In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 39.2 – Elder Teng Enters The First Legion

Ren Sheng comfortably soaked in the bath and pestered Zhao Lingyu to sleep outside the bathroom. After studying for the whole day, Elder Teng stood outside, intending to ask countless questions to solve his confusion. But Elder Teng found that his teacher had already run away.

He would love to knock on Zhao Lingyu’s door and call his master out, but if he really did it, Zhao Lingyu would certainly not let him go…

The identity of Elder Teng was high and was very respected by Shen Qiushi and the Zhao family servants who took care of him meticulously. Only Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng were very distant to him.

But after feeling the terrible power of Zhao Lingyu, he didn’t dare to provoke him.

After looking at the metal house with its door closed in the middle of the yard,  Elder Teng could only hold the information in his hand and could not fall asleep. 

The next day when Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng went out, they were once again stopped by Elder Teng. 

“Master, after I analyzed that plant yesterday, I have a lot of questions, can Master teach me?”

“No, I have something to do today.” Ren Sheng said… he still had to go learn battleship piloting.

Why did this sound so familiar? It seemed to be exactly the same as yesterday morning. Elder Teng was stunned and asked in a hurry, “Master you still have to go to the military camp?”

 “Yes, I’m going to go to the military camp from now on.” Ren Sheng nodded. Following Zhao Lingyu to the military camp was definitely better than staying at home with Elder Teng. 

“Elder Teng, you can come with us,”  Zhao Lingyu suddenly said. Elder Teng held a special status and was respected. If he joined  the First Legion, it would be of great benefit to him.

More importantly, if Elder Teng went to the military camp, he would not have to give him Ren Sheng time in the evening and there would be an extra person to protect Ren Sheng during the day.

Zhao Lingyu still believes in Elder Teng’s character.

“So you want me to join the First Legion, right?” Elder Teng was a little hesitant.

Although Ren Sheng doesn’t understand why Zhao Lingyu wanted to go together with Elder Teng, but he firmly believe in anything Zhao Lingyu wanted to do. “I still have a lot of seeds here, but some are not beneficial to the human body.” They were only good for beauty!

“I’ll go!” Elder Teng gritted his teeth. He only had a few years left to live, so even if he joined the army who would be afraid of who? Moreover, when he went to the concert with Ren Sheng, he could hear people gossiping about him. He was  afraid there would be even more people who looked down on him in the powerful army, so he had to support his master. 

“I’ll help you register.” Zhao Lingyu took out his computer and began to input Elder Teng’s information. As for the position… he was Ren Sheng’s apprentice, so of course he could not cross Ren Sheng. He would join the escort team just like Ren Sheng. 

The First Legion’s people did not sleep much last night.

 Whether it was the soldiers who saw the “battle” between Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu on the spot or those who watched it later, they were studying the video of the two men controlling the battleship. 

Although they appreciated Ren Sheng accompanying Zhao Lingyu, before yesterday they thought that Ren Sheng was very weak and many of them even felt that he was unworthy of  Zhao Lingyu. As a result, Ren Sheng hit them in the face on the first day he went to the army.

How could Ren Sheng, who could control the battleship to make S-class movements, be weak? He was already much stronger than most of them!

With that video, Ren Sheng had gained a group of admirers in the First Legion only a day and night later.

Sutton was one of Ren Sheng’s admirers. He studied Ren Sheng’s video all night and the more he studied it, the more excited he became. Early this morning, he even took time off from work to wait at the aircraft docking station so he would be able to meet Ren Sheng.

There were many people who thought the same way as Sutton, so today there were more people waiting there than ever before.

“No wonder the Marshal likes him. He is so powerful!”

“I didn’t think a Kay could be so strong, the Marshal’s vision is really good!”

 “You’re out of date with this news. Let me tell you… they are saying that the Marshal’s future wife is not a Kay.”

“Really, who did you hear that from?”

“My uncle is barely an upper class and someone told him.”




Amidst all kinds of whispers, the Zhao Lingyu’s aircraft landed.

Seeing Zhao Lingyu step out from the aircraft, everyone else stared at the aircraft. Zhao Lingyu would carry Reng Sheng out, right? 

After Zhao Lingyu left the aircraft, he stayed in place as if he was waiting for someone. But then while everyone was looking forward to seeing Ren Sheng, an old man stepped down from the aircraft. 

How could an old man come to the army? Where is Ren Sheng?

Why did an old man come to the army? Where is Ren Sheng?

“Who is that old man?” Sutton spoke in disappointment.

“Who are you calling an old man?” Elder Teng waved Little Green and gave Sutton a blow to his head. Since he had made up his mind to back up Ren Sheng, he might as well give these people a head start.

“Elder Teng, sorry, he didn’t mean any harm.” Sutton’s friend helplessly apologized for him, what old man? This was the famous Elder Teng!

 “I’m sorry.” Sutton also knew that he was rude, but just as he was apologizing he suddenly became excited again. “Ren Sheng! Ren Sheng is here, too!”

Just after Elder Teng got off the aircraft, Zhao Lingyu carried another person from the aircraft and wasn’t that person Ren Sheng?

Ren Sheng originally did not want to let Zhao Lingyu carry him this time, but Zhao Lingyu took a look at those hungry wolves staring at his little ginseng outside and didn’t hesitate to carry Ren Sheng while somewhat regretting.

If he knew, he would have told Ren Sheng to restrain himself a little bit yesterday.

 “Good morning Marshal!” These soldiers saluted in unison, but their eyes fell on Ren Sheng – the Marshal was common, but many of them had never seen Ren Sheng before.

They didn’t expect that a person who didn’t look like an adult would be so powerful. They didn’t know how much effort… everyone was in awe.

Old Teng who was worried before that Ren Sheng would be ostracized in the army, was puzzled by the current situation – why didn’t these people follow the script? He was ready to use his identity to suppress these people and then tell them that Ren Sheng was his master. But as a result, these people not only ignored him, but on the contrary… worshiped Ren Sheng?  Fanatical?

Ren Sheng was also flattered. After being surprised, he showed a smile towards those outside.

Ren Sheng was already good-looking, but after smiling he was even more lovely. Sutton always thought he liked strong people, only to find that he seems to prefer small ones at this time.

 Sure enough, the small ones were cuter. He will never mind his mother raising palm-sized puppies instead of big hounds again!

 “What are you all standing here for? If you feel too idle, you can exercise. Everyone here go run ten laps around the training ground.” Zhao Lingyu’s voice rang out.

This was so familiar, many of them had just heard it yesterday. Marshal, you actually just want to drive us away, right?

There were suddenly a lot more people on the training ground, but some stayed due to their special identity. “See Marshal! I am the instructor for ability users who are newcomers. According to my duties, I need to take the newcomer to get familiar with the First Legion!” Their ability user group won a jack-pot!  Yesterday, a Ren Sheng came who was an S-class battleship pilot. not to mention plant ability user, and  today surprisingly, even Elder Teng was here.  

He almost fainted from happiness when he saw the information just now. It was Elder Teng!  It was said that the combat power of Elder Teng was not less than Zhao Lingyu’s!

Noticing that the man’s gaze fell on him, Elder Teng had the feeling of finally stumbling upon a normal person.  Zhao Lingyu also stopped this person from running. “Take Elder Teng to get familiar with the environment, then prepare a research room for him. Remember to purchase a full set of planting equipment.”

 “Yes, Marshal!” The rookie instructor gave a military salute and then looked at Elder Teng excitedly.

This was the strongest plant ability user. Marshal must have brought him to the First Legion, most likely to let him instruct Ren Sheng, the future Marshal’s wife. He must let this man have a good impression of the First Legion!


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