In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 50.2 – Returning to Capital Star

At this time, Sparky finally found Corbien.

“Boss, are you all right?” Sparky looked anxiously at Corbien, who was ‘embedded’ in an asteroid while still in his mecha.

“Do I look okay to you?” Corbien opened his mask, covered his mouth, and vomited violently.

Driving the mecha required a very strong physical quality, so although his physique was much better than a human’s, he was still at a scrap level. Because of this, although he had a fairly good mecha, he wasn’t able to employ its maximum combat power. Before, he used the mecha to escape at the fastest speed to save his life, but at the same time he ended up half-dead.

“Boss, I’ll dig you out right away.” When Sparky saw Corbien’s pitiful appearance, he immediately said this, then found someone to help him.

Soon, Sparky dug out Corbien from the asteroid and assisted him to slowly move back to the ship.

“You guys didn’t suffer any damage, right?” Corbien asked.

“No. But many people are still very dissatisfied, thinking that we mined the resources and energy ores in vain.” Sparky said. The star pirates trusted Corbien immensely, but they didn’t respect him very much.

The star pirates said a lot of things in front of Sparky before… they didn’t think he should have thrown away the energy ores.

But if he didn’t get rid of the energy ores, how could he escape Zhao Lingyu’s pursuit, and then find Corbien?

“I will teach them a lesson.” Corbien put away his mecha and retched several more times. He had taken a hit earlier and his internal organs felt like they had been turned over, making him now feel really sick.

“Boss?” Just at this time, several strong star pirates came forward, looking at Corbien in shock, like they had just seen a ghost.

Corbien couldn’t stop himself from vomiting a few more times before he looked at the people in front of him. His eyes narrowed… “Something wrong?”

“Boss, you turned out to be a woman?” A dark-skinned star pirate could not help but ask. He moved his mouth and it took a lot of effort to swallow his other sentence. “Are you pregnant?”

What woman? Corbien frowned and then lowered his head to find that he still looked like Ellie.

During the battle, he had no time to change his appearance back and later he was too tired and forgot about it. Now, he still had two big bumps on his chest and because of the impact, his clothes looked messy. Making him look like he suffered a lot from…

Corbien often changes his face in front of his subordinates, but no one has ever really seen his true appearance, so it was no wonder that some people thought he was a female.

For a moment, Corbien’s face was black. He quickly reached out and rubbed his hand on his face, changing back to his usual appearance. The two bumps of meat on his chest were also rubbed away.

The subordinate who issued this question looked at this scene full of pity.

When his health gets better, he must clean up this group of people. Corbien boarded the ship with a cold expression. He wanted to lie in the medical cabin immediately, but suddenly remembered the energy crystal.

At this time, only the energy crystal could comfort him. If he could lie on the energy crystal and go to sleep, he would not feel any pain for a moment.

But soon, he felt that he was about to die from pain, especially his heart, which almost made him breathless. “Where’s the energy crystals?”

“Boss, I clearly put it here…” Sparky was full of bewilderment. He clearly put the energy crystal on Corbien’s bed, so how could it suddenly not be there?

“Surveillance! Quickly transfer the surveillance to show me!” Corbien was in a hurry. This  was energy crystals! How could it be lost just like that?

There was no surveillance in Corbien’s room, but there was one in the corridor and it was quickly sent to him. From the surveillance he could see that Sparky put the energy crystal into his room and then his door was closed. Until now, the door had not been opened again at all.

“Boss, I didn’t take it!” Sparky immediately said.

“I know you didn’t take it. You don’t have a space button.” Corbien still believes in Sparky, not to mention Sparky was under his nose all day. Even if he took it, he would have no chance to use it or sell it.

“But, where did the energy crystals go?” Sparky was bewildered, he looked smart, but he obviously wasn’t.

“Find the robots and search the entire ship! Everyone on the ship keeps an eye out for me and make sure to find the energy crystals!” Corbien said without hesitation.

He was an observer sent by the Ruoya civilization to keep an eye on the human civilization and needed to report the development of the human civilization to his superiors regularly. He also needed to hand over some resources urgently needed by the Ruoya civilization, such as the energy crystals.

At the same time, he was also subject to many restrictions. For example, he couldn’t use the high-tech of his civilization in the human civilization and couldn’t teach the knowledge of Ruoya civilization to humans. He also couldn’t get too close to the humans.

Of course, he could still play the role of a star pirate. At the edge of this restriction was his stupid assistant. As he became the head of the largest star pirate group in the Human Federation, living a free life, he was also contacted by some high level members of the Human Federation.

This time, he only wanted to dig up energy crystals from planet 12534 and test Zhao Lingyu before submitting his report to his leader. But he didn’t expect to fall so far.

Corbien felt that his heart was dripping blood. It was the energy crystal, which was sought after by all the aristocrats of Ruoya civilization. Only on a planet full of energy mines could such a thing be found. It was the best thing to use for bribes or sell for money, but now it was lost!

Damn it, the door of his room was always closed and everything in it was intact. How could such a large piece of crystal be lost?

“My root went down the ventilation to a room and found the crystal. Then I put it away and came out along the pipe, I also helped them to block the hole.” Ren Sheng laid on the broad energy crystal and looked at Zhao Lingyu with a smile.

His children could obviously use these things as rations and with such a large piece, they wouldn’t have to worry that the children would go hungry.

“Ren is really good.”  Zhao Lingyu praised, although stealing was not good, stealing from star pirates was a good thing.

Not to mention that he had a hunch that this golden crystal should be very important.

“Yes!” Ren Sheng raised his chin slightly. He suddenly remembered another thing and took out the syringe. “Lingyu, this is the syringe that this guy wanted to pierce you with. I pricked him. Do you want it?” He almost forgot about it.

“Give it to me.” Zhao Lingyu said. The syringe must be stained with Corbien’s blood. After going back, he must check it carefully!

Thinking that Corbien seemed to want to steal his genes, Zhao Lingyu became angry.

“Lingyu, can we start getting the refined soil now? And kiss…” Ren Sheng hugged the cold-faced Zhao Lingyu.

Zhao Lingyu took a deep breath. “Today we can take our time… Ren, when kissing, you can’t suck all my saliva away, okay?”

“Then you can’t suck away mine either, my saliva is medicine!” Ren Sheng said.

Zhao Lingyu blocked Ren Sheng’s mouth and after some entanglement of lips and teeth, he took off his trousers. He felt like he had ‘taken’ some miraculous drugs and felt comfortable and powerful.

Two hours later… It took Ren Sheng a long time to get the refined soil, so when he held the refined soil in his hand, he laid on the piece of energy crystal and began to cultivate.

The four little ginseng fruits on Ren Sheng’s head became a little bigger, not to mention they also began to turn red.

Obviously they were just ginseng fruits, but he was getting more and more attached to them. Zhao Lingyu kissed one of them and was about to go to sleep when another thought came over.

Ren Sheng was so cute so how could he favor one over another? Zhao Lingyu kissed the remaining three ginseng seeds.

The four ginseng seeds pulsated with joy, and thanks to them Zhao Lingyu’s mood became better, but soon his face changed again.

Ren Sheng had been sleeping with him before, but now he was sitting on the energy crystals to cultivate. Is he going to sleep in an empty bed alone?

The next day Zhao Lingyu, who slept alone in the empty bed was once again dragged to his work. The central main ship towed countless energy ores to the planet that was used to house the homeless people from planet 12534.

The fleet stayed here for two days, allowing all the people who intended to make their homes here to stay and then proceeded to Capital Star with some of the people and all the energy ores.

Some of these people were from garrisons near planet 12534 and others were officials from planet 12534, businessmen who went to planet 12534 for business, or businessmen who were just passing by and were intercepted. Some of them have homes on Capital Star and even if their homes were not on Capital Star, they intended to travel to various planets by spaceship from there.

Roy and Qiu Zhuang were among these people. When Roy learned about it he was full of joy that he would soon reach Capital Star. Looking at Roy, who was trying to take care of his skin, Qiu Zhuang became a bit worried.

His young master should not do anything wrong, right?


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