DOASCC – Chapter 28.1

Jing Jingsheng vaguely heard Xie Ran say that he was going to go offline. For a moment, he thought he had heard it wrong so his face froze as he asked in bewilderment, “Little Da, what are you talking about?”

“Off.” Xie Ran did not bother talking with him and at this time he directly pulled out of the game’s control panel.

Seeing that he was actually not joking, Jing Jingsheng immediately became anxious and grabbed his wrist, his voice dropping: “Little Da we are about to pay our respects, so many people are waiting. It’s not time to be angry.”

Xie Ran waist was grabbed by Jing Jingsheng so he glanced at him and scanned around him, seriously thinking about whether he would be chased by the people of Dynasty Smoke Pavilion if he directly kicked Jing Jingsheng aside.

……. It doesn’t matter if he would.

Xie Ran was about to do it when suddenly a handsome teenager leaned over from the side, looked at their movements in surprise he hurriedly said in a comforting tone: “Brother Dafang, are you still angry about the post on the forum? Brother Jing has spoken for you, so you don’t need to put it into your heart. Now that so many people are watching, it’s not appropriate for you to make a scene. “

This teenager was Fu Guang who was the second most important person in Dynasty Smoke Pavilion, he was also Jing Jingsheng’s follower in real life and entered the “ Bright Moon River Lake” game together with him. After that, Jing Jingsheng single-handedly founded Dynasty Smoke Pavilion so he also became the core of the guild. In addition he was also good looking and was even a little famous among players.

Hearing Fu Guang’s words, Jian Jingsheng seemed to understand something so he said in disapproval: “Little Da, I have already dealt with the matter on the forum didn’t you say that you won’t mind it? Why are you angry again?”

Xie Ran sniffed inexplicably and recalled for a moment before remembering what they were talking about.

In fact, the original body owner and Jing Jingsheng’s early relationship had not always been smooth sailing. Jing Jingsheng who was popular in the game had many suitors, but he chose an unknown casual player making many people puzzled so the original Xie Ran suffered from a lot of rumors and criticism.

After seeing Jing Jingsheng propose to Xie Ran, there was uproar in “Bright Moon River Lake”. Just two days ago, after seeing that Jing Jingsheng send wedding invitations to all player and inviting everyone to attend his and Xie Ran wedding, a post with the title “The members of Dynasty Smoke Pavilion are against the marriage between the pavilion master and Xie Dafang suddenly appeared on the game forum of Bright Moon River Lake.

The poster claimed to be an ordinary member of the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion as he discussed how Xie Dafang was not good enough for the leader of Dynasty Smoke Pavilion from multiple angles such as martial arts, fame, ranking and even ID. He strongly expressed his dissatisfaction with the marriage, believing that Jing Jingsheng should choose a more outstanding match for the future development of the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion.

This post soon became popular, many members of Dynasty Smoke Pavilion joined to express their disapproval.

The people of the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion had always taken pride in the fact that their pavilion master, Jing Jingsheng, was the number one player in “Bright Moon River Lake”. They were also secretly competing with the largest player guild, Wind and Rain guild in an attempt to replace them so they hoped that Jing Jingsheng would partner with another player of best player ranking to expand the influence of the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion.

The unknown casual player Xie Dafang undoubtedly could not meet their exception.

The game forum was anonymous so users were unrestrained in their speeches. Dynasty Smoke Pavilion players made a mockery of Xie Dafang in their comments, taunting him to the point that he should leave Jing Jingsheng on his accord if he had any sense.

There are also some suspected admirers of Jing Jingsheng who sourly only added fuel to fire, sarcastically saying that Xie Dafang did not know his own weight. Some of them even made up a story that he had deliberately used tricks to approach Jing Jingsheng at the beginning.

For a while, almost all people in the “Bright Moon River Lake” game were discussing this matter, many people agreed with this post. Some even felt sorry for Jing Jingsheng and thought that Xie Ran was not worthy of him at all.

The storm became more and more intense, in the end Jing Jingsheng replied with his real name saying that his feelings should not be bound by identity and status and that he would not be affected by it. The wedding would be held as scheduled, which barely silenced the opposition.

The original body owner was also greatly moved by this and his feeling for Kuang Jingning grew even deeper.

Of course, many years later when the original body owner looked back on this time he suddenly realized that this declaration of Jing Jingsheng at this time in reality was just projected on him and was about his gap with his white moonlight Yin Luyan.

However, the original body owner knew nothing about this at that time and was just worried that he would make things difficult for Jing Jingsheng. On one side, Kuang Jingning said he was not affected so he did not have to worry, and on another the original body owner secretly became determined to help him develop the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion in the future.

Now, Xie Ran suddenly said he wanted to go offline so Fu Guang once again mentioned the forum thinking that just like Jing Jingsheng that he was still angry about it.

This guess was also normal, because although Jing Jingsheng personally came forward to express his attitude, he could not shut up so many people. After all, the gap between him and Xie Ran was an obvious fact. He also did not mind other people talking about it.

Today, many of the people who had come to watch the ceremony came with a stingy attitude. After Xie Ran, there were people poking and pointing and their expressions of contempt were clear.

Jing Jingsheng thought that Xie Ran could not stand other people’s talk so he paused for a moment and then softly appeased: “Little Da, I already said that no matter what other people say, it will not affect my feelings for you.”

Eyes of Fu Guang who stood on the side flashed before he followed with a smile: “Yes, Brother Jing almost offended all the members of Dynasty Smoke Pavilion for you. Please be considerate to Brother Jing.”


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