated completely on the shield.

“I did it!” Seeing this, Ethan was very excited. His chest puffed out and he obviously felt that he was very strong. But Fang Chengjun, who stood beside him, glanced at him and took two steps back in silence.

These star pirates, not sure because they were too far away or if they were too afraid, but the attack just now had very little power. Even without the shield, this attack would not do anything to this spaceship. Only Ethan who was as timid as a mouse was scared.

However, it was precisely because of this that he would be frightened by such a casual scare.

Fang Chengjun was very happy for a while and became even luckier. He found it interesting. In fact his ability could not be compared with those who had been on the battlefield, but if he provoked Zhao Lingyu and was not obedient, would he also be tied up?

After taking a look at Little Green who tied up Ethan, Fang Chengjun let out a sigh of relief and his attention was attracted by another person.

Wearing a large helmet, Ren Sheng poked his head out of the door next to him and quietly looked at them, then retracted his head. Only, after a while he poked out his head again, looking very cute.

Fang Chengjun had a good feeling about Ren Sheng since they first met, so now he naturally smiled and said soothingly, “Don’t be afraid, there are shields here, it’s safe…”

Halfway through Fang Chengjun’s word he realized that something was wrong. Ren Sheng, who had carefully poked his head out, did not have the slightest bit of fear on his face, but instead leaped forward and stared at the distant star pirate ships with glowing eyes.

“I’m not afraid,” Ren Sheng looked at Fang Chengjun and went to stare at the star pirate ship. “But, Lingyu only let me look for a short time…” It was the first time he saw spaceships fight, so he wanted to watch it for a while, but Zhao Lingyu wouldn’t let him watch it.

“How can my master be afraid of a group of tiny star pirates?” Elder Teng glanced at Fang Chengjun and snorted. “You are too useless. What is there to be afraid of in such a small battle?”

Although Fang Chengjun was calm, his legs and stomach were shaking a bit. When he heard the words of these two people, the corners of his mouth twitched, but he did not say anything. He had a good feeling towards Elder Teng, but he liked to give him a hard time from time to time. Elders were really hard to serve.

Ren Sheng was Elder Teng’s master. Ethan had stayed in his cabin almost every day before and the people of the First Legion wouldn’t talk to him about this, so it was the first time he heard about it and was full of disbelief.

Even if this old man wanted to befriend the Zhao family, there was no need to befriend them like this, right? How could he dare worship a child as his teacher?

Ren Sheng didn’t know what Ethan was thinking as he looked through the special material protection window, which wrapped around the platform for a while, then he went back to the main control room where Zhao Lingyu stayed.

Zhao Lingyu, as the commander, was in the main control room at this time, paying close attention to the situation and discussing with Ivor and the two rear admirals around him about the best way to fight. One by one, orders were being sent out from them, informing all parts of the main ship and the surrounding frigates.

He was so busy that even when Ren Sheng came, he just glanced at him.

Ren Sheng didn’t try to disturb Zhao Lingyu either and just sat down on the metal chair beside him and continued to cultivate.

He has the energy ore, but one day his children will become much bigger. If this continues, maybe it won’t be long before he gives birth to them and then he can marry Zhao Lingyu.

Thinking about getting married, Ren Sheng’s mood became great and he completely forgot that he was still in the middle of a fight.

However, even if he could forget about the current situation, others would not. Corbien was very anxious now.

He couldn’t see the situation outside, from inside the warship. Disguised as a soldier, he didn’t know the specific situation outside, but he was still sure that Sparky would be afraid to attack.

His assistant was not really a smart person. Of course, if he was smart, he would probably have thrown him out.

How good of a trophy, was such a large piece of energy crystal? If he had been in command of the star pirates right now, he would have thrown away the energy ores that slowed him down and taken the energy crystal to advance at full speed. But as a result, this stupid Sparky let the first Legion catch up!

Of course, he could not only blame Sparky. Many of his men were insatiably greedy and it was impossible for them to throw away boatloads of energy ores.

If they delayed much longer, his star pirate group might be destroyed. Maybe even that piece of energy crystal would be lost, but his current identity could not get close to Zhao Lingyu. Corbien gritted his teeth and then took a ring and a small black box from the space button on his wrist.

All kinds of monitoring instruments around were shielded by the small box in hand while Corbien stood in place and waited for someone who could help him get close to the main control room.

Ellie was one of Zhao Lingyu’s four right-hand assistants. As a fire ability user, her combat effectiveness was amazing, but this combat effectiveness was reflected only in the close combat. Now that their ship and the star pirate group were shooting at each other, she was not very useful.

She also had no talent for strategy, so when Zhao Lingyu and the others discussed the battle, she could only do some odd jobs.

Ellie strode toward the main control room carrying a case of nutrients and a case of water, but she didn’t even go halfway when she saw a soldier standing against the wall. “Now that the battle has begun, what are you doing here?” Ellie frowned and looked at him, but in the next second she lost consciousness.

Corbien went up and plucked out a needle as thin as a cow’s hair from Ellie’s neck and put it back into his ring. He couldn’t help feeling a little distressed. This kind of medicine that had a special effect on ability users was very difficult to buy, not to mention expensive. Luckily he had energy crystals.

Taking out a knife to cut a bunch of Ellie’s hair and rub it against his own face and body, Corbien used his ability to become Ellie.

Taking off Ellie’s jacket and changing into it, Corbien pushed Ellie into the cabin next to them and headed for the main control room with the things in his hands.

He didn’t know much about Ellie and it was not easy for him to pretend to be a woman. Fortunately, he planned to run as soon as possible after getting some Zhao Lingyu genes. So he didn’t need to think too much about it.

Corbien puffed out his chest and followed Ellie’s example and walked forward.

“Those star pirates are attacking hard towards the frigate and scout ships, but not much towards the main ship, maybe there is really someone important to them on the main ship.” Ivor said. Earlier when he talked to the star pirates he was just testing them, but he didn’t expect the final result to be so surprisingly good.

“Let’s rush through.” Zhao Lingyu said and looked at Zhao Na. “How is it?”

“Not very dangerous… No, there is danger.” Zhao Na frowned, vaguely having a bad feeling.

The door of the main control room was opened at this time and ‘Ellie’ came from outside, directly towards Marshal Zhao Lingyu. “Marshal, have something to eat.”

Although Zhao Na has a certain predictive ability, sometimes this ability would interfere with her correct judgment. At the same time, she has no way to distinguish the causes of some of her premonitions.

For example, right now, she couldn’t feel anything other than danger.

Instead, Ren Sheng suddenly looked at Ellie.


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