In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 101 – The Father-In-Law Meets His Son-In-Law

The two children were surrounded, but Gerd was a little embarrassed. When he saw Ren Sheng, he couldn’t help asking, “Ren Sheng, it is said that you gave birth very quickly, how did it go?” Watching his belly cut open was really so ferocious that he might have a psychological shadow!

“Childbirth? Crackling and falling down.” Ren Sheng said. They fell so fast that he almost couldn’t catch them in time.

Gerd looked at Ren Sheng in shock. Although the eggs were small at first, they were already the size of eggs when he birthed them. At that time Ren Sheng was also very small, so crackling down from his stomach or something… how loose was he?

Seeing Gerd’s expression, Zhao Lingyu who grabbed the second child’s eyebrows slightly twitched, directly taking Ren Sheng in his arms. “Ren’s race is different! Also those eggs were soft.”

“So it’s just like getting one big one?” Gerd stood in awe.

“No. It’s like someone who hasn’t washed his hair for years.” Ren Sheng’s expression was serious. The situation at that time really made him feel relaxed.

“Huh?” Gerd didn’t understand again.

“What about Keith?” Zhao Lingyu wisely shifted the topic.

“He got something and went to study it.” Gerd said. This child’s cell coat, hair, and so on were all taken away. But his sons only had a few hairs in total!

“What’s the hurry?” Fang Chengjun asked subconsciously.

“He was in such a hurry that he almost let me take care of the wound myself.” Gerd pointed to his stomach, which was now patched with a special glue. It would definitely take a long time for the wound to heal. “When he gives birth, I will definitely remember the favor!”

“No. Maybe by then he’ll stick his belly in and go to the research lab with the baby in his arms.” Crohn said very melancholy. Keith was really too busy and liked planning especially, so even the time he would communicate with his unborn child was set in advance.

He now especially hoped that the palace would hold a few more banquets, so he could show Keith off and eat some tofu the way a husband and wife would.

His own family’s Ren Sheng was very good. Zhao Lingyu held him in his arms, and in the next second, several children jumped over and hugged them together.

Maybe he could get a few nutrition chambers to lock them in, but his kids seem to be a little too good? Can the nutrition chambers hold them in?

One of Gerd’s children had a metal ability and the other had an ice ability. Probably because they had been soaked in water, the two children were a little red. Their faces were wrinkled and their legs looked particularly thin, so after being used to his own children, Ren Sheng felt that they were a little strange.

However, he didn’t have much time to study the two children. The day after Gerd’s caesarean section, he and Zhao Lingyu both went to Master Fern’s again.

The shape of Ren Sheng’s mecha changed, and the colors green and yellow together also looked very fresh and tender. As for the inside, Master Fern modified some of it, but some places still needed to be changed.

“In fact, my daughter is better at creating mecha systems than I am.” After a brief introduction to the mecha, Master Fern said.

“Do you have a way to pick them up?” Zhao Lingyu asked. It was alright for him to do it, but maybe Master Fern wanted to do it himself.

“Yes! I can get in touch with Nia and ask her to tell the brat to go to the nearby planet to recuperate, and then get two robots to take their place.” Master Fern actually came up with the whole plan.

“Then bring them over.” Zhao Lingyu said while watching Ren Sheng run to the mecha .

The Ruoya Empire was divided into many areas and some areas were inhabited by powerful people, while other areas were only inhabited by civilians. The area where McCarthy lived was a civilian living area.

Although he became the sudden recipient of ten bottles of Nourishing Potion and fame, McCarthy didn’t feel that he had the opportunity to change his class. In fact, after just a few days passed his and his wife’s affairs have already been forgotten by many people.

But now, he sat in a magnificent room with a huge defensive net that was decorated with gold and his wife said it was her home.

Didn’t she say that she was a poor woman who was kicked out of her husband’s house? How could there be such a house? Even if the house itself was not worth much… wasn’t all these mecha models in front of him a limited edition? He worked hard picking up ‘garbage’ and even with all the money he earned from it, he wouldn’t be able to buy one.

McCarthy, who was persuaded by his wife to take her to a planet other than Imperial Star to recuperate, was inexplicably taken to the basement in the hotel and walked through some private underground tunnels. This made McCarthy very confused about his current situation.

“Have some tea, Mr. McCarthy.” The beautiful humanoid robot came to McCarthy dressed as a maid and respectfully handed over a cup of tea.

Ruoya humanoid robots were divided into several grades and the female robot that acted so real and even radiated with abnormal power fluctuations was definitely one of the most high-end ones. In fact, if it hadn’t been for a switch on the female robot’s forehead, he would never have thought it was a robot.

McCarthy picked up the tea and took a sip with a slight sense of urgency, unable to resist asking, “Where is Dounia? Where is she?”

“I don’t know Mr. McCarthy, do you want some more tea?”

Being stared at by the robot, plus feeling a little uncomfortable, McCarthy took another sip.

Soon the robot refilled McCarthy’s cup and he subconsciously took another sip.

Not far away in a room, a group of people were watching McCarthy through a monitor.

Dounia or Nia watched her husband drink glass after glass of water and looked somewhat helplessly at her father. “Dad, what are you doing?”

“He stole my daughter. I feel uncomfortable about it! You see, he drinks so much water, so he will be in a hurry to go to the toilet later, but he can’t find the toilet here… ” Master Fern was a little smug.

“In order to see that he can’t find a toilet, you gave him tea from the star grass that can appease his ability?” Zhao Lingyu said. Master Fern was troublesome enough. Just for McCarthy, he deliberately put his most valuable things in a room and even put on all the mecha models given to him by his students regardless of whether they were suitable or not. No matter how expensive it was in Ruoya, he also set aside a portion of the star grass that he had collected and intended to send to his daughter to make tea for McCarthy.

Oh, by the way, the expensive humanoid robot was said to be from Chapman. It was put at the bottom of the box after being beaten by him as a sandbag and only used again at this time. Probably because it hasn’t been turned on for a long time it was a little stiff.

“I didn’t say he was good enough for my daughter, didn’t I?” Master Fern said at once.

“Dad, all right, let’s go and see him.” Nia said. As soon as she came in, she was brought here after a few words with McCarthy, so McCarthy must be very confused about the situation now.

“All you see now is your husband, without putting your father into your eyes…” Master Fern looked sadly at his daughter. “Dad!”

Nia called out helplessly.

“Well, Daddy is going to meet him with you.” Master Fern said.

Master Fern and Nia quickly left, while Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu stayed behind. Master Fern’s family must have a lot of things to deal with, there was no need for them to follow.

The first thing McCarthy said after seeing his father-in-law was, “Can you tell me where the toilet is please?” After that, he suddenly recognized the man in front of him. “Master Fern?”

Although McCarthy was only a commoner and average in all aspects, he still knew about the various people of the Ruoya Empire. Master Fern, who was very popular in the Ruoya Empire, was known as the first mecha master of the Ruoya Empire, and his daughter was once married to Prince Chapman. Certainly he was not a person you would not know.

When he was young, he even dreamed about becoming a mecha warrior and getting a mecha made by Master Fern himself.

Of course, he gave up on this idea a long time ago, but he didn’t expect to see Master Fern after he gave up.

McCarthy looked at Master Fern with admiration and then his eyes were attracted by the silver-haired, thin but very beautiful woman next to Master Fern.

This face belonged to the former princess, but this person gave him the same feeling as his wife.

Subconsciously, McCarthy pulled Master Fern’s daughter to him. “Why have you changed your face? Why are you holding him? ” As he said this, McCarthy glanced at Master Fern with dislike. As for his previous admiration… all those who wanted to rob his wife were enemies!

“He is my father.” Nia smiled and pulled McCarthy next door. “This is the toilet.”

Master Fern saw that his daughter had followed the man into the toilet and hurriedly stopped her: “Nia, what are you doing in there when he goes to the bathroom? Come back quickly!”

Nia looked at her father speechlessly, she and McCarthy have been a couple for more than ten years, so even when she goes to the toilet, McCarthy can naturally brush his teeth next to her. When McCarthy went to the toilet, she also naturally could stay around. So what was going to the toilet together?

After Master Fern finished, he also thought of his daughter’s situation and became more sad.

He was just sad, but McCarthy in the toilet was so shocked that he almost forgot to open his pants when he went to the bathroom.

He was wondering why his wife had changed her face before, but now it seems that this was his wife’s face!

His wife had the face of the former Prince Consort. Master Fern also only had one daughter and Master Fern was his wife’s father… so, he married the former Prince Consort? So Prince Chapman was the scumbag who abandoned his wife and kicked his wife out?

He used to think that the prince was very good, but he turned out to be such a scum!

After solving his physical problem, McCarthy washed his hands mechanically and suddenly found that he had left the door open. His wife and his father-in-law were still standing not far outside the door.

Subconsciously, McCarthy stretched out his wet hand towards Master Fern. “Hello Dad.”

Master Fern stared at him for a moment, reached out, and touched one of his fingers before pointing to the side, “The dryer is over there.”

Master Fern was grateful to McCarthy, who has been really good for his daughter these years. McCarthy, was shocked at the fact that the love rival that he always hated turned out to be Prince Chapman, but the joy that Master Fern was his father-in-law, left him no time to think about anything else, so the family got along very well.

Master Fern hadn’t done much over the years and had nothing to talk about, so he just kept listening to his daughter talk about herself, while Nia, in turn, picked out the good things to say.

“From now on, I’ll leave my daughter to you.” After listening for a long time, Master Fern suddenly said to McCarthy.

Hearing this, McCarthy was excited. “Dad, don’t worry, I will take care of her! Dad, Nia has taken the Nourishing Potion before, so she has become much better.” When it came to Nourishing Potions, McCarthy thought of Master Fern asking around to buy them, so the Nourishing Potions they received should be obtained by Master Fern for his wife.

“I know. I asked someone to give you this potion.”

“What?” McCarthy asked in surprise, didn’t Greenton give them the potion?

“Come on, I’ll take you to meet some people.” Master Fern said.

While Master Fern was talking to McCarthy, Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu were discussing how to deal with Nia’s body.

Nia’s condition was so bad that even if she took Nourishing Potions and Qi linking pills for a long time, it could only relieve her situation. So they needed to think about what exactly should be done.

“Big Baby has something good.” Once again, Big Baby took out the blood that Ren Sheng gave him.

How could Ren Sheng’s blood be given to others? Zhao Lingyu immediately refused. “No way.”

“How about giving her a ginseng seed?” Ren Sheng said.

“Didn’t you say it was your child?” Zhao Lingyu said, feeling equally odd.

“Then what do you propose?” Ren Sheng asked rhetorically.

“Just give a few more Face Nourishing Pills.” Zhao Lingyu said, the effect of Ren Sheng’s specially refined Face Nourishing Pills was very good.

“This is too slow ……”

“Is this okay?” The Big Baby asked again, as he suddenly took out a few red fragments.

This was Big Baby ‘eggshell,’ the other three children after breaking the shell, ate all of their eggshells, but Big Baby…

He was still in Capital Star when he broke out of his shell and was taken away. A few pieces fell, so naturally he didn’t have the opportunity to eat them. Now he gave these fragments to Ren Sheng.

Of course, the effect of this thing could not be compared with Ren Sheng’s blood or ginseng seed, but it was still very good if you compare it with other things.

“Use this.” Zhao Lingyu said without hesitation. That was just his son’s shell, so it was okay to give it to others to eat.


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