In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 44.2 – Let’s Go Together

What did not following Zhao Lingyu have to do with starvation? Shen Qiushi was puzzled, but Zhao Lingyu grabbed Ren Sheng’s hand. “Ren Sheng and I will go together, we will leave at midnight tonight.”

This time it was the star pirates who occupied the resource star. The situation was not as urgent as the Zerg Queen rushing into the Human Federation, therefore, the First Legion had half a day to prepare.

“What are you doing taking Ren with you when you go to war?” Shen Qiushi frowned.

“Mother, you also followed father around to fight back then.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“I am different, my strength…”

“Auntie, I am also very strong.” Ren Sheng clenched his fist and waved it, now that his injury had healed, he could easily escape from under Shen Qiushi’s hands if he wanted to and he would not necessarily lose in a fight.

Shen Qiushi did not know what Ren Sheng thought, but looking at Ren Sheng’s wrist, she saw Little Green. Thinking of the scene where Ren Sheng tied Elinor up with Little Green, Shen Qiushi moved her lips, but she did not try to stop him anymore.

“Whatever you have to take with you, take it all.” Zhao Lingyu glanced at Ren Sheng and after thinking for a moment, he went back to his room and gave Shen Qiushi the powder he had brought from Elder Teng. “Mother, these powder can be given to Aunt Feng to eat. Take care of it well and don’t let anyone know about it.” Feng Kexin has already taken the medicine powder, it was not good to cut off her medicine now and let her miscarry her child.

“I know.” Shen Qiushi said seriously, she was well aware of the precious nature of this powder and she will not let it be wasted.

Ren Sheng didn’t want to bring anything, except for the jade slips and seeds that were in his own space. He only valued Zhao Lingyu, so he followed him to the First Legion with empty hands. At the same time, he saw two powerful men carrying things to the warship.

One of them Ren Sheng knew, it was Fang Chengjun, whom he had met twice. But he did not know the other person. It was not until Zhao Lingyu said hello that he knew that the other party was a member of the Locke family.

“Ethan, come and meet the Marshal.” Ethan, the heir to the Locke family was 150 years old this year and looked very calm. But the Locke family has protected him too well so he was not smooth enough to hide his heart – Seeing Ren Sheng held in Zhao Lingyu arms, he looks disdainful.

Fang Chengjun was not as alienating as Ethan, so after he greeted Zhao Lingyu he smiled and greeted Ren Sheng too. “Ren, long time no see.”

“Long time no see.” Ren Sheng came down from Zhao Lingyu and said hello with a smile. Then he asked, “Why are you here?”

“That’s for your Marshal to ask. I was planning to take a new girl I met to dinner and spend the night together, but as a result, I was called by your Marshal and had to go to inspect the property.” Fang Chengjun sighed, his pair of peach blossoms filled with pity.

“Then why don’t you bring that girl to spend the night together here?” Ren Sheng asked puzzled.

“Humph, do you think everyone is like you and are capable of freely going in and out of the First Legion as you please?” Ethan coldly snorted.

Ethan already didn’t like Zhao Lingyu much and he disliked Ren Sheng who was glued to Zhao Lingyu even more. At the same time, he felt that others should think the same as him.

But in fact, others thought differently from him and as soon as his words left his mouth, he felt the atmosphere around him become different. Almost all the soldiers of the First Legion glared at him.

Ren Sheng was so small and cute and he was very good at piloting a warship. Not to mention he was their Marshal’s favorite, so how could such a thing be said by others?

Seeing this, Fang Chengjun silently took a step back.

Although he did not know how Ren Sheng got the support of the soldiers of the First Legion, he knew that Ethan was stupid.

Talking badly about others and other people’s turf, was he thinking his life was too easy?

“Mr. Locke, please remember your own words when you get on the battleship later and stay well in your room. Don’t wander around, the First Legion is not a place for people to come and go as they please!” Zhao Lingyu said indifferently.

Saying this, it was clear that Zhao Lingyu was protecting Ren Sheng. Ethan glared at Ren Sheng. Although he never liked Zhao Lingyu he still respected him but… a men who acted stupid because of some beauty, doesn’t deserve his respect.

Zhao Lingyu, of course didn’t care about Ethan’s opinion. Seeing that the time to depart was approaching he carried Ren Sheng into the warship.

Although Ren Sheng did not understand many things, he also knew that Ethan didn’t like him very much. He also knew that Zhao Lingyu was helping him out so he leaned on Zhao Lingyu’s shoulder and waved to Fang Chengjun. “Fang Chengjun, I’ll take you to play when you get on the warship. There’s a lot of delicious food in the kitchen of the warship!”

Hearing this, Ethan’s face instantly paled. He was ordered to stay in the room and not wander around, but he wanted to take Fang Chengjun around to play. This was simply giving him a warning!

By this time, Ethan didn’t even want to go, but those strong men from the First Legion who were helping to carry things stopped him. “Mr. Locke, hurry up, the warship is about to leave.”

Ethan was almost carried aboard the warship and after he was on board someone began to talk in front of him. “Some people with abilities are kept in the Capital Star all day and do not take part in the battle. I think they are almost wasted.”

“Yes and they still behave proudly thinking they are very strong. But if they try to fight someone I am afraid they would not be able to beat a child.”

“That’s all they can do and they still have guts to laugh at people!”




Ethan choked on a breath in his throat, unable to get it up or down.

At this time, Zhao Lingyu had taken Ren Sheng back to the cabin, while pinching a handful of Ren Sheng’s butt.

“What are you doing?” Ren Sheng covered his butt and asked in confusion.

“Nothing. Ren, have a good rest. I’ll let the others take Fang Chengjun for a stroll.” Zhao Lingyu said and could not help squeeze a little more.

The warship had already left the Capital star by this time.

This warship was a part of the First Legion’s main ship, so after it left Capital Star, it contacted the First Legion’s fleet. All smaller warships docked into the main ship while the main ship speeded towards planet 12534.

Meanwhile, on planet 12534 there were many people waiting for rescue.

The energy mine ore was a special kind, because it had a lot of energy and was magnetic, which would make machines malfunction, so they could rely only on manual mining. Therefore, there was a large number of miners stranded all the year round on planet 12534, who triggered the development of other industries.

Today, planet 12534 could be called prosperous, with more people than some of the most environmentally friendly immigrant stars. If it was not for being abandoned as a mineral planet, sooner or later it would never have only a number.

After the star pirates took control of planet 12534, they began to force the inhabitants of the planet to mine ores. They scattered these people, roughly classified them according to their physical fitness and age, and then determined the energy mines they had to hand in every day according to different classifications before forcing them to work.

Among the people forced to work were the original miners, but many others who also lived on the planet were engaged in other occupations. How could they do such heavy work as mining?

A fat man with a big belly tried his best to knock down a piece of energy ore with all his strength, but when he bent down to pick it up, he fell to the ground because he was exhausted.  He threw the energy ore into the basket he was carrying, and for a moment he felt very sad. “How can I live this life…”

“If you don’t work, you won’t have food to eat later.” A middle-aged woman next to him said.

“I can’t work anymore, I really can’t work anymore…”

“Do you want to starve to death?” The woman said while continuing to knock the ore.

“Starve to death… I’ve never lived such a hard life in my life.” The fat man coughed violently. He was a businessman. He came to planet 12534 this time to deliver high priced vegetables, but the result was not good. He was robbed as soon as he got the money and then thrown into the mine.

“Then you’ll starve to death. I’m definitely waiting for the Marshal to save us.” The middle-aged woman gritted her teeth and continued to mine.

“Yes, the Marshal will definitely come to save us!” Hearing the word “Marshal” the fat man got up in high spirits again. “The Marshal will definitely come to save us, I’ll hold on!” Although he was a businessman, he still respected Zhao Lingyu.

The conversation between them cheered up other people in the same mine and several people even whispered the word “Marshal.” Only a 13-or 14-year-old boy in the corner remained silent.

Roy knocked hard on the ore in front of him, listening to others talk about Zhao Lingyu with mixed feelings. When he ran away from the marriage, he thought he had done the right thing. Now he didn’t want to get the news that Zhao Lingyu was not dead after two months.

Looking at the video of Zhao Lingyu’s heroic and extraordinary performance at the Human New Life Day celebration, he couldn’t help regretting it.

However, thinking that Zhao Lingyu no longer had an ability and he would not necessarily end up well in the future. He felt much more comfortable and at the same time dismissed the idea of going to Capital Star, planning to have an interstellar tour instead.

They went to many places and this planet was originally just one of their transit points. He didn’t expect to meet star pirates as soon as they arrived on the planet. Then he and Qiu Zhuang were forced to start mining.

If he and Qiu Zhuang were together, Qiu Zhuang would certainly not let him get tired. With Qiu Zhuang’s ability, he could mine enough ore for both of them, but the star pirates disturbed all of them.

Qiu Zhuang was assigned to the advanced group and had to hand in a lot of energy ores every day. He was assigned to the lower and middle group and although the energy ore he had to turn in every day was less, it was already a whole day’s worth of digging for him.

As for his ability…

His ability was not strong in the first place so after the star pirates captured all the ability users, how could he still dare to show it?

If he had not run away and married Zhao Lingyu…

No, now that Zhao Lingyu was in good health, he certainly wouldn’t look at a Kay like him. The one who married on his behalf was definitely having a hard time now. Maybe he will even be targeted by Zhao Lingyu’s wife in the future.

Thinking like this, Roy felt much more comfortable and began to calculate how to escape.


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