DOASCC – Chapter 4 – Conference Release

Xie Ran Studio’s virtual idol release was at a well-known  five-star hotel in the city. On the same day, in addition to inviting the media to be there for interviews, a live webcast was also opened so that netizens could watch the launch simultaneously through the live app.

Kuang Youfang, who was well versed in the entertainment industry, not only set his own release date to the same day as Xie Ran, but also the same time and form. Meanwhile, the media and internet live broadcast were carried out simultaneously, which made the expectations of netizens become lifted to extreme. The press conference was popular even before it started to broadcast.

For several days, the Internet was full of prospects for the press conference and it became a battle ground for Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang fans on various forums.

On the day of the press conference, a large number of support fans gathered outside the hotel. The live broadcast had not yet started, but there were already a large number of netizens waiting in advance. Many people directly double-opened, both sides live broadcast rooms. But netizens who could not double open could only swear.

Various media were divided into two groups, one with Xie Ran studio and the other with Yewang Studio. All of them were rubbing their hands, waiting to become the first one who harvested this astonishing flow of this contest.

In the backstage of the hotel venue, a large number of staff was busy, making the final preparations before the start.

Xie Ran, dressed in a long black down coat, sat on the sofa in the corner. Unlike other people, he looked very calm and casual as he leisurely confirmed the process with his assistant.

Seeing that the time was almost up, Xie Ran stood up and was about to take off his down jacket when the mobile phone screen on the side flashed.

His assistant Yu Guang glanced and saw that the caller ID was actually Fang Huiwang.

Assistant: !!!

There’s a situation! She knew that the relationship between the boss and Fang Huiwang was not simple!

But after all, she was professional. Although she felt like gossiping in her heart, she was prepared to avoid it wisely.

She watched Xie Ran pick up the phone with one hand as his other hand smoothly reached out to her, signaling her to help him take off her jacket with no intention to avoid her.

The assistant’s spirit was lifted and she couldn’t help but perk up her ears in excitement.

Immediately after, she saw Xie Ran press hang up without hesitation, and then threw the phone towards her hand: “Put it away.”

Assistant: “……”

WTF! Ruthless!

Fang Huiwang was waiting for Xie Ran to call him since his studio released the news of the launch of the virtual idol.

He thought that as long as Xie Ran’s attitude was softer, he didn’t mind pacifying Xie Ran. After the press conference, he could also ask the studio to be polite in the press release and save Xie Ran some face.

He would convince Xie Ran that he was actually very considerate of him and that the two of them still had a chance to be together.

But Xie Ran’s call that he waited for, never came.

His mood, from the beginning to now, gradually became anxious.

Even if Xie Ran was not worried about winning or losing, wasn’t he angry? What was he doing, why didn’t he come and question him?

He obviously made full preparations to deal with him but as a result, the other side simply ignored his feelings, making Fang Huiwang feel like he was punching a bag of cotton.

At this time, the press conference was just around the corner so Fang Huiwang finally couldn’t help himself but dial Xie Ran’s phone number.

He thought that as long as Xie Ran had a better attitude, he could still be merciful…

Before he had finished thinking, he heard the metallic sound of  “dududududui” coming from the other side of the phone.

Xie Ran didn’t answer his phone!!! 

Fang Huiwang looked at his mobile phone in disbelief and roared: “Xie Ran!”

“What’s the matter? Are you getting soft hearted?” Kuang Youfang suddenly came over and looked at him meaningfully. Next to him, was a young man named Ni Le, the head of the Black Star team.

Fang Huiwang, with an ugly expression, hummed coldly: “How could it be possible?”

“That’s good. Let’s watch it together.” Kuang Youfang said and then handed his cell phone to him.

On the screen, was the live broadcast of Xie Ran studio, which was already on, and the launch of Xie Ran Studio had already officially begun.

Fang Huiwang’s sanity returned as he took a deep breath and nodded as if nothing had happened, while a cold feeling of revenge rose in his heart.

If Xie Ran was like this, he should not blame him for not showing any mercy!

Xie Ran was guided to the stage by the host.

As soon as he made his appearance, the entire live room instantly boiled.

The original body owner was a star so he had always been fashionable and diverse for his own commercial value, and had always been gentle and polite in front of the camera, always with the right smile on his face.

Xie Ran today wore a simple formal hand tailored suit without any extra embellishments that only showed off his slender figure.

His hair was not as delicate as usual, only combed back willfully revealing a smooth forehead. There was no expression on his face, which made his facial features seem to be very sharp.

Xie Ran took the microphone from the host’s hand and then glanced faintly at the camera and off the stage. His whole person gave off arrogant air for no reason.


[Shit, shit, shit!!! Xiao Ran is too much today!!】

[Is it my illusion? Why do I feel that Xiao Ran is different from usual? 】

[It’s not an illusion. Xie Ran is usually very good-looking, but it’s just this type of good-looking star. But today, his whole aura is completely different…. Not sure if you understand what I mean!]

[I don’t understand. Anyway, there is only one word in my poor mind: I can!!】

Fang Huiwang’s breath was also caught.

This was a Xie Ran which he had never seen before, it was no longer the bright and warm look he remembered. The person in front of the camera looked very straight and sharp.

It’s quite different from the him before the New Year’s concert.

Had he been underestimating Xie Ran all this time? Was he no longer who he thought he was?

Fang Huiwang suddenly did not dare to think about it any more.

Xie Ran simply said hello to everyone at the scene and then cut directly to the topic: “Next, let me introduce the virtual idol launched by our studio…”

As soon as his words came out, the media and netizens in the live broadcast room became surprised.

As they all knew, although many virtual idols were linked to brokerage companies, the real operation team was still technicians. At the press conference, the stars were usually just mascots with popularity so no star before even came to the stage to explain the product in person.

How could a star know these high-end and profound technical knowledge?

The uproar did not have the slightest impact on Xie Ran, who remained calm and continued with great rhythm: “First of all, I don’t think the so-called virtual idols in the market can be regarded as real ‘idols’. In essence, it’s just the special effects made by animation rendering and audio software. They have no thought and self-consciousness, and the so-called human setting they have is also designed by the operator. Not their true personality.”

“This kind of technical effect can be duplicated, that is to say, these characters are not unique. But If they are not unique, they cannot be called ‘idols’.”

Xie Ran’s remark could be regarded as stirring up a hornet’s nest, although there were no real popular virtual idols, they still have some popularity. As an emotional projection, many fans still regarded these virtual idols as real characters.

Not only that, there was also a competition among fans of virtual idols. This time, Xie Ran Studio and Yewang Studio both launched virtual idols, these virtual idols fans all came to investigate the enemy’s situation.

But as a result, Xie Ran actually said that their idol was just animation with special effects!

The fans were angry.

[Shit! Does Xie Ran now what bullshit he is talking about?】

[What did he mean by just special effects? Does Xie Ran even know what a virtual idol is?]

[Does he think other virtual idols don’t have a mind? Does he have one? That’s ridiculous!]

[Xie Ran apologize!]

[Don’t get so excited, maybe the virtual idol Xie Ran launched really has his own mind, dog head saves his life.]

[Piss off, I almost believed you doge.]

Netizens were cynical but Ni Le, who was watching the live broadcast with Fang Huiwang could not help laughing.

Fang Huiwang looked at him and asked: “Is it that funny?’

Ni Le nodded: “Very funny.”

Xie Ran really didn’t know anything but still unexpectedly talked about the consciousness of virtual idols. At present, the most advanced development studios had not been able to make any breakthrough in the technology of this area. But Xie Ran was not afraid to take out this concept and boast about it after reading about some concepts on the Internet.

Unfortunately, at the conference, you needed to come up with real things and not talk about concepts that couldn’t be done.

What’s more, at the level of Xie Ran, he might not even be able to explain the concept clearly.

After listening to Ni Le’s explanation, Kuang Youfang couldn’t help laughing and raising his eyebrow: “It seems that Xie Ran was really in a hurry.”

“After all, he is a star.” Ni Le looked at the time and stood up, “There’s nothing to see at their launch, it’s time for our good show.”

By this time, the atmosphere between the two live streams had reached a boiling point. Many virtual idols fans were dissatisfied with Xie Ran and turned to support the other side so the number of people watching Yewang Studio broadcast skyrocketed.

As soon as the live broadcast was opened, the dense comment section immediately covered the whole screen.

[ah, ah, ah! Fang Huiwang!]

[Xie Ran you fool! Fang Huiwang, come on! Come on, Nangong!】

“Hello, everyone.” Fang Huiwang waved to the media and camera with a smile and said: “Welcome to the debut conference of our new artist Nangongxun.”

“Nangong is a new generation of singing and dancing idols created by our company in conjunction with Black Star Technology, which will bring a brand-new audio-visual feast to the audience…”

With the introduction of Fang Huiwang, the light gradually lit up on the stage and slowly converged to Fang Huiwang’s side forming the appearance of a young man.

The young man was tall, handsome, with avant-grade hair and clothes, and a guitar on his back.

What’s even more surprising was that his entire image was three-dimensional and smooth, the details were very fine and realistic, almost without the stiffness that animation rendering generally had.

At first glance, he almost looked the same as a real person.

With just his appearance, netizens suddenly got excited.

[Good looking!!】

[So beautiful! The modeling is also too good, right?]

[OMG! His details are so good that it is almost possible that they can beat all other virtual idols!!]

[Hee hee, what level does Xie Ran’s idol have?]

[Nangong made me so excited that I almost forgot about Xie Ran’s side. What is the situation there now?】

[Er….  It’s like, there’s a technology conference over there? (confusion .jpg)] 

[What is it????】




The reminded netizens switched back to Xie Ran studio and then felt transfixed.

“The main difference between the virtual idol launched by our company and other companies lies in intelligent evolution. At present, we have broken through the multi-layer artificial neural network technology and machine training methods, which can initially realize the self-learning and evolution of virtual idols….”

Xie Ran was completely unaffected by the outside world, and was still in no hurry, throwing out relevant technical concepts in a simple way. He had a plan in mind and talked about it. When he encountered a slightly obscure knowledge point, he would give some simple examples to further explain his point in due course.

Even people who did not understand these things at all could see that Xie Ran was really familiar with these things, rather than reciting manuscripts blindly.

On-screen comments:

【??????? 】

[Is there something wrong with my IQ? Why can’t I understand what Xie Ran is saying?] 

[You may not believe it, but a brother of mine who is engaged in AI technology is also watching it. He said that Xie Ran’s theory is feasible. Xie Ran may have really broken through the AI technology to enable virtual idols to evolve their consciousness.]

【???You’re bragging, aren’t you?】

[Are you crazy? Xie Ran has been acting for ten years and now just made a breakthrough in AI technology? Do you think that’s reasonable?】


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