In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 102 – Son’s Babysitter

McCarthy and Nia were not aware of the recent noise in the noble circle about the Human Federation. Because of this, when they suddenly saw Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu, both of them were a little surprised.

“Auntie!” Big Baby jumped out of Zhao Lingyu’s arms, ran towards Nia at once, then jumped up again and bounced towards Nia’s arms. He also had an understanding of Nia’s body, so although his movements seemed big, when he finally landed in Nia’s arms it was very light.

“Baby.” Nia was also a little excited to see this child that she had taken care of for some time. McCarthy, who followed, couldn’t help rubbing his hands. He was eager to grab the child from his wife’s arms and hug him himself.

Of course, he just thought about it. Seeing Nia so fond of the child, how could he do it?

When Master Fern saw this, his eyes became brighter and brighter. His daughter had a good relationship with the child, so it was more likely that he would be able to take care of this child in the future. He must raise this child to be the best child in Ruoya.

Wait, this kid seemed to be a member of the Human Federation?

What does it matter if he’s from the Human Federation? He still liked this child!

Big Baby instantly became the focus of attention, making everyone forget the original point… and his own son was being taken advantage of… Zhao Lingyu held out his hand and grabbed Big Baby’s clothes, easily lifting him from Nia’s hands, which had very little strength.

Zhao Lingyu was tall and Big Baby looked very small in his hands. So when he was carried, he looked unusually pitiful, so three people looked at Zhao Lingyu with eyes filled with anger.

Zhao Lingyu very calmly hugged Big Baby and kissed him, then he let him sit on his other arm. Big Baby enjoyed this closeness, immediately embracing him and smiling towards Nia.

Zhao Lingyu then looked at Master Fern and the others. “Do you guys want to talk to me about Nia’s body?”

“You guys can cure Nia’s illness?” McCarthy looked at Zhao Lingyu in surprise. His wife was a very gentle person who would try her best to take care of him despite her poor health. The two of them always had a close relationship.

Although he knew that if Nia’s health was fine, he would never be able to marry her and she might even leave him, McCarthy still hoped that she could be healed. “You guys must have a solution, right? You guys were the ones who gave Nia the pill before that made Nia’s body get better very quickly.”

“We do have a solution.” Zhao Lingyu smiled and then looked at Master Fern: “Would Master Fern be willing to connect a private underground passage to this house?”

Under the ground of the Imperial Star, there were underground passages in all directions, in addition to the public underground passages used for transportation and traffic, there were also private underground passages. After connecting them it would become more convenient for the two connected families to come and go.

Whether it was Keith or Crohn, their mansions were connected to Zhao Lingyu’s residence and now they wanted to add Master Fern.

“Willingly!” Master Fern immediately said, agreeing without hesitation. Although these people in front of him were from the Human Federation, as long as his daughter could get healthy, he would be willing to join the Human Federation even if it meant breaking away from the Ruoya Empire! But of course as a Ruoya citizen he would never harm the Ruoya Empire!

Opening a private underground passage in Ruoya was an extremely simple matter, but it was still difficult to install anti-spying devices in the underground passages.

Master Fern could easily come up with a lot of digging robots, but there was no technology that could completely conceal the existence of the underground passage. Such technology would only be in the hands of the Ruoya government.

But even if he couldn’t do it, Keith could.

Keith might not be as good as Master Fern at making mecha, but he was much better in other aspects.

The day after Master Fern agreed, there was a sudden alarm in his basement, which stopped abruptly. Just a few seconds later, a hole appeared in the middle of the basement.

“What’s going on?” Master Fern froze. His first thought was that Chapman was coming.

Fortunately, a man with silver hair like Nia’s soon emerged from the hole in the ground. He was standing on a robot with eight hands that held various tools, making it look very much like a crab. Rising slowly from the hole, he eventually revealed his full form.

The people nearby quickly got a good look at him. He was very handsome. Although his skin was excessively white and his head was full of white hair, put together, it had an unexpected sense of harmony. It made him appear very noble, so that people couldn’t help but pay attention to him.

Such a man could be said to be excellent, but there was a bulge under his white clothes which made people feel very strange. It was not acceptable for a man who looked so out of reach to have such a big belly or something.

The man, however, was very comfortable and even placed one hand on his belly very naturally. Finally, after sweeping around, his gaze fell on Zhao Lingyu, who heard the commotion. “The tunnel is ready and the protective network is upgraded.”

The man who suddenly appeared cherished his words like gold and quickly turned away to leave but the others could still recognize him. Master Fern looked at the big hole in his house and looked very puzzled. “Duke Keith is as strange as ever.”

“Duke Keith looks a bit anxious, is he working on something important lately?” Nia also asked. She was once a proud daughter of the Imperial star, so she naturally also had contact with Keith before.

“Yes.” Zhao Lingyu nodded indifferently. Keith was still studying something important… no, it should be said that he was studying Gerd’s two children. He heard that just the other day, Keith had specially gone to find Gerd to get some hairs from the two children’s heads.

Fortunately, although he was obsessed with research he would never go overboard and always kept his word. So Zhao Lingyu didn’t have to worry that he would focus too much on his own children.

It was just that every time the children crawled beside him, Keith would stare at them with such intense eyes, that it made one feel creepy.

“Duke Keith used to have a beer belly?” After arriving at Master Fern house, McCarthy, who was dressed up by Nia, couldn’t help asking.

Nia was also a little puzzled. “Duke Keith always lived a regular life and paid a lot of attention to his health. How could he have a beer belly? He only has a big belly, maybe there is something hidden on him.”

Master Fern knew that Keith was pregnant, so the corner of his mouth twitched slightly, but thinking of his daughter’s physical condition he did not say anything in the end.

If he had given birth to a son, he would have begged Zhao Lingyu to give some pregnancy pills, even if the son’s health was not good it would be okay for McCarthy to give birth. But who let him give birth to only a daughter. Fortunately, there was still Big Baby, which can make him feel what it would be like to have a grandchild.

Master Fern was about to get in touch with Big Baby, when a voice came out of the hole opened by Keith and soon a middle-aged man who looked a little mundane came out from inside.

This middle-aged man was nothing special at all and if you threw him into a pile of people you would not be able to find him at all. But if he walked outside, he definitely was more striking than Keith. This person should be a plant ability user that controlled a vine that twisted into a circle and in the middle of this vine circle, there were three babies much smaller than Big Baby.

These three little children looked less than a year old, wearing only small pants, which revealed their white bellies and tender legs and arms. They looked even cuter than Ruoya’s most famous baby star, and most importantly the three of them didn’t look exactly the same, but still very similar, looking just like triplets.

Such a child, just one could already make Master Fern emotional, and now there were three… Three! Master Fern covered his heart in excitement and then his eyes blazed towards Elder Teng, who was carrying the children. “Where did you customize these three simulation robots? They are too cute.”

“Dad!” Second Baby fell down from the vine and crawled directly to Ren Sheng. “Daddy, you only take my brother without me.”

The appearance of Second Baby, who looked like he was about to cry, could simply make people feel pain in their hearts. At the same time, Fourth Baby also jumped down, but instead of crawling like his second brother, he walked slowly forward with a pink and tender face.

Third Baby was still dangling on the vine, so Master Fern hugged him and marveled, “This temperature… this feels exactly the same as a real child. Isn’t it a rule that robots need to be marketed so people would not be mistaken? How come these three look exactly the same?”

Although Third Baby was always lazy, he didn’t want to be “molested” by an old man. When Master Fern pinched his little face, he slapped him in the face.

“This doll is very powerful…” Master Fern continued his research with a small slap print.

“…” Zhao Lingyu once again snatched his child from other people, “This is my son.”

“Ah?” Master Fern looked at Zhao Lingyu in disbelief.

“They are all my sons.” Zhao Lingyu said again, pointing to Second Baby, who has been acting coquettish with Ren Sheng, and Third Baby who has been picked up by Ren Sheng.

“Aren’t they robots?” Master Fern murmured.

“No.” The corners of Zhao Lingyu’s eyes twitched as he reiterated himself. “They’re my sons!”

Third Baby found a comfortable position on Zhao Lingyu’s chest and closed his eyes. The envy and jealousy in Master Fern’s eyes could not even be covered anymore. Zhao Lingyu was too lucky. Others couldn’t have one child in their lifetime, but he could have four from which three looked like triplets.

Four children… a total of four children. Zhao Lingyu may really need someone to help him with the children?

“Don’t McCarthy and Nia have nothing to do? Would they be willing to help with the kids?” Zhao Lingyu said. He and Ren Sheng didn’t have time to stay with the children all the time at night, so it would be good to find them a nanny.

Once he was worried that his children’s physique was the same as Ren Sheng’s, but after secretly testing a few of them, he found them nourished, but negligible, so he put his mind at ease.

“Yes!” Happiness came so suddenly! Nia and McCarthy spoke in unison.

“There are four children in total, which may be a little troublesome.” Big Baby was very understanding and Third and Fourth Baby were relatively easy to take care of. In fact, the biggest problem was Second Baby who was a foodie who was biting and licking Ren Sheng’s ear. Putting Second Baby in Nia’s arms, Zhao Lingyu said very solemnly.

“Don’t bother. No matter how many children it would be, it would not be troublesome!” McCarthy promised with a pat to his chest. But he didn’t know that he would wish to travel in time to this time and beat himself up when he said that.

Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng happily found babysitters for their children, left the mecha to Master Fern and then went to the piece of land they had bought on Imperial Star with Elder Teng and Crohn, who had been kicked out of the lab by Keith.

That huge piece of land wasn’t far from where Zhao Lingyu and the others lived, and it was also connected by the tunnels. Its outermost layer was a light mesh shield, then a solid shield, and inside the shield, it was divided into hundreds of areas, which were then covered with separate hoods.

This place was actually modeled after the place where herbs were grown in the Zhao family in the Human Federation and under each hood, a different plant was grown.

Keith had tried to cultivate the seeds that Zhao Lingyu had given him, but no matter how hard he tried, the seeds remained seeds and the living plants that Zhao Lingyu had given him were shriveling up more, as he raised them.

All of it forced Keith to admit that he had no way to cultivate these herbs, so Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng stepped in.

The original seeds that did not germinate, sprouted on the spot. The original plant that was almost withered suddenly opened its leaves to the wind…

These days all Nourishing Potions that were sold were made by Elder Teng from the herbs grown here. And in addition to the herbs for the Nourishing Potion, there were also herbs grown here to refine the Pregnancy Pill and Qi Linking Pill.

But those two pills are not the same as the Nourishing Potion. Only Ren Sheng personally could refine them. When he came over today, Ren Sheng harvested a large batch of herbs, while planting and ripening a few seeds.

“What are these herbs used for?” Elder Teng asked curiously.

“These herbs are for healing wounds and can be given to Nia.” Ren Sheng said, putting the herbs away before looking at Zhao Lingyu, “How many Pregnancy pills do you need?”

After the Nourishing Potion was put on the market, what was left was the Pregnancy Pill.

“How many pills can be made from the herbs harvested just now?” Zhao Lingyu asked.

“About seventy to eighty pills can be made.” Ren Sheng said. This world was really magical. You could get the temperature you wanted and you could also simulate what kind of environment you want. Coupled with the fact that you can grow all the spiritual plants you need, it was surprising that the rare herbs that were hard to find in the cultivation world could be grown in large batches here…

“You do it. Give me fifty.” Zhao Lingyu said. These fifty should be given to the emperor and to ‘market’ some… in order to make the effect more amazing, he must plan well.

“Good.” Ren Sheng nodded.

He had no alchemy fire, no spirit stone, and no alchemy furnace, so he continued to use high-tech things for alchemy. The things of the Ruoya empire were even better than those of the Human Federation. Taking out some of the money he made from selling Nourishing Potions, he made a custom made stove that looked just like his master’s alchemy furnace, then began to refine pills.

Meanwhile, two workers were chatting at a manufacturer specializing in kitchenware on Imperial Star.

“Hey, you saw that weird-looking pot last time, right? I don’t know which person asked for it. It’s a good soup pot, but it has to be made into such a strange look.”

“Even if it looks weird, the maximum temperature requirement is so high …… did he want to use it to cook the skin of fire lizards?”

“Maybe he wants to use it to cook some kind of stones or something! The material used for that pot is not ordinary, people who can afford it may want to cook it, or he might be a high level fire ability user.”

“Mental power could be used to regulate temperature in this pot, maybe those with advanced abilities want to use it to exercise their mental powers.”

“But why doesn’t he use a mecha to exercise his mental strength? Instead, he has to use the money that can buy a mecha to buy a pot to exercise his mental strength?”


Of course, Ren Sheng didn’t know of these many speculations about his alchemy furnace. At this time, he had already used that “pot” to make a pot of Pregnancy Pills.

His own craft was really getting better and better…

The pills were put into exquisite bottles carved by the machine. Ren Sheng picked out all kinds of herbs and continued to boil them… no,used them for alchemy.


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