In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 7 – Feeding a Ginseng

“Mother, I can now control the energy in my body within a certain range. You need to send me to the nearby unnamed star now.” Zhao Lingyu, who had been touched all over his body, finally remembered what he had to do.

Shen Qiushi didn’t answer her son’s words and instead asked, “Lingyu, how can you control the energy in your body?” It was absolutely painful for her to let her son die out there alone.

If it had to be done for the sake of the inhabitants of Capital Star, of course she would agree to it, but the energy in Zhao Lingyu’s body was still under control, even if it was rioting. If the largest energy in his body belonged to the Zerg Queen, there would be nothing to worry about.

“Ren Sheng gave me something to eat and I felt that my body has become much better.” Zhao Lingyu said directly.

Shen Qiushi had suspected that the weakening of the energy rioting around her son had something to do with Ren Sheng, but now she was finally sure. “Your body is getting better, don’t say this anymore!”

“Marshal, I’ll go wherever you go!” Ren Sheng had been listening to Zhao Lingyu speak when he suddenly spoke out.

“What are you going to do?” Zhao Lingyu sighed.

“I’m getting married to you and I’m going to be with you forever.” Ren Sheng recalled Dino words again.

‘Such words would definitely be considered a confession if someone else said them, but this child… did he know what his words meant?’ This thought flashed in Zhao Lingyu’s heart and he looked towards his mother, wanting her to persuade Ren Sheng.

Shen Qiushi’s eyes were very complicated when she suddenly said, “If you’re going to the unnamed star, your father and I will also go with you.”

Zhao Lingyu shut his mouth. His father’s health was not good and if he went to the unnamed star, the first one to get into trouble would definitely be him.

“Don’t worry, in a short while you won’t be in such pain anymore!” Ren Sheng added while patting Zhao Lingyu’s head, clumsily comforting him.

Ren Sheng’s eyes were so serious that Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help but want to believe it, but just how could it be that simple for his injuries to heal just like that?

That night, Ren Sheng insisted on sleeping next to Zhao Lingyu. Shen Qiushi tried to persuade him not to do it, but in the end she still agreed.

At this time, the matter of the Zhao family finding a mate for Zhao Lingyu had arrived outside the Zhao family and all the Capital Star dignitaries basically already knew about it. After hearing the news, everyone reacted differently. Some sympathized with the Zhao family, some felt sorry for them, and some ridiculed them in private, thinking that the Zhao family was doomed.

There were never as many people who fell to the ground as there were those who put the icing on the cake. Shen Qiushi connected to the Capital Star network and news from all directions was sent to her. Looking at the information in her hands, her expression became unreadable.

This night, like many before it, Shen Qiushi did not sleep, and neither did Ren Sheng.

The energy in Zhao Lingyu’s body was so messed up that he would definitely be in great pain, but what if he wanted to reduce that pain? Ren Sheng rummaged around his own stomach for a solution.

As a ginseng spirit who had lived for over a hundred thousand years, Ren Sheng also had some magical powers. Inside his stomach, there was a space where he could put things. It contained all the things his master had left for him.

Originally, in Zhao Lingyu’s situation, taking a few of the pills left behind by his master would have been fine. But it had been 100,000 years since his master had ascended and he stayed alone in that valley, watching the land beneath him grow barren. So he had crushed all the pills and ate them. So now there was nothing left.

As for other things… The magic weapons he had were either for attack or defense, but they couldn’t heal. He thought he could buy alchemy pills with the jade he had, but it wasn’t necessary in this world. As for the gold, silver, and jewelry he had, they didn’t seem to be of any use. Ren Sheng suddenly turned over a bag filled with ginseng seeds.

These ginseng seeds would bear fruit. In other words they would be his own children, but since he was able to take human form he was worried that if he planted them, they would rob him of his nutrients, so he put them all away. He couldn’t even count how many there were.

Suddenly jumping up from the ground, Ren Sheng took out a ginseng seed and stuffed it into Zhao Lingyu’s mouth. Zhao Lingyu wasn’t asleep and was about to ask him what he fed him when he felt the familiar flow of heat running through his body, which was already famished, become nourished.

What had this man fed him again?

“I’ll give you all my children to eat, but you must get better soon.” Ren Sheng said. Having said that, he did not feel distressed at all. No matter if it was a ginseng spirit or a spiritual beast, it was hard to treat creatures of the same species that weren’t enlightened as their own kind, when they had already become enlightened. In fact, he has always treated these ginseng seeds as tumors, which occasionally grew in his hair.

What child? Did he hear wrong? Zhao Lingyu’s heart flashed with this idea, but it soon fizzled out.

Ren Sheng looked at the ginseng seeds in his hand and then at Zhao Lingyu, and suddenly thought of something. If he planted ginseng seeds in Zhao Lingyu, was it possible to grow a bunch of enlightened ginseng children? No, why would he want someone else to steal the rest of the refined soil from him? It was his!

Early in the morning, Ren Sheng, who was full of nourishment, took off his shoes and stood in the open space in front of the house, sunbathing. The old butler seeing this scene quickly came over: “Master Ren Sheng, it’s still cold aren’t you too cold?”

“I am not cold, I like to bask in the sun.” Ren Sheng smiled.

“If the Young master likes to sunbathe, he can go to the sunroom in the back, where the light can be adjusted…”

“Where is it?” Ren Sheng asked curiously, “Is this sunroom filled with sunshine?”

A sunroom was certainly not a room filled with sunlight, but was in fact, a greenhouse that could automatically adjust the nutrients, moisture, and light intensity inside.

Once inside, Ren Sheng was captivated and after listening to grandpa butler’s explanation of how to use it, he fell even more in love with the place!

Slowly digesting the refined soil from Zhao Lingyu in such a sun-filled place was definitely the most comfortable thing in the world. He already made this decision. Only the plants around it were a bit of an eyesore, if only this place was all his own!

The old butler looked at Ren Sheng’s happy expression and also revealed a smile. Plant ability users like young master Ren Sheng should like flowers and plants very much wouldn’t they? Maybe he should buy more flowers and plants?

Ren Sheng felt very happy with his life right now.

There are big chunks of refined soil to cuddle at night and during the day he could sunbathe, eat all kinds of flavored paste, and when he was done he could continue to hold the source of refined soil. It was just that the things he felt happy about looked a little off to others.

Shen Qiushi had already learned from her son that Ren Sheng had given him a special medicine again. Although she didn’t know where Ren Sheng, who had nothing on him before he arrived would get this medicine, she was still grateful to Ren Sheng. And it was this gratitude that made her pay more attention to Ren Sheng’s condition.

“Little Ren, come to auntie.” On the third night of Ren Sheng’s arrival at the Zhao’s house, Shen Qiushi finally called him over.

“Auntie?” Ren Sheng looked curiously at Shen Qiushi.

“Ren, how about watching TV with your aunt?” Shen Qiushi picked the most popular cartoon in the Federation and screened it, accompanying her grandson to watch cartoons had always been her greatest anticipation. But now only her son-in-law could accompany her.

Ren Sheng had been in a hurry to go back, but he didn’t expect a splendid image to suddenly appear on the wall in front of him, making him immediately stand still.

Obviously there wasn’t the slightest energy reaction here, so how could such an image appear? And the child in the picture, he looked so cute. Ren Sheng was so caught up in the moment that he completely forgot to go hug Zhao Lingyu to sleep! This important matter.

Seeing this, Shen Qiushi was relieved and immediately went to look for the old butler, “You go order some toys for the children to play with and also buy a learning machine for kids, that’s been hot lately. Right… And also some clothes. Ren has so few clothes, so we should buy some.”

“Yes, ma’am!” The old butler smilingly answered and went out, only he went out for a short time and suddenly came back, “Madam, Miss Wen is here with the young master of the Locke family.”

“Wen Yue?” Shen Qiushi’s expression cooled down as she watched Ren Sheng watch the cartoon.

“Yes, it’s Miss Wen Yue.” the old housekeeper’s face wasn’t very good either.

“I don’t have time to receive…” Shen Qiushi hadn’t finished her words when someone had already walked in.

The tall long-haired blond man who was carefully guarding a young woman with black hair, brown eyes and snow-white skin, together with his bodyguards had barged right in!

Shen Qiushi had only left a handful of people on the island in order not to get anyone else into trouble and it was probably because of this that these two were able to come straight inside the house.

“What are you doing here?” Shen Qiushi frowned slightly looking at Wen Yue. It was more difficult for ability users to have children than ordinary people because of their genetic mutations. Although some ability user couples could have 10 or more children in their lifetime, most ability users could only have one to three children in their lifetime. At the same time, the more powerful the person was, the more difficult it was to have children.

The Federation had been running a program for centuries to help every ability user check their genes and abilities because of this and finally the computer was used to check the fit and match between ability users.

The young girl in front of her was the one who had the highest degree of fit and match with her son.


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