DOASCC – Chapter 31.1 – Real BOSS

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Meng Feixuan who failed his teaching emotional experience class, sighed dejectedly and decided to honestly enter the work state, and begin to report the situation of the original world to Xie Ran.

In fact, even without Meng Feixuan’s report, Xie Ran could basically guess that his consciousness was separated from the previous world, but did not return to the original world so the biggest possibility was that the technical problem of the original world was not yet solved.

Apparently, there was more than one parallel world where Xie Ran’s life was in trouble.

Meng Feixuan seriously said: “Sir, you should be prepared, until the problem in our world is fixed, your consciousness may be constantly captured and fused with atomic group consciousness of other worlds.”

Speaking of which, he couldn’t help but sigh a little: “Since all these people are called Xie Ran, why do these people have such strong feelings? I wish they could treat me just like SIr.”

Xie Ran: “…”

After his system gained entity, its idea seemed to be getting richer and richer.

After talking about the original world, Meng Feixuan also reported to Xie Ran about the situation in the previous world after Xie Ran consciousness left.

When Meng Feixuan was in a state of superposition, information of different dimensions of multi-dimensional space could be obtained in an instant. The fourth dimension could naturally also be seen fully.

When Xie Ran consciousness was removed from the previous world, Meng Feixuan also entered the superposition state, and in that moment, he saw the complete timeline of the original owner’s life after they left.

After Xie Ran left, the original owner returned to the entertainment industry but this time he knew he did not have talent in investment so he just held on to the shares Xie Ran had arranged for him in advance and sat on the huge dividends every year as he put all his energy into the acting career he really liked. The original body owner was reborn with a new life so his acting skills also became more transparent and mature so every role he took won him an award. Then he really became an unshakable superstar in the entertainment industry.

Fang Huiwang never appeared in the original body owner’s life again. To be exact, only once when the original body owner came back from abroad after winning an award and the airport was crowded with fans who wanted to welcome him. He came out from the Vip entrance and just as he turned around the corner he bumped into a person wearing a mask.

That person was Fang Huiwang, who also just got off the plane but at this time Fang Huiwang was already completely out of date so there were no fans who came to pick him up at the airport. He just wanted to avoid Xie Ran fans, there were many former “Fang x Xie” CP fans and now these people had become his more despised people.

Fang Huiwang did not seem to expect to meet the original body owner in such a situation. The original body owner was shining brightly in the limelight but he was cowering in the shadow hiding. At that moment, he wanted to burrow into the ground, but he couldn’t help but call: “Xiao Ran.”

Many years ago, he called him like this every day and night at the players dormitory of “Tomorrow Starlight” talent show to his heart’s content. At that time his teenage feelings were real and the tenderness in his eyes was also real. But the later exploitation, hatred and hurt was also true.

If only a person could choose to stop in a certain period of time and never change again.

The moment he called the other person’s name, Fang Huiwang didn’t know what he wanted to do but his chest was full of emotions that could not be released as he was eager to get a response from this person.

But that person only glanced slightly at him with an afterglow. There was no ripple in his eyes and he did not answer, not to mention even the slightest pause in his steps as he left under the protection of the staff.

Even if there was a trace of hatred, it would be good. Fang Huiwang leaned against the wall and suddenly couldn’t support his body.

The original body owner did not even know the current situation of Fang Huiwang nor did he have the slightest interest in him. His own life was more important and he did not want to waste even a little bit of his time on people that did not deserve it.

After understanding the situation of the original body owner of this world,. Meng Feixuan fell into deep thought: “I wonder what it will take for the atomic group of consciousness of Xie Ran in this world to calm down?”

Xie Ran asked rhetorically: “Didn’t some TV series from your server let you find out the answer?”

Meng Feixuan looked at Xie Ran with some certainty: “Sir, I feel as if you are mocking me?”

Xie Ran’s face remained expressionless: “Yes.”

Meng Feixuan hurriedly changed his tone into that of overworld beaning “Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

Xie Ran: “…”

He seriously started to think about violently modifying Mark core core into version 2.0.

Although it was temporarily unclear how to calm the original body owner obsession, since Xie Ran crossed directly into the game he thought that the problem would also be eventually solved in this online game.

In other words, Xie Ran still had to play this game frequently.

At the mention of this, Meng Feixuan asked curiously: “Sir, Xie Ran should not be an ordinary casual player, right?”

In fact, the reason why he had mistakenly hacked into Mark Sword’s data at the beginning after entering the game, apart from the fact that Mark Sword’s own data was powerful, there was also another reason. The trajectory of this set of data was eventually pointed at Xie Dafang.

In other words, it wasn’t because he hijacked that the green robed guest Mark sword was passed to Xie Dafang, rather it was because the green robed guest was supposed to pass the sword to Xie Dafang that led him to hijacking Mark Sword data.

“Well, this is just a trumpet.” Xie Ran said, the original body owner was one of the earliest players of “Bright Moon River Lake”, but later encountered some accidents so he simply cut down playing hours and became an ordinary casual player.

Meng Feixuan suddenly said: “No wonder, Xie Dafang ID revealed this low-key flavor.”

Xie Ran refused to make a comment and only glanced around: “I am afraid it would be hard to keep a low profile in the future.”

Meng Feixuan followed Xie Ran’s line of sight and found that out of nowhere many players of both sides of the road began to look at them with strange eyes, and some of them directly pointed at them.

Meng Feixuan: ?


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