In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 90 – Ren Sheng Wins First Prize

The idol she picked made it all the way to the finals. Lola was very proud of that and was naturally also very excited to broadcast the news.

“The identity of No. 472 has been guessed, but who No. 78 is, is still a secret. Let’s wait and see who is hidden under number 78! Well I was wrong, let’s wait to see who the final champion will be!” Lola said loudly and when she finished she smiled playfully. “Obviously now everyone should be waiting for the results of the competition, but I’m more interested in knowing who 78 is in the end and not who will win in the end. If 78 turns out to be a handsome big man, I will definitely go to offer a kiss!”

“Who is that woman?” Zhao Lingyu, who used a public internet access device and used a rigid public appearance, pointed at Lola while looking at Crohn who was beside him.

“She’s a very famous host. She’s very beautiful, isn’t she?” Crohn winked at Zhao Lingyu. His action would look very handsome if he used his own body, but right now… the person who sat next to him just turned his head unforgivingly.

“Is that so?” Zhao Lingyu frowned. Although Crohn couldn’t see Zhao Lingyu’s expression clearly because of his virtual body, he could guess Zhao Lingyu’s thoughts. There were also too many people around, so he didn’t say much. Instead he sent a message to Zhao Lingyu. “You won’t belittle others just because you are jealous, will you? But you can rest assured that she won’t make any moves, because she would be accused of molesting a minor and she will certainly not dare to bear the charges.

Zhao Lingyu looked at the message and became silent. Before Ren Sheng went to participate in the competition, he kissed and molested this ‘minor.’ Are there any minors in this world who have lived for more than 100,000 years? Compared with Ren Sheng, he himself was quite young!

Well, not it was not the time to worry about this because the battle just started. Ren Sheng’s opponent was very experienced and unlike those who fought with Ren Sheng before, he wasn’t disrupted by his tempo because he was fast and piloted very steadily. This undoubtedly brought some troubles to Ren Sheng but also made him quite excited. You know, he came to participate in this competition in order to gain more experience!

Adjusting his mental state, they attacked each other back and forth. Ren Sheng was in a great mood and treated it as an exercise until he was about to run out of energy. First place was a dream come true for many people, but it was of little use to Ren Sheng. The prize for first place was a custom-made mecha, but even if he didn’t win first place, Keith would definitely help him find someone to make him a mecha.

But he felt reluctant to admit defeat on purpose. What’s more, according to what he knew, his opponent already had his own exclusive mecha and he had no shortage of them, so he wouldn’t have to feel guilty for stealing someone else’s chance.

With his physical strength about to be exhausted, Ren Sheng used his spiritual energy with all his might and then defeated his opponent in a very short time with the help of his roots. At the same time, he couldn’t help but lose some strength.

“I lost. You’re very strong, can you let me know who you are?” No. 472 said. Now that the battle was over he simply put away his mecha and revealed his real face. It was a big man with a full beard, looking very masculine. He smiled brightly towards Ren Sheng.

Ren Sheng was a bit torn. He has achieved his goal of training himself and at this time he really didn’t want to let others know his identity. When this gossip group was observing him… Some Ruoya people looked at him with an expression like he was a pile of fat, so he couldn’t help but sweat.

Ren Sheng hesitated a little. Among the people who watched this scene someone snickered, “Why doesn’t 78 move? It’s not because he is too ugly, right?”

“Maybe that’s it!”

“He can fight like this, but no one had heard of him before. Maybe there is really something wrong with him.”




As the competition progressed, more and more people knew about 78. The audience generally felt that it didn’t matter what he was really like, but those who really paid attention to the match were divided into two extremes.

There were some people like Lola who liked and admired him, thinking that he was very powerful. But there were also some people who hated 78 very much. Obviously he could end the battle early, but 78 preferred to drag it, showing off his skills… such behavior was really disgusting!

Speaking of it, many of the people who hated 78 were people who had participated in the competition. Hearing such whispers, Zhao Lingyu’s expression became ugly. But unfortunately, there was no way his expression could be used due to him using a public body. He couldn’t even beat these people up. People who use public internet access devices don’t have permission to beat people up online.

These damned rules! If it weren’t for the fact that his body might be scanned by the simulator for abnormal conditions, he would never have used the damn public internet access machine!

“You don’t want to?” No. 472 noticed Ren Sheng’s hesitation and became a little curious. “The competition will announce your information soon…”

With the other party’s reminder, Ren Sheng thought that even if he doesn’t say it now, others will still soon know who he was. Didn’t he take part in the competition with his real name? Putting away his mecha, Ren Sheng stood in front of No. 472.

“I didn’t expect you to look so young and handsome!” 472 said sincerely, but suddenly his expression froze again as his eyes became fixed on the name above Ren Sheng’s head. “Greenton?”

Wasn’t Greenton a minor? Wasn’t it said that the minor was already eliminated a long time ago? Why was he standing in front of him?

“Mm-hmm.” Ren Sheng nodded. There were a lot of people talking in the auditorium before, but at this moment it became completely quiet.

A lot of people wondered who number 78 was and many people knew that Greenton was a minor. They wanted to see what happened to him when the list came out, but they didn’t expect that these two famous people would be the same person.

No wonder that even after watching so many videos before, they still couldn’t guess who 78 was. It was because he failed to fight in the previous two battles. After a short silence, the audience suddenly exploded! A lot of people didn’t believe what they saw.

“He’s only nineteen, nineteen! How is it possible for him to have that kind of mecha piloting skills? There must be some mistake!”

“Yes, how did that happen? A group of hundreds of years old, lost to a minor?”

“Is there something wrong with the central computer?“




Some people doubted Ren Sheng, but many people also supported him.

“Oh my god! So #78 is Greenton! He is really handsome!”

“Those guys said before that he wasn’t capable of winning the competition by virtue of his minor status, now they’ve been slapped in the face, right?”

“That’s right, my Greenton is so good. Why does he need to rely on his minor status?”

“Let’s see… after the anonymous match, the first opponent that Greenton met was the person who admitted defeat to him at the beginning. He said that he didn’t want to fight a minor, so he admitted defeat and later he admitted defeat because he couldn’t beat our Greenton!”



There were all kinds of comments, but Ren Sheng just stood quietly in the field before moving his feet quickly. He had a long match before, so his whole body was already a bit overwhelmed. He was looking forward to finishing all of it and going back to his children.

“Oh my God, he’s so handsome! I want to give him a hot kiss, but it’s too bad because I can’t molest a minor! It’s really sad! But I’ll still be a fan of his and love him more and more!” Lola said to her audience, criticizing certain people again. “Ladies and gentlemen, there were many people who questioned 78 before, thinking that he was teasing people by deliberately delaying when he could clearly win. But now when we think about the back and forth, we can understand why. Just because he was not yet an adult, Greenton was almost banned from the competition, it certainly would be upsetting. Plus the first person he fought after the anonymity rule was the one who was unwilling to compete with him at the beginning of the competition. Wanting to teach him a lesson… this is just a little temper from a child. He has been  accused of so many different things by so many people. But on the contrary, the people who have been blaming him have not been punished. I think some people should apologize to him! “

Lola was speaking for Ren Sheng and there were also many other people who did it too. Those who liked Ren Sheng before, liked him even more after knowing who he was. While those who didn’t like him before, felt very ashamed.

They had been questioning Greenton before, certainly making Greenton unhappy, so it was only natural that he wanted to play some tricks during the competition. It was really shameful for them to be jealous of Greenton at first and then 78. Greenton was just a minor.

Everyone around him was talking about him, but Ren Sheng who felt a little uncomfortable just nodded to 472 and left the competition field. As before, when he came down from the field, a lot of people gathered around him. Ren Sheng, seeing this situation, decided to directly go offline.

The reporters smiled bitterly at this scene. Many people went out of their way just to be interviewed by them, but this Greenton was so good that he directly avoided them like they were snakes and scorpions. Hey, if they can’t interview Greenton, they would retreat and interview the second place who was Greenton’s opponent. These people planned to interview people according to their published ranking, when from the sky suddenly fell colorful pieces of paper flowers.

They fell not only at one place, but in the entire virtual world. For a while, the world was occupied by beautiful pieces of paper flowers, as if it was snowing. What was the joyful occasion of the Ruoya Empire? Everyone became curious.


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