In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 106 – The Bustling In Ruoya

Perhaps because of the knowledge that her body could still become well and even have children, Nia has been smiling even when she eats the strange tasting paste that Ren Sheng made for her, leaving Master Fern and McCarthy very confused. Before Nia could explain, she went to the toilet clutching her stomach, so in the end Master Fern could only look at Ren Sheng.

“She was happy to know that she could still have a baby.” Ren Sheng said and then pointed to the nearby pair of Gerd twins. “You take care of them so that you can learn how to take care of your grandchildren.”

Master Fern and McCarthy were stunned for a while before they could respond. Then they were as excited as Nia. However, they still held the two children steadily, without the slightest mistake in their posture.

Keith looked at these two people, as if he was thinking about something. Once Keith and the others returned to their quarters, they saw Crohn sitting d on a bench made from the gorgeous skin of a deep-sea gargoyle watching the news. One of his legs swayed from side to side on the coffee table, looking very happy.

“You guys are back? Got a good babysitter for the kids?” Crohn asked.

“Found a good one.” Ren Sheng nodded and then looked at Krohn’s stomach.

“What are you looking at me for? Think I’m too handsome? But it’s impossible for me and you. If Zhao Lingyu gets jealous, I will be beaten up.” Crohn said. He also did not know what was going on with Zhao Lingyu. Recently, he showed some strange and bizarre skills, so he no longer dared to provoke him.

“Don’t worry, it won’t happen.” Ren Sheng said.

“Why?” Crohn asked subconsciousl”He doesn’t hit the pregnant man.” Ren Sheng said.

“I’m not a pregnant man.” Crohn said subconsciously.

“You’re pregnant.” Keith said, quietly removing the shield.

The contact terminal on Crohn’s hand went off as his body stiffened.

Crohn was indeed pregnant, but after finding this out, he froze and even freaked out a little. “What the hell is going on here? How could I be pregnant?”

He hadn’t done anything at all! A certain part of him hadn’t encountered anything other than excretion either! In that case, how on earth did he get pregnant? Even though he had promised Keith he would also have one himself, it was too sudden!

“I injected you with some of my cells.” Keith said.

“And It still worked?” Crohn froze. Yesterday, Keith took a syringe and stabbed him. He just thought that Keith was trying to do some research again. So with the idea of supporting his wife no matter what he did, he was quick to extend his arm. As a result, he got pregnant after being stabbed with a needle?

When did this world become like this? A year ago he was still jumping up and down trying to get a few secret recipes for childbirth, but now he could even get pregnant by a simple shot…

Crohn’s expression was so wonderful that the others who looked at him didn’t know whether to sympathize or congratulate him. In any case, Crohn was still looking forward to having a child, so after the initial shock, he began to think about how to maintain it.

In the face of all of it, only Elder Teng showed some hesitation. “Crohn is also a fighting force, but now he is pregnant…” and Marshal Raymond, why did he decide to get pregnant himself? Otherwise, their side would have a stronger fighting force.

“The Ruoya people don’t fight pregnant women.” Keith said.

“Yes. In the Ruoya Empire, no one dares to make a move against a pregnant person. Even Prince Chapman with his space blade ability that is very difficult to deal with, would certainly not dare to hit me.” Crohn said.

“It turns out that this is still a death-free gold medal.” Elder Teng said. Before long, Zhao Lingyu came back with several large and small bags of delicious food. Ren Sheng skillfully divided the food into five parts, one for himself and the other four for the children.

“I think I smell sunflower tea eggs from a guest’s residence… Give me some.” Crohn immediately said. Sunflower tea eggs were the eggs of mutated ants that only ate a kind of precious fungus they cultivated themselves. The eggs they laid also had the flavor of sunflower tea. Sunflower tea was already expensive, but sunflower tea eggs were even more expensive.

“No, it’s mine.” Ren Sheng said. This kind of sunflower tea egg also had some medicinal value and it would also make you feel very comfortable after eating it. Naturally, he was reluctant to give it to others.

“Didn’t Zhao Lingyu buy a lot? Just give me two.” Crohn said. After selling a large amount of Nourishing Potion, Zhao Lingyu instantly became a rich man, but the speed at which he spent money was not inferior to the speed at which he made money.

“You are stealing food from the kid?” Keith looked at Crohn with a slight frown. He said it as a question, but his serious expression made it look more contemptuous.

“I’m a pregnant husband! Pregnant husband!” Crohn exploded.

“Eh, it’s good that you’re comfortable with it.” Keith nodded, satisfied with Crohn’s performance.


In the next few days, Zhao Lingyu became increasingly busy and the online news about the Pregnancy Pill and Nourishing Potion grew bigger and bigger. From 50 Pregnancy Pills, Zhao Lingyu gave twenty to Emperor Will, five to Keith, and took twenty-five for himself. After he gave the first twenty five pills, he never gave out Pregnancy Pills anymore.

The ‘Prince of Child Delivery’ was now a famous person on the Internet. Countless people expected that this person would change his appearance every time and look for them to give them Pregnancy Pills. But suddenly there was no news of that person…

What was the reason for this?

Someone soon began to try to find out why. It was at this time that someone suddenly discovered that all the people who had gotten the Pregnancy Pills were more enlightened and close to lower civilizations.

Many people from the Ruoya Empire had an indifferent attitude towards lower civilizations. They didn’t hate them and didn’t have much contact with them. Of course, there were also some people who liked all kinds of various civilizations. The two dozen people who got pregnant this time were almost all like this.

In the Ruoya Empire, it was very convenient to contact others, so it was difficult to ban the news. Because of this, the matter of the Human Federation was quickly dug up. Even the video of Keith explaining the affairs of the Human Federation at the palace banquet was made public.

Some people in the Human Federation have developed the Nourishing Potion and Pregnancy Pill. They were also willing to make a deal with the Ruoya Empire. but some radicals killed the people of the Human Federation and kidnapped the child of the researchers.

No wonder the Emperor suddenly asked people to look for the baby who was only a few months old! Ordinary civilians of the Ruoya mpire rarely had extreme radicals and were more concerned about their own lives. So they were naturally outraged to learn this.

The Ruoya Empire’s birth rate was getting lower and lower year by year, and if it went on like this, Ruoya would become extinct. Now there were even people who couldn’t get pregnant, because of racism….

All of the Ruoya Empire was buzzing.

The internet was full of ordinary people crusading against the radicals. Just after a short time, many people started striking and organizing themselves to start looking for the missing baby.

“Those racists are so nasty! How dare they do this to a child!”

“That’s right. If it weren’t for them, maybe we would have known about the existence of the Nourishing Potion and Pregnancy Pill. We might even already have a baby!”

“There were already fewer and fewer people in the Ruoya Empire and these people still did such a thing? Bringing Ruoya to its demise?”



There were all kinds of voices on the Internet and with these voices, there was one person who was starting to get a lot of attention. It was Chapman… because many traces revealed that the person behind it was Chapman.

It was known by everyone that Will the Great was a very gentle person, but Chapman was the opposite.

Chapman was very young and he previously gave the impression that he was full of vigor and ambition. In his past speeches, more often than not, he would mention that Ruoya was the best country and will certainly grow in the universe and so on.

The content of Chapman’s speeches were full of passion and he was really a person who was very good at inciting others, so many young people in the Ruoya Empire supported him. They even hoped that he could take office as soon as possible and lead the Ruoya Empire to glory.

But no matter how good the big cake looked, it was just empty talk without any substance. These days, the Chapman faction did everything they could to figure out how to deal with it, but they were still overwhelmed by the current situation.

In fact, Chapman’s best way to deal with this situation was to incite the people to wage war and his faction also did the same. A man from Chapman’s faction made a speech, saying that the Pregnancy Pill and Nourishing Potions should not be in the hands of the Human Federation, but in the hands of the Ruoya Empire. His passionate speech did make many people have such thoughts.

Compared with having to buy from the Human Federation, having it in their own hands would be the safest. However, before the speech was over and the video of the speech had spread, Keith released another report… the ‘Report on the cultivation of raw materials for Nourishing Potions and Pregnancy Pills.’

This report had a lot of text and information. Inside the report, Keith wrote out and filmed all of his attempts to grow plants for the Pregnancy Pill. It also included a lot of data, all of which showed that Ruoya was not capable of growing those plants, much less knowing the preparation method.

At first, when reading this report, there were many people who felt that Keith was bribed and this report might be a fake, until they saw the video and commentary at the end.

There were two videos, both taken with the contact terminal and uploaded directly, without the possibility of forgery. The first video features the Ruoya Empire’s strongest plant-based ability user. The gentle woman was in front of a plant that seemed to be withering, but she couldn’t do anything about it.

The second video was in the same place, when a teenager with a white and delicate face that was only halfway visible, came closer to the plant. With a wave of his hand the plant immediately regained its spirit and even blossomed tricolor flowers and quickly produced seeds. The man gently picked up a seed, but just in a moment, the plant in his hand sprouted, grew quickly, and blossomed again.

As for the note… “The Human Federation is an inferior civilization. They simply do not have the ability to research the Pregnancy Pill and Nourishing Potion that contain magical substances. It comes from the partner of a Marshal of the Human Federation, whose race was different from all the races that Ruoya has found till now. According to recent revelation, he belonged to the tree people. It was also revealed that this special substance inside these two medicines, was similar to the aura of the Dark Abyss.”

The spiritual power contained inside several medicines gave a feeling similar to that of the Dark Abyss, which was first discovered by Crohn. Now there were also people in the Ruoya Empire who also felt it, just because the energy of the Dark Abyss was very violent no one thought of it before Keith plainly brought it up.

Seeing the video and the description, most people gave up on the idea of starting a war to grab things… the owner was not from the Human Federation so how could they grab it?

At this point, they found that underneath all of this, there were ways to log in to the various networks of the Human Federation and even a language translator was included.

Many people tried to connect to the Human Federation’s network and after that, many of them didn’t want to leave.

Although the virtual technology of the Human Federation was terrible, they were surprised to see children everywhere on the Internet and then looking at the fertility rate of ordinary people in the Human Federation…

People who have been holding two for three years could be easily seen. Contraceptives could even be bought everywhere on the Internet. On some immigrant planets, in order to limit the population growth, each couple could only have a maximum of three children…

All of this made them really jealous.

Many people were so grief-stricken after discovering it that they almost forgot their original business. But fortunately, some people quickly regained their sense and looked up the news of Nourishing Potions and Pregnancy Pills.

It turned out that no one in the Human Federation knew about the Pregnancy Pill, but there were still many people who wanted Nourishing Potions, but the only one who could make them was the Zhao family. Even if the Human Federation was defeated, they would not be able to get the Pregnancy Pills and Nourishing Potions.

Although some people still yearned for war, most were looking forward to peace. The matter of starting a war was naturally rejected, but there were still many people that hoped that the Ruoya government could develop tourism to the human federation so they could go on the Human Federation kindergarten tour.

In addition, the Human Federation’s entertainment industry, food industry, etc. also interested the people of the Ruoya Empire. Although these things were also developed in the Ruoya Empire, they were definitely not as diverse as in the Human Federation.

After the veil of the Human Federation was lifted in front of the Ruoya Empire’s people, it was not surprising that it soon gained a lot of goodwill.

Just at this time, a well-known commentator in Ruoya wrote an article… ‘If there is no Pregnancy Pill.’

If there was no Pregnancy Pill, the Ruoya Empire would perish sooner or later, while the Human Federation’s technology was developing rapidly and its population was large. They might dominate the universe one day…

This article wrote about the worries of the future of the Ruoya Empire and about the prediction of the future of the Human Federation, which gave every Ruoya person who read it a chill. At the end, there was one sentence, “If the Human Federation belonged to the Ruoya Empire, then both sides would become one…”

The Internet was dizzying with all kinds of news and some ideas began to be injected into the minds of every Ruoya civilian. Just at this time Marshal Raymond’s wedding arrived.

Marshal Raymond recently got pregnant with three children and was in an extremely good mood, so the man who has always kept a low profile ended up planning an unusually lavish wedding and inviting many people.

In Prince Chapman’s residence, His Royal Highness held the invitation in his hand, his expression very gloomy. It was obvious that he was in a very bad mood. He certainly did not have a reason to be in a good mood. Originally the throne that was in his reach was now very far away from him. A Hundred years of building his business was ruined, so how could he be willing?

In order to get the throne, he already given up a lot of things, so letting it go at this time was really not something he could do.

Even if he could do it, others will not necessarily let him go… he clearly did many things against the Human Federation.

“Are we going to Marshal Raymond’s wedding?” Adela came in from outside and asked carelessly.

“Go.” Chapman said, collecting his expression and smiling gently.

Chapman’s smile always makes young girls fancy him, but Adela ignored it. “Good, I’ll go get a dress.”

In the twinkling of an eye, it was Marshal Raymond’s wedding day.

Both Keith and Crohn received invitations, of course, they were not the focus.

Zhao Lingyu, returning to his original appearance, followed the two of them to the aircraft.


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