In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 95 – Large-Scale Release Of Pills

When Crohn and Keith came back to the house from the tunnel, it was already late, but Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng still got up after hearing their movement.

“Now there isn’t a single one of those nobles in the Ruoya Empire who doesn’t want the Pregnancy Pill, so the two of us simply needed to escape from them.” Crohn said. Keith had made an exception to say a lot at the banquet before, but at this time, he once again stayed silent and left the job of describing the original story to Crohn.

Crohn was happy to talk about this, and soon told the whole story. He also focused on Chapman. “This guy Chapman must be regretting it now! Although His Majesty wanted children, he never did anything too radical. But he is different. His last princess almost died because he insisted on keeping a child he knew couldn’t be kept… Now he must be particularly regretful.”

“Even if he regrets it, his mindset won’t change much.” Zhao Lingyu said. Crohn fell silent. Not to mention Chapman, even he didn’t put the Human Federation in his eyes before this. But in reality, the Ruoya people were not much better than humans.

“Now I guess a lot of people will be looking for us… the security here can be guaranteed, right?” Zhao Lingyu suddenly looked at Crohn.

The raw materials for the Nourishing Potion and Pregnancy Pills were not something that the people of the Ruoya empire could grow, so Zhao Lingyu believed that these two people would never gamble with him again for the future of the Ruoya Empire.

The current population of the Ruoya Empire was already very, very small and if it continued to be that small… what about it being a higher civilization? If a civilization wants to continue, it must have a population!

However, the Ruoya Empire was strong, so strong that the Human Federation had no power to fight against it, but at the same time, control of their technology was vital to the Ruoya Empire.

“We are friends!” Zhao Lingyu’s distrust made Crohn frown.

“I trust you guys, but there are others.” Zhao Lingyu lifted his head. Remembering what happened before, Crohn sighed. “You can rest assured, this house is absolutely safe.”

“That’s good.” Zhao Lingyu said. “Now, it’s time for the second step.” Having the Empress and Keith disclose the effects of the Pregnancy Pill and Nourishing Potion to the nobles of the Ruoya Empire was the first step Zhao Lingyu wanted to take. Next, it would be time to give the people of the Ruoya Empire a taste.

The day after the banquet at the palace, a batch of potions that were said to be good for the fetus suddenly appeared on the black market of the Ruoya Empire. The origin of this batch was unknown, but after tests showed it was harmless to the fetus, and the price was not very expensive there were finally some people who drank it.

The pregnant woman who drank the potion was a single mother whose ability was not particularly strong. Her life expectancy was about five hundred years and she was now four hundred years old. In the previous four hundred years, she was pregnant with a total of five children, but was unable to keep any of them. This child was also very unstable and before drinking the potion, she had planned to also give up on this child.

But the bottle of potion made her feel much better and the fetus actually became much more stable. After discovering this, she frantically bought dozens of bottles of potions. Her behavior also attracted a lot of attention.

The price of the potion, which was initially considered a “fake medicine”, increased higher and higher despite its unknown origin and it was at this time that the people who attended the banquet at the palace noticed it.

The price of the unknown potion went even higher! After discovering that a batch of goods appeared on the black market every day, there were even more people squatting up.

Keith blocked the communications of many people, but he couldn’t do it to everyone. When his teacher contacted him, he naturally had to facepalm before connecting the communication.

“Brat, I’m not going to congratulate you on your pregnancy. Tell me if that potion is the Human Federation’s Nourishing Potion?”

“Yes.” Keith said.

“What about the potency?”

Keith didn’t even say anything this time and just directly passed a piece of information over.

“Kid, you talk too little! Fortunately you don’t plan to raise the child by yourself or the child might be raised as mute by you!”

Keith silently hung up the communication and then saw the information he had compiled hanging on the research website. He estimated that the price of the potions would go up again…

Keith’s thoughts were right. Just after his research report was posted, the price of the potions on the black market became even higher. At the same time, there were more and more people who had already tasted the benefits of the Nourishing Potions.

At first, the upper echelons of the Ruoya Empire wanted to hide the news about the Human Federation, but at this time, it could no longer be hidden. After a while, Ruoya’s internet was flooded with news of the  Nourishing Potions and Pregnancy Pills.

Zhao Lingyu handed a hundred bottles of Nourishing Potions made by Elder Teng to Crohn. Seeing Crohn’s eyes glowing, he gave a warning. “You can get them from Elder Teng if you want to use them, but these potions must all be sold!”

“I know.” Crohn reluctantly looked at the Nourishing Potions in his hand and went out. It was no longer possible to hide his identity when he sold them on the black market. He was afraid that the middleman would soon not be able to hide their presence… Crohn pondered and then simply hung the potions on the virtual Internet.

The people who were watching the black market, waiting to buy Nourishing Potions, suddenly found that there were no potions today. They felt at a loss, but a woman who liked to shop online suddenly clicked on a small shop with no credibility that was newly registered. She found out that it was selling the Nourishing Potions that were so popular these days.

“Is this really fake?” When she thought that she could return it online and that her sister had just confirmed her pregnancy, she gritted her teeth and bought twenty bottles. When she refreshed the page she found out that all hundred bottles had all been sold out. It was nothing, but what shocked her even more was that after receiving the goods, she suddenly found out that they were real!

Prince Chapman’s residence which had already been replaced with several batches of new decorations was once again destroyed to powder by his ability.

“Didn’t get a single bottle?” Chapman looked coldly at the man in front of him. When this potion first appeared in the Ruoya Empire, he gritted his teeth and didn’t buy it… but now, he couldn’t even buy it!

Even if he doesn’t need this kind of potion now, it’s good to have some ready. If there was such a potion back then, that person wouldn’t have… his last crown princess was a very smart woman. Unfortunately, she hurt her body because of pregnancy. If not, he wouldn’t have married this stupid woman.

“We took control of the middleman who had been guarding the black market, but now it is sold anonymously on the virtual Internet.” The man was very respectful in front of Chapman, but he still couldn’t help but tremble when he spoke.

“Get out!” Chapman said, and when the person left, his eyes immediately darkened. All of this was definitely Crohn’s doing. He joined forces with the Human Federation to pull the strings! The emperor might have been involved too!

Crohn and Keith said that those humans were on the Imperial Star now… what was the imperial star? This was the most strictly managed place in the entire Ruoya Empire. Without any help, how could a few humans hide? Even if these few humans could hide well with no one’s help, how could they still have the opportunity to sell the Nourishing Potions? Chapman’s expression was cloudy and uncertain, then it finally settled into ruthlessness.

At this time, Ren Sheng was studying the four simulated pods that Keith got for the children to use to access the internet. In reality, it was impossible for him to take his children to the market for the time being, so he just wanted to take them online… because the Ruoya Empire’s network was not that much different from reality.

“These four simulation pods are available for children and for the sake of safety, Keith already modified them to allow the people using them to be identified as NPC’s. There are already a lot of people online who like to raise virtual babies with artificial intelligence. If you take them, others won’t feel it is weird.” Crohn explained.

Ren Sheng’s eyes were sparkling. He has never had a chance to take the children out, but now he finally could do what he wanted? Seeing Ren Sheng’s eyes glowing, Zhao Lingyu gave him a hand. “Let’s go on the Internet.”

Ren Sheng immediately forgot about Crohn and nodded. “Yes, go online!” Every time he surfed the Internet, Ren Sheng practiced his mecha piloting skills and hadn’t had a good time yet. So this time he was determined to have a good time. When he got online and found four identical kids standing around him, such thoughts became even stronger.

“Let’s go.” Zhao Lingyu bent down and picked up two of the children, then looked at Ren Sheng. Seeing this, Ren Sheng immediately picked up the other two children and then curiously asked the children he was holding, “Which one are you?”

Ren Sheng’s four children did not look the same. Their personalities and looks were different, so they were very recognizable. But now, with four children looking exactly the same, they looked even cuter. The four children immediately gave their names and while listening, Ren Sheng named them “one”, “two”, “three” and “four.”

These names were also superficial… this time, without the use of public internet access, Zhao Lingyu’s mouth corners twitched. The family of six walked around for a while, making Ren Sheng surprised. “I walked along this road before and it was obviously very lively, why is it so deserted now?”

“At this time, everyone is on the other side of the mall, waiting for the Nourishing Potion to show up! The store that sells the Nourishing Potion changes every day and now they are even sold in batches of ten.  It all depends on luck. Everyone has a chance, so everyone is waiting.” Blue fatty suddenly appeared in front of Ren Sheng and explained. Then he looked at Ren Sheng. “Greenton, you won the championship so don’t forget the championship reward! It’s a custom made mecha!”


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