In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 57.1 – Finally Getting Married

Whether it was a man or a woman, as long as you eat it you can have children? How can there be something so ferocious?

Zhao Lingyu looked down at his stomach, he must pay attention to what he eats from now on… However, would this be too contrary to science?

“What is the specifics of it? Do you self reproduce after eating it? Like splitting or cloning?” Zhao Lingyu asked curiously.

“What’s splitting? What is cloning?” Ren Sheng hadn’t studied biology yet.

“I am asking, is it possible to become pregnant alone if you take this pill.” Zhao Lingyu asked.

“It’s a man who got pregnant! When a man in the cultivation world got pregnant, my master would laugh for a long time and then he even taught me how to make this pill himself” Ren Sheng said “By the way, although that man later become a double cultivation partner with another man, he was still alone at that time and was later hunted down and killed by his double cultivation partner.”

This was obviously accidentally becoming pregnant. It seems that after eating this pill, it still needed someone’s ‘seed’ to get pregnant, so he does not need to worry. “You can refine it?”

Ren Sheng immediately had a bitter melon face. “Not quite…” his master was still around when he was just a small child. So naturally, he didn’t have enough strength to learn alchemy. Not to mention, he was afraid of fire, because he, himself is an alchemy material…

Therefore, he clearly remembered the alchemy steps clearly, but he never tried to refine it.

However, there is a very good thing about the Pregnancy pill. It’s refining method was very simple. Of course, on the opposite side, the materials needed were very rare.

Fortunately, he had a master who liked to save seeds after finding spiritual plants so now he had all these rare spiritual plant seeds in his Qiankun bag! Ren Sheng had already made up his mind. He will try to refine it after going back.

“It doesn’t matter. Let’s go to the movies first.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“I want to see the movie that you are part of.” Ren Sheng immediately said, as a brain damaged Zhao Lingyu fan.

“I’m right next to you. What’s the point of watching this?” Zhao Lingyu said. So after arriving at the cinema, he picked out a horror movie.

For this date, the Marshal couldn’t avoid checking popular strategies on the starnet and one of them said that he should take his partner to see a horror movie.

Why should he take his partner to see a horror movie?  The Marshal was a little confused, but decided to do it.

Of course, if he had continued to read the comments, he would not have felt that way.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. How can such an old strategy still be considered a good strategy?”

“Actually, I think it’s better to take your partner to an adult movie.”

“Fuck! I took my girlfriend to the movies and she was so scared that she broke up with me! “

“Finding a good man is such a hassle. My man took me to go see a horror movie and I immediately comprehended what he meant, so I went home and screwed him over.”




The movie theater was full of people, so after finding their seats they put on their helmets.

Zhao Lingyu chose a set of couple seats and just sat down without wearing a helmet, while Ren Sheng leaned over and sat on his lap very naturally, before putting on his helmet.

In the rapid development of technology, the entertainment industry was also booming. The cinema has a holographic mode, which allowed people to immerse themselves in the film experience.

In order for the horror movie that Zhao Lingyu selected to be more realistic, the filmmaker only added the voice of the protagonist at the beginning and all scenes were shot from the protagonist’s point of view. This made the movie even more frightening when seen with holographic helmets.

The main character of the movie was an S-class ability user, who was also an interstellar explorer. He found a planet with dense forests with his own team and felt that he could make a fortune. When he went to the planet to explore it, he found that the planet had no animals at all, only plants…

After that, they also encountered a strange creature which was like a red worm that would enter their bodies from their mouths, noses, and even skin. It would then reproduce.

One by one, the people around them become infected with this worm. Often, one moment his companions were still talking to him and in the next moment, worms would be expelled from every orifice.




Ren Sheng’s entire body tensed up, clutching Zhao Lingyu tightly, scared beyond words. At first, he was still able to maintain his human form, but then, his hands and feet turned into roots and then he tightly wrapped around Zhao Lingyu’s bare skin.

In the movie, another person accidentally got a bug into his mouth while eating. In reality, Ren Sheng’s roots had begun to wrap around Zhao Lingyu’s tongue…

Ren Sheng was wrapped tightly around Zhao Lingyu, but it didn’t hurt. The feeling of being wrapped up and unable to move wasn’t very good. He also had to open his mouth really wide to avoid biting Ren Sheng. Zhao Lingyu felt some regret.

When the movie was finished, he found that Ren Sheng was scared and shivering… so Zhao Lingyu felt even more regretful.

Watching the movie was not at all, as sweet as he thought it would be.

Ren Sheng pulled Zhao Lingyu, while tidying up his clothes. “Fortunately I didn’t fully turn into a ginseng or tear my clothes this time. Lingyu, is it really that scary outside? Let’s stay on Capital Star all the time from now on…”

“… it was all fake.”

“Fake is also very scary…” Ren Sheng was really scared. At the end of the movie, the protagonist managed to escape to the battleship, but there were worms coming to his face!

Stroking Ren Sheng’s back to express comfort, Zhao Lingyu just went out when someone looked at him enviously. “Brother, you are so happy! The beauty has actually thrown himself at you! My girlfriend beat me up and said that if I ever took her to see such a disgusting film, I would be unable to hit on her.”

Zhao Lingyu who was disguised, didn’t feel happy at all.

“The saying that ‘taking your partner to watch a horror movie can make them throw their arms around you,’ it’s really not very reliable.” The man sighed again.

Watching a horror movie just to make your partner throw his arms around you? Even if he didn’t take Ren Sheng to watch a horror movie, he would still happily throw his arms around him. Zhao Lingyu suddenly felt that he was overdoing it.

He was really not suitable for romance. They already have children, so there was really no need for any more romance. That night, a little ginseng hanging around his neck made a decision with Zhao Lingyu, who had a video call with Ivor about official business. He’d better not pursue romance in the future. When he has the time, he might as well take Ren Sheng to the warship.

The next day, Ren Sheng made a request to grow something and as soon as he put it forward, the old housekeeper immediately ordered the robot to level all the land behind the Zhao’s mansion.

The island where the Zhao family was located was not small and the land behind it was also very large. After leveling it, the old housekeeper also built a hundred planting rooms on it. Each planting room was hundred square feet. These rooms could adjust the humidity and sunlight inside, simulating any kind of environment. If Ren Sheng wanted, he could plant inside any plant known in the Human Federation.

Of course, what he wanted to grow were spiritual plants.

In the past. Ren Sheng used spiritual power and refined soil to promote the growth of spiritual plants, completely ignoring the environment of the plants. But now, according to the book, Ren Sheng set a different environment for each room and then planted them separately. Putting a grain of refined soil inside that was invisible to the naked eye.

With the refined soil, even without spiritual power, these plants should grow quickly. After planting the plants used to refine the Pregnancy Pill, Ren Sheng happily left the planting rooms and began to prepare for the wedding.

Five days passed almost in a flash and finally the day of their marriage came.

Now in the interstellar era, marriage could be very simple or troublesome. Not long ago, there was a wealthy businessman who invited everyone on the planet he owned to dinner on his wedding day and celebrated for a month. At the same time, there were also many people who simply got a marriage license if they decided to get married.

Of course the Zhao family wouldn’t do what that rich businessman did, but it was also impossible to let Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng only get a certificate. According to the process, Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng went to get the license in the morning, had a family meal at noon, and then entertained their friends and relatives in the evening.

In order to avoid trouble, when receiving the certificate, Zhao Lingyu used a special permission. At noon the Zhao family was no different than usual and finally, only the evening banquet was left.

“Another banquet…” Ren Sheng frowned, then put on his custom-made ancient costume.

In fact, at the beginning, Shen Qiushi had prepared a white suit for him and a black suit for Zhao Lingyu, but Ren Sheng was reluctant to wear the white suit that already belonged to him.

He had heard his own master describe a marriage of forming double cultivation pairs. He should wear red clothes, so he simply drew himself an approximate appearance and had a red ancient costume made.

Long-sleeved fluttering red ancient clothes were made in two sets, both of them male. When Ren Sheng wore it, his skin became whiter and more beautiful, but when Zhao Lingyu wore it…

Zhao Lingyu was too tall and big. His skin was also a bit dark, so him wearing red was a bit unbearable and only Ren Sheng thought it looked good.

Finally, it was Shen Qiushi who made the decision to let Zhao Lingyu continue to wear the suit, while Ren Sheng put on his favorite red ancient looking clothes.

“Ren Sheng, why are you wearing a dress?” Wu Shuai got the position of the best man, and came early. But when he saw Ren Sheng, he was dumbfounded. “Did Marshal trick you into wearing it?” Although cheating Ren Sheng into wearing a red dress was a bit unkind, Ren Sheng wearing this kind of red dress was really good looking!

The marshal, who had done nothing, but was still wronged, silently suffered internal injury.

“This is not a skirt! This is men’s clothing!” Ren Sheng discontentedly looked at We Shuai “I was going to let Lingyu wear it too, but unfortunately he didn’t look very good wearing it, so he couldn’t wear…” Ren Sheng was more or less disappointed, but also showed a picture of Zhao Lingyu wearing an ancient costume on his PDA.

“Marshal, you actually wore a skirt!” Wu Shuai was shocked. He really shouldn’t have wronged the Marshal. Obviously, the most powerful person was Ren Sheng… He even made the Marshal wear a skirt!


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