In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 104 – Marshal Is Having A Child

Zhao Lingyu gave out a total of four Pregnancy Pills the night before and the people he gave them to were all carefully selected women. First thing in the morning, three of these four women were already pregnant and the one that wasn’t, was purely because she did not spend the night with anyone.

In fact, Zhao Lingyu also thought about finding two men to send the medicine to.. After all, the effect was more significant, but he did not want to see the Pregnancy Pill fall into the hands of others, so he had to see the other person eat it.

Women who eat it will sooner or later get pregnant. If men eat it… If that person did not like men, how could he get pregnant? Therefore, it was better to give it to women to eat for now, but the Emperor… 

Since the Empress became pregnant, Crohn and Keith had to go to the palace from time to time, so the palace was bustling with people coming and going. But the Emperor and his wife bit the bullet and agreed to tell others that they don’t have any Pregnancy Pills in their hands, so with time the people who went to the palace became less and less.

But there were still people who reported daily and the most diligent one was the Ruoya Marshal Raymond. The Ruoya Empire has two level nine powerhouses, one was his Majesty the Emperor and the other was Marshal Raymond.

Among them no one was surprised that His Majesty the Emperor was able to reach level nine, because his mother was also a level nine ability user. But Marshal Raymond was a very special existence.

Marshal Raymond’s parents were a level six and a level seven. He was born with outstanding talent. Later on, even more so in the process of growing up and undergoing a series of strange encounters, he finally broke through to level nine.

Becoming a ninth-level powerhouse was a good thing, but it was also a bad thing. Raymond was more than four hundred years old this year, but he had never had a child or even gotten anyone pregnant. Of course, Will the Great felt that Raymond has never let anyone get pregnant, mainly because the man was not close to women.

The marshal of the Ruoya Empire was always stationed at Ruoya’s borders with his army to deter nearby countries and even after so many years, he never had a regular partner.

He didn’t know why a person who never seemed to show any concern about children would come back in a hurry after getting the news and come to him every day just to get him to take out a Pregnancy Pill.

“If you want to have a child, get married sooner rather than later? Lieutenant General Jones has the same ability as you and has always liked you. If you had married her, you might have had a child long ago.” Will the Great has been talking with Raymond since a few days ago, or simply doing other things. Not to mention the Pregnancy Pill, today he even had the courage to gossip.

Although Marshal Raymond reported to the palace on time every day, he never said much. At this time, Marshal Raymond glanced at Will the Great with an expressionless face. “I don’t like it.”

“Then how do you like it? No, now you suddenly want children, it must be because you have found someone you like. When will you bring her to show me?” The chubby Will the Great smiled. Marshal Raymond frowned slightly before saying, “You give me that child-birth medicine first.”

“That medicine has to be given to the person who will give birth to the child. How can I give it to you if you don’t bring the person?” Will the Great laughed. Although Raymond was a soldier, he was not interested in expansion, nor was he interested in a lower civilization that had no power to fight back. According to Zhao Lingyu’s request, it was perfectly fine to give him a Pregnancy Pill. He could also give a few so Ruoya might be able to have a few more level nine experts.

The more the Great Emperor Will thought about it, the better he felt, so his smile became more and more benevolent. Raymond however, suddenly looked at His Majesty the Emperor, who was sitting on a comfortable sofa, with eyes so sharp that they seemed to be able to pierce people. “You really have it in your hand.”

“It’s just a little bit.” Will the Great looked at his Marshal with a smile. “Reymond what do you think of the Human Federation?”

“There are too few Ruoya people; it’s better to merge them over.” Reymond said without hesitation. There were really too few Ruoya people. If the Human Federation could be merged into the Ruoya Empire, that would be great!

As for the people in the Ruoya empire who worried that Ruoya’s place would be stolen by a group of people from a lower civilization… Even ordinary people placed in the Human Federation would be ultimate experts. Now the Ruoya Empire has countless resources and various technologies. Even if they really merge, human beings will still work for the Ruoya Empire in a short period of time, as for the future…

What if the two sides were confused? At least the Ruoya civilization would have been passed on. Only some extremists felt that the Ruoya Empire was so high, that they were unwilling to accept people of other races.

“That’s a good idea.” Will the Great laughed. “Well, you bring the person you like and I will give her the medicine on the spot and when you go back to have a wonderful night, you will have a child.”

“You can just give it to me.” Raymond said directly.

“I can’t promise you that. The person who gave me the medicine made me promise to watch others eat it.” Will the Great laughed, of course, this was also his own idea.

Pregnancy Pills were more precious than a Nourishing Potion, so he didn’t want it to be acquired by Chapman. He used to give a lot of power to Chapman because he was old… he didn’t think much of it at that time, but now he regrets it very much.

“I’ll eat it now!” Marshal Raymond said without hesitation.

“…” Will the Great thought he was hearing wrong.

“My lover is not in good health, so I might as well carry children. The Empress can carry two but since I am a powerful ability user even four should not be a problem.” Raymond’s sharp gaze turned blazing.

Will the Great originally only intended to first give the marshal one pill. After all, carrying the children of a ninth level ability user was a great burden on the body that most people couldn’t stand. But he did not expect that his marshal would insist… After some bargaining, three of the twenty Pregnancy Pills that were given to Will were gone.

Marshal Raymond took all three pills in front of Will the Great and after he left, Will immediately put away his sore expression and called in the palace guard instead. “Quick, quickly go and follow the Marshal. Remember to always pay attention to the Lord Marshal! I want to know who the person who can make the Marshal pregnant is!”

If that person was a woman Raymond would not eat the pills by himself. The Marshal was not close to women because he liked a man? This was definitely a big gossip! The rest of the medicine will be given to others slowly, so he first went to gossip with the Empress.

With his hands behind his back, Will the Great walked towards the Empress’ palace, walking faster and faster. At the same time, a doctor published a message on the virtual network, lamenting a strange thing he encountered.

Today a woman who had just conceived an embryo came to his hospital for a consultation, only to find that as he was excitedly helping someone to get treated, he suddenly noticed that there seemed to be something wrong with the embryo growing in this woman’s belly.

“The child should grow in the mother’s uterus only, but this woman’s child grew inside a sudden tumor. I kindly reminded her that this embryo should be deformed, but she punched me so hard that my face is still swollen. Today’s women are really getting more and more violent. “This doctor released a total of ten photos, of which only one was of embryo enlargement, the other were all selfies followed by video and even more selfies.

The netizens smashed the narcissistic doctor hard with virtual bricks, leaving the doctor’s virtual image all over the place and needing to buy props to recover. Then they started discussing whether or not the Ruoya people had evolved in the face of a continuing low fertility rate, until the pregnant party suddenly said that she had somehow eaten a strange pill to get pregnant.

The person in question was a female journalist who had always wanted a child and when she went out to dinner with her husband that day, someone suddenly sat down next to them. He gave her a pill that supposedly guaranteed childbirth. She did not know what was going on, but she still took the pill. After coming home she was made fun of by her husband on the grounds that she believed that something like this can make her pregnant with a child.

At that time, she forgot about taking the pill, but later when she got up early in the morning, she was pregnant with a supposedly deformed embryo. However, even if the embryo was deformed, she still wanted to keep it for the time being, before it harms her body!

Many ordinary netizens did not believe what this man said, but they did not know that many aristocrats in the Ruoya Empire were going crazy at this time. The Pregnancy Pill had appeared!

Following the Nourishing Potion, the Pregnancy Pill also appeared in Ruoya!

Sure enough, the people of the Human Federation were on Imperial Star. It’s just… why didn’t they give the pills to them, but instead gave it to people who didn’t even understand it? For a moment, the people who knew of the existence of the Pregnancy Pill got excited.

The nobles were excited, but the ordinary people knew nothing about it. Although the Empress’ pregnancy was known to everyone in the Ruoya Empire, there was only faint news of Keith’s pregnancy, which was soon blocked by the upper echelons of the Ruoya Empire.

Those aristocrats were also worried that civilians would make trouble after they knew about the affairs of the Human Federation, so they were not willing to publicize it. But looking at the situation today they might not be able to cover it up. Sure enough, just when some of the couple’s claims were questioned, someone stood up and said the same thing. It was Flora. Flora even provided a short video of a man in disguise giving her a pill in a bar that she took.

“I am an explorer and like to film my own experience, so the stud in one of my ears was actually a video camera, which also captured what happened. Also, I’m now pregnant.” Flora generously said about the incident.

The netizens were silent for some time, then suddenly someone cautiously asked, “Could there really be a deity who sends children? What should I call him? Prince of Child Delivery?”

There were all kinds of news on the internet, but Zhao Lingyu was lying on a recliner, reading the news on the internet while gazing at Ren Sheng, who was feeding Nia water… no, medicine.

Tree branches, whole flowers, and unknown red fragments. After they were made into a paste they all went into Nia’s stomach. Nia once again got diarrhea. However, this time Nia was much calmer. She had a comfortable toilet in her room and sat on it while browsing the news online and talking with McCarthy next to her.

“It’s amazing that someone suddenly got pregnant.”

“Yeah.” McCarthy said, but not with much envy. He had long since ceased such thoughts.

“If only I could also meet the Prince of Delivery and it would be even better if this child could be kept, so when I meet that scum in the future, I can see his ugly face.” Nia picked her eyebrows.

McCarthy couldn’t help being jealous, his wife was still thinking about other men.

“But I’m afraid I don’t have a chance. On the contrary, that guy, if this kind of technology really exists, with his power I’m afraid it won’t take long to get it and have a child. Unfortunately, I was too unhealthy in the first place, so I don’t think he will waste it on me…”

Waste? It’s not what he thinks, right? McCarthy thought that he had misheard. Isn’t his wife very gentle? How could she want to do such a thing? It must be Chapman’s fault!

When McCarthy was aggrieved, someone knocked on the door and Master Fern’s voice came through the doorbell. “Little baby Nia, dad cooked you the noodles. Noodles with fruit juice from the flame fruit. The side dish has eight kinds of vegetables, five kinds of meat, and two kinds of eggs. The taste is absolutely first class!”

Ren Sheng also got a large portion of Master Fern’s loving noodles and ate the easy-to-digest noodles in clear soup with Nia, not to mention fried noodles.

In the Ruoya Empire, there was a kind of tree that had transparent sap that exudes a faint fragrance. It was also good for the body and could be used as food. Master Fern used this sap to stir-fry the noodles.

Shredded meat and vegetables were stir-fried, add finely chopped egg skin, and then put the noodles that have been watered down and stir-fried all together…

The large bowl of fried noodles smelled so sweet that Master Fern gave it to the four children, but now it was in the hands of Ren Sheng. Ren Sheng ate 1/5 and then divided the rest into four parts for the four children to eat. Then he looked faintly at Master Fern, who had delivered the noodles to his daughter and the four children did the same thing.

Master Fern thought it would be a terrible sin if he didn’t feed them so he went back to the kitchen quickly. Master Fern fried twenty portions in a row and finally when no one looked at him with asking eyes, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Ren Sheng put the empty bowl on the side, not yet finished. “Barely half-full, I need to save some room to eat the midnight snacks brought back by Zhao Lingyu.”

Zhao Ligyu, who gave five more Pregnancy Pills far more smoothly than the day before, carried more than ten biodegradable environmental protection bags in each hand, all of which contained food. As soon as he entered the door, he was  knocked down by Second Baby and met Ren Sheng’s bright gaze.

Fourth Baby took a look at his father and sat still with a calm face. Third Baby, who ate a lot of noodles, laid down and pretended to be dead, ready for someone else to deliver food to him. Big Baby looked at his two younger brothers and then looked at Second Baby who had already begun to check the bags and decided that it was his duty as a brother to drag his two brothers by the hand and walk toward Zhao Lingyu.

Third Baby changed into a more comfortable position as he was dragged, while Fourth Baby’s expression became even more cold. Zhao Lingyu silently divided the food into five portions.

The next day, the Ruoya Empire had several more pregnancies and the story was exactly the same as the two before, they all became pregnant from eating an unknown pill. This was not all. Another big event happened in the Ruoya Empire. One of the Ruoya Empire’s ninth level powerhouses, Marshal Raymond, was getting married!

Marshal Raymond was hundreds of years old, but it was his first marriage. Everyone was excited, but also felt a little lost. The Marshal used to stay on the frontier all day and did not come back for long this time. Why was he getting married so suddenly? Who is he going to marry? Was it Lieutenant General Jones, who made high-profile statements of love several times?

When everyone was still curious, Marshal Raymond’s marriage partner was revealed. It was actually Major General Jenkins. Major General Jenkins was a hundred years younger than Marshal Raymond, and was only a seventh level ability user. How did Marshal Raymond fall for him? What’s more, he was a man!

However, Major General Jenkins was really good-looking. Even if he was fierce on the battlefield, it was said that he could climb so fast because of his abilities, which could not conceal the fact that he was very beautiful. So beautiful that he looked like a woman and very much like a weak woman at that.

Marshal Raymond should have been unable to see a woman on the battlefield, so he took a fancy to him! Many people believed this until another piece of news came out.

Marshal Raymond was pregnant. The Marshal of the Ruoya Empire, a ninth level powerhouse of the male gender… was pregnant.


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