DOASCC – Chapter 20.3 – CP Showdown

Also, the song they sang was the theme song of “Tomorrow’s Starlight”.

It turned out that Yewang studio bought the stage design and the cover rights of the theme song from the original copyright holder of “Tomorrow’s Starlight” to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Fang Huiwang’s debut.

This music video was undoubtedly extremely successful. After redoing Nangong, his performance was excellent. Whether it was image, audio system or performance, it was significantly higher than that of others virtual idols now. He was not much worse than Meng Feixuan at the conference.

As for the technology of recreating the stage, it was a unique one, showing the technical strength of Black Star Studio and Tianyin Idol Studio.

For a while, the whole network boasted about Nangong.

The major media also began to write articles comparing Nangong with the current most popular virtual idol, Meng Feixuan.

When Meng Feixuan debuted, he was also a sensation and his rising valuation already said it all.

But after his debut, Xie Ran, not sure if it was because he did not have time or because he was too arrogant, did not arrange any corresponding marketing strategy for Meng Feixuan. So far, everyone’s impression of Meng Feixuan was still stuck in the stunning moment of his debut.

Now, even this stunning impression had been shattered.

–This music video of Nangong replicated Meng Feixuan’s stunning performance at that time.

When Meng Feixuan debuted, there were many who questioned his live interaction as a slightly more advanced intelligent voice system, far from the level of the so-called “virtual idol awareness”.

The interaction system that Nangong showed today was extremely similar to Meng Feixuan and seemed to prove this point.

Nangong’s success made Fang Huiwang’s popularity soar rapidly and wildly after hitting the bottom.

Not only that, there was also internal staff of Lan Si brand who broke the news to the marketing account that the brand cooperation between Fang Huiwang and Lan Si was negotiated by Fang Huiwang himself.

According to the staff, Fang Huiwang performed very well in business negotiation which was completely different from some idol artists without any skills. It was due to this impression that the senior management of Lan Si believed that he had enough substance to support the brand.

The data comparison post pointed out in several aspects that he was behind Xie Ran, which he was now refuting one by one.

In terms of high luxury endorsement, virtual idol investment flip and personal ability improvement. Who would dare to say that an artist who can negotiate high luxury endorsement contracts on his own had a poor personal ability?

Fang Huiwang’s turnover from word-of-mouth of course declined Xie Ran momentum.

[Fang Huiwang is so awesome, see how long it took him to prove himself with his strength.]

[I’m laughing my ass off, and someone said he is basking in Xie Ran’s light. Who is basking in whose light?]

[I don’t know who started that post but it was just someone trying to set a rhythm. No matter how you look, Fang Huiwang’s strength is good.]

[Whoever has vested interests is the one who owns it, doge]

[hee hee, fans even brag about high-level artistic aesthetics! What’s the use of bragging so loudly if top brands will not even look at you?]

[Speaking of which, I don’t know if anyone remembers but someone reported before that Xie Ran studio took Meng Feixuan lion’s share and caused dissatisfaction with Seeking Technology. Now that Tianyin idol studio is cooperating with Nangong, doesn’t it prove that Seeking Technology has given up on Meng Feixuan?]

[Xie Ran is really floating. I think he was blown out of the water by the praise on the Internet, thinking that with Meng Feixuan, he could do whatever he wanted. But I did not expect Fang Huiwang to lie down and make Nangong his secret weapon. Not only taking the investment of Tianyin idol studio step by step, but also leaving the Xie Ran studio dumbfounded.]

[That’s right. Why did Meng Feixuan blow out like this when he was only like this? Now Nangong has already done everything he did. I really started to believe in evil spirits.]




Yewang studio

“Tianyin idol studio’s capital injection has arrived today, our capital chain has basically been eased, and the valuation of the studio has been doubled. Moreover, the online opinion of Xie Ran’s studio has also become unfavorable.” Kuang Youfang handed Fang Huiwang a report with pride.

Fang Huiwang, who received the report just glanced at it casually and said: “To be expected.”

Kuang Youfang now had a much more respectful attitude towards him than he used to, so he said with a smile: “This is a great move on your part. Now the internet is suspecting that the posts that degraded you before were put out by Xie Ran and many netizens are very sympathetic to our studio. Which obviously boosts our reputation.”

Fang Huiwang was not so proud of Kuang Youfang and only sneered: “This also needs to have strength, netizens will not have sympathy for the waste.”

“Yes, it is.” Kuang Youfang nodded his head, still inwardly shocked.

It had to be said that the changes in Fang Huiwang after he returned from the recording of ‘Somewhere Else’ were really too amazing.

He not only negotiated the endorsement of Lan Si by himself, the concept and idea of redoing Nangong were also provided by him. His ambition and demand for himself also become much stronger.

The turnaround of Yewang studio could be said to be the work of Fang Huiwang alone.

Just then Fang Huiwang suddenly asked again: “What is the situation of Meng Feixuan now?”

Kuang Youfang gazed puzzledly at his words. This was another change that Fang Huiwang had made after returning from the show recording. For some reason, he was suddenly hostile to Meng Feixuan, a virtual idol.

Like now, their competitor was clearly Xie Ran studio but Fang Huiwang was more concerned about Meng Feixuan.

Kuang Youfang raised his eyebrows and said: “Tianyin gave me accurate information. Seeking Technology has officially withdrawn its application for cooperation with Xie Ran studio so they will not buy Meng Feixuan. In addition, because of the impact of Nangong, the market valuation of Meng Feixuan also fell sharply.”

“What a waste.” Fang Huiwang’s eyes became more and more gloomy, but his face smiled: “I thought how amazing it was, but in the end, it was just the product of animation and audio. What he can do, Nangong can also do even better than him.”

He said while opening the music video he and Nangong collaborated on. He had watched this video many times and this time, knowing the situation of Meng Feixuan, he even looked a little happy.

This music video not only pushed the original half-dead Nangong back to the public eye but also successfully triggered a nostalgia boom among the fans of “Tomorrow’s Starlight” talent show, especially the nostalgia boom among Fang x Ran CP fans.

It was possible to say that FangxRan CP fans were responsible for pushing Nangong to top virtual idol status this time.

The reason was in this music video, Nangong took on the part of the lyrics that ten years ago were sung by Xie Ran.

Didn’t Xie Ran want to untie from him? This will depend on whether the cp fans are willing or not.

Not only that, he will also use these memories to completely destroy the careers of Meng Feixuan and Xie Ran.

Fang Huiwang fantasized about Xie Ran’s complete defeat in an all-round way, so he would have to finally bow to him. Suddenly Kuang Youfang looked at him and said nervously: “Look at Weibo! Xie Ran has taken the endorsement of Stardust.”

“What?” Fang Huiwang was stupefied for a moment and hurriedly opened Weibo on his phone. Sure enough, the first hot search was the news of cooperation between Xie Ran and Stardust.

Stardust was the world’s top luxury brand and had always a notoriously high demand for cooperating with artists. They required that artists should not only have a good personal image and high popularity, but also require artists to have sufficient connotation and aesthetic appreciation. Netizens jokingly called it an unreasonable demand for stars to be both celebrities and artists.

Now, they actually asked Xie Ran to be the spokesperson?

Fang Huiwang looked at the news carefully, not sure what was going on.

In this hot search, there was a picture of cutting-edge painter Shahi’s twitter, which was the  picture of her and Xie Ran just posted by Shahi.

It turned out that since the photo of the “Old, New West” location sparked a heated discussion on Weibo, Stardust had contacted Xie Ran through Shahi. For the brand, Xie Ran’s image was good and he was already very popular. He was also a Jinzhou Award actor winner and most importantly, he was also the only person who recreated the famous painting “Old, New West”. In terms of artistic level, no one in the entertainment industry could match him.

After contacting Xie Ran, Xe Ran did not let them down, he showed such strong professionalism that Stardust quickly decided to invite him to become a spokesman.

The contract had long been signed and just waited for the airing of the second episode of “Somewhere Else”. With the cooperation with the program, the publicity effect could be maximized.

But no one expected that Fang Huiwang’s Lan Si endorsement would also be scheduled to be officially announced in the same period.

The two stars who had been competing in the public eye announced their endorsements in the same period of time. Inevitably, they would be compared again.

There was a clear gap between Lan Si and Stardust.

The atmosphere on the internet immediately became awkward.

[Ahem, FangxRan CP are really worthy of being bound together for ten years even though the official announcement of endorsement are so dramatic ha!]

【Emmm, I can understand the official announcement of Stardust at this time, but Lan Si…. Anyway, everyone knows who’s embarrassed.]

[What is there to be embarrassed about? Is Lan Si shameful?]

[Fans, I don’t mean disrespect. Lan Si is very good but if there is no contrast, there is no harm. The first thing you want to do is to compare the actual performance, when you just mocked that Xie Ran’s endorsement was not as good as Fang Huiwang? How can you turn your head and deny it?]



Yewang studio had worked hard to guide the public opinion to the current situation. Kuang Youfang did not want to return to the previous point so he immediately said: “What are you going to do? You are not letting Xie Ran do it again, are you?”

Fang Huiwang was much calmer than he was and continued to browse Weibo as he sneered and said: “It’s just an endorsement. What can I do to change it? Don’t forget how much money they will lose if Meng Feixuan is left in their hands….”

Before he had finished his words, he was surprised to hear Kuang Youfang once again: “Meng Feixuan also got a hot search!”

Fang Huiwang frowned and  clicked on the hot search list to see Meng Feixuan on it. However, his hot search keywords were a little puzzling saying: Meng Feixuan fighting the landlord champion.

Fang Huiwang: ?

He clicked on the link in the Meng Feixuan homepage, and he saw a Weibo sent out by him just a short time ago.

MengFeixuanoffcial: What’s the matter with your company Seeking Technology? I won the championship of fighting the landlord competition, so why don’t you just admit it? Is your company really going to swallow my 50,000 yuan prize money?

The comments on Weibo were all lined up with question marks from netizens.


[What’s going on? What fighting the landlord competition?!]

[As a person who has been paying attention to fighting the landlord competition, I will explain the situation. This competition was held by Seeking Technology. Although it was an entertainment tournament, it still needed some IQ. The champion of this competition was very fierce and beat all his opponents completely. Therefore, there was a suspicion that he was using some plug-ins but after testing it, Seeking Technology proved that there was no sign of using plug-in. The main point is that Seeking Technology asked for ID card to prove identity to claim the prize, but the other party said he was Xie Ran’s studio Meng Feixuan which was judged by Seeking Technology as forfeiting the award. But now that Meng Feixuan has come out to claim it, what will happen with this situation?]

[If it’s really Meng Feixuan, doesn’t that mean that Meng Feixuan is really an artificial intelligence?]

[???Are you bragging? ]




When the netizens were saying different things and speculating, Meng Feixuan suddenly sent out another Weibo,

MengFeixuanoffcial: @Nangongofficial, I heard that someone is comparing you with me? Then I ask for a direct contact info to you.


The author has something to say:

Mark: I’m an artificial intelligence, but I’m being compared to an artificial retard, I’m so angry! Come on!


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