In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 105 – Popularity In Ruoya

That brave Marshal was pregnant? You’re kidding, right?

Unless the marshal was dressed as a  woman… But the Ruoya empire does not prohibit women from joining the army and Marshal Raymond’s experience from childhood to now has been shown clearly from hundreds of years ago. In that case, how could he be a woman?

Or, in fact… Major General Jenkins was a woman? Also, Major General Jenkins was as beautiful as a flower. That face, without any sense of dissonance, was even more beautiful than most womens… When many people felt that the media was talking nonsense, another big news came out. The Marshal was pregnant with triplets!

Ha ha, this news was really fake. In the Ruoya Empire, twins were already considered a miracle and triples, wasn’t it just a joke?

Unfortunately, those who insisted that this was false news were soon slapped in the face, because the people around Marshal Raymond released a picture of the embryo and vowed that the three children were very stable.

So… the Marshal was really pregnant? Their idol was pregnant?

Just as the news was gaining momentum, that research-obsessed Duke Keith published an article… “The Complete Record of Men’s Pregnancy”.

The article began with a picture of a twin fetus that were almost two months old, followed by some records of the ‘father’s’ physical condition and observations of the fetus. Then further down there were various pictures of the fetuses and their physical condition at different times.

The pair of twins that had different abilities grew up in a man’s belly before they eventually were removed by caesarean section. Now, they have already adapted to the situation outside and no longer need to be soaked in nutrient solution.

In the last picture, two children were lying in a small crib together, one of them biting the other’s toe, while the one who was bitten stared at the other’s foot, as if he wanted to bite it.

The two children looked very similar, their hands and feet were also very small, pink and tender. They were cute enough to make people want to cross the screen to hug them.

The people of the Ruoya Empire felt that the door to a new world had been opened.

It turned out that a man could get pregnant!

Could it be that… if the Ruoya Empire wanted to save their current fertility problems, they needed to change the gender of the person giving birth? The Ruoya Empire was not without homosexuality. If men could really give birth, it would not be exposed at this time. But recently, there has been a lot of trouble.

The young man gave some inexplicable pills to others to eat and the individuals really got pregnant. But what was amazing was that the child did not grow normally in the womb.

After a rigorous comparison, someone suddenly found that the pregnant man’s child looked like a tumor at the beginning. Could one of those weird pills make even a man pregnant?

The Empress, Raymond, and the many pregnant women… could it be that they all took that kind of pill?

Who was the pregnant man in Duke Keith’s article?

Was it… Something that the upper echelons of the empire have researched, but concealed from the civilians?

Just at this time, a well-known journalist said online that he knew that even Duke Keith himself was pregnant, but the news had been banned from the public until now.

Knowing this news, more people exploded. The Ruoya Empire’s internet became very lively at once and everyone was wondering what the pill was, while questioning the Ruoya Empire’s upper echelon that hid the existence of the pill.

At this time, Keith’s home has been blocked by all kinds of people. Others who could contact him through his contact terminal all sent messages, expressing that they wanted to see him.

Before, when it was made known that Empress and Keith were pregnant, although those nobles were eager to, they also had some concerns. This way of conceiving a child, who knows whether there would be some problems?

Because of such thoughts, many people, although moved, did not do anything. With regards to the article published by Keit… children have already been born that were conceived after taking the Pregnancy Pill!

Such an important news, but Keith still concealed it and did not say anything! Moreover, the one who could give birth due to the Pregnancy Pill before Keith, wasn’t it a person from the Human Federation? Keith was able to get such detailed information, definitely because he had been in contact with the people from the Human Federation!

For a while, these nobles were almost furious and after being furious, they hurriedly collected their expressions and went to find Keith with a smile on their face to inquire about the details. Keith certainly didn’t want to meet anyone, but there were still people in the world he had to meet, such as his mother.

Keith’s mother was no longer young, but she was still very beautiful. After Keith’s father died, she married another aristocrat, but the two of them had no children. She had less and less contact with Keith as he got older, but she was definitely a mother who loved her child.

“Keith, is that Pregnancy Pill really that good? No side effects?”

“Yes.” Keith nodded.

“Keith, you should be in touch with the Human Federation, right? Haven’t they given you a lot of Pregnancy Pills? Can you give me one?” The woman with many fine lines in the corner of her eye looked eagerly at her son. Although she was old, she was still younger than the Empress, so it was certainly possible to have a child.

“If you are willing to sign the contract.” Keith clicked on his contact terminal and passed her a contract.

The woman opened it curiously and Crohn, who was next to her, explained at the right time. “The people of the Human Federation are only willing to give some help to those who are close to the Human Federation in order to ensure their safety.”

This lady loved literature and was very kind and sentimental, so she did not have any radical thoughts, while her current husband was a neutralist who never took sides.

The contract was quickly read and the woman didn’t even mention her husband as she directly made her decision. “I will sign!”

It was too straightforward… Crohn worriedly asked, “Your husband?”

“If he does not agree, I will take the child, divorce him, and divide all his property as well! You can rest assured that I will absolutely abide by the contract to give you all his property and you can take them. I want to stand by your side.” The women laughed.

Really… too straightforward! Crohn didn’t even know that this lady who was always soft and weak had this kind of courage. He also believed that anyone would not mind compromising a little in the face of a wife who wanted to run away with their child.

“I want a child very much, a soft and sweet child. This time I must attach importance to education. I can’t let him be spoiled even if I spoil him… “ She then glanced reluctantly at Keith.

“…” Keith looked at the woman silently, he often did not know how to communicate with his mother, who was very emotional and would shed tears from time to time, so he did not speak much. But in fact he was really filial. As long as he was in the Ruoya Empire, he would see her at least four times a month and give her gifts on every holiday, never missing one.

Of course, if his mother knew what he was thinking, she would be very depressed. The child who stood in front of her was like a wooden figure for a while every month, barely responding to her words. He also gives her the latest scientific research books, making her feel even more hopeless.

After Keith took care of his mother and watched her take a Pregnancy Pill, he welcomed Crohn’s cousin.

This cousin had come with a girl he had been chasing for decades and hadn’t caught up with. The girl had previously rejected him on the grounds that their abilities didn’t get along, but now that wasn’t even an issue anymore.

“Brother-in-law, are there any more Pregnancy Pills? I’ll exchange it with my entire family fortune. No, I should say I’ll give my entire family fortune to my cousin as dowry! Anyway his wife also had money and they needed to build a good relationship to buy Pregnancy Pills later!

“Yes.” This title was very satisfying! Keith answered with a straight face.

Keith who had high status after giving four pregnancy pulls were cleared. But when he went to see the two lovely children he had delivered previously, just like the previous days, he was stopped by Gerd.

Ruoya Empire’s medical skills healed Gerd’s wound in one day and in another day, he was fully recovered. Now he was naturally full of energy.

“My children, I can’t believe that you put them on the Internet!” Gerd gritted his teeth and looked at Keith. He and his two sons were surrounded by spectators!

“Zhao Lingyu agreed.” Keith said in silence.

Gerd was silent for a while and finally said, “I won’t care about the pregnant man anymore.” If Zhao Zhao Lingyu agreed then there must be a serious reason.

“If you are not happy, you can release my child’s observation record later, which would be more detailed than yours.” Keith said.

Gerd felt that to people like Keith, you really shouldn’t care too much about some things. But just as this idea appeared in his mind, his two sons cried suddenly, so he turned around to hug them.

As a result, the children cried even more.

“Are they hungry or did they poop? Are they sick?” Gerd had his hands full.

“No illness, no urine.” Keith took out an instrument and looked at it.

“It should be uncomfortable for you to hold.” Fang Chengjun took the children from Gerd’s hands and sure enough the child soon stopped crying.

Gerd breathed a sigh of relief and couldn’t help saying. “There are many machines that can help take care of babies in the Human Federation, right? The Ruoya Empire’s technology is even more advanced, so there should be some places to buy one?”

Keith glanced at Gerd in silence. “No one would be willing to leave their child with a robot.” In the Ruoya Empire, there were people who were willing to help people with their children for free, so who would be willing to give their children to a cold machine?

Of course, the average couple will not let others take care of their children. After all, when Ruoya women got pregnant, they would have paid parental leave for a minimum of 10 years.

In fact, those couples with ordinary abilities could still have a child in their lifetime, a few lucky ones could even have two, but their life expectancy was too long. When a couple was 100 years old and had a child, they could only take care of him for 20 years at most. For the next two or three hundred years, they would be alone again.

“But I really have no experience in raising children. How come Ren Sheng’s children are so easy to take care of, but mine are like this?” Gerd sighed. Although he read some information, he was not very interested in them so he spent most of his time studying the scientific and technological materials given by Keith. But theory and practice were different…

“You can ask Master Fern and others to help. They are very experienced.” Ren Sheng came up with an idea. He now cultivates spiritual power every day to learn mecha piloting so he basically left his children with Nia and the others to take care of them.

“Good, let them give me some help. I’ll learn from them later.” Gerd nodded and then looked at Fang Chengjun. “You need to learn more too!”

“No problem.” Fang Chengjun smiled faintly.

When Gerd and Fang Chengjun carefully carried the children to Master Fern’s, Nia was sitting on a chair reading a story to several children. The children were listening very carefully. Even Third Baby would open his eyes to look at Nia when she made excited sounds.

Nia looked very gentle when she took care of the children, so Gerd immediately decided to ask Nia to help him with his children. Of course, Nia couldn’t bear to refuse, especially after she found out that the two children had just been born and were real children. Ren Sheng’s children really made the people who took care of them very unfulfilled. They were all very smart, not to mention she couldn’t even hug them till now.

“We have something to do during the day, so I hope you can help us take care of them. Of course we will come over for dinner. If we are free, we will also come to take care of them and at night, we will take the children back.” When he really had to leave the children behind, Gerd was still a little reluctant.

Only, he still had a lot of things to do. He needed to at least send back more information about Ruoya.

“No problem.” Nia said gently and then looked at Ren Sheng. “Ren Sheng, Zhao Lingyu went out again. The prince who gives children, is that him?”

“Yes.” Ren Sheng admitted it directly, but Master Fern knew it for a long time. He didn’t even know why he didn’t tell his daughter.

“Do you know that it’s all over the Internet that you discriminate against lesbians?” Nia said again.

Ren Sheng looked at Nia in bewilderment.

“Men and men, men and women can have children now, but women and women can’t.” Niya said, if women and women could do it, could she also get McCarthy pregnant? Even if she was still in poor health, McCarthy was very strong!

“As a matter of fact, women and women can also get pregnant, as long as another person’s gene is put into the body of the person who has taken the Pregnancy Pill. However, it is not possible to take other people’s genes directly, because it will be digested in a short period of time. Genes need to at least  stay in the other person’s body for a period of time.” Keith talked a lot about his research.

“How do you know?” Gerd asked subconsciously.

“Crohn is pregnant.” Keith said calmly.

Poor Crohn. He didn’t even know how many methods were tried on him. Ahem, eat another person’s genes or something… they seemed to learn something they shouldn’t.

“He doesn’t know yet.” Keith added.

Keith noticed the strange eyes of the others and explained. “He promised to get pregnant and when he goes back, I will unblock the shield.” Someone had been looking for him before so he didn’t have time to explain it to Crohn yet, so he simply used the shielding device to cover this up first.

Nia’s eyes lit up as she looked at Ren Sheng. “Then can you give me a Pregnancy Pill? I’m definitely pro-Human Federation!”

“Of course you can, but you’d better take it after a month.” Ren Sheng was completely unaware of Nia’s ferocious thoughts.

She could eat it herself? Another month for her body to get better? Nia immediately suppressed her previous thoughts.

Compared to letting McCarthy conceive a child, she still preferred to conceive one herself.


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