In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 26 – Little Green

Ren Sheng quickly stopped Zhao Lingyu’s hand. “No pulling!” Zhao Lingyu’s strength was getting stronger now, what would happen if he ripped the new little brother he just found?

“What’s going on?” Ren Sheng stopped him, so Zhao Lingyu calmed down and then immediately looked at Mr. Teng.

They almost suspected that he was a fake because he didn’t have his vine with him, but now… this person’s vine was wrapped around Ren Sheng? He didn’t find anything, did he?

Zhao Lingyu immediately became alert and began to think about what benefits he could use in exchange for Mr. Teng’s silence. Of course, no matter what it took, Reng Sheng’s particularity must not be discovered by Mr. Teng.

“I found this vine.” Ren Sheng also saw Mr. Teng and became somehow on guard, looking at the attitude of this person… this vine should be his, right?

“This is my Little Green. Little Green, come to daddy.” Mr. Teng was anxious, how could Little Green, whom he had raised as a child for almost four hundred years, curl around someone else’s arm?

Ren Sheng was stunned to hear Mr. Teng’s address. This man actually took a newly enlightened vine as his own child? It should be known that while it was possible for plants that have been transformed into human form in the cultivation world to be accepted as apprentices, it would never end well for the ones who were discovered before they could transform into a human.

Little Green was still wrapped around Ren Sheng, but the arrival of Mr. Teng clearly made it very happy. All the leaves opened up, not to mention that its tail suddenly became longer and rolled up pulling Mr. Teng to Ren Sheng’s side.

Zhao Lingyu’s face instantly turned black. What did this vine mean? How dare he tie his little ginseng to an old man!

No, how could he think that? Seeing such a situation, the average person would not be thinking about what the vine means, after all, the vine should be under the control of Mr. Teng, but…

For some reason, Zhao Lingyu actually felt that the vine had its own consciousness. Many thoughts flashed through his mind and Zhao Lingyu quickly stood between Ren Sheng and Mr. Teng.

“Mr. Teng, what do you want?” Shen Qiushi also frowned. Ren Sheng was their family’s treasure. Why did Mr. Teng let his vine entangle him? He was simply not taking the Zhao family seriously!

No matter if it was Zhao Lingyu or Shen Qiushi, they all paid more attention to Mr. Teng, but Ren Sheng patted the vine. “You get down there!”

He had thought he had picked up a little brother, but it turned out that this little brother had taken advantage of him to cheat him out of his spiritual energy. It even turned to this old man!

He’d say that this vine had just been a little too active, daring to lure even it’s owner here!

After being patted by Ren Sheng, the small green leaves suddenly drooped and slowly began to retreat from him, seeing this scene, Zhao Lingyu felt even more sure that this vine should be conscious. Shen Qiushi only thought it was Mr. Teng that stopped it. “Mr. Teng, Ren Sheng is a member of our Zhao family, I will definitely protect him!”

Being watched by Shen Qiushi, Mr. Teng wanted to say that he didn’t mean any harm, but Little Green’s behavior was really humiliating. His Little Green obviously didn’t want to get off Ren Sheng even though it was tugged off impatiently by Ren Sheng because of his slow movement. Even then, it hovered by Ren Sheng’s feet, continuing to pull him towards Ren Sheng.

Wordlessly grabbing Little Green and wrapping it around his arm, he found that this little guy had stretched himself to continue guarding Ren Sheng’s feet. Old Teng couldn’t help sweating. “Little green likes this kid a lot, haha…”

What do you mean by Little Green likes this kid? This Little Green is just a vine so what do you mean by ‘like?’ Could it be that this old man had impure thoughts? Shen Qiushi, who hadn’t been informed of Ren Sheng’s real identity by her own son, looked at Mr. Teng with a more alert expression.

Zhao Lingyu finally determined at this time that the vine was just like Ren Sheng. Thinking that this guy had the consciousness to even dare to wrap around Ren Sheng, he kicked it away.

He couldn’t control his strength now, so he couldn’t touch Ren Sheng properly but this vine dared to wrap around him!

“How could you hit Little Green?” Mr. Teng was distressed.

“Since he has a mind of his own, he should know how to avoid suspicion.” Zhao Lingyu looked at the vine shrinking towards Mr. Teng and snorted lightly.

“Although Little Green is a rare and special plant in the universe, it’s just a child and has no malicious intent.” Mr. Teng didn’t hide the fact that Little Green was very smart and was even proud of it. But he couldn’t help but feel secretly lost. When Little Green first saw him, although it had a crush on him, it was not as excited as it was today. He even needed to spend a lot of effort to abduct it back. How could it stick to Reng Sheng just now?

“Child? This vine has lived for thousands of years at least.” Ren Sheng said, even if it was enlightened, it should have been for almost a thousand years.

Mr. Teng’s words were immediately choked back, then Zhao Lingyu finally said, “Mr. Teng, we’ll wait until we get back to talk about it.” Although Mr. Teng came alone, the Human Federation was definitely paying attention to his whereabouts. He was afraid that someone would come soon.

“Fine, let’s go back and talk.” Mr. Teng said, nodding in frustration and taking another look at Ren Sheng.

Although he was in better health than ordinary people, he was old after all. He probably won’t be able to take care of Little Green for much longer. If Little Green really liked this Kay that much, he could let Little Green follow this person in the future.

Looking at Little Green who was wrapped around his arm, but still curled to rub against Ren Sheng, Zhao Lingyu glared at Little Green, making it retract. Mr. Teng who had never married or had children suddenly had a feeling of ‘Mother needs to help her son.’

The Human Federation had indeed known about Mr. Teng’s arrival at the Zhao family. After finding out that Mr. Teng didn’t even follow the script, these people immediately got busy to also organize a medical team in a very short period of time. Finding a few high ranking members of the Human Federation, they even brought several officers from the military department before rushing to the island where the Zhao family lived.

“Zhao Lingyu, he really won’t explode?” The aircraft stopped above the island and a fat officer looked down worriedly. He was not an ability user and was in poor health. If Zhao Lingyu really exploded, there was nowhere to escape. How did he get so unlucky to be elected to fly this aircraft?

“What do you mean by that, Jiang?” A soldier sitting in the aircraft glared and asked viciously.

The round-eyed officer immediately backed down. “I’m just talking casually…”

Yang Ye took a look at the people behind him and a trace of jealousy flashed in his eyes.

He was fifty years older than Zhao Lingyu, almost a hundred years old already, but he couldn’t compare to Zhao Lingyu in any way. Now that Zhao Lingyu was dying, he still wanted to make him unhappy.

No, according to his father, Zhao Lingyu was not necessarily dying yet.

No matter what, this time they must use Mr. Teng to learn more about the Zhao family!

Yang Ye quickly connected to the Zhao family’s communication number, but unfortunately the one who appeared on the screen wasn’t even a member of the Zhao family, but an ordinary soldier.

“How is the marshal’s situation? We’re here to help the marshal with his treatment.” Yang Ye said with a smile, looking very kind.

“General Yang, Lord Marshal’s health is good, he doesn’t need a medical team.”

“If the Marshal is in good health that’s very good, but that’s even more of a reason to let the medical team take a look at him. Now that Mr. Teng is here, I believe that the medical team can find an even better way to treat the Marshal.” Yang Ye said, while observing the expression of the soldier on the other side. But to his disappointment, the other side had no expression at all.

“General, the Marshal doesn’t need the people from the medical team.”

“The Marshal really doesn’t need a medical team? His condition is not good, he needs to be treated…“

“The Federal Medical Headquarters has seen the Marshal so many times, but the Marshal’s condition has only worsened and not improved.”

“This time it’s different. This time we’ve invited Mr. Teng. You stopping us like this, it’s not like you don’t want to treat the Marshal, right? I want to see the Marshal!” Yang Ye had a worried and eager expression on his face, while the person in charge of the live broadcast next to him dutifully filmed this scene and uploaded it online.

When Yang Ye said this, the few soldiers on the aircraft who worshipped Zhao Lingyu immediately changed their expression. Someone was actually stopping the doctor who wanted to treat Zhao Lingyu? Will the Marshal be alright?

However, just at this time, Mr. Teng appeared on the screen. “I’m already in and the marshal has gotten better, I’ll keep an eye on him, you guys go back first.”

There weren’t many people who knew Mr. Teng. However, the Human Federation had made an effort to publicize it over the past few days, so the public became aware of Mr. Teng’s contribution and identity, making the people who wanted to know Zhao Lingyu’s situation silent for a while on starnet.

Yang Ye, however, became dizzy. They had worked so hard to get Mr. Teng back, wanting to use him to find out Zhao Lingyu’s situation. But now, the specific situation had not been found out and Mr. Teng was already with the Zhao family!

It was like losing your wife and your soldiers at the same time!


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