In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 31.1 – Meeting A Rival At The Party

Zhao Lingyu appeared at the celebration of Human New Life Day and revealed the information he had found out over the past few days to the people of Capital Star as soon as he showed up… it was an outright conspiracy.

However, it was precisely this kind of conspiracy that caught some people by surprise – under the eyes of the entire Capital Star, they not only could not refute Zhao Lingyu, but also had to stand by him to crush those ‘assholes.’

When the head of the Locke family returned home, he smashed a large vase in front of his house with a wave of his hand on thinking of the grievances he had encountered on the parade platform earlier.

The Locke family had already known about Zhao Lingyu’s comeback, so naturally no one dared to appear in front of the family head at this time. After he started looking much calmer, Mrs. Locke went up to him. “Husband, what shall we do now?”

“What to do? What else can you do? I can only recognize it.” He thought Zhao Lingyu was going to die, but he didn’t expect that this man would use himself to draw attention to this matter. His subordinates also found so much evidence…

If Zhao Lingyu had shown this evidence on any other occasion, he would have been able to save some of his losses. But now the whole Capital Star was watching, so he had no choice but to stand on Zhao Lingyu’s side and help him take down his own men.

“The Zhao family is hosting a banquet tomorrow,” Mrs. Locke said.

“We’ll go too, and bring Xiao’er to make amends.” Mr. Locke quickly made a decision. Now that Zhao Lingyu hated him, he also wished for the Zhao family to die. But he still had to do a good job on the surface.

Just as the Locke family got the news, so did the other families. Wen Yue, who had just finished watching the live broadcast of Human New Life Day almost gnashed her teeth to nothing after receiving the gloating communication from her ‘friend.’

Shen Qiushi now hated her and she was afraid that Zhao Lingyu had no affection for her too. If she appeared in front of them again, she would certainly only be humiliated……

If she had known that Zhao Lingyu would not die, why would she have done it? But now it was too late to say anything!

Wen Yue was by no means the only one with regrets. In the beginning, when the Zhao family was about to go extinct, many people felt sorry on the surface, but they had been clearing their relationship in private. Now they hated it so much they wanted to slap themselves a few times.

Of course, some people were sad, but others were happy. Many of the young masters and ladies of Capital Star worshiped Zhao Lingyu and now that Zhao Lingyu was alright, they were naturally elated.

In one of the side branches of the Fang family, which was one of the five big families, Fang Rumeng, wailed as she watched the Human New Life Day’s celebration. She fell in love with Zhao Lingyu when she accidentally met him thirty years ago, but she never had a chance to get close to him. After Zhao Lingyu’s accident, she wanted to go to the Zhao family house to see him, but was forcibly sent away from Capital Star by her parents.

She was only able to return to Capital Star at this time because she was going to attend the Human New Life Day celebration, so seeing that Zhao Lingyu was fine, she was so happy, she couldn’t stop her tears at all.

Regardless of the situation outside, the Zhao family was no different than usual.

The banquet wouldn’t be held in the Zhao family mansion, so after Shen Qiushi decided to hold the banquet, she immediately contacted a hotel in the capital city and hired a special person to take care of it so she wouldn’t need to bother anymore. Except the old housekeeper, everyone else in the house only ate, slept, and harassed other people.

Zhao Lingyu glanced at Ren Sheng who was lying on his bed and refused to leave. Then, he started cultivating.

The technique that Ren Sheng gave him was very painful to practice, but it was not without its benefits. At the least, it lets people clear their minds and not think about nonsense.

When the pain became intense, certain thoughts that should not be there would disappear…

Seeing that Zhao Lingyu began to practice, Ren Sheng wrapped his hands and feet around him and fell asleep while absorbing the soil.

The banquet was held in the evening of the next day and in the afternoon, Ren Sheng’s clothes were delivered.

Although Ren Sheng was so small that it made people think he was a teenager at first glance, he had a good figure, with thin waist and long legs. The white clothes Zhao Lingyu specially brought for him made him look extremely delicate.

“I still prefer green.” Ren Sheng touched his clothes. “My leaf clothes are very beautiful.”

‘The leaf clothes? That’s a little too revealing and it’s simply only suitable for inside the room…’ Zhao Lingyu grimly took a bottle of perfume and sprayed it on Ren Sheng’s body.

“What is this?” Ren Sheng frowned and sneezed. “It doesn’t smell good to me.”

“This is the most expensive perfume in the Federation. It is not only refreshing, but also good for ability users.” Zhao Lingyu said and sprayed it several times more.

Although Mr. Teng had lived in the Zhao’s house for almost a month without discovering Ren Sheng’s identity and the average person wouldn’t think that Ren Sheng was a plant, Ren Sheng’s ginseng smell still needed to be covered up.

But this scent was not as good as Reng Sheng’s, which he was used to smelling…

“Oh.” After listening to Zhao Lingyu’s explanation, Ren Sheng nodded his head cleverly.

It wasn’t until the people who came to the banquet arrived one after another that Shen Qiushi brought Ren Sheng to the place where the banquet was held. As for Zhao Lingyu, he wouldn’t appear until the banquet started.

“This child is so handsome and cute.” As soon as she saw the two of them, a noblewoman who was good friends with Shen Qiushi came over and praised Ren Sheng.

Shen Qiushi was not modest. “I feel the same way… this child is also very clever. It really hurts my heart.”

Shen Qiushi showed her closeness with Ren Sheng as soon as he came up. Later, she even boasted to everybody, so that those who came to the banquet once again realized Ren Sheng’s position in the Zhao family.

Fang Chengjun watched this scene from a distance. His astonished eyes observed Ren Sheng’s body before landing on Fang Rumeng who just came to him. “Rumeng, what do you think of him?”

“The fact that he’s not a Kay means that he can’t have children. At such a young age, the Zhao family also couldn’t let him become Zhao Lingyu’s partner no matter what.” What Fang Rumeng said was also what the others present were thinking.

“So you’re still sticking to your idea?” Fang Chengjun asked again.

“I don’t want to give up again. Even if Zhao Lingyu doesn’t have his ability anymore and is just an ordinary person who can even die early in the future.” Fang Rumeng said. Previously, when she was sent to another planet, she also thought of confessing her feelings to Zhao Lingyu. But after seeing the scene of Zhao Lingyu standing on the high parade platform, she really regretted it. Now no matter what, she would fight for him. 

“We are just the same surname of Fang. I will not interfere with what you want to do, but even if Reng Sheng is not Zhao Lingyu’s partner, he has Zhao Lingyu’s and Shen Qiushi’s approval, so if you want to pursue Zhao Lingyu, don’t offend him,” Fang Chengjun added. He also didn’t think that Ren Sheng had a chance to become Zhao Lingyu’s partner. But that didn’t mean that Ren Sheng was easy to bully. 


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