In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 69.1 – Refining the Qi Replenishment Pill

Gerd’s face was tinged with a little panic, but when he saw Ren Sheng his expression finally looked calmer. “Ren Sheng, I’m going to stay with you at Zhao’s house for a few days.”

“Why?” Ren Sheng asked in confusion.

“I have encountered a little something. Ren Sheng, you must be responsible for the two children in my stomach.” Gerd said.

“These children are not mine.” Ren Sheng looked at Gerd in disbelief.

“If you clearly told me the use of the pills before, I would not…” Gerd was helpless about what he should say next. Then he turned his head and saw the girl present, he stood up straight and looked at her coldly. “You are still here? Can you get lost?”

Gerd changed from a pitiful little man to a domineering president in a second. After yelling at people, he sat down next to Ren Sheng. “Ren Sheng, I can’t help it. Elder Fang escorted Fang Chengjun to my place and said that Fang Chengjun did something wrong to me and must take responsibility for me.”

“What does Elder Fang want?” Ren Sheng asked in disbelief.

“He wants me to marry Fang Chengjun!” Gerd said.

“That’s too cheap for him!” Crohn came to him after seeing Gerd and quickly interjected. “If you get married now, aren’t you giving away Fang Chengjun’s two children for nothing? This is so uneconomical. It’s better for you to raise them yourself.”

“I think so too, but…” Gerd’s face was full of entanglement.

“What’s wrong?” Ren Sheng asked again.

“He wants to marry Fang Chengjun to me.” Gerd said.

When Master Fang found him with Fang Chengjun, he was planning to have a big ‘war’ with them and never compromise. He even checked the words that he could use online, but it turned out that before he could get mad, these two people started apologizing and finally they wanted Fang Chengjun to marry him!

If Fang Chengjun wanted to marry him in a high profile manner, Gerd would definitely scold them without mercy. But Fang Chengjun wanted to marry him. Gerd didn’t know how to deal with such a thing.

If he couldn’t handle it, he could only hide.

“It’s a good thing if he marries into your family.” Crohn immediately said.

“Do you want to marry him and don’t want him to marry you?” Ren Sheng asked curiously, thinking that it would be good if Gerd really got together with Fang Chengjun.

The corners of Gerd’s mouth twitched and he decided that it was better not to talk much to these two.

When he stopped talking, Ren Sheng looked at Crohn instead. “Where’s your translator?” Previously Crohn had relied on the translator to translate his speech, but he now seemed to speak fluent Human Federation language?

“With my skills, it’s only a matter of minutes to learn the Federation language!” Crohn glanced at Ren Sheng and stood up with condescension as he thought. Isn’t it just a language? He has very strong mental power, so the matter of the learning was as simple as scanning it.

“You can’t brag, you learned how to speak only after two days of you coming here.” Ren Sheng said.

That’s because he didn’t bother to learn it at first! Hearing Ren Sheng’s words, Crohn had nothing left to say. If he had known, he would have learned the language of the Human Federation when he was still in the Ruoya Empire.


Fang Chengjun sat opposite elder Fang somewhat frustrated, at the same time in the Fang family.

“Even though it’s all like this, he still doesn’t want to.” Fang Chengjun said.

“Who told you to behave badly before?” Elder Fang  took a sip of tea and watched his grandson hum lightly. “Grandpa…” Fang Chengjun looked at his grandfather helplessly.

“What does it matter if you don’t have children? I never put pressure on you, but it was so nice of you to push on the person you like…” Elder Fang said.

Fang Chengjun smiled bitterly. If Elder Fang had taught him strictly from childhood and forced him to marry and have children, he might have rebelled psychologically, and not want children. But elder Fang never made such a request. In this way, he wanted to continue the Fang family, rather than allowing others to eat it as a piece of fat when he was old.

What more, Gerd also showed a great desire to have children at that time. How could he be sure that the other side would go on with him?

“However, as things stand today you still have a great chance of getting beauty… well men.” Elder Fang said again.

“Really?” Fang Chengjun asked in surprise.

“Yes. If Gerd really hated you he would have refused you straightforwardly at that time, instead of running away all of a sudden. If you  have a better attitude in the future and make a clean break with other people, I think it will work out sooner or later.” Elder Fang said.

He knew that he could never have a renewed relationship with the one he liked, but his grandson still have a bright future.

Fang Chengjun always respected his authority, so thinking about it he knew that elder Fang was right. He suddenly said in some surprise, “Grandpa, I will work hard. As for the people in the past, it has been a  year since I broke up with the last one.”

“I think Gerd will probably go to Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng. Go and check it out when you have time.” Elder Fang said. “If you can’t go, I’ll go and have a look.” He was from an earlier generation and he had always had a good relationship with the Zhao family. Zhao Lingyu may keep his grandson out of the door, but he will never keep him out of the door.

Without thinking about it, Fang Chengjun sent someone to inquire about Gerd.

At this time, Yang Ye, who was trying to play house fighting, saw Ren Sheng being squeezed together by Crohn and Gerd, and couldn’t help saying, “This child is very popular.”

“Well, he’s fine.” Zhao Lingyu nodded without hesitation.

“Mr. Crohn seems to be single?”

“Of course.”  Zhao Lingyu’s expression remained the same.

Yang Ye talked for a long time, but was still blocked by Zhao Lingyu so his heart was overwhelmed for a moment.

Ren Sheng had no idea that someone had tried to trip him up. When he and Zhao Lingyu left the party and went back, he went on and on about what happened at the party, and was in a very good mood. As for the girl… Such a boring episode, Ren Sheng just mentioned it casually.

Zhao Lingyu didn’t ask, but made good use of the Internet when Ren Sheng said something interesting and then couldn’t help showing it to Ren Sheng.

Several other people felt suffocated when they looked at their affection.

The aircraft stopped in the Zhao’s family parking lot. Zhao Lingyu got out of the aircraft with a smile when other people tended to look in a certain direction.

A man dressed in dark clothes was standing next to the Zhao family’s aircraft parking lot. His face was pale and without expression, and his whole sense of existence was so weak, like he wasn’t standing there.

“Who are you?” Zhao Lingyu’s movements remained the same, but his body gave off a strong momentum.

However, Zhao Lingyu’s momentum, after getting close to the mysterious man, was punctured and disappeared like a bubble.

This feeling was very bad, but it also let Zhao Lingyu deeply realize that he wasn’t strong enough.

Of course, he also has secret weapons, at least his body was much harder than an ordinary human’s.

“It’s a misunderstanding, he came with me. He is a researcher from the Ruoya Empire.” Crohn hurriedly said and then stopped Zhao Lingyu.

The strongest person in all of the Ruoya Empire was at level 9. There were a total of two of them. There were a few more at level 8 and the person in front of them happened to be also level 8, with the same strength as him.

As for why a researcher was so strong… According to the man in front of him, he enhanced his strength in order to have a longer life for research.

“Keith.” The man in black nodded to Zhao Lingyu. He looked very ordinary and you couldn’t tell his age. His silver hair was set off against his pale face, in sharp contrast to his black clothes. His eyes were red just like Crohn’s and seemed to be shining in the night light.

“His name is Keith.” Crohn helped with the translation.

Zhao Lingyu was still on guard, but Keith said nothing, so Crohn could only continue “Although Keith is a man of few words he is a very good person. He is standing here probably because he was waiting for us to come back.”

Keith nodded.

“How did you get here? Why didn’t you tell me in advance?” Crohn asked helplessly.

“Machine A.” Keith said.

“it’s the mecha. You turned on the stealth function, didn’t you? No wonder no one found out.” Crohn added and gave Zhao Lingyu an explanation at the same time. Only after finishing speaking did he suddenly frown again. “No, you should not have machine armour, right?”

Keith threw a space button to Crohn.

“… So you erased my mental imprint and used my mecha? ” Crohn looked at Keith helplessly. In the Ruoya Empire, the mechs were also graded and the more advanced the mechas were, the more mental energy you needed to drive them. At the same time, the mecha pilot would also leave a mental mark on the mechs.

Unless the pilot dies or takes the initiative to unlock the mental mark, other people who wanted to fly the mecha or warship could only forcefully remove the spiritual imprint, which would be a very troublesome thing.

Did Keith get stronger again?

Gerd’s expression was already crazy. He had been studying machine armor for a long time, but the operation of the machine armor was very tedious. In order to control every part of the machine armor, he had already arranged more than 180 buttons.

180 buttons, this was just for the mecha to make smooth movements. In addition, different attacks and built-in weapons needed different buttons.


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