DOASCC – Chapter 21.1 – Young and Beautiful Wolf Dog.

Because of the hot search for fighting the landlord championship, netizens were flocking to Meng Feixuan homepage to watch. Once this Weibo was posted, everyone saw it for the first time. There was no doubt that the comments were neatly lined up in a whole row with: ? ? ?

It took a while for someone to regain his ability to write but the first reaction was naturally disbelief: [What’s going on? What kind of situation is this?]

【Hello, Xie Ran is that you? I saw you typing.]

[He is in a hurry because Meng Feixuan was not able to sell. Now Xie Ran is pretending that his AI can speak!]

[????Why doesn’t everyone believe it? If Meng Feixuan really won the fighting the landlord championship, it is not impossible for him to post on Weibo. ].

[Previous one, you know that the whole premise that ‘ Meng Feixuan really won fighting the landlord championship is questioned? The question is, is it really him or just a hype tactic created by Xie Ran studio?]

The questioning voices also mixed in with some fans sending hate: [Also with Nangong’s contact information! What were you doing when Nangong was releasing his music video?!]

Meng Feixuan replied confidently: “I was taking part in the fighting the landlord competition and I have also won the championship!]

Fans: [….] Why are you so proud? No matter who is behind this account operation this kind of behavior is not appropriate!




Kuang Youfang was still a little nervous when he began to see the hot search. But after Meng Feixuan provoked Nangong, his spirit suddenly relaxed.

His idea was the same as most netizens, he immediately “ha ha” a few times before looking at Fang Huiwang and saying: “Xie Ran had really gone too far this time, letting Meng Feixuan cue Nangong. Not everyone even knows who Nangong is so what is the use of trying to pull him down?’

Especially after replying to fans comments, didn’t it just make it more realistic that the real person was manipulating this account?

Kuang Youfang sighed comfortably while scrolling the comments: “It’s not good, going too far!”

But Fang Huiwang did not echo his words, Kuang Youfang turned his head looking strangely, only to find that he had been staring at his phone with an indescribably gloomy expression.

Fang Huiwang was not as optimistic as Kuang Youfang. Meng Feixuan’s flamboyant Weibo statement reminded him of his last night in Old West City, when Meng Feixuan had provoked him like this on the holographic stage of the Sky Garden.

He can still vividly recall the way Meng Feixuan proudly tilted his chin and pointed his finger straight at him: “I can sing better than him!”

That day on the Sky Garden it was definitely Meng Feixuan himself who made the sound, so this time, it could really be Meng Feixuan who wrote this Weibo.

But when he was in Old West City, he still thought that it was a program set up in advance, but now, he was not so sure anymore.

Fang Huiwang’s palm slowly tightened, forming a fist.

Kuang Youfang noticed that there was something wrong with him, and also couldn’t help feeling a trace of uneasiness as he smiled and asked: “What’s wrong with you? You don’t believe that Meng Feixuan is really speaking himself, do you?”

He had just finished speaking when he saw Meng Feixuan’s homepage post a live link with the title: The live broadcast of the 1st Mark Cup fighting the landlord tournament.

Kuang Youfang:?

Mark Cup? What kind of virtual idol has a name like this?

There were many people with the same type of doubts as Kuang Youfang, so in a short while a large number of netizens clicked into Meng Feixuan live broadcast room, and then everyone became shocked.

The live camera was directed at the conference room of Xie Ran studio where Xie Ran was sitting on a chair by the conference table, his body slightly leaning back against the back of the chair, legs folded together, one hand propped on his chin. His posture was very lazy as he looked at the other side of the table, where stood the teenager who had stunned everyone before. He was bright and delicate, his hair fluffy and slightly curly, with a guitar on his back and an innocent and bright smile on his face.

Everyone: !!!!

Although many companies now have holographic projection equipment, few people would use it for personal live broadcast, because the hologram modeling rendering had high technical requirements and you needed to spend a lot of money and effort to do it in advance so generally it would only be used for large events.

For virtual idols, the live broadcast was even more difficult, in addition to the modeling itself, the interaction of virtual characters needed to be carefully designed so it was impossible to just open the camera and start.

This was the first time that a virtual idol engaged in a live broadcast so casually. But Meng Feixuan modeling still looked perfect and you could not find any flaw.

Immediately, someone could not control themselves in the pop-up screen and commented: [The boy is too handsome!!!!]

Xie Ran without any expression on his face only looked at Meng Feixuan and quietly asked: “Mug?”

He and Meng Feixuan both know that mug = Mark cup, but in the eyes of the public, the mug was probably the same mug they used to drink water, which sounded like a lack of desire for competition.

Of course, the Mark Cup was not much better.

Meng Feixuan fearlessly looked ahead: “I think if it’s called the Xuan x Ren CP cup, the traces would be too obvious and not in line with my low-key settings.”

Xie Ran: “…”

Netizen: […………]

God TM Xuan x Ren CP cup, traces, low-key settings… It had to be said that simply with these two paragraphs of dialogue, it had already aroused a great interest of netizens. Their dialogue was vivid, casual, and unlike that of other virtual idols. No matter how it was set, it could never get rid of that stiff, programmed feeling in front of the public.

As for some of the netizens who had watched or even participated in the cp war some time ago, they had already typed very spiritually at this time: [Yooooooooo].

Seemingly hearing the beep, Xie Ran suddenly turned his head, facing the live camera and asked: “The live broadcast has started?”

Meng Feixuan nodded, and then raised his hand toward the camera and waved: “Ladies and gentlemen.. or I should call older brothers? Older sisters? Hello, everyone! “

On-screen comments: 【…………】

[Hello, you are so stylish! ].

[What older brother, can’t you just call me baby?]

Xie Ran ignored the content of the comment section and just picked up his mobile phone and said officially: “in that case, let’s start fighting the landlord competition.”

The world has not been able to accurately judge the value of Meng Feixuan so Xie Ran was not surprised when Seeking Technology stopped making offers for Meng Feixuan after hitting the wall several times, but he was not in a hurry either. According to his original plan he first planned to finish the work in his hand before meeting the person in charge of Seeking Technology himself.

But in the meantime, Fang Huiwang and Black Star studio redid Nangong and also took the lead in hitching a ride with the Tianyin idol studio that was under Seeking Technology.

Xie Ran originally did not take it to heart, Meng Feixuan’s core technology and Nangong were essentially different so there was no significance in competition.

Coincidentally, when he was still in Old West City, he was bored because he had no mobile phone and let Meng Feixuan play fighting the landlord if he was bored. As a result, Meng Feixuan couldn’t get enough of it and entered an online fighting the landlord competition organized by Seeking Technology.

With Meng Feixuan’s calculation ability, he naturally won by a crushing margin.

Meng Feixuan’s told Xie Ran about it happily, originally wanting Xie Ran to collect the prize for him but unexpectedly ran into the Yewang studio that belittled him in order to promote Nangong. This made Meng Feixuan so angry that he was no longer happy.

His system was very good but also very strong.

Therefore, after thinking for a moment Xie Ran let Meng Feixuan himself ask for the prize.

It was only fair that whoever made his system unhappy, his system would make unhappy in return.

After Xie Ran finished his words, he sat up slightly and looked at the other person in the conference room. Guan Shunan who served as a temporary assistant, hurriedly came over from the side and began to explain the rules to the viewers in the live broadcast.

If the audience observed carefully they would find that her pupils were shaking slightly. She was different from the audience across the screen. At this time, many netizens still thought that Meng Feixuan”s language and interaction were designed, but they were just more  flexible and natural. But Guan Shunan knew that these things were not  set up in advance, which meant this was Meng Feixuan’s natural performance.


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