In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 56.1 – Studying the Double Cultivation Method

Human abilities were obtained only after a certain higher civilization provided part of its genes. So, the original ability users were in fact experimental objects.

In that era, there were many people injected with the genetic drugs provided by the higher civilizations, many of which died. But, many people still survived and relying on the power of those who survived, human beings finally found their place in the universe.

In the beginning, the abilities were not very stable. It was only after thousands of years have passed that the abilities stabilized. However, at the same time the abilities stabilized, ability users became less and less powerful.

It’s just that these records were artificially hidden so only people like Zhao Lingyu knew something about them.

In the beginning, Zhao Lingyu suspected that Corbien was from the higher civilization, so now when he thought about it back and forth, he connected everything.

No wonder Corbien robbed planet 12534, I’m afraid it was for this gold crystal, right?

Fortunately, no one found Ren Sheng when he took this energy stone, but even so, they had to be even more careful in the future.

“These crystals are of great importance, we must not reveal them.” Zhao Lingyu said. Shen Qiushi and Elder Teng became at ease, but there are still some doubts about Feng Kexin.

“I will definitely keep it a secret.” Feng Kexin immediately said. Shen Qiushi and Elder Teng naturally, also made a guarantee.

“You can take a piece with you, this should be good for your child.” Zhao Lingyu gave one of the energy crystals to Feng Kexin. If he guessed correctly, this kind of crystal stone should be able to be used to enhance the fetus’ psychic ability level, but he was not sure about it.

In the future, he would pay close attention to the situation of his own children, including Feng Kexin’s child.

Feng Kexin trusted Zhao Lingyu a lot, so she just nodded. “Thank you.”

“Elinor has been waiting outside.” Zhao Lingyu added.

“I’m not going to see him for the time being.” Feng Kexin said. She learned a lot of things about the Zhao family and if she really leaves at this time, the Zhao family may not be at ease. In that case, she might as well stay, which was also beneficial to her child.

In addition, she also wanted to know Elinor’s attitude. After the Wesley family knows that she is pregnant and still has a good relationship with the Zhao family, they will definitely want to repair their relationship with Elinor. She doesn’t mind Elinor being filial to his parents, but she for sure doesn’t want to have any contact with the people of the Wesley family again, so she will wait and see what Elinor does.

“I see.” Zhao Lingyu nodded and took a look at the eggs in the incubator, showing a little softness in his eyes and then headed out.

Ren Sheng waited for Zhao Lingyu to leave and then grunted a few times in dissatisfaction. Zhao Lingyu didn’t even talk to him! This villain!

As he was thinking this, the communicator in Ren Sheng’s hand suddenly rang and when he looked down, he found that it was a message from Zhao Lingyu, ‘I’ll be back soon.’

“Hmph!” Ren Sheng grunted twice more, but his face still showed a small smile.

When Shen Qiushi saw this scene, she hated that iron couldn’t become steel.

Ren Sheng was too easy to coax and it was too easy for her son to chase Ren Sheng! Such a simple child is really easy to be cheated by some scum bastard. Well her son was not a scum, although he got his body before getting his heart, they will soon get married.

Speaking of marriage, Shen Qiushi once again remembered the origin of the four little children.

At first she thought it was her son who bullied Ren Sheng, but after listening to Ren Sheng’s words, it seemed that it was Ren Sheng who took the imitative. Shen Qiushi stared at Ren Sheng for a while, and suddenly discovered something.

The difference between Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu’s body shapes was really big, was it really okay? Wouldn’t Ren Sheng be hurt?

When Elder Teng and Feng Kexin left, Shen Qiushi finally couldn’t help but ask, “Ren, you and Lingyu are still harmonious in that aspect, right?”

“Which aspect?”

“The childbirth aspect.” Shen Qiushi gritted her teeth and said, she obviously should not ask this kind of question, but Ren Sheng had no family and friends.

“Harmony ah!” Ren Sheng said.

“Isn’t he too big?” Shen Qiushi asked again.

“No, it’s very, very small.” Ren Sheng said.

Very small, very small? It couldn’t be true, right? Shen Qiushi’s expression instantly turned weird.

But, Ren Sheng continued. “I almost couldn’t see it.” If he didn’t have the spiritual power, he would not be able to see Zhao Lingyu seeds clearly.

Ren Sheng’s expression was very serious, so Shen Qiushi stared at him for a while and suddenly felt that she and this child were talking about very different things. After thinking about it, she turned on her PDA and finally selected a picture and after censoring it a bit, she showed it to Ren Sheng. “I’m talking about this. Will you get hurt?”

In the picture, the two men were laying together, although this picture was made only from a few strokes so the drawing was very subtle. It still overlapped with a certain image in Ren Sheng’s memory. “Double cultivation?”

“Double cultivation? What double cultivation?” Shen Qiushi asked curiously.

“This is double cultivation, if two people cultivate together they will become more and more powerful!” Ren Sheng said. He had seen several double cultivation methods he received from his master before. It was said that double cultivation was very powerful and had many advantages, so he even went to ask his master if it was true at that time.

According to his master words, dual cultivation could bring great benefit to people, but it did not apply to him.

His body was spiritual medicine, so even if he wanted to heal others with double cultivation, he had to be careful to not get bitten… double cultivation? Wasn’t it like sending sheep into the tiger’s mouth? Then that is why his master didn’t hesitate to destroy all the dual cultivation techniques.

This is a sexual picture! How did it turn out to be a double cultivation? Shen Qiushi frowned and suddenly thought of something. This couldn’t be something her son used to trick Ren Sheng, right?

“How come there’s only a diagram and no cultivation method?” Ren Sheng flipped down and found that the diagrams below were just two naked people with some changes in their postures so he became disappointed and a bit puzzled. “Is this all that is needed for dual cultivation?”

“Ren, watch over the children, auntie needs to do something, so she will go out for a while.” Shen Qiushi took her PDA and quickly went out to find her son.

Ren Sheng’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Double cultivation!”

Before, his master said that he would suffer a loss if he double cultivated, because he couldn’t absorb the other person’s spiritual energy. It would have little effect on him, so it would be his own loss. But Zhao Lingyu was different, refined soil is inside his body, so for him, Zhao Lingyu was also a great medicine!

There was no spiritual power in this world, so Zhao Lingyu couldn’t cultivate any spiritual technique and could only practice body refining techniques. But, with body refining techniques, even if they allow him to live a long time, they couldn’t make him the same as Ren Sheng, who after hundreds of thousands of years, still looked like teenager. So… dual cultivation?

If he and Zhao Lingyu double cultivate, he will be able to help Zhao Lingyu’s cultivation!

The more he thought about it, the more he thought it was a good idea. Ren Sheng tried to remember the images he saw at the beginning, but unfortunately he couldn’t recall much at all.

Then maybe he should search? Today’s information network was very amazing and if you go online you could find a lot of things. Ren Sheng took out his own PDA and searched.

When Zhao Lingyu returned, he saw Ren Sheng watching a sex education video.

He had previously announced his and Ren Sheng’s wedding date in public and said that the Nourishing Potion would be sold next month… but then, he was called to the side by his own mother who suspected him of abducting Ren Sheng.

God only knows that he just had a wet dream and Ren Sheng became pregnant!

As a result, Ren Sheng was watching a video like this…

Zhao Lingyu has set limited access on Ren Sheng’s PDA so he could only browse content that minors could browse. But in today’s society, minors also needed to learn about s*x, so there were some cartoons which were not very clear.

“How did you find it?” Zhao Lingyu was a bit helpless.

“I googled double cultivation and it told me that double cultivation is s*x, so I continued to check and finally the PDA recommended this to me.” Ren Sheng said and looked below Zhao Lingyu’s abdomen, but above his thighs.

It was the first that time he learned that the original dual cultivation was like this. If he dual cultivated with Zhao Lingyu, refined soil would enter his body directly, so the absorption process would be particularly convenient. And if there was a dual cultivation technique, maybe he could also absorb more refined soil.

How come his master had destroyed all the dual cultivation techniques in the first place?

“What’s the deal with dual cultivation?” Zhao Lingyu asked.

Ren Sheng immediately explained it and described in detail what dual cultivation was all about. Although it was a bit confusing, Zhao Lingyu could still understand it.

“Lingyu, let’s double cultivate.” After Ren Sheng finished, he looked at Zhao Lingyu excitedly.

Zhao Lingyu almost agreed, but fortunately he still held back in time. “After marriage.”

It was really unbearable for him to be seduced like this. However, he still has a lot of preparation to do and Ren Sheng… It’ll make him feel a little guilty.

Ren Sheng didn’t know what Zhao Lingyu was thinking. Seeing that Zhao Lingyu refused, he was a little disappointed. But he was still excited when he thought he was getting married in just five days.

Zhao Lingyu saw this and asked, “Ren, now that the children are born, do you still need the refined soil? Can you grow some plants for the Nourishing Potion?”

“I can’t use so much refined soil of course.” Ren Sheng said and remembered one more thing. “Lingyu, in fact we can find a piece of land, put some refined soil into it and then sow the seeds and let them grow slowly. This will allow us to grow a lot at the same time and I won’t need to waste my spiritual energy.”

His own use was already very big, but if Ren Sheng didn’t grow the spiritual plant, who would? Zhao Lingyu felt a little uncomfortable thinking about it.

In Elder Teng’s laboratory there is still some Nourishing Face Pill powder left and according to the concentration they discussed, they could be prepared into a hundred copies of Nourishing Potion. As for the future, they will do it again when the plants grow.

“Then Ren, do you want to go out and buy something?” Zhao Lingyu asked. Their wedding day is in five days, but he didn’t have time to accompany Ren Sheng to have a good time. He didn’t even take Ren Sheng to the movies, which other people in love often do, so he was really negligent.

“Good.” Ren Sheng nodded. There were many fun places on Capital Star. Although he didn’t mind staying at home all day, he wanted to go out if he could.

“I’ll take you to pick out a pair of rings and then we’ll go watch a movie together.” Zhao Lingyu said.


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