In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 51.2 – Welcome to the celebration banquet

Zhao Lingyu was very happy in the central building. Many people from the First Legion were promoted and he also applied for a large amount of military funds. He even earned a few medals of honor himself.

When he left, Zhao Lingyu gave a friendly pat to Yang Ye, who also happened to be there. “General Yang, I want to thank you, if you weren’t busy getting married, I really wouldn’t have had the chance to get this kind of credit for nothing.”

Yang Ye’s shoulder ached. It was even more frustrating when he thought that Zhao Lingyu awakened the strength ability after he lost his fusion ability.

There was no doubt that Zhao Lingyu broke the stage during the Human New Life day previously. As long as something had to do with Zhao Lingyu, it was no good!

But he couldn’t help it. He wanted Corbien to give Zhao Lingyu some trouble, but Zhao Lingyu dodged and even got a big credit.

No, he still has something comparable to Zhao Lingyu… Yang Ye suddenly smiled. “No way, after all, marriage is the most important thing in life. My fiancée was not feeling well these days and just found out she was pregnant. So now I want to stay by her side and I don’t want to go to other places. Marshal Zhao, I heard that you are going to marry someone who can’t have a baby?”

Yang Ye’s face was full of smugness when he said this.

The five great families have not had a newborn child for more than 40 years. Ethan, Fang Chengjun, all these people, were no longer that young, and they still had no children. But now his fiance was pregnant!

Although the embryo was still a little unstable, this woman was able to get pregnant so soon. So even if this baby could not be kept, there would certainly be other children in the future, but Zhao Lingyu… if Zhao Lingyu married his little lover, he won’t have children or grandchildren! After all, the Zhao family has an advantage that could be regarded as a disadvantage. They were particularly devoted to love.

Yang Ye said he was about to have a child. If it was the previous Zhao Lingyu he would not envy him, but recently Ren Sheng always talked about children. They even read two parenting books together, which also made him want to have a child.

However, he can raise Ren Sheng as a child and there might be some ginseng children in the future.

Zhao Lingyu’s face changed and he said indifferently, “Then congratulations to General Yang. General Yang, tomorrow the Zhao family will hold a celebration banquet for the First Legion’s triumphant return. I hope that General Yang can attend.”

Zhao Lingyu’s bland expression gave Yang Ye no pleasure in showing off at all. When he heard that the Zhao family would hold a celebration banquet, he couldn’t help grinding his teeth. It was not until he thought of the child in his wife’s belly that he became smug again.

He, Yang Ye, finally has a child! Others must be especially jealous of him!

Zhao Lingyu, however, ignored him and walked straight out the door, got into his aircraft, and prepared to go home.

“Marshal, since we have something that can threaten Ethan, why do we have to give him merit?” Ellie was a little reluctant.

Everyone else in the room, including Ivor, nodded in agreement.

“Even if we don’t give it to him, the Locke family can still help him gain some merit. As for what I used to threaten him… we have no proof after all.” Zhao Lingyu said. He was too lazy to quarrel with the Locke family after dealing with a higher civilization. So he just gave them some merit to appease them.

After all, Ivor was smart and quickly figured it out, but even then felt some discomfort in his heart. Noticing this, he could not help but sigh secretly.

Maybe this was the gap between him and Zhao Lingyu. If Zhao Lingyu was as calculating as he was he was afraid that he would not be able to become a marshal.

Given that Ivor was an ordinary person, the speed of Zhao Lingyu’s aircraft was not fast. But after approaching the Zhao family, he suddenly sped up.

What’s wrong? Ivor became startled in his heart.

While Ivor still didn’t know what was happening, Zhao Lingyu had already clearly seen the Zhao family’s situation.

There was an aircraft above the Zhao family mansion and there was a tall man standing in front of it.

“Elinor Wesley.” Stopping the aircraft, Zhao Lingyu frowned at the man standing in front of his house.

After going out to deal with the star pirates, Zhao Lingyu almost forgot about this man, but now it seems… his wife Feng Kexin was still in the Zhao house?

“Marshal.” Elinor seeing Zhao Lingyu, saluted in greeting.

Although Zhao Lingyu was in a high position, because his wife and Shen Qiushi were good friends, he watched Zhao Lingyu grow up with his own eyes. In the past, he was very comfortable facing Zhao Lingyu all the time, but now he no longer has the face to do that.

It was only a short month, but he had experienced many things that he had never thought about before, so he could no longer maintain his original arrogance.

“What are you doing here?” Zhao Lingyu asked.

“Marshal, I want to see my wife.” Elinor said.

“What do you want to do seeing her without settling things at home first?” Zhao Lingyu said. He knew something about Elinor and Feng Kexin. The reason why these two are separated had a lot to do with the persecution of the Wesley family.

“I have left the family.” Elinor said, with a very complicated expression.

He and Feng Kexin had deep feelings and had been with each other for more than a hundred years, so naturally he was not willing to divorce and remarry just because of a child. But his parents pushed him too hard before, so he simply went out to meet several people.

He was hoping to use this to appease his parents so that they would not look for trouble with Feng Kexin. However, he did not expect that while he was hiding it from Feng Kexin, his parents would send pictures of him meeting with others to Feng Kexin and even let the word out that he was getting a divorce.

He was trying to convince his parents when Feng Kexin suddenly left alone and later their child… Elinor’s heart throbbed with pain.

“Left the family?”

“Yes, the Wesley family expelled me.” Elinor laughed bitterly. It was only now that he learned that his parents could not be persuaded casually and he lost all chances when he was not able to have a child.

Zhao Lingyu was not on Capital Star before, so it was the first time he learned about this matter. After a pause, he said, “I will have someone give you an invitation to the banquet tomorrow.”

He will not interfere too much with Feng Kexin and Elinor’s affairs and will let his mother solve it tomorrow.

Elinor has recently been expelled from the capital garrison because he was expelled from his family. These days, he has been waiting in front of the Zhao family house, waiting to see his wife. But Feng Kexin has never come out to see him and was not even willing to talk to him.

If he attends tomorrow’s banquet, he may be able to see Feng Kexin…

“Thanks,” Elinor said, “and sorry for what happened before.” At that time, he lost his cool and used his ability against Shen Qiushi and Ren Sheng

“That shouldn’t be said to me.” Zhao Lingyu said and went directly through the door. As soon as he entered, he saw his little ginseng being pulled by his own mother for a talk.

“Mother, Ren is probably tired. Let’s eat early.” So they could go to the bed early.

“Also…” Shen Qiushi stopped talking with a little pity.

Ren Sheng was tempted to say that he was not tired, but he did not expect to turn his head and meet Zhao Lingyu’s gaze. Dizzy, he forgot to say anything.

“Let’s go back to our room and talk about the matter of planting flowers.” Zhao Lingyu said again.

Go back to their room and plant flowers, was it… thinking that today was another day to take refined soil from Zhao Lingyu, Ren Sheng nodded busily.

“Ren, don’t plant flowers tonight, rest early. Tomorrow, there will be a celebration banquet at home.” Shen Qiushi said. The celebration banquet was also a feature of the Zhao family. At the beginning, it was because the Human Federation was too unstable and many people died on the battlefield. The Zhao family ancestor took advantage of winning battles, to exchange feelings with the soldiers.

But now, it’s not just the soldiers of the First Legion who come to the banquet, but basically everyone with enough status on Capital Star would come.

Ren Sheng didn’t say anything. Celebration feast or something, certainly wasn’t as important as refined soil!

Zhao Lingyu’s gaze flashed and he also didn’t say anything. He had attended many celebrations and what he wanted to attend most now was his own engagement banquet and wedding banquet.

The Zhao family was making preparations for tomorrow’s banquet, while the disguised Roy found the Thorn Chamber of Commerce’s location on Capital Star and unobtrusively started asking for information.

Soon, he got enough answers. For example, the Zhao family has never made it difficult for the Thorn Chamber of Commerce.

Since the Zhao family didn’t make things difficult for the Thorn Chamber of Commerce, he was afraid that they didn’t know Ren Sheng’s real identity. There were many things he would be able to do from there!

For a moment, Roy was full of fighting spirit. He checked some information online and then went to the Yang family.

He had no way to get close to the Zhao family alone and his own father was too far away to solve this matter, so he might as well go to Zhao Lingyu’s enemies.

He didn’t ask for anything else but to meet Zhao Lingyu in a public place.

On the other hand, Zhao Lingyu, who didn’t bother with the Thorn Chamber of Commerce because he thought it had hooked him up with Ren Sheng and didn’t care about the money, was lying in bed squinting his eyes as he felt Ren Sheng’s ‘care.’ After Ren Sheng took a bite on his stomach and licked it a few times, he couldn’t control his ‘outbreak.’ Because Ren Sheng was nearby, he wanted to continue…

But Reng Sheng has already begun to practice without any distractions. Zhao Lingyu sighed and once again was left alone in the empty bed.


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