In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 27.2 – There’s So Much Refined Soil

Ren Sheng’s eyes turned red. Those nutrient solutions were bought for him by Zhao Lingyu. He hadn’t even used them yet and this Little Green already drank the whole bottle! How outrageous?!

How could Zhao Lingyu, who had been paying attention to Ren Sheng’s expression, not guess Ren Sheng’s thoughts? He glared at Little Green and made it quickly retract to Mr. Teng’s side.

“Little Green also likes Ren Sheng…” Mr. Teng reluctantly opened his mouth. Although centuries of getting along with him had made him and Little Green interlinked with each other, but in the end, they didn’t really have the same heart. Therefore, he had no idea why Little Green liked Ren Sheng and didn’t give up even after being wronged.

If anyone else had treated Little Green so badly, he would have been very angry. But Little Green was still persistently pulling him towards Ren Sheng, making him unable to become angry.

“But I don’t like it.” Ren Sheng looked at Little Green with some jealousy. Little Green could stretch and eat nutrients as much as he wanted, but he could only watch as the things Zhao Lingyu gave him were eaten by others. Finding that there wasn’t even a nutritious meal on the table, Ren Sheng angrily grabbed one of Zhao Lingyu’s hands and slowly absorbed the refined soil.

“Ren, try this. This piece of meat tastes good.” Zhao Lingyu gave Ren Sheng a slice of grilled meat with sauce on it. “Chew it and eat it slowly.” Ren Sheng liked to change his taste when eating nutritious food, this meant he could taste it. In this case, it was alright for him to simply taste delicious food without considering absorbing nutrition.

Ren Sheng bit down on the roasted meat that Zhao Lingyu gave him. He habitually wanted to swallow it one bite but he suddenly thought of what Zhao Lingyu said about chewing it slowly. So he chewed it and chewed as his eyes got brighter and brighter. “It’s delicious!”

“If you like, try this.” Zhao Lingyu gave him another chopstick of fish.

“It’s delicious too!” Ren Sheng immediately said. He always felt that it was difficult to absorb these foods, so he didn’t try them. But now… although he didn’t absorb them very well, they did taste better than nutritious meals.

Ren Sheng was happy to eat and Zhao Lingyu began to talk about the ingredients used in these foods. He did not have much of an expression on his face, but he gave a very gentle feeling.

Her son could talk to people in such a gentle manner… Shen Qiushi couldn’t help being surprised when she saw this scene. She glanced at Reng Sheng from time to time.

Why did she feel that these two looked like passionate lovers? No, they are literally more intimate than a passionate couple with such an attitude…

Shen Qiushi always wanted to have a grandchild, but after experiencing the scene where both Zhao Lingyu and Zhao Peng were dying, she didn’t want a grandson who would inherit the Zhao family’s abilities at all. So naturally she wouldn’t oppose her son getting together with an infertile person.

But… finding a man was fine, but finding a child was… What an animal….

“Ren, come to Auntie…” said Shen Qiushi with a smile, glaring at her son in passing.

“Auntie, I want to be with Lingyu.” Ren Sheng refused as usual.

Zhao Lingyu’s heart became much more comfortable.

Although there was no more riotous energy around Zhao Lingyu, he couldn’t control his strength, so Shen Qiushi simply rearranged the metal house he lived in before, adding many voice-activated devices to facilitate his life. Also preparing a room next to it for Ren Sheng who had been pestering Zhao Lingyu all day.

After dinner, thinking that Ren Sheng was still thinking about those nutrient solutions, Zhao Lingyu silently went to the warehouse and asked the housekeeper to take out two large buckets.

“Young master, it’s nighttime, what do you need so much nutrient liquid for?” The housekeeper was puzzled. These nutrient solutions were used to water flowers. But wasn’t watering flowers at night a bit strange?

“Soak flowers.” Zhao Lingyu said, gently picking up the two buckets of nutrient solution and leaving without looking back.

Soaking flowers? What flowers needed to be soaked with so many nutrients? The housekeeper was puzzled.

By the time Zhao Lingyu returned to his place, the metal bucket in his hand had been accidentally squeezed and deformed. Fortunately, the nutrient solution was still inside.

Pouring the nutrient solution into the bathtub, Zhao Lingyu became relieved. Then he saw Ren Sheng running in through the door.

“My nutrient solution!” Seeing the bathtub, Ren Sheng was filled with joy, quickly taking off his clothes, not even allowing Zhao Lingyu to stop him.

This was the first time Zhao Lingyu saw Ren Sheng’s naked body. The slender teenager’s skin was exceptionally fair and there were no hair on his body. Judging from his body’s proportion, he looked like an adult, but he was really too small. For a moment, he could not look away.

“It’s so comfortable to soak, Lingyu. I’m going to sleep in the bathtub today!” Ren Sheng had become more and more comfortable in front of Zhao Lingyu, directly turning his hands and feet into roots to soak the nutrient solution.

The beautiful moment disappeared as Zhao Lingyu looked at the tangled roots in the bathtub helplessly with a faint sense of guilt.

Ren Sheng was too small, why was he so small? He was over 100,000 years old, couldn’t he grow a little bigger?

Quickly leaving Ren Sheng’s room, Zhao Lingyu breathed deeply for a while in the yard before calming down.

He would just treat Ren Sheng as a child. It’s nothing. Even if he wanted to have something, Ren Sheng was a plant that only liked the refined soil inside him. How could he expect anything else?

Thinking of this, Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

After walking around the courtyard a few times and making a few deep holes, Zhao Lingyu went back to his room to lie down, but he couldn’t sleep at all.

The image of Ren Sheng soaking in the nutrient solution kept showing in front of his eyes. In the end, even those roots, he found them cute…

Zhao Lingyu found himself standing in front of the bathtub again, but instead of the excessively slender Ren Sheng who was soaking in the bathtub, it was Ren Sheng who had grown to his shoulder’s height and had youth-like appearance.

Ren Sheng laid in the bathtub as he smiled slightly at him. “Lingyu, shall we soak together?”

He stepped into the bathtub and Ren Sheng wrapped up…

No. How could Ren Sheng suddenly be so big? The moment he climbed to the top, Zhao Lingyu suddenly thought of this and then woke up. Then his face changed.

His pants were actually wet!

He’d never had a girlfriend or boyfriend before and he hadn’t had the time to do it himself in the army. It was not uncommon for him to have dreams at night, but this time, the person he was thinking about was Ren Sheng!

He really set himself up.

At this point, the only thing that Zhao Lingyu could be glad about was the fact that the Ren Sheng in his dream wasn’t a child. This, at least, proved that he wasn’t a beast.

Helplessly getting up, Zhao Lingyu planned to go to the bathroom to take a shower. But at this time, the door was suddenly opened, and Ren Sheng, who was still naked rushed in with countless roots flung out. “Refined soil! There’s so much refined soil!”


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